Wednesday, 2019-09-25

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Domin1kI have a recipe question. In case of writing a manual do_install() do i really need to install each single file with an specific install command? I have a bunch of shared objects and also some xml-files that i like to install. Is there a way to use wildcards like: (install -m 0644 ${S}/libs/*.so ${D}/usr/lib/) and (FILES_${PN} += "/usr/lib/*.so") ?05:25
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nayfeDomin1k you can use 'cp' instead of install06:14
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khemtesaddict: thank you for your testimony, please tell others too, but if you have gripes then tell us first :)06:28
khemmischief: are you adding to rdep or to dep, dep on output package wont work, only rdep will work.06:30
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khemyates: sdk sets up right env for pkg-config, so are you sourcing the env ?07:07
khemDomin1k: prefer to use install program to setup right username/groups install can do multiple files07:09
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Node.js error "invalid opcode ip" on Yocto(rocko) <>07:30
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Unable to show splashscreen using Yocto custom image for iMX6 <>08:31
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Smit-TayI can't seem to find a way to specify a specific Git commit to use as a patch.  Is this supported ?08:44
Domin1kSmit-Tay: Why don't you use git format-patch to create a patch that you then can apply within your recipe?08:47
mranostaykhem: was wondering is there any plans to upgrade the vboxguestdrivers to the 6.0.x release. see you blacklisted the old 5.2.18 one08:49
Smit-TayA patch already exists in a git repository.  Ideally, I would specify the repo and commit ID and bitbake would do the rest.  Seems like this ought to be pretty standard08:52
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Domin1kSmit-Tay: So you would like to cherry-pick a specific commit ontop of your SRCREV?08:57
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Smit-TayYes, My particular issue is building tags/yocto-2.7.1 - in this qemu-native doesn't build under Fedora 30 (current).  It seems there's a compile error related to changes in kernel headers.  So, I am thinking I need to apply a patch, which I think resides here: tags/patchew/
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RPJPEW: sorry, I never got back to you with that data did I? :(09:24
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rburton_smit-tay: oe-contrib branch thud-next has the fix waiting for you to cherry-pick09:24
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Smit-Tayrburton:  OK, so, how do I find it ?   And, how do I apply it via BitBake during the build ?   I've looked through the docs, but don't see this covered09:29
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rburton_Smit-Tay: apply to your tree09:32
rburton_if you're using a git checkout of the tag then you can just git am that, or fetch oe-contrib and cherry-pick it09:33
Smit-TayOK, but, that's a manual step which I would have to repeat each time I build.  So, if I am automating a build which is going to be performed many times per day via a CI that's not a solution - at least as far as I can understand what you are talking about.  What I *think* I need to do is to change the recipe for Qemu so that it automatically applies that patch.  Right ?09:37
qschulzSmit-Tay: bbappend with the two patches in this commit in SRC_URI +=09:38
qschulzor you force your whole layer to checkout this revision instead of the one you currently have (but then you have all patches in between your revision and the new one)09:40
Smit-TayOK, that sounds more like what I am thinking.09:40
Smit-Tayexactly, which is what I don't want09:40
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rburton_i'd personall branch 2.7.1 and cherry-pick that commit09:54
rburton_then when 2.7.2 is out, you can switch to that09:54
rburton_this is precisely why we endorse using a git clone over tarballs.  you can grab fixes before they're released if you need them.09:55
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Smit-TayD' Oh, D'Oh.....    god, how stupid I feel now09:57
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Smit-TayBut, wait - now I am confused.  Yocto/tag 2.7.1 is just a bunch of recipies.  It doesn't include the sources, they're downloaded at build time.  So, how do I cherry pick a patch to a "dynamic" set of source files ?10:03
Smit-TayThus the bbappend solution is basically mandatory10:06
rburtondo you have a git clone of poky/oe/yocto whatever?10:16
rburtonthat commit i pointed to is a fix to the recipe to add a patch during the buid10:17
rburtonjust cherry-pick that10:17
rburton(or switch to thud-next, and contribute to the testing of that branch)10:17
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Smit-Tayrburton:  Can I ask why this patch is so complicated, and isn't just a bbappend file which applies the cherry pick ?   Basically like qschultz has suggested ?10:45
rburtonSmit-Tay: why would oe-core need a bbappend to alter its own recipes?10:47
rburtonthat patch is just the fix, and a one line change to to apply it10:47
rburtonfeel free to use a bbappend if you don't want to pick this patch10:47
rburtoni was just pointing you to something easier than writing a bbappend10:48
Smit-TayUnderstood.  Trying to get the mindset so I can make better decisions myself.10:48
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alessioigorjwessel: ping13:01
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Initramfs Transaction Error adding cryptsetup package <>13:01
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JPEWRP: No, you didn't. I would still like the AB hashequiv DB if you can.13:44
RPJPEW: its around 820MB.
RPJPEW: I think I know why I can't reproduce. Its because I'm using an "auto" hashserv whilst the autobuilder is a static address13:50
RPJPEW: I was wondering if we can just copy the bb_unihashes.dat file into the eSDK?13:50
JPEWYa, thats what I was thinking13:50
kroonIs it safe to remove build/cache/[bb_codeparser.dat,bb_unihashes.dat], in the sense that they will be recreated automatically ?13:59
JPEWkroon: Should be. You might end up rebuilding some things.14:00
JPEWRP: Is the eSDK querying the hash server?14:01
kroonJPEW, or.. are those two files not forever-growing in the same way that the sstate-cache is ?14:02
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JPEWkroon: Not sure about bb_codeparser.dat, but AFAIK, bb_unihashes.dat will grow indefinitely14:07
kroonJPEW, ok14:08
RPJPEW: depends if it can find one. "auto" would start one locally :/14:09
JPEWRP: Ah... the AB would find the one that you have set up though correct?14:10
RPJPEW: I suspect so14:10
JPEWRP: My current theory is that some other builder has changed the hashes after the eSDK is built but before it runs the tests (and thus reports different hashes in the test)14:11
JPEWRP: Haven't gotten to test this yet... running the eSDK test murders my under-powered desktop14:12
RPJPEW: how can another builder change the hashes?14:17
RPJPEW: you can reduce the tests to the ones that fail14:18
JPEWRP: Ya, I'll try that14:18
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qschulzHi all, could we backport to thud maybe?14:52
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alessioigorCould someone review my patch (, please? :)15:20
RPJPEW: I'm going to try
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JPEWRP: Looks good. That sounds like a reasonable fix if that is indeed the problem (which I think seems likely)15:25
RPJPEW: there are two changes there, copy in the hashes db and fix the siggen mismatch warning for unihashes15:26
RPsince with the latter, the fact they don't match doesn't surprise us15:26
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JPEWRP: Makes sense, I think. I still don't fully grasp how the locked signatures are supposed to behave, but I'm slowing figuring it out :)15:27
RPJPEW: "The signature is X, ignore what else you think it may be" :)15:29
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khemmranostay: I am open for someone sending a fix and unblacklist it16:27
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khemhalstead: I am seeing "ERROR: HTTP Error 500: OK" when trying to upload logs into from oe builders16:45
khemany hints ? it use to work fine16:45
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Modify Yocto image to use Systemd instead of SysVInit <>17:32
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RPkhem: that usually means something in the error report it can't cope with17:47
jwesselalessioigor: Pong17:48
alessioigorjwessel: Could you review my patch (, please?17:48
jwesselI was doing more than that.  I took a look at the patch, I was trying to test it.17:48
jwesselI setup a build a couple hours ago against it.17:49
jwesselI'll let you know the results.17:49
alessioigorjwessel: It's kind of you.17:50
alessioigorjwessel: It isn't first time that you test my patches... ;)17:53
jwesselI wanted to make sure it still works.  I couldn't tell by just looking at the code that it still going to do the right thing  or not for additional partitions which reference another directory for the content.17:53
RPJPEW: that didn't fix the AB failure FWIW but did quieten the warnings17:54
khemRP:hmm I wonder how we can debug it17:58
RPkhem: I've setup a local server before to do it. You can also copy the error report file off the worker to test submission locally18:02
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jwesselalessioigor: The build finally finished.  It is back to the old behavior of using what ever the first computed volume for each partition, which is what the original commit changed.18:17
jwesselI suspected that would happen.18:17
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jwesselIf you try to set the IMAGE_ROOTFS_SIZE to be the empty string, then the tar image bit fails.18:20
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jwesselalessioigor: What is the behavior you are seeking, or rather what is broken with wic?   It does have the ability to use a fixed or suggested size for a partition.18:22
jwesselI think the IMAGE_ROOTFS_SIZE happens to be used for more than one purpose however.18:23
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JPEWRP: Ok. I'll keep trying18:36
mischiefkhem: re: dep or rdep, i'm using MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RDEPENDS, which is pulled in via PACKAGE_INSTALL to my initramfs.18:41
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RPJPEW: finally reproduced locally. Had to use a shared hashserv and ssate cache and two different build directories18:45
RPJPEW: no idea what is wrong but its a start18:46
JPEWRP: Interesting, is that with the bb_unihash.dat in the eSDK?18:46
RPJPEW: yes, that is with the patch in -next18:46
JPEWRP: Did the warnings appear?18:47
RPJPEW: no, warnings are silenced18:47
RPJPEW: looks like
RP(step2c there failed)18:48
JPEWRP: Which means the locked hash matched the unihash (or taskhash)18:49
RPJPEW: yes18:49
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khemmischief: you mean IMAGE_INSTALL18:55
tgoodwinHas anyone seen gnulib fail at do_install when being restored from sstate?18:56
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RPtgoodwin: an old release?19:17
mischiefkhem: no, im using PACKAGE_INSTALL. maybe thats my mistake?19:18
RPtgoodwin: I'm thinking of something else now I look...19:19
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jwesselalessioigor: I sent you the fix, which makes your use case and mine work together.19:38
jwesselThere is an explanation attached too.19:38
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RPjwessel: are there extra tests we should have for this?19:42
jwesselRP: probably.19:42
jwesselI hadn't given it much thought about creating wic tests.19:43
RPjwessel: wic does have a lot of tests already19:43
RPjwessel: oe-selftest -r wic19:43
RPjwessel: see lib/oeqa/selftest/cases/wic.py19:43
jwesselMy guess is that doesn't have any which test the size of the images using the dynamic partition sizing.19:44
RPjwessel: highly likely19:44
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jwessel% oe-selftest -r wic19:44
jwessel2019-09-25 12:44:11,644 - oe-selftest - WARNING - meta-selftest layer not found in BBLAYERS, adding it19:44
jwessel2019-09-25 12:44:16,463 - oe-selftest - ERROR - Please unset SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS in order to run oe-selftest19:44
jwesselhmm...  I am not even sure what that means.19:44
RPjwessel: put SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS="" in local.conf19:45
RPwe do need to make it handle this kind of thing better but its harder than you'd think19:45
jwesselheh... probably ought to patch that.19:45
jwesselThe message that is.19:45
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* jwessel runs it to see what it does19:45
RPunset or clear would be more understandable19:46
jwesselI was going to send a patch that changes it literally to what you told me.19:46
jwesselPlease add SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS="" to your local.conf in order to run oe-selftest19:47
RPjwessel: well, you could also unset it19:47
jwesselWhere is it set?19:47
RPjwessel: probably in your distro config somewhere (poky sets it if you're using that)19:47
*** marble_visions <marble_visions!~user@> has joined #yocto19:47
jwesselI was using the poky.19:47
RPit'll be poky.conf then19:48
jwesselIn general that is what I use for all the oe submissions since everyone has it.19:48
marble_visionshi all, is there a way to specify LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST in an image recipe in a layer, instead of having it in build/local.conf?19:49
marble_visionsan related, how would one integrate with builders like jenkins when this var is specified in build/local.conf? inject it with a script?19:50
marble_visionss/an related/and related/19:50
RPmarble_visions: CI systems usually generate some configuration into a conf/auto.conf which has similar behaviour to local.conf19:50
marble_visionsRP: yep, can definitely do that, was wondering if that was canonical, or there was some other way to incorporate license whitelists in image recipes19:51
jwesselRP: The existing tests are fairly comprehensive.  It is simply the case there is no test for the dynamic partition sizing.  I can add it to my backlog of things to look at, at some point.19:52
jwesselThat is one way to stop it from breaking in the future :-)19:53
RPjwessel: wic has good tests which is why I'm a little surprised this isn't tested. Maybe you could file a bug for the fact its missing so we don't forget?19:54
RPmarble_visions: I can't remember if that variable is an image level one or a global configuration one19:55
jwesselThe reason there is no test has more to do with the fact I added the feature and didn't realize there was extensive tests already in place.19:55
jwesselThere is also another test missing for adding a resizable fat partition at the end of the image.19:56
jwesselI am guilty of adding that feature as well and not realizing I could add a test for it.19:56
RPjwessel: hmm, I should have probably blocked merging on that! ;-)19:56
jwesselMost likely.19:57
jwesselYou know I don't have an issue writing the test cases etc... Just didn't know they were there for wic.19:57
jwesselI took some notes down about it, and it will get fixed sometime after we get the release out.19:58
RPjwessel: right, I should have mentioned this before now so I'm partly to blame...19:58
RPjwessel: not everything has good tests but wic does19:58
jwesselNah... fray was harping on oe-qa tests for a long time.19:58
jwesselI should have checked it had tests.19:58
jwesselEspecially since I was adding stuff to it.19:58
RPjwessel: I do try and ensure where we have tests, we keep their coverage correct19:59
jwesselI like stuff not to break, makes it easier to justify reverts and keep thing working etc...  I am a believer too.19:59
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RPjwessel: with these tests we shouldn't really need reverts :)20:02
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RPJPEW: this is starting to make my head hurt. The esdk that fails locally, repeatedly with testsdkext will externally install and work just fine20:15
JPEWRP: Ya... it's not very easy to figure out whats going on.20:17
JPEWRP: I have an idea though20:17
JPEWNeed to check and see if it even makes sense20:17
JPEWRP: The theory is that lockedhashes isn't populate because no one is calling get_taskhash() anymore20:27
JPEWor at least not fully populated20:27
RPJPEW: I've wondered about that but that is a parameter error20:28
JPEWRP: Hah, ya it is20:28
RPJPEW: and wouldn't runqueue call get_taskhash ?20:28
JPEWRP: Hmm, yes. I see it also passes around lockedhashes in the taskdata, so it should all be in sync20:36
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RPJPEW: right :/21:05
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RPJPEW: I have a bit more data on the failure case21:08
RPJPEW: only depends on 83c471cb25be6a8f2859151654336c601449782719c6f222db0f178048adc85d21:09
RPUni: 39805da03d7f02671cfe599936ec72ce08893de550c9c1660cfcd55acf32ab8221:09
RPSo do_package does have a different unihash to taskhash21:09
RPJPEW: the hash being used in the calc_taskhash is the taskhash, not the unihash21:10
RPJPEW: which suggests data['runtaskhashes'][dep] = self.get_unihash(dep) gets the wrong thing21:11
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JPEWRP: do_package for that task shouldn't be locked?21:16
RPJPEW: no, since myapp is something its building with the sdk21:18
JPEWRP: Well, it's not setscene (AFAIK) so get_unihash() should return the taskhash21:19
RPJPEW: its hitting         # If its not a setscene task we can return21:20
RP        if self.setscenetasks and tid not in self.setscenetasks21:20
RPJPEW: so its my optimisation :(21:21
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RPJPEW: do_package is a setscene task?21:21
JPEWRight... I suppose the question is why does a non-setscene task have a unihash?21:21
RPJPEW: it is a setscene task21:22
RPJPEW: well it has a setscene task21:22
JPEWAh, OK, I missed that21:23
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RPJPEW: This is looking to be a very silly mistake :/21:41
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* RP lets the autobuilder crunch that and aims for sleep22:03
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JPEWRP: setting the setscene tasks sooner is the fix?22:30
JPEWRP: The stuff in set_unihash doesn't seem as critical. if that were even getting called I would expect the bb.fatal to trigger22:31
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