Tuesday, 2019-08-20

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PinkSnakeHello guys, I would to build and use a tools during the image generation, i think the class is the better way to do but I don't know how to build the binary for the host and note for the target ... any advice ? cheers07:29
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mihai-PinkSnake, you can add a native only recipe for the host binary you need07:41
mihai-and use it through DEPENDS in other recipes where needed07:42
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PinkSnakemihai sounds good ! Thx. But do you know i can 'install custom tool in order to call it from the recipe ? Maybe i'm wrong and it's the better way :S07:49
jofrPinkSnake: Yes you can07:52
PinkSnake@jofr I'm trying BBCLASSEXTEND += "native", keep in touch ;)07:53
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jofrPinkSnake: Yes. And then in your other recipe you "DEPENDS" on yourrecipe-native"07:56
PinkSnake@jofr it's the same if I use a bbclass instead of a recipe ?07:57
jofri.e. Your devtoolrecipe "BBCLASSEXTEND"s, has a proper do_install section, and then you have yourotherrecipe "DEPENDS" on devtoolrecipe-native07:58
jofrNo, you are only creating (.bb) recipes.08:00
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jofrThe "native.bbclass" already exists. Your devtoolrecipe is just "using" it.08:01
jofrPinkSnake: Something like this?  https://gist.github.com/johannfr/4c08bc904665be60e93477b6e4bee666 Hopefully I'm not just confusing you even more  :p08:22
PinkSnake@jofr exactly what I would like to do, i have to fix my install methode and should be okay, thx !08:23
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Tamisif oe-pkgdata-util find-path *libfreetype.so.6 reports that 2 recipes provide that library, and one of them is in PRIVATE_LIBS, is there a command that I can see that runtime dependency resolver will include in image the right one?09:07
PinkSnakejofr All right ! tha again ;)09:08
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nrossiRP: have you had a chance to look at the second version of toolchain testing RFC? looking to clean it up as a patch series this week09:18
jofrPinkSnake: No problem  :)09:18
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rburtonRP: so meta-darwin, do you remember how much of the osx sdk is needed?  just libc and a few friends, right?09:26
rburtonRP: wondering how much effort it would be to bootstrap it using https://github.com/darlinghq instead09:27
rburtonooh, or even better https://github.com/phracker/MacOSX-SDKs09:27
RPrburton: right, it doesn;t need much09:32
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RPnrossi: I did quickly read through it and worried you were starting to overlap with the test result handling elsewhere in oeqa but in general its good09:33
rburtonRP: hm meta-darwin also builds 32-bit binaries, which are pretty much deprecated on modern macos09:38
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RPrburton: its been a while since it was touched!09:52
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RPrburton: switching it to 64 bit should be fine09:52
RPrburton: thats more recently than I thought!09:55
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nrossiRP: you mentioned there was some filtering stuff in oeqa, but I was not sure what you were referring to, got an example testcase that makes use of it?09:58
mihaiis zeus 2.8 or 3.0?09:59
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RPnrossi: sorry, I should be clearer. We don't filter the results, we write all of them into the testresults.json files and then the plan is to handle the filtering at a later stage10:01
RPnrossi: Ultimately the idea is that resulttool regression/report would handle this10:02
RPmihai: 2.8 became and is 3.010:02
mihaiRP, ok, thanks10:04
nrossiRP: I see, so should each testsuite output each test case that failed/etc as part of the testresults.json?10:04
RPnrossi: yes, that would be the best way to handle things I think10:04
nrossiRP: so it should be similar to how ptest works?10:04
RPnrossi: Given the number of cases, I think its going to end up working like ltp/ltp posix/ptest10:04
RPnrossi: yes10:05
RPnrossi: we might need to generalise that code a bit...10:05
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nrossiRP: ok so just looking at the resulttool part, there does not appear to be any filtering instead its based on regression vs previous executions. Is that right or am I missing something?10:13
RPnrossi: you're right, the plan was to add more filtering but we're not there yet10:15
RPnrossi: what I'm worried about is having this kind of thing in multiple places. It really belongs in resulttool and the test data should always be saved10:15
nrossiRP: it makes sense, I am just not very familar with it all. At the moment though there is not a large amount of tests that need filtering, so maybe I should stick to having the results fully populated for resulttool and skip filtering in this series?10:17
RPnrossi: sorry, I'm explaining this badly. This is why I hadn't gotten to reply to the email :(10:18
RPnrossi: Probably, yes. Unless there are any tests that hang in which case its find to skip those10:18
nrossiRP: thats ok, I know you have been very busy10:18
RPnrossi: I do like the info you've got in the series about the expected results10:18
RPhash equiv's last build seems to have gotten a lot worse :(10:19
nrossiRP: ok, so I think that has sorted out the plan for the patch series. will have to look into the filtering as a separate part. Did you have any opinion on the qemu-user use for gcc tests? given the improved results10:22
RPnrossi: I don't really trust qemu user :/10:30
RPnrossi: thats purely because I have an idea of what its doing and all the ways it can break having looked at the code...10:30
RPnrossi: so basically I'm torn10:31
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nrossiRP: for gcc it is probably worthwhile using qemu-user due to the runtime speed. And the gcc tests are created with running in a simulator in mind. But it is also probably worth running the tests against qemu system and physical hardware for a release10:34
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RPnrossi: having configuration that allows us to do both is certainly great and yes, I agree10:35
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rburtonRP: did a next build last night and it died in all sorts of exciting ways10:38
rburtongstreamer and systemd failed to compile10:38
RPrburton: hash equiv enabled or disabled?10:39
rburtondisabled i think10:39
RPrburton: I thought there might be bad patches in there :/10:39
rburtonhm swear i did a build last night and this morning its rebuilding10:42
rburtoni wonder what i poked since10:42
rburtonis it intentional that changing BB_HASHSERVE or BB_SIGNATURE_HANDLER causes a full rebuild?10:43
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake do_rootfs failure for syslog-ng <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57571560/bitbake-do-rootfs-failure-for-syslog-ng>10:44
RPrburton: that depends. It if no longer has the equiv data it would rebuild stuff10:45
rburtoni had it set yesterday, disabled this morning and caused a rebuild10:45
RPrburton: it can no longer see things are equivalent so yes, I'd say that is expected10:46
rburtonyeah fair enough10:46
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kroonRP, Did an incremental build of my distro, going from bitbake/oe-core master to master-next, with hashequiv enabled, no issues12:12
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* zeddii searches for the core-image-sato test results13:24
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kayterinacan anyone here share experiance with NAND-flash boards? We are thinking of switching from rpi, so that someone won't just copy the SD card and easily reproduce our distribution.13:38
kayterinaI'm guessing it's only a matter of switching the machine layer?13:38
PinkSnakekayterina NAND-flash are not really "easy to use", you have to use MTD partition with or without file system support ;) , if you have choice, you should choose emmc13:40
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kayterinabut...it is not easy even with yocto?13:41
kayterinathere are some myirtech boards that says "256Mb NAND-flash"13:43
kayterinaand there is MTD support in the linux kernel13:43
kayterinaand JJFS filesystem13:44
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zeddiiRP: do you happen to have a link where I can look at the test history ? I can’t find it this morning. I’m not able to get sato graphics on any x86-64 build. So it isn’t my new kernel or headers, since I’ve gone all the way back to 4.19 and can’t get anything to work. qemuarm64 did work, so I know the qemu build, etc, is at least somewhat sane.13:54
RPzeddii: http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/yocto-testresults/14:02
* zeddii clicks and looks.14:04
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zeddiihmm. X is running, I just can’t connect vncview to it.14:11
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RPzeddii: I think it does work but I haven't personally checked recently14:17
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vmesonhttps://autobuilder.yocto.io/pub/non-release/ is down. Who handles that server?14:58
vmesonapparently it's just my connection, so nevermind.15:02
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halsteadvmeson, I'm the person to ping about that server.15:14
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: RTOS on kw41z. Yocto project <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57576280/rtos-on-kw41z-yocto-project>15:15
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nameclashguys, I have a problem understanding the sysroot thing. In yocto 2.4.4, the webkitgtk recipe fails to compile because of some conflicting typedefs in [...]/recipe-sysroot/usr/include/GL/glext.h15:26
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nameclashFrom what I've understood from the yocto manual, the sysroot in the workdir of a recipe is for pulling in dependent headers15:27
nameclashSo, when I need to patch one of these headers, I guess I should patch that in the originating recipe rather than in the webkitgtk recipe, right?15:27
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litbhello folks15:28
litbis it possible to access the image/ folder of a recipe from another recipe?15:28
litbour installer recipe needs to package the data of our firmware recipe and encrypt it. so it needs access to the image/   (like devtool does it)15:28
nameclashe.g. package A depends on header B.h from recipe B, I should patch B.h with a B.bbappend recipe...15:29
mihainameclash, that's correct15:30
nameclashHowever, I have a hard time finding the source of GL/glext.h -- when I grep through the yocto layers for do_populate_sysroot() I get very few matches15:30
nameclashI'm stuck on finding the source recipe for GL/glext.h15:31
kergothnameclash: just use oe-pkgdata-util15:31
kergothyou can use that to search for the package/recipe that provides it15:32
nameclashah ok -- will look into it, thx!15:32
litbbut you can only use it if you already have the package built, as far as I know?15:34
litbsometimes, I wanted to know what recipe/package provides  a certain file without having built it. I wasn't able to make that work15:34
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to install files in the native sysroot with yocto when doing populate_sdk? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57576746/how-to-install-files-in-the-native-sysroot-with-yocto-when-doing-populate-sdk>15:45
PinkSnakeStupid question : I would like to override SSCACHE_DIR variable from the setup-env but the following cmd (export BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE="$BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE SSTATE_DIR") doesn't seem to work... any tips ? :)15:46
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nameclashok, not yet there..15:59
nameclashI ran: oe-pkgdata-util find-path /usr/include/GL/glext.h16:00
nameclashwhich gave me:16:00
nameclashlibgl-mesa-dev: /usr/include/GL/glext.h16:00
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nameclashthen I ran: oe-pkgdata-util lookup-recipe libgl-mesa-dev16:01
nameclashwhich gave me 'mesa' as the recipe in question16:01
nameclashhowever, to be able to create a patch for glext.h, I need to cd into the sources dir of the mesa recipe (afaik)16:02
nameclashmy problem is, I can't find any sources fetched for mesa16:03
kanavinnameclash, try 'devtool modify mesa'16:04
nameclashuser@devbuntu:~/os/yocto/build$ find . -name glext.h./tmp/work/cortexa9t2hf-neon-montavista-linux-gnueabi/webkitgtk/2.18.6-r0.5/recipe-sysroot/usr/include/GL/glext.h./tmp/work/cortexa9t2hf-neon-montavista-linux-gnueabi/webkitgtk/2.18.6-r0.5/recipe-sysroot/usr/include/GLES/glext.h./tmp/sysroots-components/cortexa9hf-neon/mesa/usr/include/GL/glext.h.16:05
nameclashok kanavin16:05
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nameclashkergoth, kanavin, thank you guys, saved my evening!16:11
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nameclashif devtool works as charming as advertised in https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/TipsAndTricks/Patching_the_source_for_a_recipe then it's a pretty decent tool to know!16:14
kanavinnameclash, devtool is by far the most underrated and not widely known tool in yocto.16:22
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kanavinI would probably add a notice about it to the default env init banner16:23
zeddiiRP: back now. yah, it *appears* to be running, so I asssume it works. but vncviewer attachs and detaches immediately with “Unknown message type 190 from VNC server” .. google isn’t useful for what that is yet. Trying to see If I can figure out how to build SDL instead.16:23
kergothkanavin: agreed. recipetool too. the two both provide a lot of value. actually every tool we have other than bitbake itself is probably not as well known as it should be. even bitbake-layers16:26
kergothHmm, i bet a lot of folks don't know you can replace arbitrary config files on the target with recipetool appendfile, or in the source with appendsrcfile16:27
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derRichardis yocto warrior broken for rpm package types? i get:16:34
derRichardERROR: core-image-minimal-1.0-r0 do_rootfs: Could not invoke dnf.16:34
derRichardModuleNotFoundError: No module named '_curses'16:34
derRichardin do_rootfs16:34
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kanavinderRichard, probably not, as it is tested on the autobuilder16:42
RPkanavin, kergoth: I'd take a patch to the oe-build-init-env script...16:43
derRichardkanavin: maybe a host-system related issue, i'll dig into it16:44
derRichardi'm on opensuse 15.116:44
kanavinRP: I am just trying to figure out why do we have two copies of conf/conf-notes.txt, in meta and meta-poky16:44
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Controlling SAMA5D27-SOM1-EK1 Board LEDS using DEVICE-TREE file in linux kernel <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57578148/controlling-sama5d27-som1-ek1-board-leds-using-device-tree-file-in-linux-kernel>16:45
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kanavinRP: as that is where the banner is. maybe best left for tomorrow16:46
kergothhm that reminds me, i dont think i ever got the change merged to split cooker construction from bitbake.conf parsing to allow bitbake-layers to avoid parsing errors due to layer addition/removal order16:50
* kergoth wonders where he put that old branch16:50
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: List packages which will be included in host Yocto SDK <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57578271/list-packages-which-will-be-included-in-host-yocto-sdk>17:16
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mischiefwhat is the right way to make sanity.bbclass use my custom local.conf.sample instead of pokys?17:32
mischiefhm, i suppose i need to make a distro layer.17:38
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JPEWRP: I think I've figured out how to improve the hash equiv server performance by a factor of 518:27
JPEWThe thing I'm not sure about is how to structure the protocol18:36
rburtonJPEW: have you tried enabling keep-alive?18:45
rburton(or do you already)18:45
rburtonassuming lots of connections come from relatively few clients, that could help a lot18:45
JPEWYa, reusing connections is part of the improvement. Unfortunately, python's urllib doesn't let you do that, so we'll have to manually18:47
rburtoni saw the server can be made to do keep-alive but didn't look at the client18:47
rburtonembed a copy of requests?18:47
JPEWrequests has quite a few dependencies18:48
kergothsome days i wish bitbake was handled the way most python projects are. install with pip, etc. harder due to the tight interdependence with oe-core, though18:48
rburtonkergoth: i absolutely wish that bitbake had a requirements.txt18:49
JPEWkergoth: I really like pipenv... I use it all the time for my projects18:49
kergothpipenv is handy indeed. poetry is pretty nice too18:49
JPEWBut, it might be academic because the other big improvement is to optimize the protocol to not send full HTTP headers for each hash lookup during signature generation18:49
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JPEWYou can to this over HTTP, using the "Upgrade" header a la websockets. We can negotiate a HTTP connection to a simple byte orientated TCP connection (which is exactly what websockets do)18:51
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JPEWSo, we could 1) just use websockets, 2) make our own Upgrade procotcol over HTTP 3) ditch HTTP completely and use a JSON over TCP protocol18:52
denixcan a package that depends on a virtual provider be generic (arch) or should it be marked as machine-specific? as it records the actual provider and not virtual18:52
JPEWEach has advantages and disadvanges.18:52
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denixrburton: maybe you know? see above18:58
rburtonif the provider is machine specific you should make the recipe machine specific18:58
opennandrahello is anybody here with experience with external toolchains used in yocto?19:00
opennandraI have this issue and not sure how to resolve it: https://lists.yoctoproject.org/pipermail/yocto/2019-August/046391.html19:00
denixrburton: so, let's say there are machine-specific providers for GLES in Aarch64 world. does it mean all the recipes that RDEPEND on virtual/libgles1 have to be machine-specific? e.g. gstreamer-plugins-base, etc.19:00
rburtonwould be nice if the apps would link to the generic soname, as the generated deps should be using the generic names too19:05
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denixrburton: even when the app links to a generic libGLES.so, the package (at least opkg) ends up recording dependency to a specific machine package (e.g. TI SGX or RPi VC4), even though those are marked as providers for libgles1/2, etc.19:17
kergothafaik it *should* go purely based on the SONAME, so if that doesn't change, it should work..19:18
denixkergoth: what if there are bunch of SONAMEs in a package, but it sets R/PROVIDES for all of them?19:21
kergothdoubt it matters unless you override or disable shlibs, as that goes by soname19:21
* kergoth shrugs19:22
denixkeith: should each lib gets packaged into own package instead of one bundle?19:22
denixkergoth: sorry^^^19:22
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denixkergoth, rburton: and a related question - even when a package depends on SONAME, different providers will have different versions. the package will have Depends: SONAME (>= X.Y.Z) and X.Y.Z will be widely different per machine19:57
kergothgood point. it sounds like this may be a case where manual is superior to shlibs for rdepends/rprovides handling19:58
denixkergoth, rburton: e.g. gstreamer-plugins-base records it depends on libgles1 (>= 19.0.0) and I have libgles1 for my platform that is lower...19:59
denixkergoth: are there examples of manually driving shlibs rdepends?20:00
kergothnot a clue. ideally we'd only disable it for these libs, otherwise we'd have to also manually add libc, etc20:00
kergothi.e. EXCLUDE_FROM_SHLIBS is likely too large an implement for this case20:01
kergothcheck package.bbclass, thats' where it's handled20:01
denixok, thanks20:02
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