Wednesday, 2019-09-11

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: how to configure systemd services in yocto linux to boot faster <>02:35
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nrossiRP: i see the mistake i made :(, must have lost that line when rebasing. I also see the issue with resultutils, already got a fix for that. And it looks like the rpath fix did not take, going to investigate locally more before i send a v2 of those changes.04:39
iceawayLet's say that I have package A which contains a file "file_a", that is installed manually with a custom do_install() function in the .04:43
iceawaybb file. If I create a .bbappend for this recipe in my own layer, which also contains a "file_a", will it install the "file_a" from my layer to the final image?04:44
krooniceaway, yes you can prepend to FILESEXTRAPATHS in your .bbappend04:47
krooniceaway, lots of .bbappend's do something like "FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/${PN}:"04:48
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iceawaykroon: cool, great!05:28
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deuteronHello.  Can someone explain what the "1:" part means in the 3rd field of the following line from an image manifest?05:45
deuteronlibpixman-1-0 armv7at2hf-neon 1:0.34.0-r0.005:45
deuteronThe actual package name does not have this extra part.05:45
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deuteronsilviof: Thanks!06:17
RPnrossi: issue with resultutils?06:23
RPnrossi: sadly it does look like the rpath fix didn't work :(06:23
qschulzLetoThe2nd: I haven't followed the stream, so can't tell with full context. Messing up is fine, it shows everybody can and maybe you even made the same mistakes as others did or will do. If you can follow-up with fixes and ideally explanations, that would be even more useful than sessions where everything goes smooth. My 2¢ :)06:31
RPnrossi: I'm going to be away for a couple of days, rburton should be able to rerun builds though06:31
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LetoThe2ndqschulz: yeah , usually it is like that for my streams, no worries.06:36
nrossiRP: the issue with resultutil was me missing that there was two sections of code that extracted logs06:38
nrossiRP: have a good time with your days off :)06:39
Dracos-Carazzahi, short question.. how do I add a custom library to the native sysroot, used during package compilation06:40
Dracos-Carazzae.g. I have  some software I would like to trace with lttng-ust. In order to build the software, lttng-ust headers/libs need to be present in the native sysroot06:43
qschulzDracos-Carazza: DEPENDS = "lttng-ust"?06:45
Dracos-Carazzaworth a try :-)06:48
Dracos-CarazzaI'm still a beginner with respect to yocto/bitbake06:48
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to use variable(PV) from one .bb file to another bbappend file, when both files are in the samemetalyer? <>08:06
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bentechI have two yocto projects. The first project is my real build which goes on the emmc and is working. The second project is to flash the emmc via the sd card. Is there a way i can use a fixed path for the source location of the first projects sdimg. e.g. file:///home/buildserver/mainbuild-yocto/images/main-image-hub-nanopi.sdimg ?08:14
kroonRP, a follow up question related to overrides, is it true in general that during variable expansion, all overrides are applied before all _append/_prepend/_remove are applied ?08:31
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to use variable PV from one .bb file to another bbappend file, when both files are in the samemetalyer? <>08:36
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bentechIn .bb reciepes are the functions bash?08:45
bentechIn sh you would probably do ‘value=cat config.txt’ and bash ‘value=$(<config.txt)’. I assume yocto can use the same as bash?08:54
kroonbentech, I wouldn't count on it08:55
kroonbentech, easiest is just to test08:55
kroonbentech, see
bentechAh thanks, when i was searching i was looking for 'enviorment’08:58
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mcfriskhmm, I have poky master based build stuck on a build machine. cooker process is trying to read from pipe which is just timing out. Any ideas what could be causing this?09:25
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mcfriskah, never mind. Some java processes are stuck doing nothing in do_compile stage...09:29
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__angelohi, i have a BLK_DEV_LOOP [=m] in the defconfig, but for some reason, on final ext4 produced by sumo there is no such loadable module, nor built in. If any idea, welcome.10:14
LetoThe2nd__angelo: IMAGE_INSTALL += "kernel-module-whatsitcalled"10:16
LetoThe2ndkernel modules are only installed upon explicit request10:17
rburtonor add kernel-modules to the image, which pulls in *every* module built10:21
rburtonis anyone else seeing bitbake master leaving processes hanging around on every call?10:32
rburtonkergoth: vscode-remote is bloody awesome10:40
rburtonthat is all10:40
rburtononce i realised that none of my extensions are in the remote bit, which is odd but fine, it's bloody awesome10:41
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LetoThe2ndrburton: ++11:18
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LetoThe2ndrburton: since those arrived, almost my entire dev work is done through that, either by ssh or devcontainers.11:21
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LetoThe2ndespecially devcontainers are nice for software developmetn. no more cluttering your host with all those toolchains and related stuffs.11:22
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rburtoni've always used ssh to the build machine but used to have netatalk on that so i can access the file system though my mac laptop11:24
LetoThe2ndi've had the "pleasure" to use a macbook for about two years. never ever again.11:25
LetoThe2ndi know all the world loves them. somehow their mindset jsut doesn't match mine11:26
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PinkSnakeHi all, some here knows where some users share best practices about Yocto workflow ( I mean how to manage custom firmware versioning ) ? :)11:31
LetoThe2nddidn't we discuss that only a couple of days back already?11:32
PinkSnakeMmmh no mistake about my identity ? I have talked about Docker few days ago but that all (in my memories o.0 )11:34
PinkSnakeand btw thank, everything seem works with a shared DL_DIR and SSTATE_CACHE ;)11:35
LetoThe2ndno, i'm not sure at all. so, do you have any specific questions besides the usual ways of using repo, using kas or git submodules?11:35
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PinkSnakeNo no my question is more about recipe's version, I would like to know if some ways are better to manage efficiently custom firmware :)11:37
__angeloLetoThe2nd, rburton in my image recipe i have   MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS += "kernel-modules"  but only certain are added, not all11:37
LetoThe2ndPinkSnake: "custom firmware", as in?11:37
rburton__angelo: that variable should be set by the machine, it's not for images to use11:38
rburtonin images, just extend IMAGE_INSTALL11:38
LetoThe2ndthe usual recipe-local/conf-global applies :)11:38
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rburtonMACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS  is used by a packagegroup so overriding it in the image doesn't change anything11:39
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PinkSnakeLetoThe2nd In fact I have to manage yocto in order to build images for custom boards (10 max). Each board must embed some custom applications, and I don't know how to manage efficiently this app and i looking for some best practices11:40
__angeloLetoThe2nd, rburton thanks. Added  kernel-modules to IMAGE_INSTALL_append, building ... :)11:46
LetoThe2ndPinkSnake: i don't get the question, sorry. are you asking about how to do configuration management for your custom application? or about bsp layers? feature layers?11:47
PinkSnakeLetoThe2nd sorry I do not feel very comfortable with Yocto terminology ... It's more about custom application management ? because we can set preferred_version in conf/local.conf, distro.conf, machine.conf and i'm not able to find a doc about that ...11:50
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LetoThe2ndPinkSnake: PREFERRED_VERSION is a way o select a specific version of a recipe. it implies that for this recipe a variety of version incarnations in your layers exist.11:52
LetoThe2ndPinkSnake: example: selecting kernel versions.11:52
LetoThe2ndPinkSnake: PREFERRED_PROVIDER on the other hand would switch a virtual target between several recipes that provide the desired functionality11:54
PinkSnakeLetoThe2nd Ok thank you i think a got it :)11:54
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LetoThe2ndPinkSnake: depending on your usecase those might or might not suit your needs, hard to tell for us.11:58
__angeloLetoThe2nd, rburton it worked. Strangely before only "net" part of modules was installed. But not important.11:59
__angelothanks again11:59
LetoThe2nd__angelo: probably something set a dependency or install on some module in the net namespace, thats why they were pulled in.11:59
__angeloLetoThe2nd, aah, iptables :)12:00
__angelogreat, thanks guys12:00
PinkSnakeLetoThe2nd I understand that there is many ways to manage efficiently but I was hoping to find a "best workflow" :)12:01
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LetoThe2ndPinkSnake: the "best workflow" depends. thats what i'm trying to say.12:01
PinkSnakeLetoThe2nd Yes yes it's clear ;)  No magic way to keep meta clean12:02
rburtonPinkSnake: are all the machines running the same software?12:05
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Application and kernel modules deployment on Yocto Linux images <>12:07
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PinkSnakerburton No... that's my problem, I have created a basic image based on custom distro to keep the same common base, after that i have created several image to add softwares. I have also remove MACHINE from conf/local.conf in order to path it as argument. I'm able to build different images with different softwares. But not sure that's a good way.12:09
PinkSnakeThere is no doc about workflow management because it's really user specific i mean12:09
rburtonPinkSnake: i mean is the difference between machines just a change of image12:12
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PinkSnakerburton Yes bc I have to run same software on several boards, and some boards have some custom app added12:13
LetoThe2ndso if its all the same machine and distro, just a bunch of different images, then where's the problem?12:13
PinkSnakethere is no problem i'm just looking for advice to keep close Yocto philo (y)12:15
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rburtonnothing in local.conf, as much as possible in machine/distro/images12:15
rburtonlocal.conf should simply set machine and distro12:16
rburtonand other stuff like DL_DIR etc12:17
rburtonif you have a company-wide policy then site.conf is good for those12:17
PinkSnakerburton that's kind of advice i was talking about. thank you :)12:17
rburtonlocal.conf should be reserved for the few lines to set machine/distro, and then *the stuff you want to change right now*12:17
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fullstopfinally got scipy cross compiled.  \o/12:21
rburtonmake that recipe public !!!12:21
rburtontbh you could probably auction the recipe12:21
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LetoThe2ndi'll donate a beer.12:22
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LetoThe2nd(service to the community, i actually don't care about scipy)12:23
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monkeyman79hello everybody12:24
monkeyman79I have a question regarding kernel recipe. I hope that somebody will be able to help me.12:26
fullstoprburton: I'll clean it up and see what I can do to publish it, shouldn't be a problem.12:27
LetoThe2ndmonkeyman79: jsut ask you question, and if somebody knows you'll get an answer.12:27
monkeyman79I need to add custom driver sources to yocto kernel, but it can't be out of tree module. I now, that the proper way is to add meta-mylayer/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-yocto/linux-xyz.bbappend and patches + config files, which I did initially and tested that it works, but I ended up with 3 megs patch file.12:34
monkeyman79I wonder if there is any way to put just separate .c source files into the files directory and make the build just copy it do specific location instead of patching the kernel sources12:35
monkeyman79it would be much easier to maintain for me12:35
LetoThe2ndmonkeyman79: i would rather suggest to make up a recipe that refers to your custom kernel repository12:35
monkeyman79LetoThe2nd: I wanted to avoid that, I don't think that would be worth the effort12:37
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Can i use cuda folder from meta-tegra master branch in thud meta-tegra branch? <>12:37
rburtonmonkeyman79: just refer to the files in SRC_URI and set subdir to unpack it into the right place in the tree12:37
LetoThe2ndbecause that pathc file obviously has to come from somewhere, and usually that is you kernel tree where you jsut format-squash out a patch. so if that kernel tree already exists, there's nothing wrong with referencing it directly.12:37
rburton(a proper tree where you can work on the file instead of having the source in the layer is better, though)12:38
monkeyman79rburton: (y)  thanks, I'll try that12:38
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Ad0hey rburton :) thanks for this one!12:46
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LetoThe2ndrburton: BTW, you @ ELCE?12:53
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jwwwwHello. I'm updating my poky rocko with swupdate, but for some unknown reason the kernel is not updated from 4.9.59 to 4.9.80, only the modules .Does anyboy have an idea ?13:16
Crofton|workis the kernel loaded from the filesystem, or is it somewhere else in flash?13:17
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jwwwwit's on a rpi3, I think it's loaded from the filesystem.13:18
qschulzmonkeyman79: you'll anyway need to edit the Makefile and maybe even the Kconfig for your driver to be compiled though. How is your new driver a 3MB patch if you know you only need one .c file?13:18
qschulzmonkeyman79: and why is out-of-tree driver out of the question?13:18
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jwwwwCrofton|work: yep I find the uImage in /boot which is on the sdcard.13:23
khemjwwww: I assume you are using default SD card foermat then the kerneel is not in rootfs partition but on boot partition, and your updater might only be updating rootfs partition and not boot partition13:23
jwwwwkhem: yes you may be right.13:23
jwwwwkhem: yes you are right, it's because in sw-update's config there is no section about that boot partition.13:27
jwwwwthanks a lot for the tip !13:28
fullstopoh no.. isn't responsive.13:34
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rburtonLetoThe2nd: sadly not13:38
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nrossirburton: I just sent out v2 patches to fix up issues with the previous ones. The numbers are out of sequence but the subject should match up. When you get a chance could you please update master-next and kick off an autobuilder run14:16
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RPnrossi: fired (I'm not here really)14:29
nrossiRP: thanks :)14:30
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: cannot su to new user added in yocto build [closed] <>15:07
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rburtonRP: go away!15:26
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: u-boot bbappend causes file system corruption <>15:37
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jwwwwevening, I'm having errors while compiling swupdate in poky-rocko.It used to compile fine but I enabled feature ubifs and compilation fail with error : | cc1: fatal error: include/generated/autoconf.h: No such file or directory .the full log is there can somebody help please ?15:52
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fullstopthis might not be the best place to ask this, and maybe I should find a cmake channel.. but how do I stop cmake from passing rpath options to the linker?18:02
fullstopI have another NoGood Python package which also uses cmake to build some c++ code.  It cross compiles just fine but the linking step includes explicit rpath directives targeting stuff in the recipe-sysroot-native directory which obviously does not work.18:03
fullstopI used set(CMAKE_SKIP_RPATH true), but it seems to be ignored?18:03
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adelcastrburton, you around?19:00
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denixkhem, RP: were there specific reasons or any discussions our ARM32 toolchain doesn't have '-gnueabihf' (with "hf") suffix when "callconvention-hard" is set in tunes?19:14
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Crofton|workadelcast, late for him :)19:36
fullstopcmake is infuriating at times19:38
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adelcastCrofton|work: yeah, don't blame him, =)19:52
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khemdenix: yes it was discussed and IIRC I send some patches as well but our HF/SF story existed before it was coined in distro world20:39
khemsecondly, we wanted a unified toolchain for arm regardless of float ABI and let gcc pick the right multilib20:40
khemsince then a lot has changed and now I See that gnueabihf is used quite a lot by packages to decide features etc.20:42
khemin some places we patch it so that we can check for compiler cmdline but thats a battle20:43
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denixkhem: I see, thanks. are there any archives of the discussions for reference?20:52
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* armpit brains are funny things. read gnueabihf as Gandalf make the sentence more understandable ; )20:56
denixarmpit: lol20:56
khemdenix: dont have links handy20:57
khemit could have been IRC discussion too like this one20:57
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denixkhem: ok, thanks21:03
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jwesselI ran into a new series of problems with usrmerge and multilibs.22:10
jwesselFor some reason the QA check fires with usrmerge only, but the same check passes without usrmerge.22:11
jwesselFor example building lib32-systemd22:11
jwesselERROR: lib32-systemd-1_239-r0 do_package_qa: QA Issue: /usr/lib/kernel/install.d/90-loaderentry.install contained in package lib32-systemd-kernel-install requires /bin/bash, but no providers found in RDEPENDS_lib32-systemd-kernel-install? [file-rdeps]22:11
jwesselI don't think the right answer is to add an RDEPENDS for "bash" to everything.22:11
jwesselThe file it trips up on always passes if you build without usrmerge.22:12
jwesselI just don't know where to look to find/fix/understand the problem. :-)22:12
rburtonadelcast: was doing dad stuff, now bed.  email?22:43
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yoctiBug 9217: normal, Medium, 3.99, Martin.Jansa, RESOLVED FIXED, Many unsolveable QA warnings from build-deps and file-rdeps23:18
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