Monday, 2019-11-18

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Flashing custom Yocto image to Jetson Nano production module eMMC? <>07:02
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mckoangood morning07:50
alessioigorgood morning to you07:51
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* alessioigor waves all08:14
alessioigorIs there a way to have two images of the same MACHINE using a different WKS_FILE file reducing at minimum the additional build requirements? If I make two different MACHINE files (of the same physical machine) Bitbake builds the same identical kernel two times!08:14
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paulbarkeralessioigor: You can override WKS_FILE in an image recipe08:27
qschulzalessioigor: I'm not entirely sure but can't this variable be part of the image recipe? It looks like the default is in image_types_wic which is included in image.bbclass (via IMGCLASSES)08:28
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kanavinrburton, I think sato has been py2-free for a while now, the only thing that still needs py2 is u-boot and py2 itself, or did you make additional patches?11:06
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ThomasD13Hi, I have a short question regarding licenses: Is there a difference between "GPL-2+" "GPL-2.0" "GPLv2" and "GPLv2+".11:19
ThomasD13These strings are all found in my license.manifest-file11:20
ThomasD13If I look on, there only listed gpl1/2/3 nothing with +11:21
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kanavin+ means 'or later'11:37
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paulbarkerThomasD13: You can look at for the full list of identifiers. The ones with '+' are in the deprecated list at the bottom11:39
rburtonkanavin: literally ripped out the recipe to verify :)11:40
rburtoni thoguht uboot was fixed11:41
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rburtonah, no11:41
rburtonwhy did that not pop up in my grep11:41
rburtonMarex: is there a good reason why u-boot needs py2, or should we be able to switch to py3 with no changes11:46
Marexrburton: u-boot/master should support python3 already11:49
Marexrburton: or the conversion is mostly done11:50
rburtoni'll swap and see what happens :)11:50
MarexTartarus: ^11:50
Marexrburton: would be great if AUH could upgrade U-Boot automatically :)11:50
rburtonthe recipe hardcodes PYTHON to the py2 we build11:50
rburtoncan't remember why it fails.  is it because there's multiple recipes that need to update in lockstep?11:51
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Marexrburton: yep11:52
Marexrburton: I wonder if that could be somehow fixed11:53
rburtonauh could be taught that some recipes need to be bundled11:53
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto SYSTEMD_SERVICE to install a parameterized service ("@.service") <>12:03
Marexrburton: oooh, how ? :)12:06
ThomasD13kanavin, do you mean a piece of software can be licensed under GPLv2 OR GPLv3 ??12:12
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kayterinaI want to find from which recipe the files in /etc/init.d/ come from,how do I search that?12:19
qschulzif you don't have INHERIT += "rm_work" in your conf/local.conf, a `find -name <name>` in BUILDDIR (tmp/work) should give you what you want12:21
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kayterinaok,that gives me a path to core-ima-minimal, I search for the recipe where the files are added to the image12:30
qschulzkayterina: you should have that same file in some workdir of some package, e.g. WORKDIR/package-split or /packages or /image12:31
qschulzif not... check you actually have those repositories in any package (if not, you have rm_work inherited somewhere)12:31
qschulzif you can't find it anyway, that might be added in the image recipe directly? look for classes inherited by your image recipe?12:32
qschulzbrainstorming with you, not 100% sure what I'm saying is correct12:32
Marexor git grep for the filename in the metalayers directly , might also give some hints :)12:33
Marexkayterina: poky/ or meta-*/ , the list of those which are applied is in conf/bblayers.conf12:34
kayterinanow I'm thinking, since I want to remove them, I can do that in a higher layer without ever knowing how they get into the image?12:35
qschulzMarex: that works if it's explicit in the recipe, sometimes it's part of make/cmake/autotools install step12:35
Marexqschulz: indeed12:35
Marexkayterina: you should do it in the matching package .bbappend12:36
qschulzkayterina: as Marex said, you should modify the original recipe. You usually don't want an image to change the "behavior" of a package by removing one of its files IMO12:37
kayterinawait, I found it. it was from poky/meta/-rcore/initscripts12:38
kayterinaI think.12:39
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kanavinThomasD13, yes, exactly12:49
kanavinyou can choose12:49
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qschulzis Paul Eggleton on IRC by any chance?13:10
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likewiseHow can I get the local-archive smaller? It is 3 Megabytes bytes on target /usr/lib/locale/locale-archive.13:12
kayterinaso...I want to remove a list of "install -m 0644    ${WORKDIR}/functions${D}${sysconfdir}/init.d".  I can't just put them inside a do_install_remove = "..." in my .bbappend?13:40
qschulzkayterina: do_install_append you mean I think, otherwise yes, from there rm ${D}${sysconfdir}/init.d/foo should be good and not too ugly13:42
qschulzkayterina: or a do_install_prepend and you remove it from ${B} both are more or less identical13:43
mckoanqschulz: look for bluelightning13:47
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yatesis there an emacs recipe?13:50
yatesa recent one?13:51
yatesthis one is 13 years old:
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yateshmm. i thought i had a good one, but now i see this was blacklisted:
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rburtonkayterina: if you've built it already, oe-pkgdata-util find-path /etc/init.d/somefile13:58
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mcfriskHi, how to solve file name conflicts in bitbake fetcher and download cache? have multiple recipes which include test data in data.tar which results in conflicts depending on build and download order in download cache. Could bitbake fetcher add checksums or similar to all file names?14:06
RPrburton: 1.6? :)14:12
rburtonha, sorry, blame google :)14:12
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cengiz_iohello there. I have a terribly structured recursive Makefile utilizing wireless driver and trying to build it with module.bbclass. After `extend_recipe_sysroot` succeeds,  `do_install` fails with `make: *** No rule to make target 'modules_install'.  Stop.`. any ideas?14:12
rburtoncengiz_io: your makefile doesn't have a modules_install rule?14:13
RPmcfrisk: I've toyed with the idea of putting files in a domain named subdir but its hard with mirroring, hard to find an ideal solution14:13
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cengiz_iorburton there are tens of Makefiles actually... with suffixes like Makefile.6 Makefile.7 Makefile.8-threads etc.14:14
cengiz_ioI know that Makefile.6 is being used mostly.14:14
ThomasD13The package bluez5 has following license information in my license.manifest file: LICENSE: GPLv2+ & LGPLv2.1+14:14
ThomasD13Does it mean this package contains code which is licensed under both licenses?14:14
ThomasD13And what is the difference to "|" ?14:14
ThomasD13For example dbus: "LICENSE: AFL-2.1 | GPLv2+"14:15
fray| - or..  & and14:16
cengiz_iorburton and that Makefile.6 only has `install` target. I think I'll need to create a `modules_install` target right?14:16
frayit is still your responsibility to read the license and make your own determination14:16
ThomasD13fray: Does it mean i can chose for dbus if I distribute it under AFL-2.1 or GPLv2+ ??14:16
rburtoncengiz_io: yes.  module.bbclass expects a fairly standard build tree.14:17
frayyou will have to read the license, but generally that is the indication14:17
cengiz_ioand I'm fully supporting that..14:17
rburtoncengiz_io: looks like you can set MODULES_INSTALL_TARGET='install' in your recipe14:17
cengiz_iobut mediatek didn't care.14:17
rburtonif you read the class14:17
cengiz_iorburton ah yes! that's the final part of do_install.. let me try that14:18
ThomasD13okay, thank you fray. Thats still confusing to me ;)14:18
frayread the text of the license, it is the only way to understand this stuff..14:18
frayand if you don't understand that, you will need to find a lawyer to read it and explain it to you14:19
ThomasD13The point that I can chose which license I will use confuses me. As far as I understand is that combined work which consists of GPLv2 code, only can be relicensed with GPLv2/v3 or Affero14:20
fraythe license from the original author, and subsequent contributors is what makes up the software.14:21
cengiz_iorburton thanks. it worked. to some degree.. now I need to fix their hardcoded install target paths inside their Makefile.14:21
frayif the original author says "Buy me a beer and you can use it commercially, or you have to release all of your code into the public domain" then they've licensed it with a dual license..14:21
* cengiz_io wants to cut himself14:22
frayas long as all contributors to the code agree, it remains dual licensed.14:22
rburtoncengiz_io: hooray vendor modules14:22
frayif you combine that with other code.. and the other code has something in it that prevents the first license, then the second is what you would need..14:22
fraylicensing is complicated.. the best we can do is provide a quick reference, but only you can read the license and consult a lawyer for the proper interpretation of an individual license, as well as the licenses for any system you create..14:22
ThomasD13ahhh okay. so "|" indicates dual licensing. Now I understood, perfect thank you!14:23
frayterm 'dual license' is confusing on it's own.. sometimes it's an '&', and sometimes it's an '|'..  thus the indicication in the field14:24
yateswhen i get this message from bitbake,, does it mean that there are no recipes for those components?14:26
mcfriskRP: what is a domain name in this context, layer name? I would just add the expected checksum to the file name. at least with checksumming in place my problem was detected and builds failed..14:26
fraythis appears to be coming from a specific configure call.. which means that some particular program is trying to find something that either doesn't exist or it doesn't know how to get to14:27
RPmcfrisk: I was thinking of the actual domain from the URL but it doesn't help14:29
yatesfray: are you talking to me? if so, then yes, that was apparent to me, but i still have the question14:31
mcfriskRP: ah, ok, like git fetcher does with the directory path14:31
fraythere is a severe lack of context in your pastebin14:31
yatesit is what hapepened when i "bitbake emacs" (after unblacklisting it).14:32
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RPmcfrisk: right, the "everything in a directory" mode of the wget backend has bothered me for a while14:32
fraythat is likely why it was blacklisted then.. You will have to dig into the component and fix it14:32
fraywith this error, I'd say the first step is to ensure that either those components are disabled in emacs -- or you've included them as dependencies in the recipe..14:33
frayassume that has been done, then you will need to dig into the configure components and fix them for cross compiling14:33
yatesis there not a working emacs recipe in oe?14:34
yatesi'd rather not reinvent the wheel..14:35
fraysearch -- I don't see one myself there.14:35
frayemacs is pretty heavyweight for an embedded system14:36
yatesi see. thanks for the confirmation14:36
yatesyes, and it won't be used in the production, but i need it for development14:36
fraylast version I can find is in pyro14:37
frayand it was blacklisted14:37
yatesyes, that's what i saw14:37
fraypresuably it was removed from the next version because nobody cared to fix it14:37
frayqemu: uncaught target signal 11 (Segmentation fault) - core dumped - the recipe will be removed on 2017-09-01 unless the issue is fixed14:38
yatesyup, i saw that14:38
frayso there you go, it's been removed for over 2 years and nobody has stepped in to fix it/resubmit it14:38
yateslooks like i may be the lucky guy..14:38
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yatesmaybe i don't HAVE to have it..14:40
yatesi like/prefer running gdb inside it, but i could probably just run it standalone14:40
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johnnylintwhi I am trying to add meta-selinux into a Yocto 2.4-based BSP provided by vendor but I found that I can't successfully build meta-selinux's 2.4 branch. I have to try to pick some fixes from master branch to continue but is still not yet succeed. Is there any other actively developed 2.4 branch or some other way to build against Yocto 2.4 BSP? Thanks.16:09
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mcfriskjohnnylintw: I've used meta-selinux master branch on yocto 2.5, maybe that helps.16:12
rburtonMarex: so i see several py3 fixes in master, a few too many to be bothered backporting.  is there an ETA for the 2020.01 release ('some time in january 2020 is an acceptable answer ;)16:12
johnnylintwmcfrisk: thanks for the info! I've tried to build meta-selinux master branch on 2.4 too, but bitbake just gave me version not match error. so maybe I just need to find some way to ignore that checking?16:18
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qschulzhi all, let's say I have 20 recipes which I tag with the same tag name. How do I easily update the SRCREV and keep everything in sync without spending too much time on that?16:18
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fraycommon include file that is written/managed by a script16:20
bojonesHello. Anyone using the meta-raspberrypi layer? For some reason my root fs is read only when I write an SD card, and I have a hard time finding out what is causing this.16:21
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qschulzfray: what do you put in that file?16:23
mcfriskjohnnylintw: modify LAYERSERIES_COMPAT_selinux in meta-selinux/conf/layer.conf16:23
qschulzbecause that's not really recommended to have tags in SRCREV for exanmmple16:23
frayvariables that define the branch/tag/commit id or whatever.. then you have the recipe either require (error if it's not present) or include (no error -- but then you need recipe defaults)16:23
Marexrburton: Release v2020.1 is scheduled for 6 January 202016:24
Marexrburton: quote from IRC16:24
fraylook at those two16:24
fray(script generates the .inc)16:26
qschulzfray: thanks for sharing!16:27
qschulzfray: tell me if I'm wrong but modifying a line in your .inc file will trigger a rebuild even if that line isn't useful to all recipes right?16:28
johnnylintwmcfrisk: thanks! it is building now!16:28
rburtonMarex: thanks16:33
Marexrburton: sure :)16:33
rburtonqschulz: only if you touch a variable that is used in a recipe16:33
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qschulzrburton: alright, thanks16:34
qschulzfray: since we mentioned it earlier today, did you consider using auh? what made you not use it?16:34
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frayohh that thing..16:41
frayit's for recipe upgrades..  I don't consider srcrevs changing to be recipe upgrades16:42
frayupgrading is when you have 'releases' that move..16:42
RPfray: doesn't mean auh can't handle it though ;-)16:43
qschulzfray: so you're among those having some kind of and then update the SRCREV only?16:43
frayqschulz it completely depends on the situation..16:43
qschulzI'm still new to how people are using Yocto differently so eager to learnt he different usecases, not judging :)16:43
fraydo YOU control the upstream and the recipe?  then I prefer a _git recipe w/ SRCREV change16:44
frayif you only control the recipe, then AUH (or similar process) is the better way16:44
qschulzfray: I control the upstream and the recipe yes16:44
RPqschulz: FWIW if we could get devupstream (the class) working with native recipes, I'd love to have poky-bleeding working again16:44
RP(which tested upstream git versions of things)16:45
frayI find it easier to control the srcrev via the inc then.. since I can trigger it via a cron job, or a post-commit hook, etc..16:45
fraythe reference I posted is controlled by a daily cron job..  so once a day (or prior to a release) it is updated..16:45
frayduring development, the developer just 'rm' and then it uses that absolutle latest from the tree..16:45
frayso it enables the on-going development, but also locks it down to concrete versions as needed16:46
frayit's all about what process works for you....  there are a ton of ways of doing this.. some are better (dependencing on circumstance) then others.. but there are also a lot of 'wrong' ways of doing it..16:46
frayAUH, scripting a srcrev.. they're reasonable..16:46
frayforcing the system to always use AUTOREV is incorrect, since it breaks reproducibility..16:47
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qschulzfray: yeah I know about AUTOREV, great for bootstrapping your thing but horrible afterwards16:49
johnnylintwmcfrisk: my build just failed due to some patches in selinux :p seems like I still need to match the yocto version (?)16:49
frayexactly.. it's a good development tool, but not release16:50
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armpitis is not responding, anyone else seeing this issue?16:55
qschulzarmpit: same here!16:56
armpitk, thanks16:56
armpithalstead, can you take a look?16:57
armpitping works16:57
halsteadarmpit, yes16:58
mcfriskjohnnylintw: or just disable the patches and bbappends which you don't need. one way to do this is to BBMASK the paths in your distro configuration.17:00
halsteadarmpit, Whatever is happening with errors is overwhelming the database.17:02
johnnylintwmcfrisk: okay. let me try again. thx~!17:02
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armpithalstead, that does not sound good.17:03
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: ERROR: /usr/bin/pcap-config should not be used <>17:04
johnnylintwmcfrisk: btw, just wondering if there is a proper way to use meta-selinux? use its master branch anyway or it's better to match the yocto version? those non-master branches make me want to use them lol17:08
halsteadarmpit, Back online for now. I'm not sure if the layerindex update or something on the error-reporting-system was causing DB trouble. I'm separating them onto different database servers to isolate.17:13
armpitthanks for looking into this17:14
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mcfriskjohnnylintw: IMO, with yocto and all meta layers, use the latest version that you can :) shipping products using old layer versions with old open source SW is not a good idea, even if some odd BSP layer depends on that specific yocto version..17:22
frayagreed.  latest versions means less exposure to security issues.. but you still need to update after release17:27
khemllvm/clang community seems to be doing interesting things, first going for github pull requests and now discord and discourse for discussiosn
khemsuch a large community base and taking bold decisions,17:28
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kergothhuh, bold indeed17:29
johnnylintwmcfrisk: fray: thanks. agreed...will try to make the latest one works on my side rather than trying to make old branch work17:31
khemkergoth: lot of univerisities are using llvm for research for past 10-15 years and these students are now getting into work force17:35
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RPkhem: I did look at the community discussion on github pull requests and a few people were not very happy :/17:39
khemRP: yes, few and that always is going to be the case17:39
khemit will be interesting to observe how it pans out for the community17:40
khemsince llvm started almost same time as OE or maybe a bit earlier17:40
RPkhem: it will be interesting to watch17:41
RPkhem: questions pending your reply: Release 2.7.2 and Disband SWAT?17:42
khemindeed, I will naturally participate on these new frameworks and processes so will also help me understand more from inside out17:42
khemyes thanks gearing up :)17:42
khemits monday morning here17:43
RPkhem: just prepping your queue as if I wait until later I miss it :)17:43
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khemyeah heh my mornings are all on phone18:10
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fraykhem, I fixed that and the 'email' problem by getting a new job18:13
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away18:16
khemfray: I see the mail18:18
frayI now have 1 meeting a day.. and only a few emails to deal with..  taking a while to get used to not being interrupt driven in my work18:21
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armpitRP,  oeqa, does it have the ability to define a test to run last?19:06
armpitor to not run in parallel ? ie a reboot test19:08
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wbnis it possible to configure Toaster as a "read-only" service just to show me historical information about my Bitbake builds?20:00
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rburtonkhem: gnome is on discourse now i think too20:40
JPEWCrofton|work: Chat platform:
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khemrburton: yeah gnome is on gitlab as well along with other freedesktop stuff, so they are going strong :)20:57
khemglibc is experimenting with gerrit yuck but anyway its better20:59
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kergothi wish github's pull request system was better at code review. not having an interdiff for branch changes is a serious oversight imo21:49
kergothstill better than email though..21:49
Crofton|workheretic :)21:49
JPEWoh gerrit....21:49
JPEWI have *way* too much experience using that21:50
kergothi keep meaning to try reviewboard at some point, never got around to it though..21:50
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RParmpit: in short, no22:16
RParmpit: would have to be a selftest which could then "own" the running instance22:17
RPwbn: if you have event logs for the build, yes22:17
RPwbn: but we don't save those by default iirc22:18
frayI much prefer email for reviews.  If what is in the email isn't enough, I'll load it into git myself and do the comparisons.. I hate using web or graphical tooling for code reviews, it's incredibly slow compared to just reading an email and hitting 'reply'22:26
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RPfray: I suspect part of it is use, but I know what you mean22:35
* RP worries a push to modern tech could alienate most of our current reviewers22:36
JPEWHmm, nasm doesn't generate reproducible debug info :(22:38
RPJPEW: :(22:41
RPJPEW: did you see the bug I filed?22:41
JPEW#13606 ?22:41
JPEWYa, I saw that one22:42
RPJPEW: finally caught something22:42
RPJPEW: not sure what is in there...22:42
RPJPEW: I tested reproducibility enabled by default and "stuff" broke too :(22:43
JPEWOh really? I wouldn't have expected that22:43
RPJPEW: I filed a load of bugs about it. I think the recipetool fix may help a lot22:43
RPJPEW: somehow its triggering a double free in opkg too :(22:44
* RP is trying to debug that one now22:44
JPEWEww, that's strange22:44
*** rburton <rburton!> has quit IRC22:44
RPsince I doubt anyone will reproduce22:44
JPEWI don't seem to have ssh access to centos7-ty-222:44
JPEWAnd I have to go home now. I'll try to take a look at whats different in those packages tomorrow22:46
RPJPEW: I put the tarball in the bugzilla entry22:46
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RPadelcast: around?23:49
adelcasthey RP, yep, saw your ticket about that nasty bug23:51
RPadelcast: right, I have made some progress on debugging it thankfully23:51
adelcastyes, looks like you root caused it already23:52
RPadelcast: I have some worries about opkg's error handling though23:52
adelcastI am hoping I can spend some time tomorrow to reproduce it, then get a fix23:52
RPadelcast: I at least can explain where the double free comes from and how to fix that23:52
adelcasterror handling has always been less than ideal, yes....23:53
RPadelcast: is there a reason it logs errors to a buffer it "saves for later" ?23:53
adelcastI don't think so no...this was before my time, but I can't think of a good reason23:53
RPadelcast: I'd be very tempted to make it output to stderr immediately as the current behaviour just confuses me23:54
RPadelcast: I fixed it to error "properly" and I get no output now to say what happened23:54
RPIt does explain a lot of unusual opkg errors over the years though - thought it was bitbake losing things23:54
adelcastmake sense to me, eating errors is just bad23:55
adelcastI'll take a look at it to see what it will take23:56
RPadelcast: I think its so it prints all the errors at the end of the output23:57
adelcastwhich makes long as you don't crash, hehe23:57
RPadelcast: right :/23:58

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