Friday, 2019-09-13

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gondorkhem, thanks for the answer04:20
gondor@khem, no other way? and also, can I keep the same machine name?04:21
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khemgondor: usually machines might allow you to override some MACHINE_FEATURES but its best to have your own machine config04:59
gondorand can't really keep the same machine name, can I?05:00
khemno it will be new name05:09
khemor you can make changes to BSP layer05:09
gondorok, thanks khem05:10
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qschulzFor the ones attending Yocto dev days, do you have any more information on track 1 vs track 2?07:25
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letothe2ndqschulz: concerning friday?07:31
qschulzletothe2nd: yup!07:31
letothe2ndqschulz: Crofton|work certainly can tell in more detail, but i guess he's not around yet. afaics, track 1 - hackathon is like "feel the spirit, do awesome things". with a lot of like-mindeds around you so you can easily exchange, discuss code, all that. track 2 - oedem is certainly more political and group discussion. to get an idea, you might read the MoM of the last comparable day: ...07:35
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qschulzletothe2nd: ok great. I don't feel like I'm a beginner in yocto but I'm definitely way too far in terms of knowledge from being able to participate in a proper maintainer "summit" for the whole yocto project, hence my confusion on what I should attend.07:44
letothe2ndqschulz: it depends a bit on what you expect. if you want to talk about rather down-to-earth topics, code show-and-tell, face-to-face discussion, then i think its track 1. oedem is usually a large, moderated group discussion with no code involved. it can give you a very good overview on the political state of the project and the general direction things are going.07:46
qschulzletothe2nd: do you know if knowledgeable people will be around in track 1? Because I'm pretty sure I'll have very weird and quirky questions to ask :D Anyway, worst case scneraio, I can try to help people in track 1 with my limited knowledge, my questions are now just to satisfy my curiosity :)07:47
qschulzletothe2nd: ok, straight to track 1 then!07:47
qschulz(not that I'm not interested in track 2, just too early in my Yocto dev life :) )07:47
letothe2ndqschulz: i am pretty certain that there will be knowledgeable people in track 1, and if none show up by themselves we will make sure some folks are around.07:48
qschulzletothe2nd: thanks for the help :)07:49
mckoanqschulz: I've heard a lot of people worried and confused about that.07:53
mckoanCrofton|work: ^07:53
letothe2ndmckoan: well we actually expected it too!07:53
letothe2ndhence the explanation approach. mind if Crofton|work sayssomething that contradicts me, then he is always right :)07:53
qschulzmckoan: I think the confusion is that I don't really want a tutorial on how to use Yocto or training... I'm pretty confident I know enough from the small things which are generic enough to be in a training (enough in that I know where to look in the docs and where to ask on IRC :p). Workshop can mean a training/tutorial for me... I don't really want that :)07:56
qschulzbut at the same time, I don't want to lose my time sleeping a maintainer summit where I can't participate because I don't understand 90% of the things said (well... ok, it has nothing to do with Yocto dev days, it happens to me for every conference I attended so far :p)07:57
qschulz(the worry of being in the wrong room)07:57
letothe2ndjust do like me. sleep and have a drink. pretend you totally know stuff07:58
qschulzletothe2nd: ah the impostor syndrom...08:00
letothe2ndits only a syndrom if you *believe* that you don't have a clue ;P08:01
qschulzletothe2nd: true, then I think the drink is here to help forget you have no clue about what you're saying. I'll drink to that08:02
letothe2ndthats the spirit!08:03
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Node.js error "invalid opcode ip" on Yocto(rocko) <>09:14
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: meta-java error while building yocto image <>09:44
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kanavin_"Day 2 of the event will consist of two tracks; a Workshop-Hackathon track, and a Maintainers Meeting track, and we need you to select which one you plan to attend. "10:14
kanavin_it's a tough call :-/10:15
letothe2ndkanavin_: send your physical body to one, and your spirit to the other.10:15
letothe2ndand swap at lunch10:15
kanavin_letothe2nd, I chose the OE maintainers track, if it's boring I can probably peek into the hackathon :)10:17
letothe2ndkanavin_: i'm at oedem too, because it fits my role way better. but of course we should have a couple of knowledgeable folks at the hackathon.... so i guess if everybody want to go for boring discussions, we might have to send a technically representative delegation10:19
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fbreHello, I added my own systemd service with a to yocto, but my service does not start after booting.10:28
fbreThe .service and .sh file are located at the right directory but the service does not seem to be enabled10:29
fbreIt seems to me something like systemctl enable my-service is missing10:29
fbreHow do I do that in my .bb file?10:30
fbreThe .service is properly installed to /lib/systemd/system  and also the is properly installed. Just the activation of the service needs to be done, so it seems to me.10:32
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Chaserfbre: do you have something like SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN} += myservice.serivce in your recipe ?10:42
Chaser(you also need to inherit systemd)10:43
rburtonfbre: you almost certainly failed to inherit systemd10:53
qschulzfbre: my intention is not to say RTFM, there are different pieces that could be missing in your puzzle and in the link everything is explained. If that does not fix it then something else's wrong and we can help :)11:01
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fbreyeah, there is SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN} = " my-service.service"  in the .bb file, and also this one:   inherit system.d11:04
fbreuhm I mean: inherit systemd11:05
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fbreThanks for the link, I will study it!11:05
fbreChaser: is it important to use "+=" instead of "="?11:06
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Why does my lcd console turn off if I let the imx6 board stay idle for 10 minutes? <>11:14
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rburtonkanavin_: cpio: ./icons/Adwaita/32x32/legacy/_inst.34160_: Cannot stat: No such file or directory11:23
rburtonkanavin_: was that the race that WR were seeing in adwaita that you suspected might be caused by your optimisatin?11:23
rburtonab just did it11:23
rburtonyour patch *looks* right11:28
kanavin_rburton, yes. It ensures that all child processes are collected.11:29
rburtonah, no11:30
rburtonmake doesn't work like that11:30
rburtonyou're missing another \11:30
rburtoneach *line* is a new shell11:30
rburtonright easy to fix11:31
rburtongoddamnit make11:31
rburtonkanavin_: minimal test: a makefile foo: sleep 5 &\nwait will complete straight away with the disowned11:32
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rburtonwith the sleep disowned11:32
rburtonshall fix11:33
rburtonwish vscode had a diff mode which let you interactively edit diffs11:33
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LetoThe2ndrburton: greg k-h mode :P11:34
kroonrburton, unless .ONESHELL is defined11:34
rburtonkroon: presumably that'sa  gnu makeism?11:34
kroonrburton, yeah, I'd guess so11:35
rburtonwish automake would notice gnu make and spit that out11:35
rburtonuseful didnt know of that thanks11:35
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kanavin_rburton, oh that's a good catch, but make wtf. Also can adwaita move to meson already please.11:40
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rburtonyes please11:40
rburtontrying to verify the hypothesis in the real world11:40
rburtoni guess nobody wants to migrate to meson because its likely going to be a pain :)11:40
kanavin_rburton, yeah, as they currently have those shell fragments with a for loop in them11:41
kanavin_if meson would preserve them as separate scripts, then there's no win really11:42
kroonrburton, do you know of a "fast" way to extract the finalized bitbake environment variable values, like TMPDIR, without running "bitbake -e | grep ..." ? values from previous bitbake runs would be fine, disregarding any changes in files11:45
rburtonkroon: bb var is slightly faster11:46
rburton time bb var TMPDIR11:47
rburtonNOTE: Starting bitbake server...11:47
rburtonas it doesn't parse any recipes, just the config11:47
rburtonfor *fast* use a persistant bitbake11:47
rburtonYMMV, not quite stable enough to be enabled by default11:47
fbreIs an underscore a problem in the filename of the system service? Can the .bb file-handling stand that?11:48
kroonrburton, ah, nice11:48
rburtonfbre: in pkgdata/.../runtime/[package] you'll be able to read the postinst generated, check that it is calling the sysctemctl properly11:48
rburtonkanavin_: phew, replicated the failure11:50
rburtonkanavin_: its all the encode-svg calls, they take time so make install quits but there's still 10+ encode tasks running11:51
kanavin_rburton, right, but this actually generating a build error seems even more rare than the mythical glibc-locale thing11:52
rburtonyou need to hit the race between those still writing files and strip running over the same files11:52
rburtonlike the pre-RSS rare race of trying to execute a binary that's still being written11:52
rburtonand the svg bits run early, so if i do make install of the entire tree they're always finished in time11:54
rburtonits only if i install a subfolder they outlive the makefile11:55
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iceaway#I just updated my meta-layers per my modulle vendors recommendation (they hav12:08
iceawayargh... ignore that.12:08
iceawayI have a weird issue. After updating my meta-layers I now get this error when trying to bitbake an image: No IMAGE_CMD defined for IMAGE_FSTYPES entry 'sdcard' - possibly invalid type name or missing support class12:10
iceawayThere is however a IMAGE_CMD_sdcard defined in a .bbclass file in a layer which is in my bblayers.conf file12:11
rburtondid you inherit the class12:11
iceaway#Seems like bitbake cannot find it somehow?12:11
rburtonjust because a class is on disk doesn't mean it gets used, unless you inherit it12:11
iceawayHmm I have not checked, it's not any of my recipes, but I will have a peek at it right away.12:12
rburtonusual practise is to add it to IMAGE_CLASSES12:12
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to enable root logical volume in systemd-boot <>12:14
iceawaySeems like IMAGE_CLASSES has "image_types_fsl" appended to it, and that .bbclass has the IMAGE_CMD_sdcard functionin it.12:17
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fullstopsometimes I change image options and it seems like it rebuilds more than I expect.  Order does not matter in local.conf, yes?12:49
yann|workI can't really find an image viewer inside meta-openembedded since feh was dropped (aside from imagemagick, but that one is pretty heavy just to get that basic a viewer), did I miss something ?12:51
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iceawayIt seems like I have two classes called "image_types fsl" in different meta-layers, and only one of them has the IMAGE_CMD_sdcard function. Could it be that bitbake picks the "wrong" one? Can I tell bitbake which one I want?13:00
iceawayAccording to the mega-manual: "Also, the layer priority does not currently affect the precedence order of .conf or .bbclass files. Future versions of BitBake might address this."13:03
iceawayI could solve the issue by changing my bblayer.conf file, changing += to =+ for the layer that had the "correct" version of image_types_fsl.13:10
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fbrerburton: yes,  pkgdata/.../runtime/[package]  contains several scripts and one of them is called like my service, and when I look into the file I can see the call to systemctl enable my-service.service13:18
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fbrerburton: the if-condition for it is:   if type systemctl >/dev/null 2>/dev/null; then            What does it mean?13:21
fbreAnyway I can't figure out why systemctl enable is obviously not called.13:23
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fbreWhyTF does yocto not create that symlink /etc/systemd/system/ to /lib/systemd/system/my-service.service ??? I'm nearly about to jump out my window :-D13:50
fbreMaybe I should hack it in my .bb file under do_install()13:51
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smurrayfbre: if it's being enabled with systemctl enable, I believe the link will be made down in /lib/systemd/system/, and not in /etc/systemd/system14:27
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fbresmurray: thanx! How do I command to set a symlink in the .bb file?14:41
fbreI just know install -d and install -m 064414:42
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fbreand when I try install -m 0644 it grumbles about which "is not shipped" so the error message of bitbake says14:43
fbreand when I try install -m 0644 it grumbles about which "is not shipped" so the error message of bitbake says14:43
smurrayfbre: are you using the systemd bbclass?  if so, it should be happening if you set SYSTEMD_SERVICE and have not set SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE to "disable"14:44
fbrethanks, I'll dig into this on Monday. See you all and thanks for your appreciated help!14:46
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marler8997I found a case where yocto will have different result based on the order of a python dictionary17:02
marler8997wondering if anyone knows it's been fixed17:02
marler8997I'm on the thud branch17:03
marler8997The source of the issue is in package.bbclass, if you look at the code around the place where you see "match = p"17:03
marler8997The dependencies will change depending on the first shlib_provider in the dictionary, but the dictionary key order changes between runs17:04
marler8997this occurs when you have multiple shlib_providers for the same file17:07
marler8997based on the latest poky code looks like it hasn't been fixed17:11
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qschulzmarler8997: are we supposed to have 2+ shlib_providers for the same file?17:16
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marler8997probably not17:28
marler8997but the problem is, if there is multiple shlib_providers, yocto won't detect any error and you'll end up getting a build that will change everytime you run it17:29
marler8997in my case, I have an so file that appears in both a runtime package and a -dbg package17:29
marler8997on some runs, it will take the dependency from the runtime package and other times it will take it from the -dbg package17:30
marler8997in the case where it takes it from the -dbg pacakge, I'll get an error much later in the build in do_package_qa from another recipe because it detects a runtime package depending on a -dbg package17:30
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marler8997I see alot of ".so.#.#.#" files in *-dbg packages, but none of them have any shlib_providers...but in my recipe the -dbg package does have shlib providers...anyone have any idea why that could be?17:55
kergothit should definitely be fixed, if possible, to at least be mroe deterministic, but a dbg package shouldn't include any shared libraries, only the split off debug info17:58
marler8997sorry if I sound naive on this...are you saying that the "*.so*" file I see in -dbg packages are not actually so files17:59
marler8997By the way I'm working on a fix here to detect this scenario:
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kergoththat's right, yes18:00
kergoththey're not, which is whyt hehy're int he '.debug' folder18:00
marler8997gotcha, I'll have to read up on what these files actually are18:01
marler8997hmmm, I'm not immediately finding any info on what these files you have any pointers on how I can read up on what these "*.so*" files in the .debug folders are?18:05
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JPEWHah, success. The new hash equivalence server appears to be working, and is *much* faster!18:46
rburtonJPEW: woo18:50
rburtonwhat protocol etc?18:51
JPEWJSON over TCP for "slower" parts (eliminates the HTTP header overhead). There is also a "stream mode" when signature generation is looking up hashes which has even lower overhead.18:52
JPEWIt also keeps the connection open instead of reopening it for each request18:53
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rburtonkanavin_: your sdl bits fail on the ab
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marler8997who would I send this pull request to?20:44
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kergothsee the readme at, which links to
marler8997shoot, I'm behind a proxy and I've never submitted patches using send-mail before20:47
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