Monday, 2019-06-03

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samlmanHow can I tell a bitbake recipe that I want to to use the `go` compiler without having it to try to do the normal `go` installation/packaging?05:09
samlmanI'm trying to install this: which looks like it doesn't fit the normal way a go project is packaged but is very simple and comes with a Makefile05:10
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samlmanHacky solution is to overwrite the do_unpack, do_install etc! Pretty sure there must be a better way but it sure isn't easy to find what it is06:36
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samlmanNope, this is dumb. Think it will be simpler for me to reimplement this package in another language than try to fight against Yocto. Really frustrating.06:42
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jmiehehi, how can I get into my yocto image? (not libatomic-ops)10:01
jmieheI can download this and rsync the contents into the target image, which works (but does not seem viable)10:02
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litbI'm still trying to build a 32bit kernel for a 32bit image with meta-intel and with the kernel-provider "linux-intel"10:21
litbhowever, I'm still failing. I have set this TARGET_CC_KERNEL_ARCH: TARGET_CC_KERNEL_ARCH = "-m32 -march=nehalem -mtune=generic -mfpmath=sse -msse4.2 -Wformat -Wformat-security -Werror=format-security"10:22
litbbut kernel modules are still linked as ELF 64-bit LSB relocatable, x86-6410:22
qschulzlitb: could you try to build with intel-core2-32 machine instead? I don't know how much compatible it is with corei7-64 from kernel side, but since many things are handled not through the DeviceTree (ACPI instead?) it might work. Disclaimer: I don't know much about Intel so just throwing ideas at you basically :D10:24
litbqschulz, thanks, I will try if I'm not getting results soon10:27
litbqschulz, I'm confused that even though has a `TARGET_CC_KERNEL_ARCH ?= ""`   which is documented as saying it should be assigned the kernel compile flags, I don't see a use anywhere with git grep!10:28
litbthe only occurance of TARGET_CC_KERNEL_ARCH actually is in that file, and in my local.conf. how can that be?10:28
litb( is in OE's meta/classes/)10:29
litbah sorry, it's assigned in the line below to HOST_CC_KERNEL_ARCH ..10:30
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litbhmm, I executed the devshell like so   bitbake -c devshell linux-intel11:45
litbbut the shell prompt that is opened doesn't have  the variables in its environment, like MACHINE11:46
litb"echo $MACHINE" gives nothing11:46
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opennandralitb: did you run 'source poky/oe...'11:49
litbopennandra, yes. I'm able to do a normal build even, but devshell doesn't appear to have the yocto variables available?11:51
opennandralitb: maybe you have some exotic shell? I have samne when e.g. run devshell in docker11:51
litbusing bash11:51
opennandralitb: what is your build evn?11:51
opennandralitb: I mean terminal11:52
litbvariables like BUILD_CC and others from yocto are visible. but those are only few11:53
litbI'm just going to try genericx86 now11:55
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litbqschulz, i'm using genericx86 now, using the core2-32 tune, and use   TUNE_CCARGS_append = " -march=nehalem -msse4.2" now in my local.conf.12:14
litbif it works, I'll make a proper -bsp layer and put that into the layer12:15
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litbone other question: I removed the directories below tmp/work, and now when I want to rebuild the image, it complains about files being missing in work/12:31
litbI think this is because the cache is now in inconsistent state with regard to files in tmp/work. How can I fix this?12:32
qschulzwhat were you trying to achieve by deleting directories beloew tmp/work ?12:33
litbqschulz, since I changed the machine name, I wanted to clean-up space on my disk12:33
litbso I removed the built intermediate files in work/. I thought, since many of the intermediay files are in buildenv/cache anyway, I could run a new build without waiting for too long.12:34
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Why does BitBake error if it can't find <>13:32
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leitaoWhat is the best practice to build a .bb receipt that aims two targets? With slightly different SRC_URI for each target15:41
qschulztwo machines?15:41
leitaosame machine, two different image types.15:44
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leitaobasically two different .sh I want to install depending on the image type15:44
kergothhow would that work if you run 'bitbake one-image two-image three-image'?15:45
kergothyou can't modify a recipe based on what image it installs into, you dont know what image it installs into until after the package has been built from it15:45
kergothif you want to go by *machine*, you can do that, but not by image15:45
kergothrecipes emit packages, packages are installed into images15:45
qschulzleitao: you could build two different packages15:46
qschulzand install only the one with the sh script you want in it15:46
leitaoqschulz: hmm, is this a best practice?15:46
qschulz(that's one way to do it, might not be the best)15:46
qschulzwell, the overriding method with _machine for example, does not exist for images15:47
qschulzcan I ask why you have two different .sh in the first place? in which ways are they different?15:48
leitaoqschulz well, I have two images, and depending on the image, a specific package should "install"  a specific .sh for that image15:48
leitaoif I have SRC_URI_machine = "", it seems to work15:49
kergothjust make two recipes / two packages and add the appropriate one to image_install15:49
kergothmachine and image are two completely different things15:49
kergothand are largely orthogonal15:49
qschulzleitao: the question is, what is this sh script doing. You might be choosing the wrong path15:49
qschulz(I mean, you might need to adapt your SW and not Yocto for it to be cleaner)15:50
qschulzSometimes you have a choice, some other times not15:50
leitaolet me try to think more about it. Thanks15:51
jsp973newbee here, trying to get advice on debugging patch files that seem to be failing silently.  Is this the right irc?15:54
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Where can I find what drivers built in my yocto project Linux kernel image? <>17:02
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litbhm, I have checked-out the warrior branch of poky, but there's no "yocto-bsp" and "yocto-kernel" script in poky/scripts ?17:51
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litbah, apparently they dropped it17:58
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Set python dist-packages path for autotools in Yocto bitbake <>19:03
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mcccHi, I'm wondering if anyone has used Yocto to create web / app /  server images to run as VMs as part of an immutable infrastructure pattern.19:17
mcccFrom what I understand the leading tools in the space are Packer, which creates a production ready image by running scripts in a running VM and then memorializing it,19:18
mcccand LinuxKit, which works similar to Yocto in that it builds an image offline in a build environment, but was created by the Docker people so uses Docker containers everywhere.19:19
mcccFor example - the postgresql recipe is in meta-oe.  Has anyone created an image using the postgresql layer, along with a custom layer to run a database initialization script, taken the image and run it in a VM as a 'code-as-infrastructure' copy of their database server?19:20
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