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penguin359I'm trying to migrate a recipe to using externalsrc and have it read the source from one location, but place all build artifacts in a separate build directory.00:12
penguin359However, the source directory is not writeable and that seems to be an issue for bitbake.00:12
penguin359Is there a way to point EXTERNALSRC to a read-only location?00:12
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khempoint S wherever you want00:32
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penguin359Looking through externalsrc.bbclass, it seems that this is hard-coded behavior for ${S}01:25
penguin359d.appendVarFlag(task, "lockfiles", " ${S}/singletask.lock")01:26
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Building an embedded linux yocto <>03:31
penguin359How can I append to a machine-specific DISTRO_FEATURE from an independent layer03:32
penguin359Specifically, I want to enable systemd init for machine qemuarm64 if/when I have this layer enabled.03:33
penguin359Would I just put it into my layer's conf/machine/qemuarm64.conf or would that completely override the poky qemuarm64.conf?03:35
khempenguin359: these are distro features, so either define your own distro layer and add it there, or use some pre-existing distro which already does this e.g. Yoe distro. Or modify your local.conf to add it on top of default reference distro that you might be using like poky, but do not add it to a layer which is not a distro layer03:45
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Can't run Yocto image with runqemu sama5d27-som1-ek-sd <>08:02
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: polkit-0.113-r0 do_configure: Function failed: do_configure <>15:33
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kergothRP: has anyone pursued building a yocto toolchain with more tuning configurations? that is, more than just 32/64/x32 multilibs. if i build an armv5te and armv7te will the same cross gcc be built, or will it be rebuilt even if it doesnt' need to be? I might need to build a single toolchain out of oe that has not just multilib, but mjultiple sysroots for additional tunings including bin, not just libdir changing, so was curious if anyone has looked into16:14
kergoththat. e.g the sourcery external toolchain gcc automatically appends sysroot suffixes for its various multilb configurations, so more than just libdir changes for it. i'm fin explicitly passing --sysroot= for each, just thinking about sdk construction, meta-environment, and whehter it'll rebuild gcc-cross for every configuration16:14
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RPkergoth: we do only build gcc-cross once per arch18:25
RPkergoth: I wanted to push it further but haven't had the time and there wasn't interest really either18:27
* kergoth nods18:41
kergothokay, thanks, that's helpful18:41
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kosakosinski96Hello everyone. I'm in trouble, I'm trying to use temp/humidity sensor bme280 with yocto. I use rocko version of poky and latest driver from bosch sensortec for bme280. With driver they provide example connecting to sensor via i2c. I have compiled it and ran it, i gives -2 code which is device not found. But also I habe used i2cdetect and it gives20:21
kosakosinski96the correct address of device. Can somebody help me or show me what I am missing?20:21
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RPkergoth: in case its not clear, the bit which we vary is libgcc and gcc-runtime which build for each target arch23:00
RPkergoth: we've struggled to get gcc-cross to truly not be target specific though :(23:01
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