Monday, 2019-07-22

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: IMAGE_INSTALL vs PACKAGE_FEATURES - what's the difference? <>00:58
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psiva87Hi Yocto experts, I'm getting this error "Postinstall scriptlets of ['systemd'] have failed. If the intention is to defer them to first boot, then please place them into pkg_postinst_ontarget_${PN} (). Deferring to first boot via 'exit 1' is no longer supported" on do_rootfs() stage of Thud build. Any pointers?07:19
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Dracos-CarazzaHi I would like to activate kernel tracing with lttng, but for some reason the .cfg file in my additional layer is not applied to the kernel config10:40
Dracos-Carazzabitbake-layers show-appends lists my recipe (which includes the SRC_URI modification) as .bbappend10:41
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Michael78dear all, i new to yocto and i try to "generate" a wifi kernel module via bitbake for a yocto system here. the wifi chip is from laird connect and i found some how tos, but they were not working. now i started to investigate it deeper with devshell etc and i found out for example there is one of the first calls which will fail for example, the call12:36
Michael78 of a makefile to request the kernel version in /lib/modules/4.XX.X-XX-generic/build, on an ubuntu there is really a make file placed there, but in my equivalent path in yocto for an arm, i hope i am right, is .../tmp/work-shared/XXX/kernel-build-artefacts there was a makefile but without target for a kernel version. and after a bitbake virtual/ker12:36
Michael78nel even this disappear. now my question: Could somebody explain me what is wrong with my yocto environment? best regards,12:36
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Michael78hello is this working?13:02
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timblechmannhi! very stupid question: i want to build a single recipe that i had to split over two layers (into a .bb and  a .bbappend file) . know i can use bitbake -b to build a bb file, but how can i add the bbappend?13:06
Michael78ah i can at least read other questions :-)13:08
mckoantimblechmann: the bbappend is taken into account automatically, but you have to name like the recipe bb13:09
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mckoantimblechmann: bitbake -b can't evaluate a bbappend AFAIK13:09
mckoanMichael78: your issue is related to kernel integration not Yocto13:10
timblechmannmckoan: oh, i see ... thanks for the quick reply13:10
Michael78ok, i thought this is done by yocto13:10
Michael78is this than the poky channel?13:10
mckoanMichael78: probably I don't understand your question, sorry13:12
Michael78it was really a little bit to much13:12
Michael78basically i want to know why the yocto kernel build folder doesnt look like the "normal" one13:12
Michael78content and structure13:13
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Michael78in /lib/modules/4.XX.X-XX-generic/build on an ubunut i have for example an makefile which gives me the kernelversion (as a target)13:15
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kukela_cdis not knowing how to automatically build the encrypted rootfs and package it into the .wic file during the Yocto build process. Today our Yocto build produces a .wic with a boot partition and a plain rootfs which is then flashed to eMMC. We would like to replace the plain rootfs in the .wic with an encrypted one.13:19
kukela_cdtaion or pointers on how to change my recipe so that it will build with an encrypted rootfs.13:19
rburtontimblechmann: if you want to build a single recipe just do bitbake recipename.  -b doesn't include the dependencies, which means you don't get a compiler...13:19
timblechmannrburton: i see ... i guess i have a toolchain in place from trying to build an image before ... i'm mainly trying to use -b to reduce the turnaround times (but mayber there are better ways?)13:22
rburtontimblechmann: it won't rebuild anything that doesn't need rebuilding13:23
rburtonif youre doing stuff like changing the core classes there are tricks to avoid rebuilding everything, but they're not needed for most 'i changed my recipe' builds13:23
timblechmannrburton: yes, i was more trying to avoid the 'reparsing all recipes step' ... that's half a minute every time13:24
rburtonyour machine sounds very slow, or you're deleting the cache every time13:24
rburtonpersistant bitbake will help there13:25
rburtonRP: is memory resident bitbake the default  in master?13:25
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timblechmannrburton: the machine is a 2-core skylake i7 (sub)notebook ... not extremely fast, but also not super slow13:28
rburtonRAM is normally the issue with notebooks, you just can't keep enough in the cache for speed13:34
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vmesontimblechmann: for yocto builds, a 32 core system is a good start (of course such systems are not cheap but neither is time).13:50
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RPrburton: no13:57
rburtonRP: are there known issues still?14:04
RPrburton: yes, I think there are open bugs14:04
RPrburton: I don't think there were serious issues but some14:05
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khemrburton:gparted-0.33.0: gparted rdepends on hicolor-icon-theme, but it isn't a build dependency, missing hicolor-icon-theme in DEPENDS or PACKAGECONFIG? [build-deps]16:58
khemdo we need to add hicolor-icon-theme explicitly to deps/rdeps16:59
khemI thought gtk-icon-cache.bbclass should take care of it16:59
khem is the error log17:00
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eboltonhey all, I'm trying to change SRCREV in an anon python function and it's generating a ton of basehash check errors, I've a bunch of lines to try and ignore the check, but it never works17:36
eboltondo_clean_remove[vardeps] = "PV SRCREV"17:36
eboltonany ideas?17:36
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khemebolton: changing state like this is going to bypass data integrity checks and will land you into more troubles I am guessing17:43
kheminstead think of external way to induce right SRCREV to metadata before invoking bitbake, it will simplify it and make the system work well17:44
ebolton@khem I want to write a manifest, a single file that collects BRANCH and SRCREV info for several recipes in one place, I've tried it with a single include file containing a lot of override lines "BRANCH_pn-<recipe>", it's problematic, so I'm trying to this17:49
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ebolton@khem the only other external option I can think of is have some script manually scrape and replace variables in the recipes before bitbake is invoked17:50
khemyes you need a branch tool17:54
khemdont beat bitbake into doing it17:54
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evadeflowHi, all. My colleagues gave me a prebuilt DEB file they want included in our BSP image, like, *yesterday*. I'm not at all sure what the best approach for this is.18:06
evadeflowI tried something along these lines:
evadeflowBut `THISDIR` has the 'wrong' value in my `ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND`, so it's not finding the archive.18:07
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evadeflowHow can I make the line `local archive=${THISDIR}/xyzinstaller_0.1-1.deb` actually find this DEB file (which is stored right next to my `fsl-image-qt5.bbappend` file)?18:08
kergothset FILESEXTRAPATHS properly and add file://xyzinstaller_0.1-1.deb;unpack=no to SRC_URI18:09
kergoththen reference it in ${WORKDIR}18:10
kergothi.e. handle it like any other source file/patch/etc18:10
evadeflowOh. Nice! Thank you, I'll try that right now.18:11
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evadeflow@kergoth, I modified my patch based on your suggestion:
evadeflowIt's not finding the archive: `ar: /jenkins/workspace/ivs_bsp/build/tmp/work/imx8m_var_dart-poky-linux/fsl-image-qt5/1.0-r0/ivsinstaller_0.1-1.deb: No such file or directory`18:28
evadeflowAnd it really seems not to be there, since `find tmp/work/imx8m_var_dart-poky-linux/fsl-image-qt5/ -name "*.deb"` turns up no hits.18:29
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rburtonkhem: is that not the gnome.bbclass changes?18:31
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gnacIs it possible to determine when the transmit buffer of a serial uart is empty so as to add a delay between transmission of serial messages?18:33
rburtonnot really a yocto question18:34
gnacI suppose its also a general purpose Linux question, but we are using a yocto distribution and I don't see anything supporting this in the posix termios documentaion so I was hoping there might be a solution aimed more at embedded linux users.18:40
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JPEWRP: Reminder. Respond to the reproducible build thread on the ML18:46
khemrburton:yeh I think Adrian has been trying to use gnomebase directly and I wonder if thats causing this issue too ?18:47
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rburtonkhem: right, gnome inherits a load of stuff, which probably pulled in the depedns18:53
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RPJPEW: thanks, I need to do that! :)20:16
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RPJPEW: bit distracted/excited with another patch ;-)20:17
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JPEWRP: lol, fair enough. That one is probably better to focus on; I'm not sure I'll have enough bandwidth to get both done for zeus20:19
JPEWAlso, I've come to terms with reproduciblity being an "ongoing process", more than a single "task"... but good QA checks will make that easier to distribute that work20:20
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RPJPEW: The QA checks are absolutely key20:32
RPJPEW: I also think the other work will raise the priority on reprodcibility as people join the dots20:33
JPEWRP: Ya20:33
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RPJPEW: oddly in bigger builds I am seeing connection timed out to the hashserver :/20:41
JPEWHmm. Do you know if its on a GET or a POST?20:46
RPJPEW: I'd say POST20:47
RPJPEW: I've realised this is using HTTPServer and I think I remember that is shockingly bad at concurrency20:49
JPEWYa, that an FWIW, I'm not sure if my sqlite querys are quite optimal in that case. It does end up taking two SELECTs and an INSERT for a new equivalent hash20:49
RPJPEW: it can't cope with server sstate20:49
RPJPEW: My bet is on HTTPServer rather than that20:49
RPJPEW: I'll throw a ThreadingMixIn in there20:54
JPEWOk. I don't remember if sqlite cursors are atomic; it might need a semaphore around the SELECT/INSERT/SELECT in POST20:56
RPJPEW: hmm, this could be interesting as I didn't do that :)20:58
RPJPEW: Its now showing pages of warnings now though20:58
JPEWYa, my sqlite expert just told me to use a semaphore :)20:59
RPJPEW: does it actually matter since only one task would be updating any given entry?21:00
JPEWHmm.... maybe not? I guess I was thinking of the generic server case where you might have mutiple simultaneous builds....21:01
*** georgem_home <georgem_home!uid210681@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto21:01
RPJPEW: right, the potential problem is two builds running simultaneously if both made the first select and reach the insert, does it break anything even then?21:03
JPEWI think the INSERT would fail with duplicate primary key (in which case you could probably just ignore it)21:04
JPEWHmm, maybe not.... it's been a while :)21:05
RPJPEW: right, just ignoring a duplicate insert would be much nicer than the locking. Also wondering why you need the third selet21:05
* JPEW shakes fist at past self for lack of comments21:07
RPJPEW: I think you're being clever with the data structures but at the expense of performance21:07
RPJPEW: Just tried this in a big build. Its basically locked the machine up at 100% cpu so definitely a performance issue somewhere21:09
RP(big == minimal image)21:09
JPEWI think I used to have index on the columns in the table to speed up the lookup (since they are so common).21:10
JPEWI original wrote the whole server in flask :)21:10
RPJPEW: I remember. Just a bit of a dependency minefield for us :/21:11
RPJPEW: sqlite definitely needs indexes to work with any kind of performance21:11
JPEWYa, I'm pretty sure I had the indexes in the flask version, let me dig back to see if I can find them21:12
RPThe cooker sat for 2 minutes pinning a CPU, then crashed with a bug in my code21:12
* RP tried again with the typo fixed21:12
JPEWOk, I had a uniqueness constraint on the ('taskhash', 'method', 'outhash') triplet, and an index on ('taskhash', 'method')21:13
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kergothdid the long standing glibc-locale host-user-contaminated issue ever get resolved?21:19
kergothah, [OE-core] [PATCH] pseudo: Update to gain key bugfixes looks promising21:20
*** rcw <rcw!~rcw@> has quit IRC21:20
RPkergoth: sadly, no :/21:22
RPJPEW: not sure that is the right index but I'll play21:22
*** compenguy <compenguy!> has joined #yocto21:23
kergothah, that's unfortunate21:25
*** evadeflow <evadeflow!d1ddf0c1@> has joined #yocto21:26
evadeflowI'm getting the following error with a recipe where I'm simply trying to install items from a tarball:21:28
evadeflow`error: No file attributes configured`21:28
evadeflowThe recipe is here:
RPJPEW: good news is that it did figure out how to recover from "bitbake m4-native -c install -f" and not rebuild much. Bad news is it takes 3 minutes of 100% cpu to figure out what its doing :)21:28
evadeflowThe error comes from running `rpmdeps`. Any idea how to fix this?21:29
evadeflow(And... should I be concerned that it's running `rpmdeps` when I'm only attempting to build DEB packages?)21:30
RPevadeflow: I've never seen that error before. and no, don't be concerned21:30
RPevadeflow: we use rpm tools to figure out dependencies21:30
JPEWRP: Ya, that's a bit unfortunate. It that with a clean tmpdir? It does take a while the first time to populate the local (persistDB) cache, but once thats populated it only talks to the server when something changes21:30
RPJPEW: no, existing dir21:30
JPEWHmm, Ya I was pretty sure I had it to an unnoticable level.21:31
RPJPEW: I'll figure out where its spending the time, hopefully something silly21:31
RPJPEW: I'm happy it appears to do the right thing :)21:31
JPEWYa, that is good21:31
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RPJPEW: part of the problem is the code is passing around an sqlite cursor connection instead of a string for the unihash21:59
RPJPEW: The threadingmixin really did't get on well with sqlite!22:07
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RPJPEW: 1.7 million sql execute calls are the bottleneck :)22:11
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