Wednesday, 2019-08-28

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erakisJPEW: So how do we handle that ? I already have a recipe, so without updating the recipe's name (version) okpg will not be able to differentiate them in term of which one is the more recent ? Does it means that each time a new software release is available but the recipe does not required to be change, we even need to create a copy `1_1` of the recipe but incremented manually the version `1_2` in file name to get a new package that opkg01:54
erakiswill now see a more recent ?01:54
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ProffalkenLetoThe2nd / qschulz: I've just tried to run with "stock" poky and get exactly the same error about the *.bb files not being found.  I've uploaded the entire repo to and would really appreciate it you or someone else could take a look and see where I'm going wrong given that this isn't specific to the original project I was working on?06:56
LetoThe2ndProffalken: the repo doesn't seem to contain the layer in question?07:04
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mckoangood morning07:08
qschulzProffalken: cd /tmp; git clone; cd yocto-testing; source oe-init-build-env; bitbake core-image-minimal => OK for parsing, it starts to build stuff07:10
LetoThe2ndqschulz: i can't see the layer in question there anyway, its a generic poky AFAICS07:11
qschulzLetoThe2nd: yes, see last answer from Proffalken07:13
qschulz"I've just tried to run with "stock" poky and get exactly the same error about the *.bb files not being found."07:13
LetoThe2ndqschulz: i guess we are mixing things up now.07:14
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qschulzProffalken: start from scratch with new git clone from upstream repos in a new terminal?07:15
LetoThe2ndbecause "running with stock poky" means to me running the layer i question *with* stock poky. not stock poky alone, i think that this can be considered fine.07:15
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: one of us misinterpreted :) Let's see what Proffalken was trying to say07:20
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ProffalkenHmmm, hang on, let me find out what's going on here...07:55
ProffalkenThe layer should be in the "top level" directory07:55
Proffalkenhahahah, I pushed the wrong branch... try
Proffalken(as you can see, I've just cut&pasted the commands from the quickstart to get the branch name etc)07:58
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LetoThe2ndok, now it makes sense :)08:05
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qschulzProffalken__: which machine are you building for?08:55
qschulzProffalken__: cd /tmp; git clone -b my-yocto-2.7.1; cd yocto-testing; source oe-init-build-env; [add /tmp/yocto-testing/meta-telegraf to BBLAYERS in conf/bblayers]; echo 'DISTRO_FEATURES+="systemd"' >> conf/local.conf; MACHINE=beaglebone-yocto bitbake telegraf;09:01
qschulzno warning09:01
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qschulzI got the warning only when building qemux86 (default machine) because your recipe is buildable for arm only (and you explicited it). Then building beaglebone-yocto which is arm-based would have the same warning because telegraf can be built only when DISTRO_FEATURES has systemd in it09:03
qschulzhence, you've got a layer without recipes in it because all the recipes (telegraf only) can't be built for the specific distro or machine09:03
LetoThe2ndqschulz: interesting, i only set qemuarm, and still got the warning. didn't make the mental transition to enabling systemd too :-(09:03
qschulzsince this is resolved durnig parsing, you're including a layer which is empty09:03
qschulzLetoThe2nd: I saw it only because I tried to build telegraf only and it failed for the two aforementioned reasons :)09:04
LetoThe2ndqschulz: kudos, good find!09:04
qschulzLetoThe2nd: \o/09:05
Proffalkenqschultz: Ah, cool, ok, so I need to add a systemd layer as well?09:07
ProffalkenI'm building for armhf (pi3/pi0) if that makes a difference?09:07
qschulzProffalken__: well that makes the recipe OK from the compatible_host/machine point of view. But you still need systemd in your DISTRO_FEATURES09:09
qschulzbecause of , I assume09:09
qschulzso 1. remove this if it's not a hard requirements09:10
qschulzor 2. add DISTRO_FEATURES += "systemd" in the correct place (and I never know where it should be, maybe conf/local.conf but I don't like putting things there, or conf/machine/machineyoureusing.conf, or recipes-*/*/ or conf/distro/distroyourebuilding.conf)09:11
ProffalkenCool, thanks, I'll give that a go...09:11
qschulzProffalken__: OR, have more than one recipe that does not depend on the compatible or distro features :)09:12
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qschulzbut anyway, to be able to build telegraf you'll need a correct machine and a correct DISTRO_FEATURES09:12
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qschulzso having a second recipe "compatible-free and systemd-free" is just going to remove the warning but not going to make telegraf buildable09:13
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: YOCTO : Where can I find my linux image kernel headers Needed to build drivers and how can I install them? <>09:13
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PinkSnakeI'm trying to create an extended sdk for dev team but i'm stuck here : checking target system type... Invalid configuration `x86_64-custdistro-sdk-linux': system `sdk-linux' not recognized. I can't find where the trouble is inside the distro conf ... any idea ? Full log:
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to structure Yocto conf files for two different machines and same bblayers <>09:43
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MarcWe1Hi, i have an issue whit my buid system/sdk ( i cant get geoclue to build ). arm-oe-linux-gnueabi-gcc gives the error  unrecognized command line option '-fstack-clash-protection'10:30
MarcWe1and i can finde somthing in geoclue that is truning on the option10:31
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Rotate framebuffer works only with 180° and 0° <>10:43
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Why does the yocto bblayers.conf file use absolute paths? <>11:13
orzenHi, just noticed that my patch (posted on 16th of august) havn't received any comments or got merged. How far does the patch backlog stretch and when can I expect that my patch get some attention? :)11:31
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kroonorzen, wiki page says its perfectly fine to send a reminder ping to the list, but the project is in feature freeze now I believe, so perhaps patch review/merge takes longer11:43
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orzenkroon: I see, thank you!11:58
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zeddiiRP: sorry for not sending that series. *both* my builders had full disks, so I had to deal with that before starting my round of builds.12:27
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RPzeddii:  np, I'm having fun with plenty of other patches12:40
zeddiiI'm 3/4 of the way through the builds, so it will be out today.12:44
ykronsHi all12:45
ykronsI'm trying to create a recipe from a git repository with devtool add ssh://
ykronsbut I get an error Failed to fetch URL xxxx with ERROR: Command 'script -e -q -c "recipetool --color=always create --devtool -o /tmp/devtoolertuu76w 'git://'  -x /home/guillaume/data/Fusion/stuff/oe-core-SCR2/build/workspace/sources/devtoolsrc5vqso2w4" /dev/null' failed12:48
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ykronsHaving a look to the recipetool commands, it seems the final SRC_URI generated is something like SRC_URI = "git://;protocol=ssh". It seems there is an issue with the custom ssh port 7999.12:51
ykronsDoes someone know the right way to pass URL to devtool / recipetool for git repository accessed through SSH on port 7999? I have tried to add ";port=7999" but it don't fix the issue12:52
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jwesselRP: Do you know where the checkvnc comes from?   I am trying to duplicate the failure that was detected to see whats up.  It will be interesting to understand the cause/effect, because I would not have expected any kind of drastic change with the fast fail tty for systemd.13:13
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to build a working TPM2 image for Raspberry Pi with Yocto? <> || Change YOCTO Linux kernel version <>13:13
jwesselThe log you pointed me at showed: Running '. ./oe-init-build-env; /home/pokybuild/yocto-worker/qa-extras2/yocto-autobuilder-helper/scripts/checkvnc; DISPLAY=:1 bitbake core-image-sato:do_testimage -k' with output to /home/pokybuild/yocto-worker/qa-extras2/build/build/command.log.6c13:13
jwesselThat is the checkvnc I was asking about.13:14
RPjwessel: you mean the contents of that script?13:20
jwesselyes.  It seems to be related to the autobuilder.   I am not sure if that is part of the failure, part of the test or what.13:20
RPjwessel: its ensuring there is a DISPLAY available13:20
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jwesselSo in theory I just have to run:  bitbake core-image-sato:do_testimage13:23
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RPjwessel: yes13:30
RPjwessel: that is just autobuilder boilerplate around the command13:30
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ykronsI find the issue, it has already been fixed :
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto recipe python whl package <>14:44
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__angelois there a suggested linxu distro to work with yocto ?15:32
__angelo*linux :)15:33
frayno, but there are basic functional requirements..15:33
LetoThe2nd__angelo: anything listed in the manual as being supported?15:33
LetoThe2ndfray: "it boots", "it can run vi"15:33
frayUbuntu seems to be the easiest to get a modern system to build easily, but RHEL/CentOS 7 works fine..  I've not used RHEL 8 yet..15:33
fraybut RHEL/CentOS 7 may require some additional (newer) software to be installed..15:34
__angeloLetoThe2nd, the fact is that i fight to work with an updated linux. Ok will check.15:34
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LetoThe2ndmy vote would be in ubuntu too. if in doubt, yank up a docker container running it on whatever your preferred host system is (that my technique)15:34
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frayif you are on a specific release, say 'Thus' (YP 2.8).. then you should create a VM or Container with a Linux OS from that era.. say Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.. and use that for development.. because newer OSes will change interfaces that the system may depend on.15:34
fraybut for 'master', it should work on the latest versions of the common OSes15:35
__angelofray,  LetoThe2nd ok thanks15:36
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RPnrossi: let me know if/as/when you're around15:43
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* zeddii waits for the last builds to complete ....16:52
* kanavin_ is running a world build in a python2-less environment17:03
kanavin_so far, ca-certificates has failed, and, surprisingly, pseudo17:04
smurraykanavin_: I did a bit of tinkering with that yesterday as well, I'm wondering did you tweak things so python -> python3, or did you remove it altogether?17:06
kanavin_smurray, I removed it on the host distro, then dropped it from HOSTTOOLS, and also dropped the python-native and python recipes for good measure17:07
kanavin_python -> python3 is a really wrong thing to do17:07
smurraykanavin_: slight issue is some distros have done it, so there are some checks for it17:08
kanavin_smurray, I have removed that bit as well17:08
smurraykanavin_: you went further than I did, I left the python recipes in place so python-native could work, as I thought that was RP was implying on the call yesterday17:09
kanavin_smurray, there are basically 3 recipes that need them, ltp, perf and kernel-devsrc17:10
kanavin_I fixed ltp, and removed perf and kernel-devsrc :)17:10
kanavin_(and tweaked the packagegroups to not include them)17:10
kanavin_I trust Bruce will get to fixing the last two17:10
kanavin_okay llvm-native is the latest to go bust17:10
smurraykanavin_: I think my having python -> python3 avoided some issues, ca-certificates and pseudo built here17:11
kanavin_smurray, good to know they're compatible with py3 then, it's probably a matter of patching them to use python3 explicitly17:11
smurraykanavin_: systemtap blew up for me, but I suspect its python3 detection logic is wonky and may work with just python3 available17:11
smurraykanavin_: I did look at kernel-devsrc a bit, afaict all the scripts in the kernel "scripts" directory are python3 compatible, though some of them use /usr/bin/python :/17:14
kanavin_smurray, right, I trust Bruce will find the right way to handle this, as he knows better what scripts are important17:16
smurraykanavin_: yeah17:16
RPkanavin_, smurray: this all sounds like good data. I suspect pseudo's python usage is really simple and easily tweaked to python3 explicitly17:20
RPzeddii: cool17:21
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smurraykanavin_: I think the only other thing I noticed that would need cleanup is the gpgme recipe, the python2 PACKAGECONFIG would need to be removed17:22
kanavin_smurray, yes, but it is not enabled by default, so not a priority really :)17:23
smurraykanavin_: and I just noticed with grep that there's a PACKAGECONFIG in alsa-tools  that references "python-core python-pygobject pyalsa"17:23
kanavin_smurray, same there17:23
smurrayeasy enough to fix17:23
kanavin_RP: I fixed ca-certificates and pseudo, and resumed the build17:23
kanavin_RP, it's at gcc-cross now, so the bulk of recipes are yet to be tests17:23
zeddiikanavin_, yah. I have the kernel ones done. they'll be in my series in a few hours17:24
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smurrayheh, I need a second build machine, I switched off of python tinkering to churn some AGL builds17:30
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RPsmurray: As long as they're not on my default they're ok. We have precedent for things which add dependencies external to oe-core as long as they're not default19:59
smurrayRP: is the thinking that the python 2 recipes will shift to meta-python?20:03
RPsmurray: probably a dedicated meta-python220:12
* zeddii nods. 20:13
zeddiiRP: you’ve seen my series, I think the kernel can be out from under the python2 thumb now :D20:13
* zeddii is glad to get that fixed up. 20:14
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Crofton|workzeddii, thanks20:54
RPzeddii: yes, sounds good thanks :)20:58
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smurrayRP: it occurs to me that u-boot is unresolved wrt python.  I asked Tartarus, aiui the python3 support for libfdt is tied to other changes that currently block a simple upgrade of libfdt in the u-boot tree21:15
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TartarusAnd we're in turn grumbling at libfdt folks21:16
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RPTartarus: :/22:06
RPsmurray: on the call the other day it seemed uboot would be the final hurdle22:06
Crofton|workbut that doesn't inject py2 into the image?22:07
smurrayRP: yep22:07
smurrayCrofton|work: correct22:07
RPzeddii: can I just remove that foo patch?22:08
zeddiisometimes random bikeshedding on patch series tires me out.22:08
zeddiiRP. yup.22:08
zeddiiI just git rm'd it and rebased the patch.22:08
* zeddii goes into only reply to useful comments mode.22:09
RPzeddii: thanks, I'll just delete it than rejuggle patches :)22:09
zeddiiyah. my v2 was more overhead than it was worth :D22:09
zeddiithat'll teach me to "git add ." in myeta/recipes-kernel/ :D22:10
RPzeddii: just trying to think of the easiest way to fix it in my tree :)22:10
zeddiiI hear you. I'm not a fan of a single v2 in the middle of a series, but re-issuing it, seemed worse in this case.22:10
RPzeddii: right, that is fine. I just had to check that was the only difference22:11
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RPzeddii: first error is in: :/23:05
RPzeddii: looks like some scripts still reference "python" :/23:07
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to install files in the native sysroot with yocto when doing populate_sdk? <>23:15
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Cross compiling a kernel module issue in Makefile <>23:45

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