Wednesday, 2020-01-08

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khemRP: Found the problem with openssh seems to be related to nanosleep in seccomp00:10
khemRP: have fixed it for x86/arm00:10
RPkhem: ah, interesting, good00:10
khemmips also fails so trying to see00:10
RPkhem: did you see the mips boot issue?00:10
RPkhem: that looked different :/00:10
khemmips booted okay for me00:10
khembut it does show same ssh issue00:11
khemssh worked on arm64/riscv6400:11
khembut mips/mips64/arm/x86/x86_64 failed00:11
RPkhem: does the fix make sense for an arch specific issue?00:12
khemRP: hee is the fix so far
khemyes I think it does, openssh/seccomp assumes same values for syscalls00:14
RPkhem: right, yes00:15
khemdebugging sshd is tricky to debug, I realized that I have to strace the child on connection request then I can see the syscall going bonkers00:16
frayya.. debugging a tool designed to be difficult to intercept00:16
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RPkhem: I can imagine, nice work in tracking it down! :)00:16
khemRP: if I can get hold of mips piece then I will send another pull and see if we can drill more issues on glibc 2.3100:17
RPkhem: fair enough, happy to give it another run when it makes sense00:18
RPif anyone wants to fix that locked sig selftest failure btw... :)00:18
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khemmips is glitching on clock_gettime64 hmm ok00:24
khemRP: mips is fixed :), I will try mips64 and ppc as well and see if it works there too00:39
khemif not then I guess will need to fix those too beforee next run00:40
RPkhem: probably worth ensuring they're ok00:40
khemRP:yeah and its also latest SRCREV of glibc so that might have helped booting mips00:53
khembut I am also using gcc10 so I might have to check building mips with gcc900:54
khemRP: the logs you pointed to me were x86_64 only, can you point me to mips logs if you have links handy00:54
khemirc logs might have it too00:54
khemdont know00:54
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khemRP: ssh patch is posted to ml as well as to
khemppc/mips/mips64/x86/arm/x86_64 worked fine01:53
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armpitkhem, so how am I supposed to pronounce your branch ?02:17
khempee-you :)02:25
khemI think it was the git scm book where I learned it and have been using it for pull upstream request branch names02:29
* armpit time to head home02:30
khemI treat it as shortcut for 'publish'02:30
khemarmpit: drive safe, if you are on foot, walk safe02:31
khembecause I am on road02:31
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto Bsp Porting in non dts sdk <>06:51
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iceawayI'm having a weird issue with the wget fetcher in bitbake. I want to download a file from a private bitbucket repository, and if I run wget with the username/password encoded in the url (i.e. it works, but if it is supplied with --user and --password arguments it fails. The bitbake fetcher seems to extract the username/password from the url, and run wget using BOTH07:15
iceaway--user/--password arguments and having them encoded in the url, wich ultimately fails. Has anyone else had this issue?07:15
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to load image in sama5d27-som1-ek board using dataflash <>07:21
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stuom1If i have a file like SRC_URI += "file://;md5=dbeda8d8aa81df8611249a5b01414e03, why is the md5 ignored? I can put there whatever or change the file and I get no warnings?08:43
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PinkSnakestuom1 hello, i think it's because you don't have any URL (local file)08:47
PinkSnakeso file is managed by yourself ;)08:48
stuom1Ok so I dont even need the md5 sum there, who put it there...:P08:48
PinkSnakestuom1 I think so, more info:
PinkSnakeIn fact the md5 is used to check if the file on the server side has been changed or not :)08:50
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stuom1"ld: cannot find Scrt1.o: No such file or directory" -> how can I see what directories are looked from?09:23
stuom1ld complains about few files, I can find them all in recipe-sysroot but I don't know where ld expects them to be09:29
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fl0v0Hi! i am updating an old build from fido to thud atm and just realized, that systemd-networkd is now enabled by default in in the sytemd recipe. Is systemd-networkd now considered to be the default network manager in poky?09:39
fl0v0(at least with systemd as init)09:39
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LetoThe2ndfl0v0: i think thats more of a "if systemd is already around we can get it for little cost, so here we go" - but thats just my $.0209:56
fl0v0LetoThe2nd: ok, thanks :)09:57
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fl0v0i try to figure out if i should stay with connman or switch. Any expieriences if that matters at all? i just need a simple wired dhcp connection10:00
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LetoThe2ndif thats all you need and if the interface is constant, no other config needed, then i'd pick networkd these days. like said, it comes at little cost.10:01
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nacknickHi. Is there a way to build an image without stripping "libc"? I tried to use INHIBIT_PACKAGE_DEBUG_SPLIT = "1" flag - did not work10:28
LetoThe2ndnacknick: which should not spliiting the image avoid stripping?10:29
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LetoThe2ndnacknick: ->
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LetoThe2ndon the other hand, one could use the debugfs10:33
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Change password in yocto squashfs image <>10:52
jwwwwHello, is there a special way to acces u-boot shell with poky on a rpi3 ? earlier when I had a problem and the board could not boot I pressed any key and had a prompt.but now it's fixed , I could not get the prompt even with smashing space key on power up.10:59
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stuom1what can I do about "...do_image_teziimg, the basehash value changed from ... to .... The metadata is not deterministic and this needs to be fixed"11:34
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paulbarkerstuom1: That usually happens when some variable changes between the time bitbake first parses a recipe and when it later tries to run a task11:59
paulbarkerE.g. if you edit a recipe while bitbake is building or if you have a variable set to the date/time12:00
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paulbarkerjwwww: Have you got u-boot enabled in your build and can you see any output from u-boot during the boot at all?12:01
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nacknickLetoThe2nd: thanks12:08
perdmannis there a way to manipulate the content of a wic file?12:30
perdmannduring creation. I always get ext4 images12:30
LetoThe2ndperdmann: sounds like you are mixing up steps12:33
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perdmannLetoThe2nd maybe, but Rauc wants to have a wic file during bundle creation12:36
LetoThe2ndperdmann: yes, so what?12:37
perdmannLetoThe2nd: I want to have a jffs2 inside of it. But if i change IMAGE_FSTYPE i dont get a wic file12:37
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LetoThe2ndperdmann: becuase IMAGE_FSTYPE and wic are kind of chained. if you set "wic" as the fstype, then the script gets run and bundled.12:38
LetoThe2ndperdmann: so if you want your wic to be a jffs2 internally, then you have to modify the .wks file12:38
LetoThe2ndlike i said, you are "mixign up steps"12:39
perdmannis it valid to overwrite/append a task from the wic steps?12:40
perdmannMaybe i should look at the bundle scripts from rauc, for me it makes no sense to manipulate a wic file, which i dont need...12:40
LetoThe2ndno, wks files work differently12:40
LetoThe2ndas in, they are no recipes that can be appended.12:41
perdmannLetoThe2nd do you use rauc? am i using it wrong ? :D12:42
LetoThe2ndperdmann: i am not using rauc, hence i cannot comment. but it sounds legit that it consumes a wic file, as thats basically just a synonym for "binary image payload"12:43
perdmanndid i understand you correctly that wic always have a ext4 inside?12:45
LetoThe2ndwic can have whatever inside.12:46
LetoThe2nd(to my understanding, of course)12:46
perdmannAh, then it makes absolute sense12:46
LetoThe2ndlook at the correspondign wks script12:46
LetoThe2ndi think in livecoding session #8 there is also a (short) peek into one.12:47
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: getaddrinfo returns EAI_ADDRFAMILY on a distribution built with Yocto <>12:52
nacknickLetoThe2nd: I try to avoid libc from being stripped. INHIBIT_PACKAGE_STRIP = "1" did not work - anything else?12:55
LetoThe2ndnacknick: none right now, sorry.12:57
nacknick(y)  thanks12:57
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kanavinrburton, RESULTS - ptest.PtestRunnerTest.test_ptestrunner: PASSED (437.69s)13:14
kanavin \0/13:14
kanavinthat's for fast ptests13:14
kanavinI'll tackle the slow ones next13:14
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RPkanavin: nice! :)13:27
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kanavinRP: I'll send the patchbomb in a moment :) I had also addressed all of the things you mentioned over the holidays13:27
RPkanavin: I'll brace myself :)13:29
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kanavinRP: sent!13:33
rburtonkanavin: i'd appreciate your feedback over the top of ross/glib. once the logic has been demonstrated to work i'll move it to the meson class itself.13:40
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kanavinrburton, looks good to me, but can't really comment on the siteinfo magic as I have no idea about it13:42
rburtonit just looks at a number of variables to get nice names, typically used in meta/site/13:43
rburtonfor autotools13:43
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jwwwwpaulbarker: yes I have u-boot in my build, and I see its output.14:25
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RPkanavin: does look like a good series. I'll put it to the autobuilder, see how things look, thanks14:45
RPkanavin: are these on a branch somewhere? the ovmf patch line endings are managed via email :(14:46
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RPkanavin: thanks14:54
RPkanavin: ovmf isn't in this round but queued locally for the next14:54
RPkanavin: -next build fired (I included other patches so its quite the patchbomb)14:55
kanavinRP: cheers, but where are Tanu's alsa patches?14:57
RPkanavin: queued locally now for the next round14:59
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rburtoni rebased mut here on top of alex's branch15:00
rburtonmut is pretty long now, depending on what next does i'll split up and post sane sections15:01
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kanavinRP, seems like "TypeError: dump_sigtask() got an unexpected keyword argument 'overwrite'" is a failure everywhere :-/15:01
RPkanavin: yes, fixing. My fault15:03
RPkanavin: looks like the other patches will make it in afterall15:03
RPkanavin: requeued15:04
RPrburton: had the libx11 locale failure again :(15:07
PinkSnakeHello guys, i'm currently on an old Yocto project based on custom Zynq7000 board, I have built opencv 3.1 with (imgcodec, png ...) but when I link my test application i got this error : undefined reference to `png_init_filter_functions_neon'. I have tried this patch15:10
PinkSnake but no chance, any idea to fix that ?15:10
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jwwwwoh I think found the issue, in from's u-boot build directory I see that bootdelay is -2.15:25
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TartarusAnyone around that does CROPS?  I'm trying to rebuild (so I can extend the Dockerfile a bit) but I might not be calling right as the tests fail (and I haven't changed anything yet)15:41
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TartarusIt fails with "sudo: unknown user: pokyuser" but a manual test of the image I made says I'm "pokyuser"15:44
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milloniwhere should INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE go? the image recipe or globally?16:27
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qschulzmilloni: we have it in conf/local.conf because we always build more or less the same SW and the licenses don't really change. That way, we're safe (we create conf/local.conf with a script, so shouldn't be touched by engineers). That's how *we* do it. Don't know if it's proper though16:33
milloniok, thanks16:33
millonii'll stick it in the distro config, it might be safer16:34
qschulzmilloni: by *we* I mean the company *I* work for, not YP as a whole :)16:36
millonii figured :)16:36
rburtonyeah stuff like that should be in distro config16:37
rburtonas little in local.conf etc16:37
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RPkanavin: first failures are showing up, rpm still doesn't look happy :/16:44
kanavinRP: :( has been robust here16:44
kanavinRP, some ptests are accessing the network (e.g. busybox tries to reach, should they be disabled?16:47
kanavinI can probably make it work, but it might fail in other environments where the internet is not accessible from the machine running the tests16:48
RPkanavin: probably not, its a good question though, we don't have a policy for that16:48
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kanavinor it requires setting up a proxy etc.16:48
kanavinI guess it's best disabled, tests should be self-contained16:48
RPkanavin: If we're aiming for 100% pass in all cases it would be problematic, certainly16:49
RPI'm still not sure 100% pass is realistic16:49
kanavinRP, I kind of aim to drop @expectedfail from the ptest, but they might defeat me :)16:49
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kanavinRP, at least I do get 100% pass on the fast ptests here16:50
RPkanavin: that is impressive in itself16:51
RPkanavin: I suspect we have a world if intermittent failures to dive into :/16:51
kanavinprobably :-/16:52
kanavinthe failures I fixed were all deterministic though16:52
RPkanavin: right, I just know there are more painful problems :/16:52
RPkanavin: e.g. the ones which depend on which other ptests were included in the image16:52
RPI fixed a lot of that16:53
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qschulzrburton: we're using poky ATM, so no-go for us but good to know that's where it should be, thanks17:10
rburtonqschulz: cp poky.conf mydistro.conf, done17:10
rburtondont use poky directly as you'll get bitten on upgrading if poky changes17:10
rburtonpoky is an example and something QA can test17:11
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qschulzrburton: I know. Not my choice, but I'll need proper convincing to change "something that works" before making us maintain our distro :)17:12
rburtondo you use systemd?17:13
qschulzrburton: (though size optimization could be one way to encourage :) )17:13
qschulzno we do not17:13
rburtonthe next release may well for poky so you'll find yourself using it :)17:13
rburtonas an example of something which will just change underneath you unless you own your own distro config17:14
rburtonalso poky turns on wifi, bluetooth, pulseaudio, nfc...17:14
qschulzrburton: Unfortunately, upgrading is not a big concern ATM :/17:14
qschulz(I mean, for the company, if it was up to me, we would be running 3.0 and testing 3.1 already. Budget. Priorities. etc.. you know the drill)17:15
kergoth"maintaining your own distro" is not difficult, a distro .conf needn't have much in it at all, and you should really be aware of exactly what your distro is doing anyway17:16
kergothpoky's requirements aren't necessarily the same as yours..17:16
qschulzkergoth: poky was a sane default back when the company started using YP. (we started with oe-classic fyi :) ) I have heard what rburton and you said, it's been on my secret todo list for months, but low prio :/17:18
rburtonyeah thats fair17:19
rburtonmy 'backlog' task list is ... quite long17:19
qschulzrburton: don't look at mine :)17:20
qschulzwell, let's not make a "who's the biggest one" contest. That's nothing to be proud of :D17:20
rburtonkanavin: erm does perl-ptest need to have a copy of the perl tree in?17:20
kanavinrburton, I didn't get to perl ptests yet, so I don't know17:21
kanavinwhat I do know is that currently only VMS(!) and windows specific ptests fail, so I wouldn't want to mess with it too much ;)17:21
rburtonoh god it really does copy the source tree17:22
rburtonno wonder its so huge17:22
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roussinmIm using PREFERRED_VERSION_lttng-modules = "2.10.10+git%" to select the devupstream version. When I try using devtool modify lttng-modules, it doesn't seem to care about the PREFERRED_VERSION.17:50
*** frsc <frsc!> has quit IRC17:51
roussinmIt fails on :  Fetcher failure: SRCREV was used yet no valid SCM was found in SRC_URI17:51
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mrk377hello all, question: When I added imagemagick to my local.conf, it pulls in the cantarell-fonts on my read-only rootfs.  It throws an ERROR: do_rootfs: ... rootfs is read-only: [100-cantarell-fonts].  This script "100-cantarell-fonts" is in the /etc/rpm-postinsts and causes error during do_rootfs.  What is best way to fix?18:55
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rburtonmrk377: figure out why cantarrel postinst isn't running at rootfs time19:02
rburtonthe rootfs log should give a hint19:02
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mrk377Ok.  Examining now.19:04
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mrk377rburton: A bit miffed.  When running cantarell-fonts scriptlet - sed: warning: failed to get security context of /home/.../../../poky-sumo-build/build/tmp/work/piu-poky-linux/core-image-piu-dev/1.0-r0/intercept_scripts-39843.../update-font-cache: No data available sed: warning: failed to get security context of19:14
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mrk377It fails running update-font-cache so postinstalls for cantarell-fonts saves script in /etc//rpm-postinsts...  Hmmm... I'm just talking it through.  Must be some obscure security setting for update_font_cache.  Do you concur?19:20
yoctiBug 9155: normal, Medium+, 2.1 M3, Martin.Jansa, RESOLVED FIXED, update_font_cache postinst failing with read-only filesystem19:25
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bertonHi all! I'm trying to use bitbake-layers to fetch layers and add to bblayer using: bitbake-layers layerindex-fetch -b zeus meta-updatehub-raspberrypi. The layers were fetch and added to bblayer correctly, but are in master branch and not in zeus. I don't know if I'm missing something...Does anyone uses bitbake-layers layerindex-fetch command?19:40
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lvbHi, I'm trying to add wic to my IMAGE_FSTYPE. IMAGE_BOOT_FILES has my firmware file (generated by another image_type class) but when I run bitbake do_image_wic can't find the file. Any ideas what I might be missing?19:49
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lvbmy firmware image_type class is listed in IMAGE_TYPEDEP_wic19:50
RPkanavin: 3908 errors found filtered by "33ebcd4e074ae5355d7932535d141365d532d13a" is fairly impressive for the wrong reasons :/19:55
RPkanavin: dropping some bits and retrying19:59
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opennandrahello, it is possible to use variable which is kind of like PACKAGECONFIG in shell function? I'm struggling how to pass argument to python method which comes from loop of this kind of variable20:20
opennandraI have variable like VAR = "item1 item2" and then VAR["item1"] = "123" adn VAR["item2"] = "456"20:22
opennandrathen I would like to use this is shell method like: if [ -n ${VAR} ]; then for i in ${VAR}; do j = "${@call_method(d, '$i)}'"; done20:23
opennandrabut argument passed is not variable but string '$i'20:23
kergoth${@} is expanded at parse time, before the shell is ever run20:27
opennandrakergoth: so is there some example how to use this in my specific case?20:27
kergoththe short answer is you can't do that with shell at all. you'd have to generate the shell you need from python20:27
opennandrakergoth: ok I can chaneg to iterate as you suggested but then I need to return to shell variables/list20:29
opennandrais this possible? like return string list?20:29
opennandraand then use it in shell function?20:29
kergothmake some_python_function_that_iterates_over_VAR_for_you() return the python code as a string20:30
opennandrakergoth: ok and then I can use this as list in shell right? it kind of return different results but I can live with that :D20:31
kergothi don't understand the question. the function returns the shell code that'll be executed20:32
kergothyou can do whatever you want with that20:32
kergothreturn shell commands directly, return a for loop, whatever you want20:32
kergothit's just a string that's substituted befroe the shell function is run20:32
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opennandrakergoth: ok fine20:33
opennandraI think I get it20:33
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bluelightningberton: that's a known issue I'm afraid:
yoctiBug 7852: normal, Medium, 3.99, paul.eggleton, IN PROGRESS DESIGN , bitbake-layers layerindex-fetch doesn't respect branch (-b|--branch) option20:45
bluelightningultimately not that hard to fix, it just needs to check out the correct branch - the only tricky thing is what to do if the layer already exists (checking out could be tricky if there are local changes)20:45
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bertonbluelightning: I forgot to search in bugzilla, thanks!20:48
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