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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How can I boot my sama5d27 som1 ek1 board from an external QSPI flash memory that i have placed on the board <>00:20
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How can I boot my sama5d27 som1 ek1 board from an external QSPI flash memory that i have placed on the board [on hold] <>00:50
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sudobash1I ended up just doing the bbappend to add an /etc/init.d script. It seemed to be the correct thing to do.00:57
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Add same files to multiple PACKAGES <>02:50
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Ad0LetoThe2nd, I made swupdate work with A/B copy + partitioning scheme to my liking :)07:16
Ad0also with systemd07:16
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Increasing HugeTLB from 256MB to 512MB with Yocto SDK2.0 <>07:51
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Dvorkindid somebody see a good example how to install additional (secondary) cross-gcc and use it to build a couple of recipes? I have two different CPUs and need to build two archs together into the same image10:21
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kanavin_Dvorkin, meta/lib/oeqa/selftest/cases/multiconfig.py10:45
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Add same files to multiple PACKAGES <>11:54
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Dvorkinkanavin_, good reference, thanks. as I can see, I can build several images using this technique. Or the one image from two parts of different archs?12:10
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Linker cannot find boost::thread references <>12:24
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kanavin_Dvorkin, if you want several images, you can simply set up two build directories using two different MACHINE targets, multiconfig is more about combining different targets within one build13:18
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qschulzhello everyone, I've a question related to licenses, is it the right place to ask or should I go to #oe ro any other chan?14:22
qschulzthe question being related to the inner working of LICENSES and INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSES, nothing that needs to involve a lawyer :)14:24
erboAsk here, but depending on who's online you might not get an answer. If so you can try the mailing list14:37
qschulzOK, I didn't know which medium to favor14:38
qschulzBasically, qt5.6(<=) is GPLv2 compliant but qt5.7(>=) is a combination of licenses, among which basically you have GPLv3 | QT_Commercial.14:39
qschulzWe don't want to build qt5.7(>=). We're using meta-qt5 at an old release which has qt5.6.14:40
qschulzIt just happened that we mistakenly updated meta-qt5 with a qt5.11 which is GPLv3 | Commercial in development environment only, so nothing to worry about14:40
qschulzBUT. We had INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE = "GPLv3 GPLv3+ LGPLv3 LGPLv3+" in place.14:41
kanavin_qschulz, I hope you do realize that you are introducing a mountain of technical debt14:41
kanavin_talk to your management about buying a commercial license14:41
qschulzI tried with the SPDX values as well (so INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE = "GPL-3.0 GPL-3.0+ LGPL-3.0 LGPL-3.0+"14:42
qschulzkanavin_: we know. We use very little of Qt (like VERY little). We discussed purchasing, way too expensive (like WAY TOO MUCH).14:43
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qschulzanyway. Qt5 license is this horrendous string: GFDL-1.3 & BSD & ( GPL-3.0 & The-Qt-Company-GPL-Exception-1.0 | The-Qt-Company-Commercial ) & ( GPL-2.0+ | LGPL-3.0 | The-Qt-Company-Commercial )14:43
qschulzSo, with my basic binary operator understanding, I'd say that also need to blacklist The-Qt-Company-Commercial. Tried it, didn't work.14:44
qschulzSo, question. How to make sure we never have a qt >= 5.7? (And this most likely expand to why is INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE not working ?)14:46
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JaMahow did you accidentally upgraded to 5.11? do you change layer branches accidentally? As long as you stay on krogoth branch of meta-qt5 you will be fine at least for Qt15:12
JaMaqschulz: but be aware that Qt 5.6 won't get openssl-1.1 compatibility, so you need to replace openssl from oe-core with openssl10 and use that until you're ready to upgrade Qt (well maybe you use little enough to disable ssl support in qtbase and you're fine in this aspect)15:13
JaMawe offered to backport all changes in upstream Qt 5.6 (to prevent tainting the license) and it was rejected by upstream (I can give you ticket link if you need)15:14
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qschulzJaMa: i'm interested in those patches as we're currently implementing it15:35
qschulzJaMa: we're upgrading our layers and we updated all the layers without looking much (still WIP so didn't think too much about it)15:35
JaMaqschulz: are you aware that you cannot backport them from newer Qt because of license?15:36
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qschulzJaMa: wait, I thought you backported this to 5.6. Is it based on the 5.7+ implementation?15:36
qschulzwell, "backported" I guess that answers it15:37
qschulznot interested obviously :)15:37
JaMano, we offered to do that in upstream and they rejected our help (because they want people to upgrade to newer version instead)15:37
qschulzJaMa: which makes perfect sense15:37
qschulzwe're not using much of qt for openssl so we're working on calling everything directly basically (i.e. without qt's wrapper, without knowing whtat qt's doing in this wrapper) . No worries on license compliance for this.15:40
qschulzthanks but as you said, those patches are most likely not gplv2 compliant so can't even send them to the integrator15:41
qschulz(we found some patches on the internet as well but licenses make everything tricky)15:41
qschulzanyway, I'm more interesting into knowing why INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE is not working for qt (and other recipes?) or what I did so wrong it didn't work :)15:42
JaMabtw: openssl-1.1 support won't be in the next LTS Qt 5.9 as well (at least not from upstream, there are various patches which backport it, because it's no longer license issue), you need to upgrade all the way to 5.1215:45
JaManot sure why INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE didn't work, we aren't using INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE, because we need "mixed" env anyway, so we have other tools to prevent contamination with incompatible licenses15:46
kergothwe use incompatible license, but will use WHITELIST in certain cases, and then have a couple image sanity checks to freak out if anything ends up there that shouldn't be there. we allow a whitelisted gplv3 gdbserver in our development image for example, but not in our production image16:06
JaMaso the sanity checks then control only the explicitly whitelisted packages from being pulled into the image?16:16
JaMaI guess you have also static libs disabled to prevent someone accidentally pulling some v2 blob into production image binary?16:18
JaMawe also use do_packagedata[postfuncs] to check for the shlibs providers, where we need to prevent also GPLv2 libraries to be linked against from our code, with explicit whitelist for some of them16:20
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milloniis there way to get a list of all packages actually installed into an image, not just those in IMAGE_INSTALL everything that is installed implicitly (dependencies) too?17:05
sudobash1From a running system I normally use 'opkg list'. I'm not sure how to do it with bitbake itself though.17:08
qschulztmp/deploy/images/[machine]/[image]/[].rootfs.manifest ?17:13
qschulztmp/deploy/images/[machine]/[image]-[machine].rootfs.manifest ?17:14
milloniqschulz: thank you very much17:15
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justanotherboymilloni: Please note the manifest doesn't include the packages that are deployed like the kernel or the bootloader17:23
millonijustanotherboy: you meant are *not* deployed?17:25
justanotherboymilloni: you would need a kernel to run you system, but it is not installed in the rootfs so it won't be listed there17:27
justanotherboymilloni: Check bug for more information17:28
yoctiBug 10733: normal, Medium, Future, unassigned, NEW , image license not copied to rootfs17:28
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khemRP:when using opkg backend I see opkg tests fail all the time. If I manually start a http server in ipk/ folder it works20:56
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armpitkhem, can you open a bug.. RP is off this weekend23:28
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