Monday, 2019-07-29

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: What is bitbake error-Nothing RPROVIDES mongodb <>01:53
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mckoangood morning07:40
Dvorkingood morning!07:49
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alessioigorgood morning!08:00
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: RaspberryPi B+ not booting for Yocto <>08:24
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lukmaDear All,09:15
lukmaI'm trying to modify the TARGET_CPPFLAGS globally.09:15
lukmaWhat I see is that those are set to "" in bitbake.conf file and then those can be / are updated in local.conf09:15
lukmaI'm wondering why those settings are not overrided by distro -> like set this value in distro/foo.conf in my meta-foo ?09:15
lukmaI can add those modifications to TARGET_CPPFLAGS in local.conf, but it would be more handy to add them to distro09:15
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litbhello all09:15
lukmaIs it possible?09:15
litbhere:  they write one can use the TOOLCHAIN variable to specify a certain toochain to be used for buildign a package09:16
litbbut I can't find this variable used in poky, neither in the mega-manual09:16
litbthey write that simply saying   TOOLCHAIN_pn-${PN} = "icc"   is enough. how is this possible?09:16
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litblooks like this TOOLCHAIN variable is something that intel'09:36
litbit is from them09:36
RPlukma: You can control anything from the distro that you can from local.conf09:37
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lukmaRP: So is it possible to move adjustments from local.conf to meta- stuff ?09:47
lukmaRP: Otherwise, I need to use e.g. KAS to deploy the OE/Yocto meta layers09:48
lukmawhich will generate local.conf for me at every time09:48
lukma(My goal is to have automatic deployment)09:48
RPlukma: not just possible, that is what distro configs are for09:49
lukmaRP: I may be wrong -> when I add TARGET_CPPFLAGS += "-D _FOO1" to distro (foo.conf) then it is not visible on the whole build09:52
lukmabut when the same line is added to local.conf I see it modified for every recipe when it is build09:52
lukmahence the question can I achieve this with any modification of distro (foo.conf) or any other way in meta-xxx ?09:53
lukmaOr is it only possible with local.conf ?09:53
RPlukma: read the end of conf/bitbake.conf - you will see that distro config and local.conf are included just after each other09:55
RPlukma: so they both behave the same. Are you setting DISTRO = "foo"?09:55
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lukmaRP: Yes, I do set DISTRO explicitly09:56
lukmaBut, Ok, I will double check this09:56
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litbif a recipe include file is shared by several recipes, and you want to put the recipes into their own directories, where should the include file be?10:11
litbis it OK to    have a structure as   recipes-<foo>/{inc,recipe-a, recipe-b} ?  and both recipes include things from   inc/  ?10:11
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hoxylitb I did that already. There should be no issues. Just note, that your include files are fetched and put into the respective /tmp/work folder for each recipe10:52
hoxyas long as you do not try in install the common files into your root file system everythign is fine10:53
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: prelink-rtld: command not found <>11:55
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* alessioigor waves all11:56
alessioigorIn your opinion is CC-BY-4 license suitable for a layer?11:56
LetoThe2ndalessioigor: if i'm not mistaken this is pretty much the same as MIT, right?11:57
LetoThe2nd(which is the de-facto standard for layers)11:58
alessioigorLetoThe2nd: It should be but I don11:59
alessioigor't know it very well11:59
LetoThe2ndalessioigor: i'd say just stick to MIT, unless you have a good reason to not do so.11:59
alessioigorLetoThe2nd: Ok thanks!12:01
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mckoanalessioigor: CC is typically for documents12:10
mckoanalessioigor: I usually use MIT or GPLv2 for software12:11
alessioigormckoan: That is interesting: Are Yocto recipes more like documents or more like software?12:13
Crofton|workhmm, more like they document how the software is built12:13
Crofton|workin a machine readable form12:13
mckoanCrofton|work: even a C source is documenting what to execute in a machine readable form though.12:14
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litbhow can I specify a LIC_FILES_CHECKSUM filename with spaces?12:35
litbi tried %20  and "\ "12:35
litbah.. missed the other space-containing file12:36
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fbreHi, if I add the package "kernel-modules" to my yocto, how do I prevent the automatic loading of a certain kernel module?13:16
LetoThe2ndfbre: find out why it is even marked to be autoloaded13:18
LetoThe2ndfbre: AFAIK they usually should not be, unless we're talking about device drivers.13:19
fbreyes, it's a device driver13:19
LetoThe2ndfbre: then your buzzword is "odule blacklisting"13:21
fbreI see! cool, thanks13:21
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ygeorgieHello, i've bitbake 'busybox' and trying to deploy it with opkg (which is enabled) on the target13:23
ygeorgieif it is a right way do do so?13:23
ygeorgiei mean opkg install busybox.ipk13:24
ygeorgieor it is a bad idea?13:24
ygeorgiei've tried to do so -- and my rootfs was ruined13:24
ygeorgiethx for help13:25
ygeorgieAnother thing that is failing for me  is 'bitbake -c menuconfig busybox'13:26
fbreygeorgie: are you able to ruin your rootfs also by installing a different package via opkg?13:26
ygeorgiei've got a segfault13:26
ygeorgieno-no... all the rest (the one i've tried) worked...13:27
ygeorgiebut in general -- if it is a normal practice to do opkg busybox?13:27
ygeorgieit should normally work, right?13:28
LetoThe2ndygeorgie: its a rather uncommon practise, usually people don't even have package management on their targets.13:29
ygeorgiei see...13:29
ygeorgiehow i do deploy a newly build busybox on the target then, what is the correct way?13:29
ygeorgiethe thing i want to do -- is just to add some more 'goodies' in it...13:30
ygeorgieCONFIG_LSUSB=y in my case13:30
rburtonygeorgie: its very difficult to build an image *without* busybox13:30
ygeorgieyep... initial image sure with busybox.13:30
ygeorgiebut a minimal one...13:30
LetoThe2ndygeorgie: rather rebuild the image, then.13:30
ygeorgiei see....13:30
rburtonygeorgie: so just edit the defconfig and rebuild13:30
rburtonif installing a new busybox doesn't work then please file a bug with the log13:31
ygeorgiebut it is completely 'legal' todo 'opkg install busybox.ipk' , right?13:33
rburtonif you've copied enough of the packages to the target, or even better just setup a feed, then ye13:34
ygeorgieaha... i should have a feed, right?13:34
ygeorgiethis one i don't13:34
ygeorgiei am just wget from my local host13:35
ygeorgiei am in the initial HW board bootstrap mode now.. just trying to do some initial tests...13:35
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ygeorgiesorry for poking you with this (maybe stupid) questions...13:37
ygeorgiebut it appears i've never deployed busybox.ipk for some reason on the target...13:37
LetoThe2ndygeorgie: this all happens under the hood in do_rootfs13:38
ygeorgiecan you elaborate a bit pls...13:38
LetoThe2ndygeorgie: the do_rootfs step when an image is built is (roughly) this: "take all packages and install them to a directory, then make a blob out of the result"13:41
LetoThe2ndygeorgie: so whenever you build an image, under the hood opkg install is run for every package.13:41
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LetoThe2ndunless you are using deb or rpm, of course!13:43
ygeorgieno-no... opkg13:43
rburtonygeorgie: unless you went to serious effort, you've already got busybox installed13:44
rburtonwhat does /bin/sh point to on the target?13:44
ygeorgieyep.. it is..13:44
ygeorgiebut the problem is that i want to extand it a 'bit'13:45
rburtonright so just fiddle the defconfig to add what you want, and rebuild the image13:45
rburtonor if you can replicate opkg failing an upgrade, file a bug with the log13:45
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fbreload_modules=off   as uboot kernel parameter is the trick13:53
fbreThen no kernel module will be loaded and I can probe certain kernel modules to load them13:54
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Custom Layer run Tune2fs on do_rootfs after mkfs.ext4 <>14:55
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tgoodwinRP: Is there a trick to using ABHELPER_JSON in the autobuilder file?  I used os.environ to set the variable to both config.json and config-local.json (which is located in the same path) however isn't picking it up.15:15
RPtgoodwin: which os.environ are you putting that into? You probably have to set the on the controller before you start buildbot15:19
RPtgoodwin: oh, extra_env = {"ABHELPER_JSON" : "config.json /home/pokybuild/config-local.json"} in maybe?15:20
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tgoodwinRP: Based on the walkthrough, I was making the os.environ call from  I then tried setting it in the environment of my systemd service (same result, no dice).15:21
tgoodwinI had not tried going the extra_env route.15:22
tgoodwinThat worked better until it got to the "shared repositories" section of the a-quick build.  The error indicates that under a-quick's directory (on the worker), the yocto-autobuilder-helper/scripts/../config-loca.json doesn't exist (which it wouldn't since that is a fresh clone of the helper.15:25
tgoodwinI suppose the work-around to this is to fork/branch yocto-autobuilder-helper to include one's own extra configuration file(s) if you want the builders to also have access to those changes.15:27
tgoodwin(if it's a remote worker, that is).  Locally...just use an absolute path.15:27
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RPtgoodwin: yes, its not ideal. Happy to take patches to improve some of this btw15:51
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tgoodwinRP: Sure thing! Once I get this working on my end I'll see what's actually helpful.  My current "a-quick" build made it through stage 8 with warnings and all the triggers after it started failing just now.  The UI is also locked up so I'm having a hard time tracing it down.16:31
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tgoodwinAh... ran out of space.16:32
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alex3600Hi, do you know if it's possible to build a yocto image using GPU and how to do it? I didn't find the answer on google :/16:55
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kanavinalex3600, can you provide context for the question? Why would you want that?17:14
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ssajalhi, i was working on a multiconfig build and i was invoking the build with the following command "bitbake multiconfig:<conf1>:<img1> multiconfig:<conf2>:<img2>" and it was working fine. I continued to work on the project recently but the command failed with the error "ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'multiconfig:<conf2>:<img2>". Did anything change the way18:07
ssajal multiconfigs work? Thanks in advance18:07
JPEWssajal: Are you using a recent commit from master?18:08
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JPEWAlso, I think "multiconfig" was renamed to "mc".... try "mc:<conf2>:<img2>"18:09
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alex3600kanavin: my computer is not powerful enough to compile with cpu18:10
* ssajal trying mc:....18:10
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ssajaljpew: mc seems to have worked :)18:28
ssajalthanks a bunch18:28
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alex3600Hi, is it possible to build a yocto image using GPU? :)18:52
LetoThe2ndalex3600: no18:53
LetoThe2ndsimple as is :)18:53
LetoThe2ndalex3600: unless you have a gpu that is x86 and running linux, of course.18:53
alex3600LetoThe2nd> ahah okay18:54
alex3600LetoThe2nd> yes I have18:54
LetoThe2ndalex3600: i actually doubt that, but if you really have then it should be able to run bitbake :)18:55
alex3600LetoThe2nd> hum .. I didn't explain very well. I want to build using my geforce gtx 950m :) so my GPU cores18:56
LetoThe2ndalex3600: not possible. it is neither x86, nor is it running linux18:57
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alex3600LetoThe2nd> oh ok, I'm actually able to do that with neuronal networks I thought it was possible with yocto :/18:59
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LetoThe2ndalex3600: completely different world. reason: gpu are optimizing for workloads that are highly parallelizable, like videos, images, or as you said neural networks, machine learning, etc.19:01
LetoThe2ndalex3600: compiling things on the other hand need way fewer tasks, but those are way more complex. thats why you really need a proper cpu.19:01
alex3600LetoThe2nd> okay, thanks you very much :)19:02
khemRP:if I revert top 4 sstatesig: patches from it works again19:04
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rburtonalex3600: if you patch gcc to make it run steps on the gpu then that would be awesome.  that's probably a PhD of effort though19:50
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alex3600rburton: I'm working on it don't worry19:56
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Warrior on INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE and Linux Kernel Image on SD Card Image <>20:26
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khemrburton: wiith llvm it will happen sooner21:15
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RPkhem: sorry, those need bitbake master-next21:21
RPkhem: just testing out some bigger API changes to see if they're going to make sense21:22
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RPkhem: its going to get worse in -next for a short while btw, I need to test these changes on the AB22:48
RPJPEW: are you ok with something like (turning unihash into a mixin class)?22:48
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khemRP:figured that, I dropped them from my master-next for now23:36
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