Tuesday, 2019-11-05

khemwhich release are you on ?00:05
khemit does not happen here00:05
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emgI have a recipe that builds a package inside a container then copies it out for the install. The file then is owned by root, so when I do a bitbake clean for that package the files can't be removed. What is the best way around this?00:14
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silviofemg: let run your container as a normal user via (docker) `--user "$(id -u):$(id -g)"`.00:59
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: yocto bitbake core-image-sato <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58703657/yocto-bitbake-core-image-sato>02:32
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mckoangood morning07:59
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zhangzhiHello! I'm using fitImage on my FPGA board. Because the device is running under very low cpu frequency. Also I don't care about security problems. That's saying, I don't want any hash algorithm to verify my Image. Could anyone give me any suggestion?08:05
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letothe2ndzhangzhi: unless you specify anything, i don't think the fitimage would be signed or such08:11
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zhangzhiletothe2nd, from poky/meta/classes/kernel-fitimage.bbclass, fitimage_emit_section_config() always generate "                        hash@1 {                                algo = "${conf_csum}";                        };"08:15
zhangzhiU-boot takes very long time to check sha256 of each image08:17
letothe2ndwhy not select something really simple like crc?08:18
letothe2ndi can't look it up right now, but on our 350mhz board uboot checks a 30mbyte fitimage in like 1 second08:19
kroonAnyone else having problems accessing https://www.yoctoproject.org/ due to certificate problems ?08:19
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zhangzhiactually, I'm not only running it on my FPGA board (which use 20MHz cpu), also running it on zebu environment. It's not acceptable to take too much time to check image.08:21
letothe2ndzhangzhi: ah ok. just had a quick peek. we're using a custom class to generate the fit image, and inject a handcrafted config. sorry, can't hand this out.08:22
zhangzhiI think, maybe we should introduce algo="none" to our fitimage hash method config?08:23
letothe2ndonly hint i can give is, we basically ripped out the image generation from kernel-fitimage, packed it in a custom class and replaced the config generation with a direct injection08:23
letothe2ndand that our custom config does not specify a hash/signature at all08:24
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zhangzhiok, got it. thanks!08:25
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qschulzRP: ah yes, BBPATH, not BBLAYERS for classes "priority". It's just that the usual default for BBPATH in new layers is to append to it (at least that's what I've seen usually). So playing with prepending BBPATH is okay-ish for class "ordering"?08:34
qschulzletothe2nd: no sorry, I have IRC only at work ATM.. No didn't seem Khem unfortunately. I didn't eat with yocto folks on Friday lunch and couldn't see him at breaks and after the OEDEM track (I was in the other room)08:36
qschulzmarler8997: IIRC, RDEPENDS for native packages should be working a little better since one or two releases ago. I moved recently on thud and AFAICT, that still does not work nicely (but it's already EOL so try warrior or zeus)08:39
qschulzRP: letothe2nd: (sorry to highlight you, I don't know the correct people to contact) ssl certificate expired on yoctoproject.org today08:42
letothe2ndqschulz: just pinged you because khem was around yesterday evening08:42
letothe2ndhalstead: got this : (sorry to highlight you, I don't know the correct people to contact) ssl certificate expired on yoctoproject.org today08:42
letothe2ndbut he'll not be around until in a few hours, i think08:43
qschulzletothe2nd: *facepalm* I think I'll never have a chance to catch him at the same time. I might write a mail so I don't flood the chan with a context and it's more async-friendly than IRC08:43
qschulzletothe2nd: thanks for the ping though, appreciated :)08:45
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RPqschulz: we need halstead08:52
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varjaghow do you go about tweaking the package sources without the whole push stuff to repo and clean and rebuild cycle?09:32
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letothe2ndvarjag: devtool modify09:33
letothe2ndvarjag: basically thats just comfortable magic for externalsrc etc, but it works pretty well09:34
rcrudoI need to patch a systemd service file of a package. what is the best way of doing this?09:34
varjagoh.. had no idea devtool is a thing09:34
letothe2ndrcrudo: patch, in terms of?09:34
rcrudoletothe2nd: I want to change redis.service file, adding an extra line e.g.:ExecStartPost09:35
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letothe2ndrcrudo: depends a bit on your exact setup, but the two classic ways would be to either make a .patch and add it to SRC_URI, or make the manipulation manually in do_install, somehing echo, cat, sed09:37
letothe2nddepending on the exact usecase though, a second service file that has an After=redis.service also is an option.09:40
rcrudoletothe2nd: I've tried the first option but it can't find the patch file. maybe because it is not part of the source code?09:40
letothe2ndrcrudo: no you just have to put it in a directory next to the recipe that is either called files or the recipe name09:40
letothe2ndrcrudo: just look at some layer, there are plenty of examples09:41
rcrudoletothe2nd: sorry, that wasn't a precise explanation. I meant the target patch. I get the error: "No file to patch.  Skipping patch."09:42
letothe2ndrcrudo: so the original redis.service is not even in the source package but comes from somewhere else?09:42
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rcrudoletothe2nd: is this one: https://github.com/openembedded/meta-openembedded/tree/master/meta-oe/recipes-extended/redis. it service files is not part of the source code but an extra file09:44
letothe2ndrcrudo: in that case, make an append that sets the FILEEXTRASPATH with prepending and just brings your modifed service file09:46
rcrudoletothe2nd: where can I find an example?09:59
letothe2ndrcrudo: its a little more, but quite close: https://github.com/Pelagicore/meta-pelux/tree/master/recipes-swupdate/swupdate10:02
ThomasD13Hi. Just want to share my experience with the current yocto documentation: Following this guide https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/3.0/brief-yoctoprojectqs/brief-yoctoprojectqs.html (particular checkout tags/yocto-3.0) resulted in error at package "icu" (https://pastebin.com/im2277qS)10:04
ThomasD13However, if i switch to current HEAD of "zeus", building package icu works.10:05
letothe2ndThomasD13: can you file it on bugzilla, please?10:05
letothe2ndThomasD13: so this feedback doesn't get lost, and yes, there is really somebody looking into it.10:05
ThomasD13However, my git console skillz are not the best, so I don't know which changeset resolves the error for me10:05
rburtondoesn't need a bug as its fixed in zeus head10:06
rburton    python3: -dev should depend on distutils10:06
letothe2ndrburton: ah, great!10:06
letothe2ndThomasD13: ignore me then please!10:06
ThomasD13letothe2nd okay.10:06
rburtonThomasD13: recommend you either just build zeus head, or cherry-pick that fix if you don't want to sit on an arbitrary sha10:07
ThomasD13rburton how do find the resolving commit so fast??10:07
rburtonThomasD13: becuase there's <20 commits between 3.0 and zeus head, the error was 'distutils', and i wrote that patch10:07
letothe2ndrburton: here's your chance to make somebody believe you are superhuman10:08
letothe2ndah, you already gave it away10:08
rburtontbh a bit surprised that fixes it directly, i thought the fix was installing python3-distutils on the host.10:08
rburtonit must be doing something fun with native python10:08
ThomasD13lol. Okay, thanks rburton for your work! Maybe someone should introduce a new tag and refer to the official documentation10:08
rburtonThomasD13: there will be a new point release soonish10:09
ThomasD13alright, thanks guys!10:09
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letothe2ndrburton: is this related? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58703657/yocto-bitbake-core-image-sato10:25
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T_UNIXis it just me or is the certificate used by  https://www.yoctoproject.org/ expired?10:49
letothe2ndT_UNIX: already reported10:50
letothe2ndonce $ADMIN is wake, will hopefully take care10:50
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qschulzletothe2nd: I hope they can sync the expiration time to a PST-compatible one :D At the same time good excuse for europeans to not work... i'm torn10:53
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qschulzkanavin: I fail to understand what find-critical-path is for (and I'm having a hard time compiling it on Ubuntu 18.04). Care to explain a little bit?11:02
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kanavinqschulz, it is to determine which tasks in your build are on the critical path, e.g. if each of these tasks takes longer to complete, then the whole build will take longer11:21
kanavinit gives you a starting point where you can optimise the build times, either by trying to make these tasks run quicker, or break dependency chains between tasks on the critical path11:22
kanavinthere's an article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Critical_path_method11:23
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RPkanavin: nice find with vnc!11:38
RPkanavin: we'll get the workers switched over...11:38
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qschulzkanavin: cool! thanks for taking the time to explain12:26
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AzoffAre you aware of that the SSL certificate for www.yoctoproject.org has expired?12:31
qschulzAzoff: yup, thanks :)12:31
qschulzwaiting for admin to wake up :)12:31
AzoffThen I climb back into the shadows again ;)12:31
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kanavinRP: cheers :) also it was rather awesome to run qemu inside qemu, and retain kvm acceleration even in the innermost guest OS :)12:37
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RPkanavin: that is rather neat :)12:44
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kanavinRP: it's also not the first time Debian fails to suggest a preferred option from many alternatives12:58
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kanavinthey seem to have a tendency to package everything under the sun and then leave the users to decide for themselves12:58
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RPHmm, I think we have a pseudo syscall issue on f3013:11
RPkanavin: we mainly use the older vnc as we're still using relics of the original autobuilder :/13:15
RPseebs: would pseudo have a problem with statx() calls?13:16
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* RP is bemused by the arguments about statx() time precision and lots of "I'm not a physicist but" comments13:20
kroonRP, link ?13:22
RPkroon: https://lwn.net/Articles/707602/13:24
* RP *is* a physicist13:25
tgamblinRP: something about Linux just draws the physics types in13:26
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Piratyadelcast: i seem to have hit an edge case where opkg-build does sort dirs in data.tar.gz in the wrong order, resulting in non-reproducible builds13:54
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Piratyi don't know what triggers it exactly yet, i'm trying to reproduce ipk generation from git and from a (manually, via makefile) derived source release tarball13:55
Piratysemantically, opkg-build is pointed to the same target dir, and the same tar is used (same machine, just different paths13:56
RPPiraty: same opkg-build cmdline?13:57
Piratyi debugged a bit, the tsortargs="--sort=name" seem to bit in both cases,13:57
* Piraty double-checks13:57
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JPEWkroon: You mentioned reproducible ext4 images, are you still looking at that?13:57
rburtonah that reminds me13:59
Piratyadelcast: came13:59
Piratyadelcast: basically "opkg-build -o root -g root ./build/foo"13:59
rburtonRP: JPEW: ross/pod is my WIP for the pod2man issue13:59
rburtoniirc it didn't quite wipe out 100% of the issues yet14:00
Piratyadelcast: "tar -c build/foo | md5sum" in both places is equal14:00
rburtoni think the remaining instances were recipes using the host perl pod modules directly14:00
rburtonwhich is annoying and suggests a do_package postprocess might be better14:01
Piratyadelcast: i mean $(tar --sort=name -c build/foo| md5sum ) is equal in both places, but ineed i found they're different if i omit --sort14:01
JPEWrburton: That is annoying14:02
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Piratymaybe file_list somehow messes it up with tar?14:03
ecdheHow can I tell if my bbappend is actually getting included as source when a recipe gets built?14:04
rburtonecdhe: bitbake-layers has a subcommand to do that14:04
ecdheI've got a .bbappend that's supposed to add some kernel config options, but I clean and build the kernel and the config options don't take effect14:04
Piratyadelcast: i guess i can fix my own source tarball derivation to use --sort=name, but that might worth a double-check. maybe i get to it14:05
ecdherburton: great, I can see that my bbappend file is in `bitbake-layers show-appends'14:06
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ecdherburton: thanks!14:07
ThomasD13Hi just a short question: What is the proper way to add a init.d script to an image? Just manally deploy the script and create symbolic links from rc.X to it?14:08
rburtonThomasD13: write a recipe to deploy the init script, using the proper classes to create the links etc14:08
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RPrburton: that is annoying :(14:17
RPrburton: how common is perl pod usage?14:18
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rburtonRP: very common in perl recipes14:22
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seebsRP, I've never heard of `statx`, so probably.14:29
RPseebs: I'm pretty sure this is why pseudo is breaking on fedora30, ls uses it14:32
rburtonRP: from inside tinfoil can i tell bitbake to start builds14:38
RPrburton: yes, build_target14:38
RPrburton: was debugging that the other day14:38
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RPseebs: I'm now quite sure statx() is the problem. Is this something you'd be able to look at or should I aim to see if I can break it? :)15:03
seebsggahhhh why would they do this to me why why why15:04
seebsi can probably fix it, looks like my host has it15:04
seebsit looks like my host has no glibc wrapper for it. can you check the man page on fedora30 and see whether that's still true?15:04
seebswhat. why.15:05
seebs Note: for performance and simplicity reasons, different fields in the statx structure  may  con‐15:05
seebs       tain  state  information  from  different  moments during the execution of the system call.  For15:05
seebs       example, if stx_mode or stx_uid is changed by another process by calling chmod(2)  or  chown(2),15:05
seebs       stat()  might return the old stx_mode together with the new stx_uid, or the old stx_uid together15:05
seebs       with the new stx_mode.15:05
seebsokay i would like to state for the record that this call should never have existed, it should not exist in this form, and no one should be using it.15:05
seebsthis is *insane*15:05
RPseebs: I looked at the glibc source and there is a wrapper for it, and a generic fallback function15:06
*** AndersD <AndersD!~AndersD@h-98-128-162-82.NA.cust.bahnhof.se> has quit IRC15:06
RPseebs: so it looks like you need a system with recent glibc and coreutils which f30 seems to have15:07
RPseebs: and yes, that does seem rather crazy but I can see why they'd try this for "performance"15:08
*** farnerup <farnerup!~farnerup@h-254-84-175.A137.corp.bahnhof.se> has quit IRC15:09
seebshmm. i'm a bit unsure what semantics we even *want*. i think probably just "use one of our existing stats, also use statx, combine them"15:09
RPseebs: I was thinking just blast our existing stat data into the statx return value?15:10
seebsHmm. you know, I haven't got a way to *test* this handy right now -- if you wanna do a test implementation I can review it. Looking more closely, we might have another loose end I wasn't thinking about, BTW.15:11
RPseebs: its a bit like a filesystem uncertainty principle. You can know its mode or its owner but not both at the same time with certainty :/15:11
seebs*at now have an AT_NO_AUTOMOUNT that we weren't aware of, although I think I mostly checked specifically for AT_SYMLINK_NOFOLLOW.15:11
RPseebs: I'd hope NO_AUTOMOUNT isn't particularly relevant to us15:12
RPseebs: I can test relatively easily FWIW, its just the best implementation I'm slightly struggling with15:12
frayseebs, I have an Ubuntu 18.04 you an log into.. if you need access just let me know15:17
fray(48 thread , 128 GB machine.. so it should be able to iterate pretty quickly)15:18
letothe2ndfray: is it build box comparison day again?15:21
* letothe2nd still needs to write up the new livecoding dates and topics15:22
fraythe box is old..  2014..15:24
frayso nothing too great15:24
fraybut it's available..15:24
RPseebs: we can get you access to the f30 machine we see the issues on, just not right away as michael is flying atm15:24
letothe2ndfray: just pulling your leg :)15:24
fray...now that 192 thread machine ... that was work bragging.. )15:25
*** jgrossholtz_ <jgrossholtz_!~jgrosshol@> has joined #yocto15:28
*** jgrossholtz <jgrossholtz!~jgrosshol@> has quit IRC15:30
seebsI have ubuntu 18.04, which still claims to have no glibc wrappers.15:30
seebsfor statx, at least.15:30
frayohh ok15:37
frayI can setup an F30 container for you if you want15:37
jgrossholtz_Hello! I am trying Yocto for the first time in a while. I am using Fedora 31. I use Poky 3.0 as explained in https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/3.0/brief-yoctoprojectqs/brief-yoctoprojectqs.html. I can not source oe-init-build-env properly:15:40
jgrossholtz_Error: The bitbake directory (/home/julien/poky/on) does not exist!  Please ensure a copy of bitbake exists at this location or specify an alternative path on the command line15:40
kergothsounds like you passed 'on' as the second argument to oe-init-build-env15:41
kergothhence /poky/on15:41
jgrossholtz_I did not... I also tried source oe-init-build-env bitbake15:43
fraythat is wrong..15:44
letothe2ndno, its really source oe-init-build-env without anything else15:44
fraybitbake should not be the argument as it can't be the build directory15:44
Crofton|work./oe.... ../build ../bitbake :)15:44
frayAS letothe2nd said, do that first.. it will create a new 'build' directory15:44
letothe2ndjgrossholtz_: go checkout your livecoding sessions where the whole process can be seen in action :)15:44
Crofton|worknesting bitbake inside anothe rgit repo is silly :)15:44
vmesonBTW, yoctoproject.org certificate expired on 11/4/2019 : Error code: SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE . Who can renew it?15:52
letothe2ndjgrossholtz_: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfKLrSxA_H815:52
letothe2ndvmeson: we know and already pinged halstead15:52
vmesonletothe2nd: thx15:52
letothe2ndhalstead: so here's a lot of people screaming for hot new certificates!15:52
jgrossholtz_Ok thanks15:52
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vmesonYPTM: Randy joined.16:00
RPYPTM: Richard joined16:00
JPEWYPTM: Joshua Watt, Tim Mertz, and Dustin Bain here16:01
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denixYPTM: Denys is here16:03
smurrayYPTM: Scott joined16:03
sjolley_YPTM: sjolley is here16:04
dreynaYPTML dreyna is here16:04
frayYPTM fray is here16:04
tgamblinYPTM: Trevor joined16:05
jonmasonYPTM: Jon joined16:05
sjolley_Propsed 3.1 dates16:05
letothe2ndYPTM: letothe2nd is not around but listening to metal16:06
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dl9pfYPTM: jsmoeller joined16:09
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d_thomasWhat is the best way to see what configs the kernel build is using and how it is ordering and applying the changes?  So far I haven't hand much luck with logs and debug output.16:30
kayterinabitbake-layers show-appends |grep kernel ?16:31
kayterinait would show the layers that append to the kernel and the ordering would be the layers priority16:32
kayterinaI guess16:32
d_thomaskeyterina, I checked that and confirmed my append is on the list.16:33
*** mihai <mihai!~mihai@unaffiliated/mihai> has quit IRC16:34
kayterinasorry, that's all I know, I only use a defconfig and assume the order is the layers'16:37
qschulzd_thomas: is it ONLY a full defconfig you're replacing or are you doing something else? If you want to know in which order the files are taken, check with bitbake -e virtual/kernel and look for FILEPATHS (or ~), this is going to give you all the paths that are checked16:40
qschulzI think WORKDIR/temp/log.do_fetch should do the same16:40
d_thomasI was attempting to append/override part of defconfig with my own configuration16:41
d_thomasRight now I was just trying to change the LOGLEVELs16:41
d_thomaslog.do_fetch is showing what I would expect16:42
kayterinaare you using config fragments then?16:43
d_thomaskayterina, good question.  I suspect that's what I want but I might not be using them16:44
kayterinaa,ok, I don't either, search the mega manual while you wait for schultz :P16:45
d_thomasjust knowing what to search for sometimes is very helpful16:46
kayterinad_thomas: also, the certificate expired, they know it16:47
dreynaLink to all YP Summit presentations: https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/YP_Summit_Lyon_201916:47
d_thomasha, no worries.  I won't say anything about it16:47
jonmasonNET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID error on YP website16:48
jonmasonlooks like it just expired16:48
jonmasonanyone else seeing it?16:48
frayyes. expired recently16:48
frayWhen Michael gets online he'll fix it16:48
jonmasonwho let him take any days off?  ;-)16:50
dl9pfon plane16:50
qschulzBuT tHeRe Is WiFi In PlAnEs NoW16:51
qschulzd_thomas: Please explain exactly what you're trying to do and what you've done so far that does not work because I'm quite confused at the moment16:52
qschulzconfig fragments aren't available for all recipes16:53
qschulzare you building linux-yocto?16:53
d_thomasqschulz I'm working with meta-atmel and building the linux-at91 kernel.  I'm trying to apply the configuration fragment from http://book.yoctoprojectbook.com/page/code-chapter-9 just as an example (although I'm also setting LOGLEVELS)16:54
qschulzd_thomas: only full defconfig supported16:55
d_thomasOh, okay.  Where does one see that?16:56
qschulzwhat you're looking at is config fragment which are supported in linux-yocto16:56
qschulzd_thomas: assume default is full defconfig16:56
*** armpit <armpit!~armpit@> has joined #yocto16:57
d_thomasqschulz, I see, that's what that means16:57
qschulzfor config fragments it's in https://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/poky/tree/meta/classes/kernel-yocto.bbclass#n2716:58
qschulzthis class is inherited by linux-yocto16:58
*** falk0n <falk0n!~falk0n@a109-49-142-1.cpe.netcabo.pt> has joined #yocto16:59
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d_thomasqschulz  Wow, that's good to know.  I'll go the full config route then.  Thanks!17:02
*** sjolley_ <sjolley_!~sjolley_@c-71-59-136-149.hsd1.or.comcast.net> has quit IRC17:03
d_thomasThe "Embedded Systems with the Yocto Project" book lead me to believe the config fragments were standard17:04
fraythey are standard for any kernel that uses the linux-yocto class..17:05
fray(and we suggest even non linux-yocto kernels use the config fragments as it makes it MUCH easier to support kernels..)17:05
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kergotha few others do support them. linux-qoriq and a few others. there's an open yocto bug to make it stanard17:28
kergothstandard, even17:28
fraythere is documentation on how to enable it for all kernels.. it's very easy.  basically inherit the class, and make sure that kernel doesn't overwrite the constructed defconfig.. (as well as define a KMETA parameter if I remember right)17:30
fraylast time I looke dit was about 5 or so lines of setup and then some basic validation.. (and of course creation of config fragments if what you want wasn't previously known by the system)17:30
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*** luneff <luneff!~yury@> has joined #yocto17:53
luneffhey guys! I'm building a Krogoth-dated eSDK. I have this error when I try to install the result: "ERROR: Uninative selected but not configured, please set UNINATIVE_URL". No idea how to make it happy :-(17:54
*** stephano <stephano!~stephano@c-73-164-244-205.hsd1.or.comcast.net> has joined #yocto17:55
luneffwithin the target installation dir of eSDK I see ${BSPDIR} that spells just like that :-)17:58
luneffI guess, I'd better get the Krogoth's tip then18:00
luneff... and it doesn't really work ;-(18:07
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d_thomasfray:  You are very right about how easy it was to enable configuration fragments.  I just had to include kernel-yocto and set KMACHINE in my bbappend file and it looks like it's working18:58
*** mischief <mischief!~mischief@> has joined #yocto18:59
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mischiefhate to beat a horse that might already be dead, but is someone going to fix the ssl certificates?19:00
jonmasonmischief: its a known issue and will be addressed as soon as possible19:02
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mischiefjonmason: excellent19:46
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letothe2ndi hereby declare that for every time i have to excuse for the certificates, halstead owes me a beer.19:49
*** WillMiles <WillMiles!~Will@static-209-87-231-80.storm.ca> has joined #yocto19:49
jonmasonletothe2nd: I got 0 beers on Friday, and that's after you didn't show up at the original place for dinner19:50
jonmasonyou owe me all the beers!19:50
*** thannoy <thannoy!~anthony@134-48-190-109.dsl.ovh.fr> has joined #yocto19:51
letothe2ndjonmason: you run off too quick so i couldn't redirect you and the new place had many beers.19:51
letothe2ndnot my bad :)19:51
jonmasonand yet you got me 019:51
jonmasonit worked out19:51
* letothe2nd hi5es jonmason for beer places.19:52
jonmasonyou can make it up in dublin19:52
*** Ad0 <Ad0!~Ad0@> has joined #yocto19:53
letothe2ndthen why didn't you just grab one from the oedem gift table?19:54
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Crofton|workHe was being responsible20:08
Crofton|worknot like me20:08
jonmasonletothe2nd: I don't drink on the job, unlike other people20:09
jonmasonI'm not sure where the other 3 went20:10
Crofton|workI only had one20:12
letothe2ndi know where they went :)20:13
letothe2ndjonmason: i do drink on the job. at least when it suits the situation.20:15
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* RP thinks the cert may be fixed21:01
mischiefyou are correct21:03
mischiefthanks folks21:03
*** sjolley_ <sjolley_!~sjolley_@c-71-59-136-149.hsd1.or.comcast.net> has joined #yocto21:14
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d_thomasI added a defconfig to my kernel build.  I see the defconfig in the /tmp/work directory, but the .config file in the same directory is picking up different settings.  Is there an order of operations to how config settings are applied?21:36
d_thomasNote that the .config file is picking up config fragments from a bbappend file.  It's only the defconfig specified in the bb file that are not being applied21:37
*** goliath <goliath!~goliath@clnet-p04-043.ikbnet.co.at> has joined #yocto21:41
fraythe generated defconfig is USUALLY done in a task called configme which is dependend on by 'configure'21:42
frayI've see some private kernels do things like cp defconfig in 'configure' which replaces the kernel-cache based .config21:43
d_thomasI wondered about that, so I dumped the do_kernel_configme() function with the "-e" option.  It's not doing that directly, but perhaps indirectly it is21:44
frayunfortunately this is where I've used it before, and understand the basics, but I've not dug into exactly what is happening..21:45
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d_thomasThe person asking this question (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48441494/kbuild-defconfig-kmachine-defconfig-file-does-not-work-as-expected) posted an interesting work around, but I'd rather not go that route if the problem is just user error on my part21:47
frayI'm looking to see where it's copied in.. but I suspect it's in some helper we don't see in the code21:48
*** WillMiles <WillMiles!~Will@static-209-87-231-80.storm.ca> has quit IRC21:50
frayI think it's do_kernel_configcheck that actually moves the stuff to .config21:50
frayzeddii -- ping21:50
frayzeddii would know the answer BTW.. not sure if he's around21:51
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d_thomasHmm... if I"m picking up do_configure from https://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/poky/tree/meta/classes/kernel.bbclass, then I'm not sure how this works22:10
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d_thomasActually, I can see how it works now and everything seems to be in place.  Something must be going wrong with the KERNEL_CONFIG_COMMAND22:23
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tgamblinIs there a particular recipe that is known to be quick to build?23:25
tgamblinAs in, light on dependencies and short compile time?23:26
tgamblinJust looking for something to test a local wrapper for bitbake with23:27
khembusybox ?23:28
khemI would suggest to look into oe_selftest might be more relevant23:28
tgamblinwill do, thanks23:28
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mischiefis it just me or is lz4-native missing from the kernel classes?23:54
marler8997got a quick question of preference...if you have a recipe that just installs a bash script, would you set the source directory to S and install from B?23:54
marler8997or would not not set S at all?23:56
marler8997or maybe you would just set B and not set S?23:57
mischiefi think lz4 initramfs is just broken :(23:59

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