Monday, 2019-07-15

yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to access bitbake config files variables in CMake? <>00:29
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mckoangood morning06:48
* alessioigor waves all06:50
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: aureport is printing -1 instead of the userif <>07:00
Chruselgood morning everybody!07:05
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: I'm trying to run this command "bitbake-layers show-recipes" <>08:30
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__angeloquestion: how does yocto apply patches ? by "git am " ?08:35
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shan1LetoThe2nd thanks for the great streams on Yocto! I hope that `npm`, `python` based recipes are one their way soon for the livestreams08:53
shan1If you need help with Python I can write up an application as well as a documentation on how to make a recipe of it with `devtool`. I struggled initially but now I am very comfortable with it.08:54
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freyr69shan1: where are these lifestreams hosted?09:12
shan1freyr69 it is one every 2nd tuesday of the month if I am not wrong, but LetoThe2nd started putting the recorded streams on YouTube too. Check the Yocto Project channel out.09:14
freyr69I see, thanks09:16
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shan1Also I am really curious as to how many if you are not hardcore embedded developers. I don't have an embedded engineering / dev degree but like it.09:22
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shan1In most cases, I have better grip on languages like Python and JS as opposed to C/C++, which at times makes embedded application dev a bit difficult since most of them don't have `automake`, `cmake`, `meson` builds that Yocto and pick up easily.09:24
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Mateusz97hi anyone know why i dont get after running bitbake -g my_image in poky 2.5?09:49
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rburton                    The <filename></filename> and10:00
rburton                    <filename></filename> files as previously10:00
rburton                    generated using the <filename>bitbake -g</filename> command10:00
rburton                    have been removed.10:00
rburton                    A <filename></filename> file10:00
rburton                    is now generated as a collapsed version of10:00
rburton                    <filename></filename> instead.10:00
rburton                    </para>10:00
rburtonwhoops pastebomb10:00
rburton(migration notes for 2.3)10:00
rburtonwhich was two years ago now...10:01
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litbhello folks10:01
litbthis kernel module tarball contains the driver kernel modules and SDK libraries as .so files and utilities10:01
litbis it a bad idea to build all of them in the same recipe?10:01
rburtonyes, because kernel modules are machine specific and the tools are tune specific10:02
litbthe recipe inherits "modules-base". i'm unsure whether this will interfere with building the userspace libs and tools10:02
rburtonso ideally have two cioes10:02
rburtontwo recipes10:02
litbah i see. i suspected some of those issues. thanks10:02
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litbhow can I select kernel 4.14 with yocto  warrior? I'm trying PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto="4.14%"  but bitbake complains11:56
litb  NOTE: preferred version 4.14% of linux-yocto not available (for item virtual/kernel)11:57
rburtonlitb: warrior didn't ship a 4.14 linux-yocto11:58
litbhmm. kernel 4.19 is too recent for one of our drivers (third party)11:59
rburtongo and get the 4.14 recipe from thud or similar then11:59
litbhopefully it works. it's from a different yocto after all11:59
rburtonthe actual kernel recipes are very small, look at one12:00
litbyou are right. looks simple12:00
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litbrburton, would it also possible to switch to kernel 4.19?13:00
litbi mean, 4.9 actually?13:00
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jmiehedoes recipetool work for cmake projects?13:05
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__angelohi, have to kernel recipes, and would get a different defconfig from files:// for each recipe. Is it possible at all ?13:14
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rburtonlitb: dig it out of an older release, sure13:34
mckoan__angelo: yes, use different recipe names and different subdirs for the defconfig13:39
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freyr69What BSP do I need for a regular IBM PC with x86-64?13:42
rburtonfreyr69: if its an intel chip, then meta-intel is best13:44
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__angelomckoan, thanks. But seems not working. I kave  then created also a linux-xxx_4.14 folder, with defconfig inside. But  using syntax file://defconfig    from .bb defconfig is not found13:51
zeddii__angelo, look up FILESEXTRAPATHS. you need to add your specific/non-default directory to it so the fetcher can find the defconfig you havein the subdir.13:54
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zeddiia couple of examples from oe-core:13:56
zeddiirecipes-multimedia/alsa/ := "${THISDIR}/alsa-utils:"13:56
zeddiirecipes-support/libcap-ng/ := "${THISDIR}/libcap-ng:"13:56
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rburton__angelo: the folder should be linux-xxx or linux-xxx-4.1414:01
rburtonnot _14:01
__angelorburton, oh14:01
zeddiior name it whatever you want, as long as you tell the build system what that name it is :D14:04
__angeloyes. for some reason my choice to create a folder with same bb name was not good14:05
__angeloseems working (do_compile now :)14:06
__angelothanks a loty14:06
__angeloa last question: defconfig must be a .config (as manual says) or also a defconfig is ok ?14:06
mckoan__angelo: both are valid14:07
__angelomckoan, ok, as suspected. thanks !14:08
zeddiitechnically, it depends on your kernel recipe. but either can work, just check that what you are feeding it comes through the configuration step like you expect (by default, it'll run through olddefconfig)14:09
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DvorkinHello, I have "ERROR: Multiple .bb files are due to be built which each provide ..." when building multiconfig.14:21
Dvorkinthere are two packages "a" and "b", both of them are providing same virtual package. They are included into corresponding imageA and imageB.14:22
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TurkCypriothey people14:27
TurkCyprioti need help about toaster14:27
TurkCyprioti am following the instructions14:28
TurkCyprioton the latest version as described in latest documentation14:28
TurkCypriotI am stucked at 3.9.2. Installation14:28
TurkCypriot6. Get Toaster to create the database schema, default data, and gather the statically-served files:14:29
TurkCypriot   $ cd  /var/www/toaster/poky/   $ ./bitbake/lib/toaster/ migrate   $ TOASTER_DIR=`pwd` TEMPLATECONF='poky' \     ./bitbake/lib/toaster/ checksettings   $ ./bitbake/lib/toaster/ collectstatic14:29
TurkCypriotin here im stucked14:29
TurkCypriotand i am facing an error14:29
TurkCypriotanybody here to help?14:30
TurkCyprioti can not get layers listed on toaster web-interface and i need to get it work.14:30
rburtonTurkCypriot: helps if you say what the error is14:31
TurkCypriotUpdating layers 39%Failure while trying to setup toaster: (1366, "Incorrect string value: '\\xC2\\x96 the...' for column 'description' at row 1")14:32
TurkCyprioteverything till i get this exception was flawless.14:33
rburtoni dunno, but now if someone does they can say  :)14:36
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TurkCypriotits ok :)14:36
TurkCypriotDo u know where to get official support?14:36
rburtonthis is the support channel14:41
rburtonfor paid support see the company you bought your yocto-based system from14:41
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ricardocrudoI'm using gitsm:// to clone my repo with submodule but the problem is that the submodules also has submodules. How can set the recipe to do a full recursive clone?14:47
frayricardocrudo the current (master) and (thud/warrior) should already do that by default14:47
frayif it's not working in master, create a reproducer and I'll fix it14:48
fray(there are a number of repositories that are part of the test cases already that deal with this.)14:49
ricardocrudoOk, I'll confirm what commit I'm using but I know I'm using thud and bitbake version =
TurkCypriot@rburton i didnt buy any yocto based system yet14:52
TurkCypriotim just trying to get the idea of it14:52
TurkCypriottoaster seems as a great tool but14:53
TurkCypriotits a bit bugy14:53
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frayyou need to have all of the thud patches applied..14:55
TurkCypriot@fray me?14:55
frayno.. ricardocrudo14:55
fraythe top commit in bitbake should be talking about gitsm: Add need_updte method to determine....14:56
TurkCypriotSo do u have any idea about my issue?14:56
frayNo I don't use the toaster.. I use the command line directly to control my builds..14:56
TurkCypriotI will do that intime  :)14:56
frayask on the toaster mailing list, but the sounds like there is data in the database that isn't proper UTF-8 and it's causing a python execption14:56
TurkCypriotthank u14:56
TurkCyprioti am checking that connections.py14:57
TurkCypriotit says "Can't DROP 'up_id'14:57
TurkCypriotim just trying to find that column14:57
TurkCypriotMySQLdb._exceptions.OperationalError: (1091, "Can't DROP 'up_id'; check that column/key exists")The above exception was the direct cause of the following exception:14:58
TurkCypriotfray is it possible for you to share a link about command line parameters for yocto?15:08
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TurkCyprioti can compile core-image-minimal and run with qemu15:08
TurkCypriotbut i want to learn how to compile for another board like rpi3 or intel by using command line15:09
TurkCypriotI think the documentation is not updated for the latest releases15:09
TurkCyprioti need a trustable source15:10
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ricardocrudofray is there a workaround. can I provide the cloning command myself in the recipe?15:13
frayyes, if you give me the repository clone command (for the command line) and it's public... and tell me what isn't cloning, I can work to reproduce it15:14
frayreproducer is usually quick, fixes may or may not be depending on what is broken15:15
fraythe only issue I currently know of is if a URL has a space in it, it might not work properly...15:15
ricardocrudounfortunately is a private repository, but the clone command is `git clone --recursive` or `git submodule update --init --recursive`15:17
frayya, that's not what we need.. you'll need to find a way to reproduce it, or find a public repository with similar layout15:17
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TurkCypriotwell actually i want to run my yocto build on this machine ( ))15:17
TurkCypriotit has intel j1900 cpu15:17
TurkCyprioti found meta-intel15:18
frayricardocrudo: if you go into bitbake/lib/bb/tests/ and search for 'gitsm:' you can see all of the existing test cases15:18
TurkCyprioti want to compile this meta layer to get it to run on intel j190015:18
frayyou should find 8 different tests w/ a generic 9th url..15:19
fraywe have seen issues in the past where the repositories were not setup properly in the commit/branch being checked out, but people had done a 'master' checkout (w/ recursive) then updated to a branch and thought were were not working properly..15:19
ricardocrudoalright. I'll try the last commit on thud first15:23
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fraythe last 5 or so commits fixed a number of issues with submodules15:25
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__angeloi have a slightly modified "sumo", with some recipes added to the "meta" layer, plus a meta-ti and a meta-my-bsp layers. How do you suggest to store it all ? For now i pushed it all to my git remote. But seems quite big,20:04
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rburton__angelo: put your new recipes in a new layer, so you don't have to modify oe-core (meta)20:06
rburtonthen use git submodules or repo or whatever to glue the repos together20:06
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__angelorburton, oh thanks20:10
__angelorburton, if i go with submodules. should i create a submodule for each meta leyer ?20:12
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opennandraI'm trying to copy one of directories from rootfs (named /data) to custom ext4 partition using wic20:31
opennandrawhen added: to wic something like: part /data --source rootfs --rootfs-dir=${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/data --ondisk mmcblk --fstype=ext4 --label data --align 1024 --fixed-size 20020:32
opennandrait is failing with messages like:20:32
opennandraCouldn't get bitbake variable from /home/marekbelisko/.build/tmp/sysroots/raspberrypi0-wifi/imgdata/${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/data.env.20:33
opennandra| File /home/marekbelisko/.build/tmp/sysroots/raspberrypi0-wifi/imgdata/${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/data.env doesn't exist.20:33
opennandraany idea?20:33
opennandraI tried to debug it but without result20:33
opennandrawic tool is running with -e but not data.env20:34
opennandrabut image-name20:34
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nabokov@opennandra refer to Pykickstart documentation that is in fact `wic`20:40
opennandranabokov: but looking at command I'm not doing anything wrong :)20:41
nabokovI see, the issue here is that WIC is not that generic and even though we think we understand what has been typed in WIC file,,, indeed we do not ! it is not that flexible unfortunately20:42
nabokovfor every little details it does there are bunch of python scripts that are not that generic as they may look like !20:43
nabokovYou may use genimage as well20:44
rburton__angelo: the layers are modules already, just clone them in using submodules20:45
rburtonmeta/ is oe-core git repo, meta-ti is the meta-ti git repo, etc.  pull those in using submodules20:45
rburton__angelo: is a really trivial example20:46
opennandranabokov: it's right but I found same in poky: e.g: scripts/lib/wic/canned-wks/efi-bootdisk.wks.in20:50
opennandrapart /boot --source rootfs --rootfs-dir=${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/boot --fstype=vfat --label boot --active --align 1024 --use-uuid --overhead-factor 1.020:50
opennandradoing same stuff just for vfat20:50
opennandraso I assume this should work20:50
nabokovhhhmmmm.... let me see20:55
opennandrabasically I install some persistent data to /data directory which then would like to have in different partition, I think same is for above (just it use /boot partition instead)20:58
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nabokov@opennandra I did a quick look at the python script in 'scripts/lib/wic': boot and rootfs partition preparations are different... please take a look inside `wic` scripts and make sure they support the same commands21:04
opennandranabokov: ok thanks I'll check21:05
nabokovAs I said it feels like they should support the same options however by experience I learned that it not true,,, unfortunately since I do not work with the tool everyday I can not give you more info at this time21:05
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__angelorburton, many thanks !21:06
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: I can't get flatc installed into my yocto based SDK <>22:35
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