Friday, 2020-01-03

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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to source a Bash script in a Yocto recipe <> || Yocto tensorflow 2.0 <>04:59
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stuom1When are the IRC channel logs of 2020 going to get updated?06:17
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stuom1Autotools is installin python files in /home/testuser/work/project/build/tmp/work/aarch64-tdx-linux/pylib/3.3.0-r0/image/home/testuser/work/project/build/tmp/work/aarch64-tdx-linux/pylib/3.3.0-r0/recipe-sysroot/usr/lib/python3.5/site-packages/, what do I need to change to make it install correctly in ./image/usr/lib/python3.5/site-packages and not07:43
stuom1that whole /home/blablabla07:43
stuom1do I need to change something in the autoconf file or can I append/prepend something in the recipe?07:45
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stuom1export PYTHON_SITE_PKG=${PYTHON_SITEPACKAGES_DIR} in do_configure_prepend seems to work08:20
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stuom1what means error during do_rootfs09:57
stuom1* Solver encountered 1 problem(s):09:57
stuom1bitbaking only the recipe works and all files are listed in files-in-package.txt09:58
RPstuom1: perhaps you could say what the rootfs error actually is?10:04
RPstuom1: sounds like you're getting closer10:05
stuom1"Unable to install packages" then a long list of packages and the text above10:06
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RPstuom1: there should be a clue somewhere about why its unable to install them though?10:07
stuom1there is also  * Solution 1:10:08
RPstuom1: I'd suggest pastebinning the log somewhere so we can see the full output. You're not picking the useful lines to paste here...10:09
stuom1@RP i put it here
RPstuom1: the key line is "nothing provides lmfit needed by lumi-1.0+git0+dd5202484e-r0.aarch64"10:12
RPstuom1: so something in the lumi recipe is wrong as its asking for something which doesn't exist10:12
stuom1yes i thought so, thats why I pasted it :P10:12
RPstuom1: you didn't paste that above10:13
stuom1Interestin, it shows on my screen10:13
RPstuom1: something odd about lineendings and your client? Its not here :/10:14
stuom1Bitbaking lmfit works, bitbaking lumi works, but bitbaking image give this error10:15
RPstuom1: right, but the recipe build probably isn't checking the dependencies fully10:15
RPonly when you try and use them is it finding this for some reason10:16
RPstuom1: is this an older release?10:16
stuom1older release of what?10:17
RPstuom1: poky/yocto. Which release is it?10:17
stuom1poky 2.6.310:21
stuom1must be something wrong with my lmfit recipe then because without it everything works, but it is such a basic pypi recipe...10:22
stuom1I added setuptools3 to inherit in the recipe and now it works, interesting... I wouldn't have guessed from that error message heh10:32
stuom1i still dont understand why it was needed though and bitbaking the recipe separately worked10:36
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RPstuom1: How are the files split up in this lmfit recipe? Does it have multiple packages?10:41
RPit kind of sounds like the lmfit package itself may be empty and not generated?10:41
stuom1the recipe has basically only checksums and "inherit pypi" and thats it10:42
RPstuom1: have a look at the generated packages in tmp/deploy/XXX and see if they have the files you expect in them10:44
* RP wonders why this sigs test keeps failing :(10:46
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stuom1If I get error "aarch64-tdx-linux-gfortran: error: libgfortran.spec: No such file or directory" how can I see what exact directory it is trying to find it from?12:48
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ecclescakeis there a way to build a single package using an older version of GCC, but keep everything else the same?13:05
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muppeDoes anybody know what has happened to libiconv? Krogoth apparently had it under meta/recipes-support but Rocko no longer has it. I am just getting some character set related warnings/errors when running samba so I am wondering if I need to fix it somehow.13:19
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PinkSnakeHi muppe13:35
PinkSnakeI don't know about this lib13:35
PinkSnakebut when i'm in your case i use that :
PinkSnaketo find where the recipe is :)13:36
PinkSnakein your case -> meta-mingw or meta-gplv2. Hope it help ;)13:36
muppeok. Thanks. At least I now know where to find it. Not sure if that is really the main issue I am having.13:38
PinkSnakeand the reason why:
muppeI tried to ask about the "core" problem at #samba but I haven't gotten any replies yet.13:38
muppeI see.13:39
muppeBut here is the main mystery I posted on Samba forum. Feel free to comment if you have a clue (or anybody else).13:40
muppeI have two Yocto based linux distros; one running samba v4.1.12 and another one v4.6.7. I can access the shared disk on both devices using Windows 10 machine if the linux machines are connected to our local network. However, if the linux PC has a static IP address and a direct cable connection to Win10 PC, only v4.1.12 works. So I wonder what change in Samba implementation could cause this? I am us13:40
muppeing the same smb.conf in both cases. Maybe smthng should be changed there.13:40
PinkSnake@muppe no more idea sorry13:41
muppe:( ok, no problem13:41
muppeAny samba gurus online?13:42
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PinkSnakeHi all, I'm stuck on qt5 error on Zeus branch (more log here:, someone here has some info ?14:07
stuom1PinkSnake you might be running out of RAM14:10
stuom1try to add some swap14:11
PinkSnakehoooo nice I will tak ea look, could you please tell how you get that from the log ? I'm stupid maybe ? :(14:11
stuom1something killed your compiler14:11
stuom1i got similar error once14:11
PinkSnakeThanks i will try after a fresh reboot14:12
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Ad0alsa didn't go away before I used MACHINE_FEATURES_remove instead of DISTRO_ or IMAGE_15:22
armpitRP, I saw a build failure on perl on zeus.  didn't master have a similar issue?15:23
RParmpit: reproducible builds?15:27
armpitnot sure. let me check15:30
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armpitRP, I don't think so. its the genricx86 build15:48
* armpit ill bug it15:48
RParmpit: not sure then16:02
armpityou thinking about the podfix changes16:07
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RParmpit: right, they were repro builds specific16:11
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khemRP: I have pushed future glibc 2.31 update here
khemRP: give it a shot if there is downtime18:21
khemon AB18:22
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Error in building pulseaudio in yocto <>18:32
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havok101I'm on Krogoth so my system is using Smart package manager. Is there a good way I can tell the system in a recipe that a certain package needs to be the last one to be installed out of all the packages? RDepends the last one it usually install?21:20
havok101The issues is b2qt-launcher was renamed from b2qt-launcher to boot2qt-launcher for which I put RREPLACES in the new recipe this causes the previous package to uninstall which unintentionally kills my app during an update21:22
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fraynot really.. packages don't have a specific install order.. the operations in them should produce an expected output, but the order itself isn't promised22:08
Crofton|roadand krogoth, scary22:09
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havok101hmm it's an issue since b2qt-launcher will run systemctl enable b2qt.service followed by systemctl restart b2qt.service which would cause the main app to restart in the middle of an update22:26
havok101maybe an rdepends on the app might help22:26
kergothyou might want an intermediate replacement package. that is, instead of the new name rreplacing the old one, make it just rdepend on it for now, and change the old package to no longer install anything and kill its scripts. the other package upgrading shouldn't restart the service, as postinst/prerm scripts are supposed to check for an upgrade argument to avoid restarting services on upgrade when not needed, afaik.22:29
kergothjust a random idea22:29
havok101interesting, will try that22:30
* kergoth shrugs22:32
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RPkhem: just when I thought I might manage a green build ;-)22:39
khemRP: it will be green I think, I have clean world builds and all other needed patches are already upstreamed22:42
khembut ofcourse I am interested in runtime tests that AB does22:42
RPkhem: right, I've just started a build with a crazy patch of my own included ;-)22:44
RPkhem: sorry, I didn't see the musl patch v2, could you rebase that against master please?22:45
khemRP: rebased patch is on ml now22:51
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havok101i'm going to try to move from krogoth to a newer version. Is there and documentation or something I can look into for migration from using Smart to DNF?22:57
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RPkhem: thanks23:49
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