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xtronwhat is the best way to add configurations in to the machine configuration file from custom-layer?08:32
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perdmannHi, i need some help. I use gitlab to store my kernel and uboot forks . But i keep getting "fatal: could not read Password for…No such device or address"10:15
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Adding NetworkManager to Raspberrypi Image using Yocto <>12:13
milloniperdmann: here's what i recommend: use ssh-key access to gitlab instead of passwords12:54
milloniit should be set up by default - the only thing you need to do is clone the repository using the ssh:// remote rather than https://12:55
milloniyou'll need to set up your ssh key with gitlab12:55
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milloniand then as long as you run bitbake as the user that has access to that key, it should clone seemlessly12:56
milloniadd the following to SRC_URI12:57
xtronin what is the recommended way to include packages in to image, RDEPENDS or FEATURE_PACKAGES ??13:14
paulbarkerxtron: Are you asking about adding packages to a packagegroup or adding packagegroups to an image?13:17
xtronpaulbarker, adding packagegroup to image13:18
millonidefinitely not RDEPENDS13:18
millonidid you leave out IMAGE_INSTALL on purpose?13:19
paulbarkerAdd the packagegroup name to `IMAGE_INSTALL` in the image recipe13:19
milloniit's the first time i hear of FEATURE_PACKAGES - what is that?13:20
millonioh i get it13:20
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paulbarkermilloni: I think that's used if you're defining a new `IMAGE_FEATURE`:
xtronmilloni, I think in we do RDEPENDS = "something" and then FEATURE_PACKAGES_append = "Apackagegroup" to include the packagegroup to image right?13:22
paulbarkerxtron: Add the packagegroup name to `IMAGE_INSTALL` in the image recipe to include it in an image13:24
milloniyeah, FEATURE_PACKAGES is somethin else entirely - see link that paulbarker posted13:25
milloniyou want to do IMAGE_INSTALL += "Apackagegroup"13:25
milloniin your image.bb13:25
xtronpaulbarker, milloni with an IMAGE_FEATURE we use the above method to include the packagegroup into image13:26
xtrone.g FEATURE_PACKAGES_feature_append = " packagegroup-qt"13:26
millonithat looks correct13:27
milloniwhere would that line go?
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xtronmilloni, in custom-layer's layer.conf or distro/include/custom.conf13:31
milloniright, that makes more sense13:33
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* zeddii dusts off his keyboard13:36
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Couldn't create image from OpenPLI repository in Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS <>14:13
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havok101if is wanted to print a log in a bbclass function should I just use python print or is there another logging system16:34
roussinmIs it possible to use devtool with tarballs?16:41
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kergothhavok101: bb.note/bb.error/bb.warn/bb.debug (the latter requires a debuglevel first argument). downside is they don't automatically join multiple args like print, just accept one16:55
kergoththey're just wrappers around use of the logging module with the BitBake logging domain16:55
kergothmostly, anyway16:55
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roussinmlttng-modules has a devupstream bbclassextend to it, and I have setup a PREFERRED_VERSION_lttng-modules = "2.10.11+git%". Even with that devtool doesn't seem to understand to fetch from the devupstream target. Is this the current expected behavior?17:24
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havok101kergoth: it worked! The boot2qt replacing b2qt package where it would restart the app. Did what you said and added and intermediate package that basically cleaned all of b2qt services and files. boot2qt launcher then rdepended on it which installed the boot2qt-launcher packages correctly without killing the app. Only thing i see is the b2qt-launcher and the intermediate package are still installed which is fine imo. Thanks!22:32
kergothawesome. no problem, glad it worked out22:32
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rangergordhavok101, what's boot2qt like?22:42
rangergordI'm gonna be working on a Qt5 app for the 1st time, but was just gonna run it as a systemd service at startup22:43
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havok101it's nice, it sets up a lot of stuff for you qt5 app. the b2qt-launcher package has been a pain. It usually doesn't upgrade unless the qt major version changes so it's not all bad22:44
havok101since the launcher package starts a service that launches your app if it updates in the middle and decides to restart your app can die in the middle of the update22:45
havok101to some extent it's the design we have too.22:45
rangergordwhat's running under the hood though? Like my apps need to delete old files periodically (which I was gonna do with bash scripts running on systemd timers), do service management (again sytemd), enable the capture of coredumps on, and so on. Can you do all of these with boot2qt?22:46
havok101we have b2qt launching an app that launches our main app. The first app is like a watch dog, it restart the main app if it thinks something is wrong. We also have a hardware watchdog that watches the software watchdog.... sooooo22:47
havok101it has something called appcontroller which will set a lot of vars to enable/disable a bunch of things. We actually haven't enable core dumps via b2qt we have a script that did that22:49
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havok101you will still do a bunch of stuff via systemd22:49
rangergordhmm, OK, so what is boot2qt giving you exactly, over a regular Linux where you just launch the Qt app at startup?22:50
havok101honestly we are just seeing the benefit of environment setup for you app22:52
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havok101these would be the two apps that would be installed22:52
rangergordhmm, last commit 5 years ago22:52
rangergordbut thanks I'll look at that22:52
roussinmrangergord: the default branch is old.22:53
havok101yes these ones22:53
rangergordah yes, I got it22:53
rangergordeven the github one, if you change branches22:53
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havok101we had contracted qt to setup some of this initially and this is the route they went with so we just went along22:54
rangergordif you don't mind me asking how much did that cost?22:54
rangergordcan't even see the cost of a Qt embedded license without contacting them for a quote22:55
havok101ok so embedded license I believe we pay a little over 2k per year but that depends, we are a really tiny company22:56
havok101the setup part was part of their consulting arm22:56
havok101which cost a lot22:56
roussinmhavok101: 2k per year is that for # of total developers?22:56
havok101but they setup us up with our first yocto setup and did all the initial work with the app and anything hardware integration related22:57
havok101that is the embedded license not specific to a dev. QtCommercial is a different cost. Not sure how much we pay with that22:57
havok101I believe depending on the size of the company there is per unit sold cost. I don't have those details22:58
havok101qt is expensive :(22:58
roussinmIt quite good tho.22:59
rangergordhavok101, you gotta keep paying that 2k every year, or only if you need more support?22:59
havok101it used to be always but I think when they made b2qt open source it was only if you needed support.22:59
rangergordI'm the only dev, but unfortunately we don't qualify as a startup22:59
havok101I think they are making most of their dough with the automotive modules22:59
havok101you can still ask them23:00
havok101those costs really depend company to company23:00
havok101i know windriver charges a bomb for when they setup qt for some companies which includes license costs23:00
rangergordI sort of assumed any of those "contact us for a quote" things were basically "if you need to ask, you can't afford it". Cause they DO list the 5500$ for a regular desktop+mobile license, but if you try to check embedded they tell you to contact them23:01
frayno idea as to cost, but in the past QT work was custom for each customer.. so it was a time and materials cost for setup..23:01
havok101no they make arrangements based on your company. I know we've been in a locked in rate for a while and they had mentioned our cost might go up next time.23:02
rangergordI love Qt, was the only thing that made coding in C++ tolerable. And on the GUI side nothing seems comparable that runs on Linux except Flutter, which uses D-Tier language you'd have to learn just for Flutter.23:03
frayQT (company supporting it) hasn't been overly helpful w/ YP work at times in the past..  I've got no comment good/bad on the tech, just that they wanted to do their own thing and not work with us.. which was annoying)23:03
fray(I've not used QT in a few years, so it may be much better then it used to be..)23:04
rangergordonly ever used LGPL Qt, wouldn't know23:05
fraythe stuff I had looked into, but not pursued was the commercial stuff with the QT IDE enironment stuff.... looked neat, but it really didn't want to work with the YP SDK at the time.. (again few years back, it may be MUCH better now)23:06
rangergordfray, what did you move on to, if you don't mind me asking?23:06
fray"standard X11" at the time..23:06
frayI don't remember which libraries we ended up using.. but it was all just standard X..23:06
fraywe used some sort of minimal window manager.. but it was a lot easier to write standard applications that were portable..23:06
fray(this was stuff that was just displaying screens with custom artwork around them)23:07
frayit was NOT a touch screen envionment.. but needed pretty behavior and scrolling up/down.. etc..23:07
fray(ohh and no mouse..  think more arrow key control)23:07
rangergordI've been frozen in time, using Qt4 on a 10yo board, until now. I hope the Qt5 experience on Yocto will be better, I'm excited.23:07
frayQt 4 is what I had been looking at23:08
fraylike I said, few years back..23:08
fraywe started exploring with the LGPL, and then went to look at commercial and decided against it23:08
rangergordI just used the Qt 4.7 that came with the board's SDK and everything worked fine...later on (before Yocto was popular) I used buildroot to build a newer Busybox with Qt 4.8 and it just did everything Qt-related for me, I just selected the packages to use. This was without the board manufacturer's support.23:09
rangergordI'm hoping Yocto will make using the latest Qt5 as straight-forward as buildroot did23:10
frayI had specific graphics drivers (binaries) that I had to use.. it was either X11 or QT (direct frame buffer).. so we were 'limited' in our choice...23:10
rangergordI see23:10
rangergordat the time did you try asking on Stackoverflow?23:11
frayI doubt it.. embedded, nobody wants to talk to anybody problem...23:11
fraythings are better now23:11
frayI was involved on the integration side...23:12
frayother people wrote the graphics apps and made the final decision(s)23:12
rangergordhow many devs in total?23:12
roussinmrangergord: super easy to use the latest Qt on yocto.23:12
roussinmrangergord: We are currently using 5.13, very soon going toward 5.14.23:13
fraythen they must have made integration better..23:13
fraylike I said, used to be stupidly difficult23:13
rangergordany idea why Microsoft doesn't provide a Yocto recipe or whatever? Their instructions haven't been updated for the new release v3 release
rangergordI'm talking about .NET Core23:15
rangergordI'm actually gonna be using that. I just got my board today, so nothing running yet, not even a Yocto image.23:15
frayMicrosoft (through Azure) has done some YP integration, but I've not looked into any of it specificaly23:15
frayMicrosoft though has been helping with some YP work.. so it might be a reasonable question for them23:15
fray(may already be on a road map or something)23:16
rangergordI'll ask on their github later on, was waiting to try for myself first23:16
rangergordallright, good night23:17
fraygood night23:17
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