Sunday, 2019-12-08

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Ad0RP, that was a life saver, it gives me more detailed errors00:01
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Ad0RP, it did show it during first build but not anymore, how do I make it parse recipies again?00:14
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RPAd0: the files in the tmp/cache and cache directories control that08:44
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Ad0ok RP. I think the cache is messed up, I changed from qemuarm to qemu86-64 and it shows MACHINE  "qemux86-64" but TARGET_SYS "arm-oe-linux-gnueabi"10:54
RPAd0: that is quite unusual as we've not had any other reports of that...11:03
Ad0I have struggled for > day with this issue . the other issue is that it just doesn't read the conf/machine contents (but it finds the files)11:04
Ad0I can type <<><<><< inside the file, trying to break it but it doesn't react on it11:04
Ad0is there a way to reset without nuking the whole build directory in this case?11:05
RPAd0: its sounds like there is something wrong with your setup but I can't say what that is11:09
RPAd0: most of the work in the build directory is saved into the sstate-cache so you can wipe out and rebuild using that and as long as nothing has changed, it will reuse those objects11:10
RPAd0: That case is almost certainly not where your issues are so its safe to preserve11:10
RPAd0: you could try a build in a new directory/setup leaving the existing and just sharing sstate-cache between them?11:11
Ad0hm ok11:11
Ad0thanks. is it possible to force a full re-parse of the recipes only11:12
Ad0I guess it's the combination I have... it silently stops parsing or something11:21
Ad0 nothing provides kernel-devicetree needed by packagegroup-core-boot-1.0-r17.qemux86_64 - I KNOW I have kernel-devicetree, it's right there in poky/meta11:22
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khemRP: sent a binutils upgrade, it will need some AB time. See if you can stage it soon15:57
RPkhem: struggling to keep up with patches :(17:28
Ad0what dermines TARGET_SYS ?17:50
Ad0TRANSLATED_TARGET_ARCH="arm" - that's wrong when I pick qemu86-64 as target machine17:54
Ad0I guess my config is messed up somewhere18:03
Ad0I wanted my distro conf to dictate the machine18:05
Ad0I guess it was not as simple as just setting MACHINE in it18:08
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khemRP: np I understand that, but wanted to let you know, since toolchain pices are quite basic and will need a bit more testing time as you know18:57
khemarm64/arm/x86 world builds are clean on my end with these18:59
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Building an embedded linux yocto <>20:50
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RPkhem: right, fair enough21:38
RPAd0: ah, now if you'd said that earlier...21:42
Ad0my mission is to have as little as possible in local.conf21:42
Ad0and have preferably as much as possible in the image recipe21:42
RPAd0: have a read of meta/conf/bitbake.conf21:42
RPAd0: note in particular how it uses MACHINE before DISTRO21:43
RPfor the include/conf/XXX.conf lines21:43
Ad0would be niuce with a flowchart showing which comes first etc21:44
RPAd0: just read the file!21:44
RPmaintaining documentation which just lists what the file says is a pain...21:45
Ad0haha yes21:45
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Ad0RP, yeah according to bitbake.conf it has to the very least know machine before anything else22:10
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