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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: qemu-system-arm hangs with Raspberry Pi 2 image <>03:15
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DvorkinDmitryhow can I enable systemd service with name "something@port" in my recipe?05:07
DvorkinDmitrySYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE_myservice@S4 = "enable" is not allowed in recipe05:08
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nrossiDvorkinDmitry: Not sure if there is a better way, but serial-getty does manual symlinks during do_install, see
DvorkinDmitrynrossi, thank you. I saw it and don't like how it is done05:36
nrossiDvorkinDmitry: you can always do the variable setting in a anon python function, it does look like systemd.bbclass handles the "a@b" syntax05:38
nrossiDvorkinDmitry: oh wait no sorry, misread it. It skips the b part, just looks for the ".service" part05:39
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DvorkinDmitrynrossi, yes, it just installs links05:43
nrossiDvorkinDmitry: the class does appear to just use systemctl preset, and it does not filter out any SYSTEMD_SERVICE values... so if you can get SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE_... set, it should be able to enable the @* target05:44
DvorkinDmitrynrossi, it does not filter, but I have parse error if do this05:45
nrossiDvorkinDmitry: but you only need to set SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE for the package, not the individual service files. So if you have SYSTEMD_SERVICE_foo = "foo@.service foo@bar.service", and SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE = "enable". It should enable foo@ and foo@bar. At least that is how it appears to be coded in systemd.bbclass05:47
nrossisorry SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE_foo05:47
DvorkinDmitrynrossi, perfect! Let me try...05:48
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Building Yocto on Pandaboard <>07:15
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nacknickHi. Under: build/tmp/work/raspberrypi3-poky-linux-musleabi/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/rootfs/usr/arm-poky-linux-musleabi/bin I have many symbol links. Such as: objdump -> ../../../usr/bin/arm-poky-linux-musleabi-objdump.07:54
nacknickI want to add symbol link to gcc. Where is the recipe that I should modify?07:54
nrossinacknick: look at the gcc-symlinks/g++-symlinks/etc. packages, these should provide the symlinks for you07:59
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nacknicknrossi:PN: gccPV: 7.3.0PR: r0PKGV: 7.3.0PKGR: r0LICENSE: GPL-3.0-with-GCC-exception & GPLv3DESCRIPTION: GNU cc and gcc C compilers.SUMMARY: GNU cc and gcc C compilersRDEPENDS_gcc-symlinks: gccSECTION: develPKG_gcc-symlinks: gcc-symlinksFILES_gcc-symlinks:     /usr/bin/cc     /usr/bin/gcc     /usr/bin/gccbugFILES_INFO: {"/usr/bin/gcc": 27,08:07
nacknick"/usr/bin/cc": 3}PKGSIZE_gcc-symlinks: 3008:07
nacknickSorry. I tried to send the contents of build/tmp/work/cortexa7hf-neon-vfpv4-poky-linux-musleabi/gcc/7.3.0-r0/pkgdata/runtime/gcc-symlinks08:08
nacknickI'm not sure what should I do there08:08
nrossinacknick: oh wait, sorry I think i mis-understood your question. You want a "gcc" symlink under "/usr/<arch-tuple>/bin" which points to <arch-tuple>-gcc. correct?08:10
nacknicknrossi: exactly08:10
nacknickI have symlinks there, but not for gcc, g++, etc.08:10
nacknickI'm talking about the image that was created. I added symlinks manually, but I want Yocto to do it automatically08:11
nrossinacknick: it is not common to have that symlink (since that tuple specific path might be on your PATH). Creating a recipe just for those symlinks or doing it as part of the rootfs post process is the too solutions you should look at. If this is something specific for your target image, then the rootfs post process is probably what you are looking for08:12
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nacknicknrossi: I'll check it. thanks08:13
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Segmentation fault when running vlc application in yocto build <>08:16
nacknickQuestion for all of you: Why are we keep using this old IRC platform instead of much more convenient platform such as Telegram? Where we can send multiple lines messages, screenshots, don't miss messages etc??08:23
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nacknickOK. I don't know if someone is interested, But I opened a Telegram group for all of you. Hopefully it will be large enough...
nacknickHave fun08:46
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LetoThe2ndnacknick: good luck, but me personally will not be on telegram. already been burnt by them.09:21
nacknickburnt? :o09:21
LetoThe2ndnacknick: reasons: needs me a smartphone, uploads my address book for no good reason09:21
nacknickYou don't need a smartphone. I use it on my laptop...09:22
nacknickYou just need to open an account. like in freenode09:22
nacknickI just offered this platform. I use it on many other things and it's brilliant. If people here are not going to cooperate - it's obviously won't work09:23
LetoThe2ndlike i said, good luck. /me will not cooperate.09:24
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Avoid Automatic Make Targets in Eclipse environment <>11:16
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nacknickI want to add symlink in rootfs's /usr/bin. What is the correct path please? `ln -s <???> my_sym_link12:52
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havok101I'm building krogoth on a Ubuntu 16.04 VM and running into an issues where ca-certificates-native-20160104-r0 do_install is stuck and doesn't move forward. When I check htop the procese "c_rehash ." it taking 100% on one core. When I check the certs directory all the certs are there so it looks like it has finished it's job. Not sure why it isn't moving on. Any Idea? Thanks14:34
rburtonstrace it?14:42
rburtonalso krogoth ewww upgrade14:42
havok101The way our project/product is setup that is not going to happen for a while. :(14:45
havok101Just to note this has always worked, stopped working specifically on one VM that was newly built14:52
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havok101for anyone that needs it, it couldn't find perl.16:34
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rburtonhooray VMs17:04
rburtonso we need a sanity check that the host has perl then17:04
rburtonhavok101: i presume you mean there was literally no perl in the vm at all?17:05
rburtonwe *do* check for perl on startup17:05
rburtonhm only when the sanity version changes so if you migrate a build tree between VMs then it won't re-run17:06
rburtonso top tip: when chasing weird build problems in a new environment create a new build dir17:06
rburtonto force the full sanity check to run17:07
havok101perl existed on OS. It wasn't part of the environment when running update-ca-certificates. I'm not entirely sure but changing "c_rehash ." to "perl c_rehash ." worked. Launching the native c_rehash in the x86_64 dir also did not work. It needed to be preceded by "perl". I compared the update-ca-certificates and c_rehash scripts between working and non-working machines and it seemed fine.17:10
havok101I can see how the sanity wouldn't fail since perl actually did exist17:10
rburtonthe script uses a hashbang does it not17:11
havok101it does. So I really don't know why it bombed "#!/home/ctDev/code/yocto/ct_meta-boot2qt/build-ct-var-som-mx6/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/bin/env perl"17:13
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kergothFailure expanding variable AVAILABLE_LICENSES[:=], expression was ${@' '.join(available_licenses(d))} which triggered exception FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/data/kergoth/mel/yocto-test/cbmr-802/meta-mentor/meta-mel-support/licenses'18:44
kergothwhat the hell?18:44
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Crofton|roadanyone have some ideas why files in IMAGE_BOOT_FILES do not make it into a wic timage?20:30
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JPEWCrofton|road: Do you have an entry in the .wks file with --source=bootimg-partition ?20:36
Crofton|roadyeah using one from oe-core20:36
Crofton|roadI fear tomorrows problem, too much socializing20:44
havok101quick question I have libsdl2 building and I'm not sure which recipe is triggering it. What's a good way to figure this out?20:55
JPEWhavok101: bitbake -g might tell you20:58
kergothoe-depends-dot is helpful with that21:05
JPEWkergoth: Did you see my comment on pyrex?21:16
kergothnope, missed it somehow. odd. znc didn't send me that part of the backlog21:17
JPEWkergoth: PYREX_OEROOT isn't referenced in the default pyrex.ini anymore, is it in your local one?21:17
kergothI'm on the next branch. ./ mkconfig - > pyrex.ini -> pyrex.ini references PYREX_OEROOT in the comments commands block.21:23
kergothcommit 69eb6e51b93a3a7227c5a91139737bc241327975 (HEAD -> next, tag: v1.0.0-beta3, origin/next) is checked out21:23
JPEWAh, right.21:24
JPEWkergoth: Ya, that one is wrong for sure. I missed it because it's comment out by default :)21:25
JPEWkergoth: What do you have in the "commands" variable?21:28
kergothi just uncommented it to corerct the bitbake path to being in ${PYREX_OEROOT}/../bitbake, not ${PYREX_OEROOT}/bitbake21:28
kergothleft it as is otherwise21:28
kergothjust trying to get a basic setup with oe-core+bitbake as siblings to work21:29
JPEWkergoth: It *should* work with that variable commented out; I made the container capture the bitbake path and save it off independently21:29
JPEWOr at least I thought21:29
kergothdidn't work here, says the bitbake path doesn't exist21:30
JPEWMy test must not be correct21:30
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JPEWkergoth: Weird, it works for me... would you mind sending me the file $BUILDDIR/pyrex/build.json ?21:58
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kergothJPEW: it doesn't get far enough to actually do anything, there is no build.json. it fails in the initial capture.22:20
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JPEWkergoth: OK, I know whats wrong. The bitbake directory isn't being bound into the container during capture. I think the bigger problem is that the PYREX_OEROOT variable is terribly named :)22:35
kergothJPEW: i don't think this is that different from the suggested init in the README< but maybe i'm missing something22:35
JPEWkergoth: No, you're doing what the README says, it's just wrong :)22:36
JPEWI think if you set PYREX_OEROOT=$PWD everything will work22:36
JPEWI'll rename the variable to make it more clear what it's purpose is22:36
kergothgetting this after changing the source cmd to change PYREX_OEROOT=$PWD and running bitbake -p: ERROR: Unable to find conf/bblayers.conf or conf/bitbake.conf. BBPATH is unset and/or not in a build directory?22:42
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JPEWkergoth: Interesting. That appears to be a zsh-ism... but I get "Pyrex user config file must be defined in $PYREXCONFFILE!" so it's not exactly better :)22:46
JPEWkergoth: OK, I can reproduce both of these and I'll take a look over the holiday22:46
kergothcool, thanks22:49
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