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mckoangood morning06:51
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Copy Yocto Project to other PC by tar <>08:03
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mcfriskodd, I'm seeing lots of do_populate_sdk failures from my build after switch from sumo to master branch. any ideas why images do_populate_sdk task dependency to recipes do_package_write_ipk and do_packagedata would not be enough? packages fail to install in do_populate_sdk due to "opkg_prepare_url_for_install: Couldn't find anything to satisfy 'binary-package-name'"09:33
mcfriskthese errors only happen after wiping tmp, first build fails. second passes.09:34
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mcfriskis populate_sdk_base.bbclass maybe missing dependencies: do_populate_sdk[recrdeptask] += "do_populate_lic do_package_qa" ?09:47
mcfriskbecause do_rootfs tasks have these but do_populate_sdk doesn't09:47
__angelofor a new ditribution, where is the proper place to keep the local.conf ?09:50
__angelooe-init-build-env complains about   templateconf: No such file or directory09:51
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rburtonlocal.conf is - by definition - not your distribution11:23
rburtonthe distro config is called <your distro name>.conf11:23
rburtonthe distro layer can also ship a setup script and template to seed a local.conf which sets DISTRO correctly, just like poky does11:24
rburtonor if you want a really lean example,
weltlingwhat could be an approach to have a legacy grub integrated into the build process? There's a doc about doing it manually, so i guess one would need to implement a wic plugin or a custom class to automate this?11:34
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tgoodwinHas anyone seen "-mfloat-abi=hard" get set for qemuarm on thud?  I've dumped my environment but do not see where it's being set.  I'm not seeing it in temp either.  Very weird.12:07
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Warrior Bitbake Python3 Matplotlib 3.1.1 JQuery Download Error on do_install <>12:34
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jwesselRP: Do you know if it is possible to add a task hash dependency to another task?12:43
jwesselI was thinking about how to fix the do_stash_locale() patch problem for the future, as well as the ramification to others who update or try to bisect a tree with a glibc change.12:43
jwesselI was wondering if the glibc do_compile rule could depend on the hash of the do_stash_local (), such that if it ever changes, we have to go all the way back to running do_compile, since that is where bin/localedef comes from?12:43
RPjwessel: isn't that like a normal task dependency?13:00
jwesselWell when the do_stash_locale () function gets changed, the do_compile and do_install never runs again for the glibc13:00
jwesselWhich causes the files that get mv'ed to be gone forever.13:01
jwesselAt least until the next time you cleansstate on the glibc.13:01
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RPjwessel: so some task isn't idempotent ?13:01
jwesselI believe so.13:02
RPjwessel: tasks are supposed to be so if its not, that is the real bug13:02
jwesselI am not entirely sure how the glibc bits were designed, but it is a problem with the way the sstate is "cheated".13:03
jwesselA number of folks in the community ended up seeing the problem building from the sstate, such that when the do_stash_locale runs (because it was changed by a patch I submitted), it runs the mv operation again, but there is nothing to move.  It is long gone.13:05
RPjwessel: just to be clear and check I understand, the real issue is that do_stash_locale() reruns but do_install doesn't, so files that were moved don't exist any more13:05
jwesselThe do_stash_local was setup to run before the sstate_save of the glibc.13:05
RPjwessel: do_stash_locale is the problem then, its meant to be able to be rerun and can't be13:05
jwesselSure.  To be clear, it wasn't a problem from my patch.13:06
jwesselThis is a long standing problem, I just wasn't sure how to fix it, but it seems like it should get fixed.13:06
RPjwessel: right, you just exposed the problem13:06
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jwesselThe obvious choice to me, at the time was to ask if there was a way to have this function be a part of the hash computation for the do_compile rule.13:07
mcfriskhave an image for which want to build SDK by default. Thus it has d.appendVarFlag("do_build", "depends", " {}:do_populate_sdk".format(pn)) and d.appendVarFlag("do_rm_work", "depends", " {}:do_populate_sdk".format(pn)). With latest master it also seems to need d.appendVarFlag("do_packagedata", "depends", " {}:do_populate_sdk".format(pn)). Is that expected or am I doing something silly?13:07
jwesselThe glibc has another separate problem in that bin/locale_def  only comes from the do_compile rule.13:07
RPjwessel: that doesn't fix the problem. The task just needs to be rewritten so it can be reexecute13:07
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jwesselRP: That would imply you need a "double super secret stash", because there are no other copies of the files.13:08
RPjwessel: what happens if we just change the mv to cp and remove the rm ?13:08
jwesselI think who ever invented this, wanted to save some space or something.13:08
RPjwessel: perhaps, I think we need to unravel that problem though13:09
jwesselI don't understand why glibc-locale is a separate recipe in the first place.13:09
RPjwessel: going down the "more task hash magic" route won't help, trust me13:09
RPjwessel: that I do know, speed13:09
jwesselThat is why I thought I'd ask you first.13:09
RPjwessel: building and packaging locales takes an age and you want the rest of the build to continue13:09
RPjwessel: I'd guess a package preprocess func and a populate_sysroot preprocessing func which deleted the files they shouldn't see should have the same effect13:12
jwesselPerhaps I am look at it the wrong way then.  different question...13:13
jwesselWhy can't the stash function which does the mv stuff be in the do_install rule?13:13
jwesselThe bit that packages up the results shouldn't have to change.13:13
RPjwessel: do_stash_locale is an sstate task and do_install is not13:13
RPjwessel: I suspect that it will have to change13:14
jwesselTrying to simplify it in my mind...   The glibc (not locale) sstate depends on the do_install() implicitly already.13:16
RPjwessel: it comes down to a simple underlying principle in the buildsystem ignoring sstate13:16
RPjwessel: we allow arbitrary tasks to be re-executed13:17
RPjwessel: right now if you do "bitbake glibc -c stash_locales" and then rerun that, it breaks13:17
RPso sstate involved13:17
RPno sstate involved13:17
jwesselI hadn't tried that, but I would imagine that would break things.13:17
jwesselIn the same manner.13:18
RPso yes, sstate gets broken but that isn't the root problem13:18
jwesselI was thinking about it more from the perspective of the code changes.13:18
jwesselSo that day to day it builds.  The exec problem you just mentioned probably exists in a lot of places.13:19
RPjwessel: no, it doesn't or at least shouldn't13:19
RPjwessel: we did used to test for this but haven't for a while as its a long/painful test13:19
RPjwessel: if tasks can't rexecute, the whole system is just totally broken as we *rely* on that to be true13:20
jwesselThe tasks absolutely can re-execute so long as the bits they depend on re-run.13:20
RPjwessel: no, absolutely not13:21
jwesselFor example, if I ran by and the 3 temp files, it certainly still works.13:21
RPjwessel: tasks things depend on do not rerun untless they too have changed13:21
jwesselSo you understand why I asked the question how to make the do_compile() depend on the do_stash_locale.  :-)13:22
RPjwessel: I understand your question, yes but it means you don't understand how the system works13:22
RPand its not the correct fix13:22
jwesselI am not sure how to fix it, other than to use the cp vs the mv, and then glibc has all the extra files.13:24
jwesselPerhaps add to the glibc another package called glibc-locale-noinstall ?13:24
RPjwessel: That is basically the only way to fix it13:24
jwesselWhich collects the files?13:24
jwesselbut never gets installed by anything?13:24
RPjwessel: right, we change the mv/rm to cp and then have to fix the fallout "somehow", there are a few ways for that13:25
RPI'd rather not create it than create something we then have to "hide"13:25
RPjwessel: there are bascially two ways. One is cp instead of mv, the other is to mv into some special location and then check for the existence of that so you know not to redo parts of the operation13:27
RPjwessel: I prefer the cp approach and fix other fallout as I think it will be cleaner13:27
jwesselWell with a "cp" approach, some kind of glibc collector of the files needs to be added.13:28
jwesselElse we'll have "glibc created XXX files which are not packaged..."13:28
RPjwessel: or it removes the files13:28
RPjwessel: see PACKAGE_PREPROCESS_FUNCS += "gi_package_preprocess"13:29
RPand SYSROOT_PREPROCESS_FUNCS_append = " gi_ldsoconf_sysroot_preprocess"13:29
RPgi_ldsoconf_sysroot_preprocess ()13:29
RPjwessel: just the first examples I could come across but you get the idea13:30
jwesselI'll have a look.13:30
RPjwessel: they're operating on copies of the files so this is safe13:30
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jwesselHow does one get at the copy that didn't get erased?13:33
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jwesselIt will still be in ${D}  ?13:34
jwesselIt is probably easy enough to try to see what happens...13:34
jwesselRP: Thanks for the insight.  I'll setup a test with the PACKAGE_PREPROCESS_FUNCS to purge the rm, and see where it goes.   If it works I'll submit a patch to fix it.13:41
RPjwessel: ${D} is the copy created by do_install13:45
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blucaadding a new package to the SDK, dnf is failing as the last step when assembling it, with error "package foo does not have a compatible architecture"14:12
blucathe rpm content seems fine and not particularly different from other RPMs that are built14:12
blucaany tip?14:12
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blucathe binary inside the pkg seems to be fine14:15
blucaduh, it was a typo in the spelling of the pkgname in the local.conf -_- sorry for the noise14:18
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tgoodwinHas anyone had trouble around thud with not all runtime dependencies being installed?  For example, I have a package that rdepends on python-numpy, however if I try to import it on the target, I get an error that future_builtins doesn't exist.14:42
Piratywhich is more common / correct? foo_<version>_any.ipk or foo_<version>_all.ipk for arch independent packages?14:48
rburtontgoodwin: sounds like the rdepends for numpy are not complete14:58
tgoodwinrburton: I'm chipping through it now; it caught me off guard since originally I had a slew of python packages in my image_install, which I pulled so that nothing "extra" was being required (save space, etc.) and then this broke.15:11
Croftontgoodwin, that is usually hiw we find bad DEPNDS :)15:15
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tgoodwinyep :)15:22
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CroftonALways a good test to build an image with only gnuradio and see if it does something useful15:25
tgoodwinI had to add python-modules to my image_install fix it (without extending my package's rdepends to include other ones).15:27
tgoodwin*to fix it... accidentally a "to"15:27
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Croftontgoodwin, do need to track the root fix though and submit a patch15:43
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tgoodwinCrofton: indeed, but I'm not sure what the appropriate fix would be if this impacts any python module, for example.  As I was debugging this, it also impacted pydoc until I added python-modules to the image.16:12
tgoodwinThen everything was fine.16:12
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tgoodwinCrofton: no "fix" necessary maybe? says you have to install specific ones or "all" with python-modules, but it makes me wonder if it's a subset of the modules that makes this work correctly.16:50
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Croftonis python-modules a meta-package that installs opthers?16:56
RPCrofton: yes, its all modules16:59
tgoodwinRP: is that "all modules" as in everything that can be built or "all" that the image has included?17:00
tgoodwin(I'm reading over that python function in python_2.7... right now)17:00
CroftonFor your afternoon enjoyment:
rburtonpython-modules (and python3-modules) is a meta-package that depends on all the modules17:10
Croftonso it sounds like numpy shoudl RDEPENDS on python-modules, or prefeably, the one it really needs?17:13
tgoodwinWell even when I manually added python-futures to my image, I couldn't import it from the python shell despite the egg, etc., being installed.17:14
tgoodwinIt's like there's something missing from the python package since I would think "import" should work if the package is installed.17:15
tgoodwinSo where I'm off the rails is figuring out which package it is that helps importing work (since it impacted pydoc too)17:16
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jwesselThanks RP!   I'll send a patch out for review.  I was able to fix the do_stash_locale() implementation with your guidance.19:11
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RPjwessel: thanks, at a quick glance it looks right. Appears we already had half a fix there for the cp vs mv :)21:19
jwesselIndeed it is true. Your assertion about the issue was spot on.21:20
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RPjwessel: Its good to have it fixed, I suspect there are others like it. We have a script somewhere which basically runs bitbake X -c Y -f to test for issues like this21:23
RPjwessel: its a lot of combinations though21:24
jwesselI am not even sure that would have uncovered it though in this case.21:24
jwesselIt isn't until you try to build glibc-locale after running it a second time, that it chokes, because it had catches for the existence of the files.21:24
RPjwessel: I guess you'd need "bitbake glibc -c stash_locales -f; bitbake glibc-locales" :/21:25
RPjwessel: that is indeed harder :(21:25
jwesselFinding that is a bit more by accident.  That is why I wanted to get it fixed for the next guy that comes along.21:26
jwesselPlus, I didn't want things to break when I push the next set of patches to our end user base.21:26
jwesselI never want a situation where an incremental build fails for some odd ball like this.21:26
jwesselPlus the error generated non-sense, not pointing you to any obvious root cause. :-)21:27
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RPjwessel: totally agreed on fixing it. I'm just trying to think about better detection21:37
RPI guess force running and sstate hash equivalence testing would be the test here21:37
RPsstate content comparison for hash equivalence to be clear21:38
jwesselDetection is interesting.  If you wanted to per package check it, that would have been caught.21:41
jwessele.g. Build package glibc21:42
jwesselRun a subtask again and let it go all the way through packaging and check sstate.21:42
jwesselIt would definitely have been different the second time because there was nothing left to move.21:42
jwesselI am guessing that would probably catch most of these that don't just blow up when you run it a second time.21:44
RPjwessel: I guess buildhistory would detect this. The question is how much of a build to rerun21:45
jwesselI doubt you want to check a whole build the whole way through as it gets expensive, but per package seems reasonable.21:47
jwesselMy question is how many packages have the sub tasks that need checking?21:47
RPjwessel: well, in theory you can break any task so it doesn't rexecute without some side effect21:47
RPjwessel: This isn't something anyone likely has time to look at right now, its just interesting to remember what may have helped or worked better21:48
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__angelofirst steps into custom distro, i am getting "FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] file conf/bitbake.conf not found"22:26
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