Saturday, 2019-09-07

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nrossiRP: sorted out those selftest changes. I skipped splitting binutils because the -j does not reuse sstate so the time to build all the pieces is actually longer than the tests themselves12:58
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RPnrossi: I was just reading the series, thanks!13:02
RPnrossi: one question,  I think we perhaps want toolchain-user without machine as the tags?13:02
RPnrossi: If I run -t machine, would it run the toolchain tests?13:03
nrossiRP: i was not quite sure so i kept the machine tag there13:03
RPnrossi: I think -j does reuse sstate depending on how you configure it?13:03
RPnrossi: if I run "oe-selftest -t machine" what runs?13:04
nrossiRP: everything tagged machine, so yes toolchain tests13:04
RPnrossi: Right, that isn't what we want on the autobuilder13:04
RPWe'll need to tweak this to drop the machine bit13:05
nrossiRP: sure, will also need to fixup the binutils tags since it is just machine atm13:05
RPnrossi: (not criticism, just trying to ensure we get over the final hurdle with this)13:05
RPnrossi: really appreciate getting these patches btw. I was pondering where we're at earlier and how to proceed13:09
nrossiRP: sorry i thought i was the only one that works outside "office hours" :)13:10
RPnrossi: I can't afford the autobuilder idle time at ths point in the release!13:10
RPnrossi: merged into next with a tweak and quick/full builds fired together. Lets see what that does13:13
RPautobuilder sstate should be hot13:13
* RP -> afk for a bit13:13
nrossiRP: oooppps oh noes python 3.4 vs python 3.7 syntax issue :(13:17
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nrossiRP: oh it has always been there :| minor fix (
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RPnrossi: I messed up the AB config so retrying15:47
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khemnrossi: there are the test cross wrapper in gcc/glibc recipes I think they are redundant now we should remove them16:08
nrossikhem: you are talking about the -testgcc script generated by gcc-cross and the which i assume were used for manual testing yes?16:12
RPkhem, nrossi: I was wondering if we needed those now16:19
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RPnrossi: :/16:55
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khemnrossi:correct, I was probably the only occasional user so we can remove them now17:21
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RPnrossi: found and pushed a fix18:18
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RPnrossi: merged with a few tweaks and patch rearranging :)21:00
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khemRP:I like that my patches are also going in along with oeqa, I guess I should have sent patches to add runit init system today instead of them :)21:16
RPkhem: its only as it was a simple typo ;-)21:17
RPkhem: more complex and it would have been defferred21:18
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khemRP: I plan to add toolchain oeqa to my regular testing21:29
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derRichardwat is the suggest approach to install an image into a image? i want an initramfs file in my image22:18
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