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zeddiiarmpit: yup. I’ve seen it here as well, you can largely ignore it. I have a tweaked config to deal with it in my series.00:11
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b0gis there a video or audio recording available of the yocto Q&A at OSSNA19 from a few days ago?01:22
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smurrayb0g: the ELC schedule indicates it was videoed, but LF hasn't uploaded any videos from the conf yet.  I think it usually takes a few weeks02:18
b0gsmurray: thanks02:36
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khemzeddii: you cant ignore vdso support not building in kernel02:38
khemits an essential optimization feature02:38
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khemsee I guess thats what armpit is seeing as well02:41
zeddiinope. not what I’m seeing at all.02:52
zeddiiall my kernels are properly configured. I’ve only seen it when doing “make scripts prepare” on target with 5.3-rcX. Which you can ignore, since you aren’t building the kernel.02:53
zeddiiso it may be something different02:57
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jwwwwHello. I'm using poky rocko and meta-raspberrypi on a rpi3 with an additional usb wifi adapter.I added 'linux-firmware' to IMAGE_INSTALL and the usb adapter works fine, but the onboard one doesn't show up.I've read in documentation it's because 'linux-firmware' as been replaced in meta-raspberrypi by linux-firmware-raspbian but I don't understand how to get both adapter working at the same time.Can somebody05:36
jwwwwhelp please ?05:36
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jwwwwokay I solved it ! if anybody came to the same issue it's not related to having a second wifi card but of a missing file in linux-firmware : brcmfmac43430-sdio.txt .I found the information on the mailing list
jofrjwwww: Cool.  :)09:06
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luneffhey guys! I'm trying to DEPENDS += "grpc" for a CMake project. It seems like I got grpc built incorrectly as it refers to /usr/lib/... on host in gRPCTargets.cmake. It fails to find it's lib so the build isn't going further09:30
luneffI wonder what to do. I tried grpc 1.8.5 from meta-openembedded, and 1.14.1 from a later version of meta-openembedded. No changes. Still it can't find /usr/lib/ :-(09:31
luneffI guess I hit this
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lunefflooks like grpc is completely broken with Yocto and CMake recipes. Only some Python stuff survives09:58
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litbhello folks10:12
litbIf i use the useradd class to add a user iin my recipe.. and then the recipe's install script uses chmod with the user's plaintext name. will that work correctly?10:12
litbor will it resolve to the user-id in the host?10:12
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: YOCTO : No '/lib/modules' directory in image, modprobe fails <>10:35
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to compile yocto rootfs after changing a qt.cpp file? <>13:06
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: YOCTO : problem of install kernel module (*.ko) to my linux OS image <>13:36
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Run different scripts at different targets/runlevels in yocto with systemd <>14:06
luneffhey guys! I have "grpc" and "grpc-native" both in my DEPENDS. on the linkage stage, ld tries to link to -native version and (of course) it fails. What do I do? I do need -native, because there's some binaries I need to run on build-time14:07
litbi can't figure it out :(  i inherit kernel.bbclass which inherits   kernel-module-split.bbclass14:13
litbnow I want to add two helper scripts that install things to ${sbindir}14:14
litbhowever, by FILES_${PN}-bin = "${sbindir}/*"  appears to be ignored!14:14
litbbitbake complains that i installed files to /usr/sbin, but that they don't appear in any packages14:14
litbthat's not true. I added them14:14
litbin fact I see this output from bitbake -e:  "FILES-foo-mod-bin="/usr/sbin/*""14:24
litbso not sure why files are not picked up14:24
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litbman... turned out I misused "install" and each call overwrote the file /usr/sbin, instead of copying things into it...14:28
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qschulzHi all, I've a function in ROOTFS_POSTINSTALL_COMMAND which depends on a do_deploy of some task. Apparently myfunction[depends] += "mydep:do_deploy" does not work. Is there something more fine-grained that just do_rootfs[depends] += "mydep:do_deploy" in the image recipe?15:03
kergothqschulz: the 'depends' flag only affects tasks, not functions. you'd need to add it to do_rootfs[depends].15:06
qschulzthat's what I gathered from the manual yes'15:07
qschulzbut something confused me a lot in our current code base. apparently myfunc[vardepsexclude] = "DATETIME" works since it was in a commit whose sole purpose was to fix a build issue15:08
qschulz(please note our current code base is krogoth and we're updating to thud, so if changes happened we might not have them yet)15:09
qschulzkergoth: so I guess, as I gathered, all the variable flags are for tasks only and there is no way it could work with shell functions right?15:11
kergothnot all flags are task only. flags are just extra metadata. key=value pairs associated with a variable.15:17
kergothwhat they're used for and where depends on what's needed and the internals of bitbake15:18
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qschulzkergoth: do you have any pointer to where this is handled by any chance? I'm just being curious, if you don't know on top of your head, I'll gladly look by myself :)15:25
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kergothwhich flag? it's all in bitbake's source. depends itself is handled in multiple places. taskdata, cache, runqueue, iirc15:29
qschulzwell, any :D but I guess there isn't one central place where it is clearly defined from what I gather from what you're saying15:34
kergothmuch like the variables in the metadata, there's no central registry, there's a datastore, and there's the many places that use it15:36
qschulzalrighty then. Thanks for the help115:41
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aehs29Crofton: I cant answer your  keynote question, they were cloud so I didnt go haha20:39
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto - Can't build library for host SDK <>22:07
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