Friday, 2019-08-23

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erbomischief: A friend did, he said that it worked quite well after identifying some problematic recipes and adding them to the blacklist.06:10
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mischieferbo: at work with ubuntu it was fine today but i had problems at home on debian. i think it has to do with a bug in the packaged icecc version :(07:09
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timblechmannhi! i'm wondering what's the best way to debug "The metadata is not deterministic" errors? i cannot really use bitbake-diffsigs because there is only one `sigdata` file08:46
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aehs29RP: yeah, it would have been helful to have you even at the BoF but, hopefully you'll make it to ELCE09:10
RPaehs29: that is the plan09:13
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Removing a sub package from a main package in Yocto <>09:55
kayterinarunqemu wants a qemuboot.conf. How to generate qemuboot.conf?09:57
MarcWe1hi, im getting  arm-oe-linux-gnueabi-gcc: error: unrecognized command line option '-fstack-clash-protection'; did you mean '-fstack-protector'? on geoclue10:05
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Where can I find the mapping of SAMA5D27-SOM1-EK1 devices and it's GPIOS? <>10:25
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balister__aehs29, how is ELC? I've heard complaints about all the cloud keynotes :)10:39
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mckoanCrofton: what cloud keynotes?10:52
Croftonsponsor keynotes10:53
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livederhello everyone11:15
livederi might have a very stupid question regarding the building process11:15
livederi built two bzImages: bzImage--5.0.19+git0+31de88e51d_00638cdd8f-r0-i... and bzImage-initramfs--5.0.19+git0+3111:16
livederby default bzImage make a symlink to the first one11:16
livederand in image bzImage is put11:17
livederhow can I say to symlink bzImage to bzImage-initramfs--5.0..... so it will be put into the final image?11:17
livederthanks in advance :)11:17
livederi think it's coming from meta-intel layer11:22
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: I can't find the problem in My C program for SAMA5D27 board <>13:56
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mcfriskhow to make inherit and includes in recipes/bbclasses specific to target build only, e.g. class-target?14:13
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litbhello folks15:00
litbin the yocto manual, it says that PACKAGES of a package is prepopulated with ${PN}, ${PN}-dev etc. and everything that's not put into a package explicitly is put into ${PN}15:01
litbI've created a recipe and an do_install. However, yocto complains that all my files are not packaged into any packages. why's that?15:02
litbahh wait. that's not quite correct. FILES_${PN} is explicitly specified to look below bindir, etc. but not below /foobar15:03
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neverpaniclitb: Correct. Yocto expects that you adhere to a directory layout that follows the filesystem hierarchy standard. If you don't, you'll have to write packaging rules yourself.15:11
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litbneverpanic, we decided that we don't want a packaging system on the target, because our firmware is basically an "/opt-style" software with its own hierarchy15:13
litbwith the yocto distribution only providing the runtime environment15:13
litbso we plan to update our yocto target devices with rsync (for individual developers, they can still use devtool)15:14
litbotherwise, we would have to mess with the packages on the target device15:14
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mischieferbo: do you know if it's possible to get yocto's icecc support to work on a non-native arch remote system?16:06
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yatesno readelf recipe?17:37
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kergothreadelf isn't a project17:41
kergothit's part of binutils17:41
fraythere is are two readelfs17:41
fraybinutils and elfutils17:41
fraybut correct, it's not standalone17:41
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yatesthere is nothing in the yocto cross-compile process which would throw out the -g option, is there?17:52
yatescan i check my exe with readelf to see if the debug info is there?17:52
kergothinstall the -dbg packages if you need debug symbols. we split them out to save space normally17:53
frayabsolutely the system plays with the option(s).  Debug is always split, unless you disable stripping and splitting of dbg symbols17:53
yatesberry good!17:53
frayIn almost all cases, there is no reason to have them as one, as GDB can connect the split to the executable.17:53
yatesso when i install XYZ-dbg, does that overwrite the regular XYZ in /usr/bin with the debug version?17:56
yatesreadelf --sections `which XYZ` still lists no debug info after installing XYZ-dbg17:57
fraythe debug items are merged by gdb at gdb runtime.. NOT at package install time17:58
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yatesi am using valgrind, not gdb17:58
fraylook at the contents of the -dbg package to see where they are..17:58
frayvalgrind, some versions, can deal with split symbols..17:59
frayif the version and arch you are using doesn't in valgrind, then you would have to manually merge them back with objcopy..  but I don't have instructions to do that17:59
yatesi'm using 3.12.018:00
yatesare you talking aabout the --extra-debuginfo-path=path option?18:01
frayyes.. that is automatic in gdb18:01
yateshow do i find the files from that package? (rpm)18:02
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yatesrpm -ql pkg18:02
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fraytypically they are in a subdirectory called '.debug'.  For instance, bin/bash  look in bin/.debug/bash18:04
fraythis is standard Debian behavior, but it can be changed18:04
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halsteadExcellent timing RP. I was just about to ask if you had anything to start. :)18:34
yatesfray: after installing server-6300-dbg, i have a single file, /usr/bin/.debug/server-6300, and a whole directory structure under /usr/src/debug/server-630018:40
yateswhich one of these paths should be used in the --extra-debuginfo-path=path option?18:40
frayyes.. debug symbols under .debug and user usr/src is all of the associaed (referenced) source code18:40
yatesi've tried numerate variations and nothing seems to work18:40
frayyou'll have to look at the valgrind docs.. I would assume the .debug, but I don't know18:40
kergothyou shouldn't nee to pass anything, we set up debuglink in the binaries to point to the symbols18:42
yateskergoth: this command: root@imx6ul-var-dart:~# valgrind --leak-check=full --leak-resolution=high --show-leak-kinds=all --track-origins=yes `which server-6300` -nort18:44
yatesproduces this output at theend:18:44
yatesso no debug info. :(18:45
yatesin fact it has displayed similar no matter what path i specify for the --extra-debuginfo-path=path18:46
yatesincluding /usr/bin/.debug, /usr/bin/.debug/server-630, /usr/src/debug/, /usr/src/debug/server-6300, ...18:47
yateswall -> | <- head18:47
yatesi desparately need this debug info18:48
frayread the valgrind docs on how to deal with split debug symbols.. this split stuff is standard..  the YP stuff is setup verify similar to debian, but other then path is also the same as RH/CentOS debug packages18:48
yatesfray: i've read/reread the doc on the --extra-debuginfo-path - is there somewhere else to read?18:49
fraydon't know but I would expect some sort of tutorial or walk through somewhere on this..  I don't use valgrind like that very often..18:50
frayusually when I do it's on my development host, not hte target system18:50
yatesi'm a valgrind extra-debuginfo-path virgin myself18:50
yateskergoth: what say you?18:51
yatesif i've installed the XYZ-dbg package, should i uninstall the XYZ package?18:52
yatesbtw, I'm using smart package manager18:52
yatesi'm thinking no. you're saying you need both the main exe and the dbg info  right?18:53
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to add a Linux kernel configuration to a YOCTO Linux OS image? <>18:57
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to add a Linux kernel configuration to a YOCTO Linux OS image? [on hold] <>19:27
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