Friday, 2019-05-17

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grupIt seems that my sstate cache behaves weirdly at times.04:48
grupThere seems to be a "hidden" character, which makes do_rootfs() fail when installing binutils-lic package inside the image.04:48
grup Anyone has helpful pointers (except for deleting sstate cache and building everything again)?04:49
grupI have tried "bitbake -c cleansstate binutils", however, that also doesn't solve the problem.04:49
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aehs29has anyone else been having trouble with the list?05:13
aehs29apparently its rejecting my patches for some reason05:13
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Custom eSDK build failure <>05:52
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mckoangood morning06:48
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LetoThe2ndhowdy! i've got a strange / bug observation: a really simple meson-based recipe works nicely with package_ipk, but fails with package_rpm. interestingly, this happens somewhen during rootfs creation, when dnf kicks in:
alessioigormckoan: You too, Marco.06:50
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mckoanalessioigor: ;-)07:03
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erboLetoThe2nd: And no weird chars in recipe name?07:35
LetoThe2ndnot at all07:36
LetoThe2ndand renaming to "thisis" does not change things too07:37
LetoThe2ndthe fun fact is that it works nicely with package_ipk. so i suspect some (un-?)intended interaction between meson and package_rpm07:38
erboCan you see that the rpm got created ok in WORKDIR for this-is?07:42
erboSo that it's not that the packaged ended up empty and wasn't created or something07:42
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erboI don't know if the defaults for creating empty packages differes between ipk and rpm07:43
LetoThe2ndhum, deploy-rpms only has -dbg and -dev07:44
erboWhen I built the recipe locally no files are installed07:45
LetoThe2nderbo: you mean the meson build file misses the install target and this breaks it?07:45
LetoThe2ndvery well possible, indeed.07:45
erboyeah that seems to be the case07:46
LetoThe2nderbo: let me check that, thanks a lot!07:46
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: An issue with postinst-intercept scripts <>07:53
LetoThe2nderbo: that did the trick, thanks again!08:00
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frayhopefully final version just sent.. has the skip login in it08:55
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kanavin_RP: the new rpm test skips itself if it can't find the needed rpm package,  which I think is wrong10:37
kanavin_RP: don't merge that please, until we get to the root cause of why the package isn't there sometimes10:38
kanavin_run-postinsts should be there always unless the image is read-only10:38
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ZubairLKI can't seem to compile util-linux-lsblk in warrior. Used to be ok. Is something wrong with that breaks the package?10:49
ZubairLKError message when I bitbake util-linux-lsblk is10:49
ZubairLKERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'util-linux-lsblk'. Close matches:   util-linux   util-linux RPROVIDES util-linux-lsblk10:50
LetoThe2ndZubairLK: well whats wrong with doing "bitbake util-linux" then10:50
ZubairLKI don't want the complete util-linux package installed in my image. Just lsblk.10:51
LetoThe2ndZubairLK: well then install the package. but you cannot build it seperately anymore, it gets created as part of util-linux. thats basically what this commit does.10:51
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Configuring I2C pin on Beaglebone Black <>10:53
ZubairLKNot sure I understand. Happy to let util-linux be completely built during the build. But I'd like only util-linux-lsblk to be installed.10:57
ZubairLKHere is the line I have in my initramfs recipe10:57
ZubairLKRDEPENDS_initramfs-module-dataexpander = "${PN}-base initramfs-module-udev busybox parted bc util-linux-lsblk"10:58
ZubairLKAnd I get a  *   - nothing provides util-linux-lsblk needed by initramfs-module-dataexpander-1.0-r4.all10:59
LetoThe2ndZubairLK: ah sorry, I misread.11:01
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LetoThe2ndZubairLK: there seems some dynamic splut magic to be in place. sorry, don't know about it.11:04
ZubairLKno worries. thanks for the help. I'll wait if someone else can chip in11:05
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kroonZubairLK, so you get no util-linux-lsblk* under tmp/deploy/*11:10
kroonno package for it11:10
ZubairLK@kroon nope. `find . | grep util-linux-lsblk` returns nothing in tmp/deploy11:13
kroonZubairLK, does your log.do_compile reference lsblk.c ?11:38
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ZubairLKI find these in do_package_write_ipk logs.11:41
ZubairLKNOTE: Not creating empty archive for util-linux-lslocks-2.32.1-r0                                                                                                                         NOTE: Not creating empty archive for util-linux-lscpu-2.32.1-r0                                                                                                                           NOTE: Not creating empty archive for util-linux-look-2.32.1-r011:41
ZubairLKyes lsblk.c is referenced in the do_compile log11:42
erboZubairLK: I know bitbake couldn't find out which recipe provide which package when PACKAGES_DYNAMIC was used a while back. Maybe that's still the case, would explain your issue.11:49
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erboZubairLK: do you get the util-linux-lsblk rpm in tmp/deploy/ if you bitbake util-linux?11:50
ZubairLKNo. no util-linux-lsblk package when I do a bitbake util-linux11:52
ZubairLKprobably because of "temp/log.do_package_write_ipk.10434:128:NOTE: Not creating empty archive for util-linux-lsblk-2.32.1-r0"11:52
ZubairLKtemp/log.do_package.21524:1070:DEBUG: util-linux-lsblk: Dependency requires package util-linux-libblkid (used by files: /home/zubairlk/resin/yocto/resin-intel/build/tmp/work/core2-64-poky-linux/util-linux/2.32.1-r0/packages-split/util-linux-lsblk/usr/bin/lsblk)11:53
ZubairLKtemp/log.do_package.21524:1071:DEBUG: util-linux-lsblk: Dependency requires package util-linux-libsmartcols (used by files: /home/zubairlk/resin/yocto/resin-intel/build/tmp/work/core2-64-poky-linux/util-linux/2.32.1-r0/packages-split/util-linux-lsblk/usr/bin/lsblk)11:53
ZubairLKthose don't look nice.11:53
ZubairLKa couple of other dependencies like that as well11:53
erboHmm, since it put "/usr/bin/lsblk" in "packages-split/util-linux-lsblk" I wonder why it is skipped due to being empty?11:54
ZubairLKtemp/log.do_package.21524:521:DEBUG: LIBNAMES: pkg util-linux-lsblk libs 0 bins 1 sonames []11:55
ZubairLKindeed. it does say 1 binary11:55
ZubairLKactually. packages-split/util-linux-lsblk/ folder is empty.11:56
ZubairLKin fact many packages-split/util-linux-*/ folders are empty11:56
erboWeird, other logs analyzed which file the binary linked to, and then it must have existed in packages-split/util-linux-lsblk/, right?11:57
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erboZubairLK: can you check in image/usr/bin/ if util-linux-blkid is a symlink?12:01
erboThat seems to get some extra handling that will put it into the package of the symlink target, if I read the recipe correctly12:02
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ZubairLK-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 341544 May 15 21:29 image/usr/bin/lsblk12:05
ZubairLKnope. do you mean blkid or lsblk? lsblk is not a symlink12:06
ZubairLKblkid in sbin is also not a symlink -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 426400 May 15 21:29 image/sbin/blkid12:06
ZubairLK-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 426400 May 15 21:29 image/sbin/blkid12:06
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erbooh, I meant lsblk :)12:09
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ZubairLK-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 341544 May 15 21:29 image/usr/bin/lsblk12:13
ZubairLKnope. not symlink12:13
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erboZubairLK: I did a quick test locally using warrior, and I do get a util-linux-lsblk rpm atleast12:42
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto - Create and populate a separate /home partition <>13:24
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ZubairLKstrange. i'll double check13:43
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ZubairLKseems like something in my bbappend (a few alternative_links. not lsblk) might have broken this. because i removed those and I see the package now13:59
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: global yocto AM_CFLAGS to pass to the gcc compiler <>14:24
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psrcodenot sure if I asked this already but is there a way for adding a dependency on a PACKAGECONFIG options for the ptest packages of a recipe (i.e lttng-tools and the lttng-ust packageconfig option). I would like to force the usage of lttng-ust when the ptest package is installed.19:22
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RPkanavin_: agreed23:08
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aehs29RP: so I noticed that now the default multiconfig does not have a name23:26
aehs29RP: vs before it was called default23:27
aehs29RP: Im not necessarily against it, just wondering on the reasoning behind that23:27
aehs29RP: my multiconf depends looks a little weird now23:27
aehs29do_image[mcdepends] = "multiconfig::arm64:do_rootfs"23:29
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