Monday, 2019-09-02

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black_13can an yocto image be build for x86 or simulated x 86 on qemu03:17
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iceaway2I just watched the live coding video which talked about package splitting. In the FILES_xxx variable, it listed files as per the install path, i.e. "/usr/bin/ask". Is that referring to the path where the package would install its files in a normal installation? i.e. the "local" sysroot where the package gets built inside bitbake?05:38
krooniceaway2, yes I think so05:39
kroonif I understood you q correct05:40
iceaway2LetoThe2nd: Maybe you got feedback on this already, but in the libanswer recipe file, you used PACKAGES =+ instead of what I am used to seeing +=. DOes that yield the same result or is there any difference between += and =+?05:40
iceaway2kroon: As I typed the question it made more and more sense to be that would be the case. How otherwise would bitbake know how to find the files?05:41
krooniceaway2, += appends, =+ prepends05:45
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iceaway2kroon: thanks for the clarification!05:55
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krooniceaway2, wether or not that makes a difference to how files are packaged, I dont know.. maybe order plays a role where files go05:57
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mckoangood morning06:43
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qschulziceaway2: order matters for packages. The same file cannot be in two different packages. The first package whose FILES_[package] contains said file will get it, all the others, not. This gets "tricky" when you have files that can be matched by multiple FILES_[package] patterns.06:54
qschulzin PACKAGES, left most is done first06:54
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iceaway2qschulz: I suppose by same file the path must be the same as well? I mean /bin/example and /usr/bin/example could co-exist and be pulled in be different recipes?07:05
iceaway2Will bitbake give a warning if multiple packages share the same filename?07:06
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qschulziceaway2: yes, by same file I meant same full path07:14
qschulziceaway2: I don't think so, tha's already used for the -dbg package which is packaged before the "normal" package. The "normal" package has the paths which would include the debug files (with .debug in the path) IIRC and you don't see warnings for those. I don't even think there is a NOTE for it.07:16
qschulzbut if at one point you don't understand why your package does not have this or that file or that Yocto complains about your package being empty, it may have something to do with that07:16
iceaway2Keeping that as a mental note, should it come up in the future.07:28
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LetoThe2ndnote: its a great feeling when you arrive in the morning and the questions for yourself have already been answered by other helpful folks :)07:49
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mckoanLetoThe2nd: LOL07:54
LetoThe2ndmckoan: makes me feel famous!07:54
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mckoanLetoThe2nd: you are!08:09
LetoThe2ndthrow money! THROW MONEY!08:10
LetoThe2nd(no coins, please.)08:11
floriannone of these nice heavy one pound coins? ;)08:12
LetoThe2ndhopefully not.08:13
florianthere are even better ones :)08:14
LetoThe2ndso, no coins please.08:14
kroonalso relevant:
florianLetoThe2nd: I think the heaviest one I have access tho would be one of these:
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LetoThe2ndflorian: i actually think i have a 250 or 500 schilling somewhere.08:19
qschulzSo I've this package depending on openssl10 and other packages. But those packages are pulling openssl (not openssl10) as dependencies. Then obviously do_prepare_sysroot isn't really happy about deploying static libraries and headers at the same place08:31
qschulzis there anyway to hack around this thing? (we don't have the sources for this package requiring the use of openssl10)08:32
LetoThe2ndqschulz: can those "other packages" use openssl110? in that case, maybe you can use it as the rpvoider08:35
qschulzI wouldn't, because in the end it's going to be the whole system using openssl1008:43
LetoThe2nd(i don't have much experience with openssl, just tossing ideas around)08:44
mcfriskqschulz: we had to create a binary only openssl10 recipe without any header files etc. The pure .so files don't conflict with openssl 1.1.x.08:48
mcfriskalternative, one could remove all but .so output from openssl10 recipe. then it would not conflict with openssl. But do check at runtime that processes are not loading both openssl10 and openssl (1.1.x) shared libraries. I'm not sure but there may be symbol resolution conflicts between the two.08:50
qschulzmcfrisk: we need the header files of openssl10 as well IIRC. It's a 50/50 recipe with 50% having to be compiled and the other half being pre-compiled. Then we link the part we are building against the pre-compiled libraries, which incidentally were compiled with openssl1008:52
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Compilation database for BitBake (Yocto) builds <>09:01
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mcfriskqschulz: then you need to convert the full dependency chain to use openssl10. but I would rather try to switch to openssl 1.1.x completely. going half way may not work at runtime. I know it's hard with binaries from suppliers but still..09:03
* LetoThe2nd advocates threatening suppliers.09:04
mcfriskin the end, it's all about the money and contract details..09:04
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qschulzmcfrisk: right now, it's more about the delay. We REALLY want to upgrade to thud but the supplier's going to take weeks at least, maybe months to recompile09:12
qschulzmcfrisk: but it turns out, maybe I was wrong and we're not needing headers after all, so we'll test your suggestion of pure binary recipe until we get the new library from the supplier09:13
mcfriskqschulz: good luck :)09:14
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LetoThe2ndwhats the currently recommended best practise to install cronjobs into an image? RTFM pointers appreciated!09:47
LetoThe2ndoverwriting the cronie crontab by append most certainly works, but feels clumsy09:49
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ykronsA question about recipe location. It seems if there are several recipes for the same package (but with different version), they have to be located at the same relative path of their layer. Is it true and why is it needed ?10:00
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mckoanykrons: that is a best practice to have a clean directory tree10:00
mckoanykrons: BTW you could put them wherever you want if you specify the proper wildchars pattern in layer.conf though10:01
ykronsmckoan, thanks. Ok so I have probably an issue with my layer.conf.10:02
ykronsI have checked already but it seems depending on my location the recipe is sometime not seen10:02
MarcWe1how can i remove a compiler flag in a bb script ?10:09
MarcWe1*bbappend script10:09
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kanavin_RP: thanks, seems like the eglinfo recipe removal was overlooked or somehow missed? it's here if you want to cherry-pick
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mckoanMarcWe1: probably depends on the build method used by the package, but you can override do_compile or play with EXTRA_OEMAKE or CFLAGS10:19
RPkanavin_: that patch somehow caused problems (mailing list corrupted?) and I didn't have time to figure out why over the weekend10:20
MarcWe1mckoan: Tnx going to look into that10:29
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kanavin_RP: that's why it was sent in a pull request with a link to git repo, you probably need to cherry-pick from there. The patch removes a file that is a mixed ascii python code/binary blob, so it was likely corrupted by smtp.10:42
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weltlinghow could i parse out all the package names from all the layers without building the actual recipes?11:11
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LetoThe2ndweltling: first thought: bitbake -g depexp world, and then parse the .dot files. warning, might be huge!11:13
weltlingLetoThe2nd, thanks, gotta give it a try11:16
weltlingLetoThe2nd, my goal is to build all those and pump them into a repo, sure should be huge11:16
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qschulzweltling: you can do bitbake world, it's going to compile everything11:17
LetoThe2ndweltling: ah its only bitbake -g. no depexp needed.11:17
qschulzBUT, beware that some layers have bbappend or change the default PACKAGECONFIG or settings, etc.11:18
qschulzweltling: is there anything specific you have in mind that requires you to do that?11:18
LetoThe2ndweltling: it depends on your use case, but if you want a repo server then the world target is probably worth thinking about. as well as a pr server11:19
weltlingqschulz, yep, keep the image small, but be able to customize for a specific case, that's the approach11:20
weltlingqschulz, for the initial filling in the repo, single package updates would then require sstate cache probably11:21
weltlingLetoThe2nd, what is a pr server, if i may ask? :)11:21
LetoThe2ndweltling: soudns very much like you want to read the chapters on packge feeds in the dev manual, in depth.11:21
LetoThe2ndweltling: pr server is the magic that makes package management from a feed work, basically.11:22
weltlingLetoThe2nd, currently using aptly, the package feed seems a very simplistic approach :(11:22
LetoThe2ndweltling: for reference:
RPkanavin_: right, I just didn't have the time to figure that out :)11:23
LetoThe2ndweltling: you can totally run a full blown distribution grade package feed using yocto. but it requires a little more than just "building"11:24
weltlingLetoThe2nd, fe i couldn't find how the package feed can be authenticated with a repo key, or the way it puts packages there without ability to group them, etc.11:26
weltlingLetoThe2nd, it also depends on teh requirement of my org to be able to push into a separate repo, using a custom api, etc.11:26
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weltlingLetoThe2nd, thanks for the link, good read11:27
LetoThe2ndweltling: in the end its only software, so everything is possible. yet i can't help with details, as i do not use runtime PM.11:27
weltlingLetoThe2nd, yeah, the most uses are immutable image builds, i know11:28
weltlingLetoThe2nd, many thanks for the leads, seems i've got my daily bread today to dig further :)11:29
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LetoThe2ndweltling: have fun11:29
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MarcWearg, im getting unrecognized command line option '-fstack-clash-protection' sins armhf is not able to compile it with this option.11:38
MarcWebut i cant get disable it11:38
MarcWe* can figure out the thing that is setting it11:40
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qschulzbitbake -e may be able to help you with figuring out which class or inc or bb or bbappend is setting it?11:53
nrossiRP: I managed to get the binutils tests as a recipe independent from the binutils-cross buildir. Only issue is the gold tests and the libiberty tests. However for the gold tests I realised it was not even running them properly in the -cross recipe anyways. For libiberty, its not the same one that is shipped on target or -native, so the value provided by those results were limited anyways.11:55
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nrossiRP: i also have some questions about how to handle the selftest tagging, when you are free12:01
RPnrossi: I'm around12:07
RPlibiberty is an odd one as we build it in several places. Tempted not to worry about that atm12:07
nrossiRP: so firstly, the existing decorator code in the core stuff does not handle decorating classes at all, and the test filter codepaths appear to be unused. Should i still try to get this tag decorate working using those pieces as the base? or just start fresh to make it simpler?12:09
RPnrossi: I like simpler, if that code is unused we should probably remove it too12:09
RPnrossi: unused as in we don't use the commandline options or that the functions are unused?12:10
nrossiRP: for the filtering/execution side, should it be similar to "-r", e.g. "-t <tag>" only runs the tests with the tag (or multiple tags), or should it be a filter, e.g. "-a -t <tag>" runs all the tests except <tag>12:10
nrossiRP: unused in the sense that the classes are never created outside oeqa/core/12:10
RPnrossi: I'd be tempted to have a "run all matching" option and a "run all not matching" option12:11
nrossiRP: should it handle multiple tags, e.g. "run all matching foo or bar", "run all not matching foo or bar"?12:13
nrossiRP: just trying to figure out the logic for when a test case has multiple tags. and how to run that12:13
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RPnrossi: I think it should, yes12:20
RPand "or" makes more sense than "and"12:20
nrossiRP: ok, i wil try to keep it simple. It can also be reworked to fit changing requirements later12:21
RPnrossi: sounds good. Some of the QA code does need cleanup, particularly in the filtering area :/12:21
nrossiRP: oh and something i keep forgetting to query. dejagnu recipe is currently in meta-oe should it be moved to oe-core?12:21
RPnrossi: if we depend on that, yes12:22
nrossiRP: ok, will add that to the v2. I am just working on the tag stuff and once done will send out a v212:22
RPnrossi: sounds good, thanks12:22
* RP is going to try and sort the hash equiv bits now the kernel is mostly done12:22
RPneed to debug qemumips first though12:23
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MarcWei can finde any output of -fstack-clash-protection being set in the output of bitbake -e   (geoclue)12:30
MarcWe * i can't finde any output of -fstack-clash-protection being set in the output of bitbake -e   (geoclue)12:30
LetoThe2ndMarcWe: bitbake -e geoclue | less12:37
LetoThe2ndMarcWe: then /clash :)12:38
MarcWetnx. but pattern not found :(12:42
LetoThe2ndMarcWe: maybe the makefile is adding the flag itself?12:43
neverpanicMarcWe: Where do you expect it to come from? doesn't specify -fstack-clash-protection?12:43
neverpanicAh, sorry, just now read your message above.12:43
LetoThe2ndMarcWe: in that yase, you rather have to look at the build process of the package if it is being added there12:44
MarcWegrep -r in geoclue git did not bring it up12:44
MarcWeneverpanic: its not in that securit_flags.inc12:46
LetoThe2ndMarcWe: are you struggling with the upstream recipe at ?12:49
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MarcWeno im on rocko12:52
MarcWethats the strange part12:52
MarcWe.... my sleepy head still had oe-core on rocko-next12:53
MarcWethat did not seem to fix the problem to reset it to rocko12:53
LetoThe2ndMarcWe: what other layers are in use? maybe a custom distro or machine config pulling it in?12:59
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MarcWeim using arago ( and a ti arm processor one)13:01
LetoThe2ndi personally would try digging there. at least from my POV there's nothing suggesting that flag in poky nor meta-oe13:02
MarcWeit seems that it is fixed in gcc for arm 7.5+ so an upgrade to thud also seems interesting13:04
MarcWebut the stange part is that i can run the os only geoclue won't compile13:05
mcfriskstateless-rootfs IMAGE_FEATURE is missing some documentation in poky. just noticed I had to enable it to recreate old rootfs images with new poky version.13:08
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* alessioigor waves all13:36
alessioigorI have just published my first layers so I would like to thank RP, mckoan, LetoThe2nd and rburton for all help and support! Thanks guys!13:36
LetoThe2ndtime to celebrate!
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mckoanalessioigor: great news! congrats!13:48
LetoThe2nddoes anybody have a quick example for placing a symbolic link in /etc/cron.daily or comparable? I'm just being mondayishly confused.13:48
rburtondo_install() { ln -s .... }13:48
LetoThe2ndrburton: thats the obvious part.13:49
rburtonremember the target should be of the form you want on the target, so don't put $D in the target13:49
rburtonerm, too many uses of 'target'13:49
rburtonbut you know what i mean right13:49
LetoThe2ndrburton: check13:50
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LetoThe2ndrburton: *sigh* seems like ln was being angry because /etc/cron.daily wasn't already present.13:53
rburtonyeah remember $D is empty in do_install, mkdir first13:53
LetoThe2ndhave i already mentioned how much i hate doing custom do_installs? i always mess them up.13:53
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LetoThe2ndeach and every time.13:54
RPalessioigor: cool :)13:54
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LetoThe2ndok another nice one. i'm trying to run a rather simple cifs share on an arm platform. testbed is qemuarm at the moment (krogoth unfortunately). when I'm doing systemctl start nmb, it locks up for 60s, then returns. the nmb log says that it happily did start, but then systemd seems to decide it timed out and kills it. any pointers?14:20
LetoThe2nd(at the moment setting up a warrior build to cross-check there)14:22
nrossiLetoThe2nd: "TimeoutSec" on the .service unit? unless you want to fix the cifs issue :P14:23
nrossiLetoThe2nd: you can do it with "/etc/systemd/system/nmb.service.d/<file>.conf" drop ins14:25
LetoThe2ndnrossi: doesn't change anything. it rather seems to be some problem with systemd giving a false positive on timeout.14:25
nrossiLetoThe2nd: is nmb systemd aware? or just a simple daemon?14:26
LetoThe2ndnrossi: good question.14:26
LetoThe2ndnrossi: in fact i'd expect it to be, the recipe already happily ships with unit files and all14:27
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rburtonthe recipe ships its own service files, or it uses upstream ones14:29
rburtonnever underestimate the ability for people to submit untested patches14:29
nrossiLetoThe2nd: yep, looks like a proper systemd aware service at least looking at upstream samba source14:29
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LetoThe2ndrburton: should be upstream AFAICS14:30
nrossiLetoThe2nd: have you tried TimeoutStartSec=?14:30
LetoThe2ndnrossi: not yet. just kicked it off14:34
LetoThe2ndthats what i mean by "starts up happily, then gets killed."14:38
nrossiLetoThe2nd: I assume that you have checked that the value is being applied with systemctl cat?14:39
LetoThe2ndnrossi: to my understanding it is:
LetoThe2ndjust waiting for the warrior qemu build to finish14:41
RPzeddii: should poky.conf be setting 5.2 instead of 5.0?14:41
nrossiLetoThe2nd: what about the value in "systemctl  show nmb"?14:42
LetoThe2ndnrossi: TimeoutStartUSec=1min14:43
nrossiLetoThe2nd: try "infinity" to disable the check, see if that lets it work14:44
LetoThe2ndnrossi: so TimeoutStartSec=infinity?14:45
nrossiLetoThe2nd: yer14:45
LetoThe2ndnrossi: kicked it off, so far systemctl start is blocking14:46
*** retoatwork <retoatwork!~reto@> has joined #yocto14:47
LetoThe2ndblocks foreve, just as expected.14:51
nrossiLetoThe2nd: sure, but it hasn't killed the service right?14:51
nrossiLetoThe2nd: you should be fine to ctrl+c the start command14:52
LetoThe2ndnrossi: doesn't look like it14:52
nrossiLetoThe2nd: if the service is still running, try setting the "TimeoutStartSec=600" or similar 60s is probably too short14:53
*** tprrt <tprrt!~tprrt@> has quit IRC14:56
LetoThe2ndnrossi: i already tried that, but after all that time it will be killed anyways.14:57
LetoThe2ndso the point seems to be: why does systemd think the thing failed?14:57
nrossiLetoThe2nd: ah ok, then its the service itself not telling systemd it has started. If you systemctl status it, it will probably still say starting14:58
LetoThe2ndnrossi: hum no? Loaded: loaded, Active: inactive: dead14:59
nrossiLetoThe2nd: no when you have the timeout value set to infinity14:59
LetoThe2ndnrossi: sorry i got confusef over the several things i tried. let me give it a clean restart15:02
nrossiLetoThe2nd: also this commit on samba looks interesting ...
LetoThe2ndnrossi: very much so, indeed15:03
LetoThe2ndnrossi: anyways its hopefully only a couple of moments until warrior is ready, and if it works there it hopefully just comes down to some backporting15:04
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LetoThe2ndnrossi: on warrior it works almost out of the box. so seems to be an already-fixed thing and backporting might save me. thnks for your input!15:23
nrossiLetoThe2nd: good to know :), np was just curious myself15:24
LetoThe2ndnrossi: i'll let you know if i find something else interesting or am finished, whichever happens first :)15:24
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Bitbake doesn't include kernel config fragment in build <>15:32
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armpitRP, want me to bug the arm64 build issue for " devtool build v4l2loopback-driver"15:41
armpitnm, just opened 215:51
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RParmpit: thanks, is zeddii ccd?16:11
*** jmiehe <jmiehe!> has quit IRC16:18
RPzeddii: multiple issues if we make 5.2 the default, kernel module and stap related :/16:19
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__angelohi. is it possible to apply a patch in a package only on a specific kernel verison ?16:42
*** User__ <User__!~learningc@> has joined #yocto17:03
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armpit__angelo, do you me if kernel version is 4.19 apply patch?  if that is what you mean, try bbappend for the affected kernel version17:56
__angeloarmpit, well, in recipes-kernel i have a separate module recipe, so it's a different recipe17:57
__angelowondering if i can check "PREFERRED_VERSION_linux" someway17:58
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armpit__angelo, uh... interesting uses case.. you may want to hit the mailing list.18:06
rburton__angelo: if you're patching a kernel module then the module code can check the version.  if you're patching an app then check the running version for whatever reason you need to know the version for18:27
__angelorburton, oh thanks. I am patching a kernel module, but it's done on a separte recipe. How could i check the kernel version ?18:28
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* armpit knew someone had the answere21:18
zeddiiRP: yes. I have a patch to poky to make 5.2 the default, and another to remove 5.0. What’s the kernel module issue ? I can build them on all the arches without issues. stap was working for me .. but are you seeing a failure on all arches, or just a particular one ?21:25
armpitzeddii, see 13497 and 13498..21:29
armpitI hope I put enough info in the bugs21:29
zeddiiI’m not actually back to the office until Wednesday or Maybe thursday, so I won’t actually get to work on anything until then.21:30
armpitnot sure which RP is referring to21:30
armpitzeddii, k.. I am not feeling the pressure ; )21:31
zeddiifor 13498 .. there was a request to ditch the kernel module it was using. but I don’t use devtool, so I have no idea on that one. hello world works fine from the skeleton dir :D21:32
zeddiiarmpit: but FWIW, if there’s an individual test case that can be pointed at for those bugs, it is better.21:32
zeddiisince I don’t run the test images, I have to track down the case, and figure out how to test it manually.21:32
zeddiibut from those logs, I’m not sure I could find them.21:33
zeddiilooks like sdkext, I guess that’s enough.21:33
armpitzeddii,  let me look21:34
* armpit googles for uk #21:36
zeddiithe kprobes one looks harder to figure out the individual case. but a git grep would fine it. I’ll see about poking at them a bit later.21:37
* armpit too many channels21:37
* armpit laughs ... just on swat this week... log bugs I am told.. no pressure on me21:39
* armpit tries to reproduce..21:40
RParmpit: you know how I feel :/21:40
RPzeddii: there is also a kernel stability problem for qemumips. The kernel is locking when we try and to the "make scripts prepare" test on building kernel modules21:41
RPzeddii: Reproduced with 5.0 and 5.2 :(21:41
armpit5.0 ??? wow21:42
RPzeddii: the symptom is a hang in the kernel testimage and oddly seems less likely to do it on the commandline21:42
RPzeddii: not sure when this crept in21:42
RPzeddii: annoyingly its not 100% reproducible21:42
armpitdo we have something that is more reproducible. ?21:43
RParmpit: no. Been trying all day on that21:43
RPnothing to show for it21:43
RP is the latest example. 5.2 kernel there, died after 7 hours building21:44
armpithmm, I should tty sometthing at homw21:44
*** goliath <goliath!> has quit IRC21:44
RPthe qemu emulation just seems to lockup21:44
RPI also had it do it locally, secondary ssh into the image went dead too21:45
* armpit scratches head...21:45
RParmpit: we probably have to trace which recent commits brought it in21:46
*** dv_ <dv_!> has quit IRC21:48
armpitRP, I had an issue on some boards in 5.2 on mmc on a BSP I maintain and it went away in later updates.. let me try 5.2  on qemu.. something seems odd21:48
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zeddiiRP: but not reproducible for me. I ran those commands about 20 tmes during my 5.2 testing.22:05
zeddiioh. you said “not” reprodicible.22:06
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RPzeddii: seems to happen with the load from testimage but not the actual commands run manually22:21
*** grumble <grumble!~grumble@freenode/staff/grumble> has joined #yocto22:21
RPI wonder if qemu 4.0 -> 4.1 did it22:21
RPzeddii: I'll retest with marka's devtool change to the kernel module devtool test and a revert of the qemu upgrade22:24
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