Monday, 2019-09-09

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nrossiRP: just a quick test for log collection... gcc logs are 120M, g++ 180M... so storing them in the json as strings = big testresults. So log collection and compression! ->
nrossiRP: they compress well, totalling an extra ~10M on top of ~44M of just result data06:26
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RPnrossi: sounds good! :)07:38
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zeddiifyi: I'm @ linux plumbers in Lisbon, if anyone needs someone tracked down .. let me know! :D08:02
LetoThe2ndzeddii: my mind.08:02
zeddiii'll start searching the local pubs ASAP08:03
LetoThe2nd"of all the things that i have lost, i miss my mind the most" - ozzy osbourne08:04
LetoThe2ndzeddii: proper attribution:
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: how to build OS in RCAR M3 Starter Kit pro? <>09:29
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iceawayI'm trying to incorporate swupdate in my yocto build, but I'm having a bit of a hard time understanding how to create/define my image. I have a working image (created with wic), and now I want to include a swupdate "initrd", for performing upgrades. There is nothing in the image recipes provided by swupdate that seems to actually create an initrd, just a normal rootfs.11:29
rburtonjonmason: are the slides for available do you know?11:37
jonmasonrburton: Not yet, but it will be at when posted11:42
rburtonwasn't aware they were talking at LPC11:42
jonmasonzeddii already got his out of the way but I see no slides either11:42
jonmason2 Yocto talks, back-to-back11:43
jonmasonI think he said people were sick of Yocto at that point ;-)11:43
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Crofton|workit is interesting they are by names I do not recognize12:08
Crofton|workjon mason's links12:10
Crofton|workWho is this Bruce Ashfile guy?12:11
LetoThe2ndCrofton|work: hrhrhrhrhr12:11
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rburtonCrofton|work: ms have been beavering away quietly12:20
Crofton|workI understand this is a thing12:20
jonmasonCrofton|work: did I missspell it?12:21
Crofton|workI did12:23
jonmasonok, my spelling is always terrible12:23
jonmasonthis distro track is really good.  lots of talk about how to make all of testing, confs, etc common for distros (and meta-distros like yocto)12:25
rburtonRP: so if i fork yocto-ab-helper somewhere and push some changes, i can just test them on the AB by changing the path/rev right12:25
RPrburton: yes12:27
RPrburton: curious what you're changing12:27
rburtonjust going to see if i fixed the last thing breaking a world api-documentation run12:31
rburtonbecause i think we should change from sato to world for that12:31
nrossiRP: uhhhh maybe it should not print every duplicate ptestresult when reporting :)12:33
RPnrossi: we shouldn't have that many :/12:33
nrossiRP: qemux86-64+selftest12:34
RPnrossi: I do see the report you mean, its unreadable :/12:34
RPnrossi: these shouldn't be running multiple times though12:34
RPnrossi: oe-selftest --skip-tests distrodata.Distrodata.test_checkpkg buildoptions.SourceMirroring.test_yocto_source_mirror -T machine -T toolchain-user -T toolchain-system -j 1512:36
RPnrossi: that shouldn't be running toolchain-* should it?12:36
RP from
nrossiRP: shouldn't be12:37
RPnrossi: appears it is :/12:37
rburtonRP: can i push to that repo?12:37
RPrburton: ssh should tell you12:37
rburtoni always forget that!12:38
RPrburton: I've no issue if that is what you're asking12:38
rburtoni'll follow the scheme and map contrib/ross to the pushed branches12:38
rburtonRP: can i just kick qa-extras using a custom y-ab-h? is that what the nameless branch/repo/rev box is for?12:40
rburtonif i press start new a-quick i get a y-ab-h branch/repo/rev selector12:41
rburtonbut the same box isn't there for qa-extras12:41
RPrburton: yes12:41
RPrburton: its the nameless box12:42
rburtonleave project and rev empty, does the right thing i guess12:42
RPrburton: yes, has defaults12:44
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LetoThe2ndany pointers on the correct approach to have samba enable its
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rburtonRP: ok so if we can't rename steps from step3b, can we add a description field for the AB to show?12:53
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LetoThe2ndif a recipe sets SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN} and SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE = "enable", then all service files in the former variable should be enabled in the resulting image - do i read this correctly?13:07
RPrburton: you'd have to dive into the code to figure that out13:07
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LetoThe2nd(any comment if i'm readng this right? )13:19
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RPrburton: I like the idea but not the time right now13:26
rburtonkanavin_: i'd forgotten that gstreamer had moved away from gtkdoc to https://hotdoc.github.io13:28
rburtonyay another doc framework to beat up13:28
rburtoneg 'doc disabled in cross' comments in the gst modules13:29
rburtonoh c'mon it needs llvm too13:29
nrossiRP: figured out why the filtering was not working.... my bad should have read argparse better :) -
RPnrossi: ah, makes sense. I will admit I was worrying about other things than spotting that!13:35
RPnrossi: I'll rerun with that applied and see where we end up, thanks13:35
nrossiRP: im introspecting the failing gcc runs atm, slow internet :(13:36
RPnrossi: I was about to ask if the logs gave any insight there13:37
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nrossiRP: "error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" thats the error for all gcc-cross execs13:44
RPnrossi: aha. sysroot dependencies missing13:45
RPnrossi: that could explain a lot!13:46
RPnrossi: or maybe a relocation issue13:46
nrossiRP: yer uninative related?13:46
RPnrossi: probably more the standard sysroot relocation code13:47
RPnrossi: I suspect its more sysroot poulation dependencies thinking about it13:47
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nrossiRP: just looking at my ubuntu build, i see the issue... on xgcc in gcc-runtime -> Library runpath: [/home/nathan/build/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/gcc-cross-x86_64/13:50
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nrossiRP: which is why i did not see the issue locally, cause the gcc-cross directory is still there13:51
RPnrossi: ah. This does explain a few things at least13:51
nrossiRP: is there a function for fixing up rpaths with staging?13:52
RPnrossi: I think you should just need to extent PREPROCESS_RELOCATE_DIRS13:52
RP(and that should let you find chrpath.bbclass and relocatable.bbclass13:52
nrossiRP: as in put the ${B}/* paths into PREPROCESSS_RELOCATE_DIRS?13:54
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RPnrossi: have a look at how its used in chrpath.bbclass13:58
RPnrossi: it will be the path to the files inside the sysroot13:58
nrossiRP: sure but xgcc is not in the sysroot13:59
RPnrossi: it comes from the stashed gcc build directory doesn't it?13:59
nrossiRP: ah ok, i see gcc-runtime needs to have rpath_replace run on B14:01
RPnrossi: I'd have thought it would happen as the binaries are stashed in gcc-cross14:02
RPthe links would be made relative so  they work whereever14:02
nrossiRP: I guess it would be better to do it then, i will test on the extract to make sure the replacement is correct first14:03
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JPEWI recall recently that someone mentioning about how much faster OE was at building up a system compared to some competitors... does anyone have a reference for that?14:29
rburtonJPEW: cisco talking about yocto vs their old system using openwrt14:30
rburtonat elc, presumably14:30
JPEWrbutron: That was it! Thanks!14:30
qschulzHi guys, quick question. What is the difference between DEPENDS and RDEPENDS for *native* packages? I've this native recipe which is installing a script but not running it. This script requires a few native tools. Right now, we depends on the latter in the native recipe and we DEPENDS on the native recipe in places where we use this script. Could RDEPENDS be a better candidate?14:30
RPrburton, JPEW: yes, was a cisco presentation at ELC compared to their old openwrt14:31
JPEWI wish I had gone to that one now :(14:31
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PinkSnakeHi, someone knows the better solution to share DL_DIR between 2 Docker containers ?14:50
JPEWPinkSnake: We bind mount them into our build containers14:51
PinkSnakeJPEW no issue if the folder is mounted inside several containers in the same time ?14:52
JPEWPinkSnake: Not sure... I don't have the horsepower to do multiple builds at once :) I *think* the download code uses lock files that allow it to be shared?14:53
PinkSnakeJPEW Thx for replying(y)  ;D  I will make a try to be sure :]14:57
rburtonyeah you can share DL_DIR no problem14:58
fray(as long as filesystem locking is working properly.. which it doesn't always on NFS)  just an FYI15:04
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armpitzeddii, 4.14 kernel cache. any reason why it is not updated to .120 ?15:16
fraylol my guess, nobody has sent him .120  :)15:16
armpitthe kernel is a .120 but the cache no match15:17
armpitI'll send it, just no sure if was left out on purpose15:18
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto - List providers of a package <>15:30
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nrossiRP: looks like this does the trick,
nrossiRP: will clean up and sort out the WIP patches tomorrow, feel free to test that rpath fix if theres time free on the autobuilder15:40
RPnrossi: great, thanks. Will submit for testing15:41
RPJPEW: after much head scratching and a few experiments, we can't use this idea of a nodeps hash, it won't work15:42
RPvmeson: Would we be able to find someone to help with Its merged into master (systemd on mips issue)15:51
yoctiBug 13504: normal, Undecided, ---, ross.burton, NEW , [master-next] qemumips-lsb sytemd failure15:51
* RP is also worried about
yoctiBug 13506: normal, Undecided, ---, ross.burton, NEW , [master-next] strace ptest timed out15:51
RP(new timeouts appeared in ptest results)15:51
RPthat one is x86 and arm15:52
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RPnrossi: that didn't work so well on the autobuilder :/16:03
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nrossiRP: ah right yer.... completely forgot that it trashes the rpaths so that installed binaries have broken rpaths now :( back to the drawing board16:22
nrossiRP: i did test it locally but i only built without uninative16:23
JPEWRP: Oh? Why is that?16:29
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RPJPEW: key input information that governs the hash equiv may be in an earlier dependent task so we have to have the previous task checksums included16:44
JPEWRP: OK, makes sense. I hadn't yet had a change to really dig into it.16:45
JPEWRP: Looks like we need a streaming equivalence server then?16:46
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fullstopis there a good example of using pypi.bbclass?16:50
rburtonfullstop: meta-python is 99% pypi users16:51
fullstoplet me poke around16:51
fullstophmm. mine looks similar, but it's not getting python3 into sysroot16:55
RPJPEW: yes :/16:56
RPJPEW: I got as far as coding the nodeps thing only to realise it was a deadend16:56
JPEWRP: That's unfortunate. On the bright side, the streaming changes should be minimally invasive. I'll work up some patches to try on the AB16:57
JPEWRP: I also have the patch to fix the reproducible build race condition, have you seen it since16:58
fullstopoh, a clean fixed it up16:58
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luneffhey guys! I want to override /etc/systemd/system.conf but it seems like I can't just provide another file as it gets taken from systemd's sources by systemd-conf recipe ;-(17:12
luneffwhat's the best course of action? as soon as I just install it in my systemd_%.bbappend I got conflicts with systemd-conf17:12
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luneffI guess, stupid question. I can override it in do_install_append17:13
kergothyeah, override it in the systemd-conf recipe17:19
kergothor just use recipetool appendfile17:19
zeddiiarmpit. I have stable updates for all the kernels pending. once I'm back from plumbers I'll send them out and fixup the kernel-cache kver, etc.17:19
armpitzeddii, k. thanks17:20
luneffoh, recipetool. need to learn that. thanks!17:21
kergothappendfile does exactly this, overrides a target file, but it figures out hte recipe automatically using oe-pkgdata-util and appends it for you17:25
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fullstopis the repo at official?18:12
luneffkergoth, thank you! will learn more about this. meanwhile overrode systemd-conf manually to my success :-)18:12
* kergoth nods18:12
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fullstopif that repo is official, the warrior branch is messed up.18:16
kergoththat depends on what you mean by official18:19
kergothit's not part of the yocto project directly, it is part of OE18:19
fullstopWell, I take all of that back. :-)18:19
fullstopcgit branch switching in my browser wasn't actually switching the branch.18:20
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armpitwell warrior in OE supplies YP poky so if its broking in OE, its broken in Poky (YP)18:43
fullstopI'm getting better with this stuff.. but, wow, some packages (not included) are just hell.  Like scipy.18:47
fullstopmy toolchain does not have fortran support, which matplotlib requires.  If I add that everything will rebuild and I'm out for ~12 hours.  :-(18:50
LetoThe2ndfullstop: cough up a couple of bucks, spin up high powered ec2 instance, be done in 2hrs :)18:52
fullstophaha, it's ~12 hours if it finishes.  I still need to keep an eye on it.18:52
fullstopI can't believe that fortran is still in use for new things18:53
fullstopbut I guess people like it18:53
LetoThe2ndfullstop: it has its uses, especially for highly optimized corner cases18:55
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shureloushi guys, i'm trying to customize the initrdscript init-install, so i created a new initramfs-module and I'm adding this module to core-image-minimal-initramfs on INITRAMFS_SCRIPTS21:04
shurelousthen i'm setting the LABELS_LIVE to "custom"21:04
shurelousmy initramfs-module creates /init.d/custom.sh21:04
shurelousbut when I build the image, the label still install21:05
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RPkhem: (at least the top part looks good but its a long log with all the failures underneath)22:47
RPnrossi: getting there :)22:47
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