Friday, 2019-10-25

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lpappRP: ok, thanks. Does opkg clean up old kernel versions automatically when a new one is installed?07:23
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RPlpapp: since they have different names, no07:44
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erboI have a question about the environment-setup-* script in the created SDKs. For some reason a lot of the compiler flags end up in CC/CXX/CPP variables instead of CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS/CPPFLAGS. This works well if I do builds from someplace that uses CC/CXX/CPP for choosing compiler, but if I try to e.g. set up a Kit in QtCreator I have to make sure that those flags are copied from CC to CFLAGS etc in order to build07:56
erboproperly. So does anyone know why this is split between CC and CFLAGS? Is it to make sure that projects overriding e.g CFLAGS don't accidentally remove flags required by target?07:56
lpappRP: oh, ok, so if we change out kernel PN, it will be just fine?07:56
lpappotherwise, what would you recommend? Post-install maintainer script to clean up? We are very limited on resource, so we cannot afford multiple versions.07:57
RPlpapp: it will be removed if you do that, yes07:57
lpappRP: thanks - we probably still need some cleanup code now that we have deployed PN's with the version in it... so even if going forward, we only have name in the PN, where should I put the tidying functionality, in the kernel's post install script?08:00
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farnerupAnybody tried putting the yocto setup and the source code for your custom application in the same repository?08:08
farnerupAny disadvantages?08:08
lpappsource code for custom application?08:10
qschulzyes, externalsrc is broken if /path/to/app is your custom app source code location and /path/to/app/yocto is where you build things for Yocto08:10
lpappwe do not put source code into any yocto about custom applications.08:10
lpappdo you mean the recipe for building that custom application?08:10
qschulzbut that's unrelated to having it in the same repo08:11
farnerupI mean having both the recipe and the source code in the same repo08:12
farnerupThe recipe could check out its own repo if necessary08:13
lpappI would not put the same in same repo. Tight coupling is rarely a good idea.08:13
lpappwhat people seem to do is having their own layers for their stack08:14
lpappeven if it is a very thin layer08:14
farnerupBut if you are building firmware for an embedded system, it is a hassle to have two repos for building a single product08:15
lpapphow so? Every company I know has two layers08:15
lpappone for the source code and for the build rules as a layer on top of whichever Yocto layer.08:16
farnerupA separate layer sure, but the same repo08:16
lpappthere can be people developing the app having to know nothing about how the software is built08:16
farnerupNot in this case08:17
lpappYocto is essentially build rules08:17
lpappit is not an umbrella repo for all sorts of source code08:17
lpappyou can do it, but it is a bit of an anti-pattern08:17
LetoThe2ndfarnerup: it depends. the problem is often that you get intermigled commit logs of the applicaton and its corresponding metadata. but it really depends on your workflow and team setup. rules that make sense for 100+X employee companies might not suit a small team or even single developer08:17
lpappor a stubborn developer :)08:18
lpappit is also not really future proof08:18
lpappit is "ok" today, but very well might be inadequate later and then you end of with the nonsensical history later08:19
lpapp(been there, done that)08:19
lpappit is just really two entirely different things - source code and building with a specific a platform for a specific target, etc.08:20
lpappspecific platform*08:20
qschulzfarnerup: we have this here and while it's rather useful to not care about sync two repos (we use externalsrc so we can't use git hashes from recipes)08:20
LetoThe2ndfarnerup: all in all, it depends.08:21
farnerupOK. I think I'm gonna try.08:21
qschulzfarnerup: I wouldn't08:21
farnerupHaving two or more repos makes it difficult to work with gerrit and jenkins.08:22
qschulzhow so? you would have a recipe checking out a git repo08:22
qschulzthat's the whole principle of Yocto :)08:22
qschulzIf you don't use externalsrc, separate things08:22
LetoThe2ndyeah, gerrit and jenkins are no-arguments in my opinion08:23
lpappAlso, it is pointless to self-clone even in that case as you can safely use paths instead.08:23
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lpappwe work nicely with Jenkins and many more than two repos :)08:24
lpappmaybe, you are just not used to it yet08:24
qschulzfarnerup: what is your worry with "building firmware for an embedded system, it is a hassle to have two repos for building a single product"?08:24
lpappin gerrit, you can have multiple projects as well no problem08:24
lpapphas been using that as well for many years now08:24
farnerupIf you make change in code and change the recipe, the recipe won't even build until the code gets approved.08:24
farnerupI have also been doing this for years08:25
lpappyou mean it will build, just not the latest08:25
LetoThe2ndfarnerup: you obviously should not bump the recipe until the untlying code has been approved. which.. makes sense.08:25
lpappbut how does one repo solve this problem anyway?08:25
farnerupYou change code and recipe in one commit, push it, bam!08:26
LetoThe2ndfarnerup: that requires the application developer to also be maintaining the recipe. which is often not true. and even worse, it intermingles commit payload (recipe and applicaiton). so that pretty much a bad idea, IMHO08:27
farnerupHere they are always the same developer. OS and application are not two separate things. It is just "firmware".08:28
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LetoThe2ndlike i said, it depends on your mindset and workflow. things that might suit nobody else in the world might work well for you.08:29
LetoThe2ndgiven the setup you described i would opt for two repos, but that explicitly an opnion.08:30
lpappfarnerup: bam in what sense? You still need to approve the code08:30
lpappuntil that the recipe will not run08:30
lpappand as soon as the code is approved in the repos, the recipe will immediately build as well08:30
lpappI do not get it.08:30
farneruplpapp: Well, with externalsrc, it would, wouldn't it?08:30
lpappyes, it would08:30
lpappalso, you can make dependencies08:31
qschulzfarnerup: don't do it, externalsrc is the plague to me :D08:31
lpappor just raw comments and text to review the two at the same time08:31
LetoThe2ndhere, any commit including anything externalsrc would immediately be declined08:31
farnerupThe recipe will not build automatically if jenkins has already tried to build it, it will need to be retriggered manually.08:31
LetoThe2ndits a crutch for local developmen.08:31
lpappfarnerup: why?08:31
lpappgit has added hooks ages ago08:31
lpappI think you are looking for excuses, not solution :)08:32
lpappbasically, one repo is committed, jenkins can trigger a build no problem08:32
lpappit does not have to be manual08:32
qschulzfarnerup: if you're scared about local dev, make your devs use devtool or provide them an SDK. If you're scared about having to bump the SRCREV during heavy development, you can use AUTOREV at the beginning of the project. (though, please think twice before using it for longer term, it breaks the principle of reproducibility)08:33
qschulzthat's my opinion. I work in a company where they do what you want to do. It's a fucking nightmare for integrators for different clients. They want this feature or that thing from the FW, not the whole thing. They have changes in their local FW build etc. They are not Yocto-savyy. Every time they have conflicts in FW (fine that's the part they are comfortable with) or in Yocto (they don't know about it,08:36
qschulzthey don't want to know about it).08:36
qschulzit breaks almost every time08:36
farnerupEveryone has to be Yocto-savvy here. Nobody is going to update your recipe for you.08:37
qschulzDon't get me wrong, I get the "I don't want to sync repos" or whatever. But that's giving potentially a very hard time to devs because you don't want to handle a little bit of complexity or documentation for releases08:37
farnerupI'll just try it and see how it goes, unless my colleagues object.08:38
lpappupdating a recipe is far from being Yocto-savvy08:38
lpappautomated scripts do that simplicity for us08:38
qschulzalso, that means tying your FW to Yocto... If you need to change one day, ugly git history :)08:38
lpappyes, he has been warned multiple times08:38
farnerupyes thank you08:38
qschulzfarnerup: good luck :)08:39
lpappsometimes, people study the hard way ... burning their hands.08:39
qschulzlpapp: might work for him, we never know08:39
lpappyes, 1-5% :)08:40
lpappI wish I did not have a Yocto repo with crap history ... some person checked in gigabytes of binary08:40
lpappa yocto repo clone should be only a few megabytes really at maximum since it is just text based recipes08:40
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lpappand many other things learnt the hard way08:40
lpappI wish I could revert all that crap or anyone has told these things before in advance to me or us.08:41
lpappanyway, I do not see any problem he solves with one repo :)08:41
lpappthat is why it is bugging me. If there was a genuine use case, I would say, ok, you are different from the rest.08:41
farnerupI told you why08:41
sylv38Hello all. I need some help with yocto. I've just rebase all my layers on warrior branch, and when i launch image build, i have this error with glib-2.0 configure step :08:42
lpappyou told Jenkins and I told you have git hooks08:42
lpappyou do not have to trigger anything manually08:42
sylv38ERROR: Cross info file must have either host or a target machine.08:42
lpappyou have not replied to that, so I assume you do not know about it08:42
lpapponce you explore, you realise, you do not need manual jenkins triggers, single repo, etc08:42
lpappI have not heard a valid point just yet :)08:42
farneruplpapp: A build is triggered when I push to gerrit. If it fails, it needs to retriggered manually.08:44
lpappyes, that is wrong and easily fixable - see above.08:46
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lpappRP: I thought about it briefly... maybe another idea is for the new kernel without the version provide kernel with previous versions08:57
lpappso on upgrade, they will be removed (replaced) automatically by opkg without any maintainer script.08:57
sylv38find somethin strange in run.do_configure ... --cross-file is used twice. Point to meson.cross (which contain host and target parts) and glib-meson.cross (which only contains properties part). Is it normal ?08:58
sylv38and this on the same line when launching meson in meson_do_configure() {} function09:00
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lpappis it inherit kernel setting my PN?09:06
lpappI do not explicitly specify that in my recipe and my recipe name is, so not sure how the version gets into the name of the corresponding ipk files?09:06
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lpappcan you use glob in RREPLACE/RCONFLICTS/RREPLACES?09:13
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fredriguI've a reciepe that only produce a foobar-dev package. However that package is still depending on foobar that doesn't exists. Is there a way in the package split to remove dependencies on empty packages?09:19
qschulzfredrigu: first thing, why -dev package only?09:21
qschulzfredrigu: there are some defaults defined in bitbake.conf among which RDEPENDS for packages: c.f.
RPlpapp: no, doesn't support globs as far as I know09:24
fredriguqschulz: the package only contains two header files09:27
fredriguso that's why it's a -dev only package09:27
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qschulzfredrigu: PACKAGES = "${PN}-dev" and then RDEPENDS_${pn}-dev = "" that's seomthing you could try09:47
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diego_rhi guys. Do you think the "qca9377 qca6174" use in this MACHINE_FEATURES is correct? It's not in the list in the manual: and I can find other references is meta-freescale layer10:08
diego_r*I can't find other references10:08
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kayterinahello, hello... is someone familiar with ubifs?10:42
kayterinaI get  "Error: min. I/O unit was not specified"10:42
LetoThe2ndwell do what the message says. specify the minimal i/o unit :)10:43
kayterinathat is the pages size, correct?10:43
LetoThe2ndprobably. see also
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kayterinaa,yes.I only saw the image.bbclase.ok thank you leto10:46
fredriguqschulz: thanks, it seems to work! :)11:01
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qschulzfredrigu: happy to help11:15
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yacar_Is Mark Hatle over here? There seems to be a weird problem with his mail :/11:55
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tlwoerneri was speaking with a customer yesterday who claimed it was easier to get yocto to build their software than it was to write the cmake files themselves by hand! (he started by using devtool, then did small manual tweaks)12:18
tlwoernerit took them a while to get the cmake files right, and they couldn't believe devtool was able to figure it out12:18
tlwoernerbluelightning_: ^12:19
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litbI just discovered that some packages can report progress during do_compile !12:45
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litbwhy and how does this work? I don't find it in the recipe sourcecode!12:46
tlwoernerlitb: i think it's a feature of cmake, that bitbake is simply allowing to "show through"12:47
litbit shows up in the bitbake '<N> %' progressbar. so it appears to specifically parse for cmake output12:48
tgamblintlwoerner: I got a build to pass today with libcap-ng-0.7.10, but I did get a bad checksum warning still. Have you tried it again?13:08
tlwoernertgamblin: all of my "last night" builds failed again, i haven't looked into them yet (reading the LTS proposal...)13:09
tlwoernertgamblin: on the surface, it looks like the same error i was getting yesterday13:11
tlwoernertgamblin: on what host are you running your builds?13:11
tlwoernerit feels like i'm missing a host package :-S13:11
tgamblinI'm on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS13:12
tgamblinalso tried on Fedora 30 Server13:12
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tgamblinand yet, just as I say that I have another build I'm working on die with that same error message...13:14
kayterinacan mfgtools upload from the board's NAND to some binary to the host? I wonder if I can  have a backup from the vendor's image that works on the board13:14
tlwoernerokay, i'm on openSUSE 15.113:14
tlwoernertgamblin: update the email thread, seems we're not alone :-)13:14
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litbI also found that the poppler recipe misses a "DEPENDS" to glib-2.0-native.13:30
JPEWRP: Is 5ba152e55688b27c745a787a5ca968bb058ebf25 in your local git tree? That was the most recent SHA-1 to break with perl13:42
RPJPEW: no, which is odd13:46
JPEWWeird. Let me look for another13:46
JPEWRP: Just to make sure, this is the failed AB job: maybe I didn't tell you the correct SHA1?13:47
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RPJPEW: that is the helper revision, you want 81714c6c7c16ea19c124c35572669932237754af13:49
RPI have that13:49
JPEWRP: Ok, can you push it to poky-contrib and I'll rebase my branch on that?13:49
RPJPEW: done as rpurdie/forjpew13:50
JPEWRP: excellent13:50
JPEWRP: Ok, my jpew/ab-reproducible-test branch is updated and ready to be tried on the AB13:55
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RPJPEW: running, thanks13:58
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lpappRP: ok, thanks14:10
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litbRP, my manager allowed me to upload my changes to github, to make mingw work as a target machine. I think the best way forward is to merge my changes with meta-mingw?14:18
JPEWlitb: Progress bar is set as a "progress" var flag on a task: as an example:
litbother things, like replacing .so.*  with ${SOLIBS}   should be merged directly with oe-core and meta-openembedded, I think14:19
RPlitb: you need to talk with the layer maintainer (JPEW)14:19
litbRP, ah, I see14:20
RPlitb: partly this depends on whether we want to officially support what you're trying to do. It will complicate things for others14:20
litbRP, hm, I see, makes sense! rburton appeared to be very interested in it14:20
litbRP, I suspect it's not necessary to support specific machines in the core layer. like, currently the core layer only needs to support qemu machines.14:21
litband specific BSP layers don't need to support every package of oe-core, and not every package of oe-core needs to support every BSP layer14:22
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litbRP, would it make sense to ask on the mailing list whether people would use it?14:29
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RPlitb: definitely post things and gauge interest14:35
RPlitb: for example though, will I need to start asking submitters referencing *.so in patches to switch14:35
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litbRP, a lot of recipes already avoid .so.* and instead use ${SOLIBS}. so that state of affairs is at least inconsistent and fixing it seems desirable14:38
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RPlitb: the irony being I was the one who wrote a lot of those patches14:42
RPlitb: the context is most submitters won't care about windows and won't want to care so it will put work onto the maintainers. I get jittery about more work for some reason...14:43
litbhm I understand. so I think it'll just push the layer on github (I didn't need to patch anything of yocto.. it's possible entirely by .bbapend and overlaying) and tell people about it14:44
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RPlitb: I would like to see how much of an impact the changes would have14:51
RPlitb: I just want to set expectations correctly too, these things can be tricky :/14:51
armpitso it Ross gone for the weekend?14:53
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armpitrp, did you say there are some fixes in master for the AB build failures?14:58
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RParmpit: I'd say so. Not seen him for a few days15:05
RParmpit: which failures?15:05
*** leitao <leitao!~leitao@2620:10d:c092:200::1:dcf5> has joined #yocto15:05
armpitthe list you sent via email. I thought you mentioned you has some fixes15:05
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RParmpit: no :(15:06
armpitjust looking to backport to zues while we find a Maintainer15:06
armpitplan on trying to get a zues build started before my flight to Lyon15:07
tgamblinarmpit: how soon? I'm about to submit that other CVE fix for binutils15:07
armpit2-3 hours15:07
armpitif not, I can wait when I get to the hotel15:08
armpitjust pulling in changes15:08
tgamblinshould be done within the hour on my end15:08
tgamblinmore likely 10 min15:08
armpitdo I hear 5??15:08
LetoThe2ndi'll do it in 2, capn15:09
RPJPEW: succeeded :/15:18
JPEWRP: Hrm. That's annoying15:18
RPJPEW: yes :(15:19
RPJPEW: I liked the theory :/15:20
JPEWRP: Ya. Maybe keep the patches in master-next for a bit?15:20
RPJPEW: yes, will do15:20
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armpitRP, warriors qemu 3.1 has a bug fix update to which I am pull in to see if that helps16:17
frayneeds more .1's16:18
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armpitnext update ; )16:20
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RParmpit: sounds good16:25
RPworth a shot16:25
armpitstarted a-quick zeus build16:41
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* JaMa finally reproduced the autobuilder issue with deploy artifacts 'IMAGE_FSTYPES_append = ' wic wic.bmap'' added in was the important part16:46
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* JaMa running testimage task for first time and it failed:18:04
JaMaWARNING: core-image-sato-sdk-ptest-1.0-r0 do_testimage: Qemu ended unexpectedly, dump data from host is in /OE/build/oe-core/tmp/log/runtime-hostdump/201910251802_qemu18:04
JaMaERROR: Task (/OE/build/oe-core/openembedded-core/meta/recipes-sato/images/ failed with exit code '1'18:04
JaManot so surprising when running in headless docker, but should it warn when some host tools are missing or is this acceptable result when aren't available?18:06
JaMagrep " command not found" /OE/build/oe-core/tmp/log/runtime-hostdump/201910251802_qemu/host_00_*18:06
JaMa/OE/build/oe-core/tmp/log/runtime-hostdump/201910251802_qemu/host_00_df:/bin/sh: df: command not found18:06
JaMa/OE/build/oe-core/tmp/log/runtime-hostdump/201910251802_qemu/host_00_free:/bin/sh: free: command not found18:06
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JaMa/OE/build/oe-core/tmp/log/runtime-hostdump/201910251802_qemu/host_00_iostat:/bin/sh: iostat: command not found18:06
JaMa/OE/build/oe-core/tmp/log/runtime-hostdump/201910251802_qemu/host_00_memstat:/bin/sh: memstat: command not found18:06
JaMa/OE/build/oe-core/tmp/log/runtime-hostdump/201910251802_qemu/host_00_netstat:/bin/sh: netstat: command not found18:06
JaMa/OE/build/oe-core/tmp/log/runtime-hostdump/201910251802_qemu/host_00_top:/bin/sh: top: command not found18:06
frayI think we need a way to for a recipe to declare a host dependency... something expected from the host..  (same for tests)18:18
frayhte prolem is adding all of these things to the general required causes normal use-cases to failed unnecessarily.. but if you want/use those features you really want to know ASAP18:18
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kergoththat'd be useful. REQUIRED_HOSTTOOLS ala the required distro features, just skippackage if it's MIA21:19
kergothcourse that'd only help with binaries21:19
kergothcould easily make parts conditional on packageconfig21:19
kergothskip if XYZ is missing if XYZ is in PACKAGECONFIG21:20
* kergoth fights meta-external-toolchain.. something is wrong with the headers extracted21:20
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: what is __anonymous class in python? <>21:56
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