Friday, 2020-01-31

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tlwoernerzeddi: is there a patch that you apply to kernel sources that allows "-c menuconfig" to work?02:09
tlwoerneroops, zeddii ^^02:11
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armpittlwoerner, he is traveling so not sure what timezone he is in02:35
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stacktrustwhat's the best way for a downstream layer to disable boost in OE-core? It's serializing multiconfig build and only mandatory for systemtap?04:00
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LetoThe2ndstacktrust: well if nothing would need it, it wouldn't be built07:13
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erbostacktrust: What LetoThe2nd said, and I guess you could use BBMASK from your own layer.conf to mask the recipes if you want to make sure nothing can pull in boost by mistake in the future.07:19
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LetoThe2ndone can certainly BBMASK things out, but usually fixing the fake dependency (or understanding the right one) is usually the better approach07:22
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erboAgreed, it's just that if you're working on a large scale project it can sometimes be a bit hard to make sure everybody knows and remembers to check that a recipe isn't pulled in by changes in the future. Then it can be a good to add a mask with a comment with the rationale.07:27
LetoThe2nderbo: so as usual. it depends (TM)07:28
erboAbsolutely :) The best thing would maybe be to understand why boost is causing issues with multiconfig build in the first place, and get that fixed.07:28
LetoThe2ndprobably its some form of bottlenect in the DAG, like perl so often is too.07:30
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PinkSnakeMorning guys, what is the better place to put a local device-tree file ( I would like to share the same between u-boot and kernel recipe :)  ) ?07:42
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PinkSnakeMorning guys, what is the better place to put a local device-tree file ( I would like to share the same between u-boot and kernel recipe :)  ) ?08:07
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Ad0I want to add my own .dtb file, namely dt-blob at root, how do I include this in my bbappend?09:00
Ad0was looking at this one but I find it strange that he has it's own copy procedure for the defconfig, when it simply can be added to srcfiles09:03
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Ad0do I really need to create a patch file to modify the kernel makefile?09:06
qschulzPinkSnake: Device Trees aren't exactly one to one compatible between U-Boot and Linux FYI.09:06
qschulzPinkSnake: on the topic now: create a recipe which provides this Device Tree and make it a DEPENDS of both your kernel and u-boot recipes09:06
Ad0oh he had almost the same quesiton lol09:06
qschulzAd0: .dtb or .dts? If you want to build it on its own, I think devicetree.bbclass should be helpful (never used it but it's the 5th time it comes up in the last few days). Otherwise, different options09:08
Ad0.dts but one is dt-blob.bin output, and I will have another one for a device itself09:09
qschulzfull .dts in SRC_URI, you add it to the right place and you patch the Makefile (or add dtbs-y += my.dts to the correct architecture makefile in some task)09:09
qschulzotherwise, patch with dts and makefile in it and put that in SRC_URI09:09
qschulzAd0: "dt-blob.bin output" ?09:10
PinkSnakeqschulz sound like a good idea :)  Thx !09:10
Ad0yes, basic pin configurations09:10
Ad0it's a special file09:10
Ad0I could perhaps grep the meta-raspberrypi09:11
Ad0they add a bunch of dts/dtb09:12
qschulzAd0: could you explain what's hgappening, what's needed, what's what, where's should be what? You're using words I'm not used to (and rpi is a rather unusual ARM board :) )09:14
Ad0I want to produce a dt-blob.bin file that will be added to the root just like bcm2708-rpi-b.dtb09:16
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Ad0so the questio is if I should just compile it myself and add the dtb, or if I should include the dts09:16
Ad0I would like to have source files for everything as a part of the compile process really09:17
Ad0isn't that the "correct" thing to do09:17
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Ad0it seems like the linux kernel sources has the dts though, meta-raspberrypi doesn't add the dts on their own, just include the DTB in the boot using their variable which I can use as well of course09:21
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qschulzAd0: then you're all set. Might need to just update your KERNEL_DEVICE_TREE in your machine conf:
Ad0yeah thanks. might need to do both that and the rpi one09:30
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Ad0seems like it has all changed09:43
Ad0there's no mention of .dts files in arch/arm/boot/dts/Makefile09:43
Ad0it seems to be just dynamically added and compiled if they are in the right directory. so maybe prior to build I can just copy the dts file to the right dir and that's that09:44
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qschulzAd0: sources or we can't help09:44
Ad0you see the dts files flat in this dir
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Ad0so my machine is "bcm" so it would compile all dts files that starts with bcm* as I see it09:51
qschulzAd0: I doubt those are the sources used by meta-raspberrypi?09:51
Ad0meta-raspberrypi uses the produced dtb files from that09:52
Ad0let me find where it's referred09:53
qschulzarch/arm/boot/dts/Makefile mentions .dtb because those are kinda Makefile rules. X.dtb will ask for X.dts to be compiled09:55
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Ad0so KERNEL_DEVICETREE won't magically do that?09:57
qschulzRP: re: rootfs-postcommands: Remove spaces before ; in -ROOTFS_..._COMMAND mail... Isn't it just that he's trying to do _remove = "mycommand;" instead of just _remove = "mycommand"? I don't think we actually care if ROOTFS_.*_COMMAND have "; ; ; ;" in there right? (Haven't checked, just wondering)09:57
qschulzAd0: what's the recipe? Most likely this variable is making Yocto compile only the set DTBs instead of all of them or something, put them in deploy and if another variable is set, put them in /boot ? Something along the way09:59
Ad0I will get to the bottom of it10:00
qschulzAd0: I'm confused why you're looking at the raspberry-pi recipe if you're building that one...10:00
Ad0seems like it does it all? :)10:01
Ad0I use warrior though:
qschulzAd0: why did you send me a pyro link then :)10:02
Ad0haha oops.10:02
qschulzI think you should have enough clues now, I'll get back to work :)10:03
Ad0yeah thanks a lot!10:03
qschulzpleasure, don't hesitate to come back if you need help10:03
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Ad0I am so relieved that this is built in10:04
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stacktrusterbo LetoThe2nd: will try BBMASK.  multiconfig goes through 25K tasks and the graph bottlenecks a few times during the build.  Tried -g to trace boost dependencies, but it's not too useful via ssh.  There's a 2016 comment in oe-core which says Boost is optional but it being marked as DEPENDS to avoid a cyclic dependency.10:16
qschulzstacktrust: dumb idea, but I though of it yesterday... could you actually get the .dot files through ssh. Then run bitbake -u taskexp (NO -g) on it?10:17
qschulzfrom your local station10:17
LetoThe2ndstacktrust: if there's a depends set then masking it out will probably just break the build.10:18
stacktrustThe DEPENDS is in OE-core on systemtap, which is also not needed, so could be masked out also?10:19
qschulzstacktrust: if you try, let me know how that goes :)10:19
stacktrustqschulz: good idea, I need to setup a Linux GUI box.  Mostly on iPad.  Someone mentioned PNG generation, will track that down.10:20
stacktrustToaster also promises a dependency graph and that would have a web interface.10:21
qschulzstacktrust: yeah I wouldn't go that path with PNG generation :) With a 3000 tasks image, it needed 5h to compile the png on my 12core CPU with 32GB of RAM :)10:22
qschulz(but maybe I did something wrong :) )10:22
qschulzand it was unreadable in the end10:22
stacktrustHas anyone tried "bitbake buildtools-tarball" on zeus? It's failing to build tar, because it's trying to apply a CVE patch that is already upstream.  But I can't find the recipe in OE-core which applies this patch, it seems to be magically constructed by SDK machinery.10:26
stacktrustthese images are cool:
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Ad0sigh. it configures and recompiles the kernel each time :/10:34
qschulzAd0: when?10:34
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Ad0when I change the linux-raspberrypi_%.bbappend and change KERNEL_DEVICETREE10:35
qschulzAd0: WAIT. Where are you putting KERNEL_DEVICETREE?10:35
Ad0I tried "dt-blob" without extension10:36
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qschulzAd0: no... not what, where10:36
qschulzAd0: whatever the answer is, it's expected, you change a variable which is used in tasks, thus those tasks will be re-run10:37
Ad0in right10:37
qschulzKERNEL_DEVICETREE should be set in your machine configuration file (meta/conf/machine/blabla.conf10:37
Ad0it got called though10:38
Ad0 No rule to make target 'dt-blob' Stop.10:38
qschulzAd0: have you read the link I sent you?10:40
Ad0I read about KERNEL_DEVICETREE in the mega manual10:40
Ad0which link are you thinking about :)10:40
qschulzRead again then, you missed something in parenthesis10:40
Ad0ok I will try .dtb but the extension should really be .bin to be picked up by the bootloader10:42
Ad0I guess I have to mv the file in a do_something_task10:42
Ad0 No rule to make target 'arch/arm/boot/dts/dt-blob.dtb'.  Stop.10:44
Ad0I guess it needs to be copied there specifically ?10:45
Ad0I don't have my own machine config yet so10:45
qschulzone step at a time10:45
qschulzyes, dt-blob.dts has to be in arch/${ARCH}/boot/dts. You have an example on one way to do it in the marswhatevr recipe you sent me earlier10:46
qschulzand you can see they're passing a defconfig as well10:48
Ad0yeah I was unsure if that was outdated or not10:49
qschulzAd0: I'm so confused, are you actually building for an rpi or for a marsboard?10:52
Ad0rpi. I just found that one to find an example10:52
qschulzAd0: then they're using config fragments10:54
qschulzfrom a quick look, so you'll need to create the ones you want manually10:54
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Ad0if I were to make my own machine. is it possible to inherit include files from meta-raspberrypi ?10:58
Ad0or do I have to copy it all over / join it in one file10:58
qschulzAd0: you can, just use relative path from the root of the meta-raspberrypi layer10:58
Ad0that's nice!10:58
qschulzand it's not inherit, it's include or require for file other than bbclasses10:59
Ad0I am just dreading another recompile :D10:59
Ad0I need to clear the old machines as well10:59
qschulznew machine means almost a complete rebuild :)10:59
Ad0it compiled now btw11:01
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PinkSnakeIs it possible to get tasks dependency tree of one recipe or image? Like listtasks but to know taks call order ?12:13
LetoThe2ndPinkSnake: bitbake -g $YOURRECIPE12:14
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PinkSnakeLetoThe2nd thx ;)12:17
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stuom1what can i do when "devtool modify" cannot fetch sources because of "Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected!  Assume -R? [n]12:55
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stuom1correction, cannot patch_do_patch12:56
stuom1and why i dont get this error when normally bitbaking it12:57
qschulzstuom1: I had some issues with patchdir=.. for a few of my recipes when using devtool. CHeck those. I'd check that the workspace for devtool is clean but I doubt it would let you do something otherwise. Are you using the same machine and distro with devtool than with bitbake?13:02
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stuom1qschulz: i didnt even know i can have different settings for devtool, but atleast explicitly i havent changed anything and devtool has worked with many other recipes. But i will check these, thanks!13:08
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fullstopthat sinking feeling when changing one recipe triggers a rebuild of nearly everything14:37
rburtonfullstop: depending on what you're doing, you can use locked sigs to stop that14:38
fullstopI deserved this one.  :-)14:39
rburtoni used when i was touching and didn't want it to rebuild perl-native every time14:39
fullstopAnd I fully blame nvidia for requiring an older gcc toolchain.14:39
fullstoprburton: saving that for later, thanks!14:40
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: (Yocto / OpenEmbedded) Enabling systemd's libcryptsetup <>14:40
fullstopwith that being said, I'm setting up sstate-cache mirrors so that others here can start making recipes / developing for our platforms without building the world.  It's fantastic.14:41
fullstopIt's taken me months to get to this point, working on this on and off, but this is definitely an area where yocto bests buildroot by a wide margin.14:42
qschulzfullstop: are y'all using the same desktop distro? how much is the sstate-mirror used/efficient? I've been wondering if uninative is enough or not even when you have drastically different distros14:44
rburtonqschulz: uninative means all hosts are identical14:44
qschulzrburton: has it ever all been this?14:45
rburtonsorry not sure what you're asking14:45
fullstopqschulz: yes, but I've set up docker environments to ensure that.14:45
qschulzI mean, no host tools peeking through this uninative thing. even in branches before zeus/master?14:46
fullstopthere are host tools which peek through.  "file" is one example.14:46
rburtonqschulz: host tools don't go into the hashes so won't cause hash changes14:46
rburtoncontainers is a better solution all over14:47
qschulzfullstop: yeah, that's what I was thinking about. A few people running distros with no official Yocto support (arch, gentoo) are running containers but like 2% of the company, others are running... outdated distros14:47
rburtonif you're using container feel free to turn off uninative to save a little bit of time14:47
qschulzrburton: interesting!14:47
fullstopmy desktop is arch, so I'm using docker to run with a ubuntu user space.14:47
qschulzfullstop: yup, we've one dev here doing the same14:48
rburtoni should get around to learning how to do that effectively14:48
qschulzcustom dockerfile though, hopefully we can sync it between people wanting to use docker14:48
qschulzfullstop: how do you manage X with those dockers? e.g. is -utaskexp still usable or -c menuconfig for example14:49
rburtonqschulz: have you seen Pyrex?14:49
fullstopqschulz: one sec, I based it on something I used w/nvidia stuff.14:49
rburton <-- transparent docker magic for company-wide deployment14:49
qschulzrburton: I've heard about it yes, I'm just gathering info from multiple people :)14:49
fullstopqschulz: -- check out launch_container.sh14:49
fullstopYou can launch, for example, xterm from within the container.14:50
fullstopThe volume for the yocto build is just a directory on the host, so others can use graphical editors on the host to make changes if that's their thing.14:52
roussinmWhen creating a repo is it preferred to use the tarball vs git repo?14:53
fullstopI don't know if I'm in the majority here, but git for me.14:54
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qschulzroussinm: just *guessing* here but I think if you change the SRCREV of the git recipe, you just download the difference in objects from the previous SRCREV. New tarball = new tarball. So space advantage when using git if multiple updates? But overall, perfectly clueless14:58
qschulzalso depends if you have proper tarball releases, if not, don't use them.14:58
qschulz(and I think it's not advisable to use archives from github but I'm not so sure anymore and I don't remember where I saw it in Yocto)14:59
roussinmqschulz: the problem I have with using tarball is when you use devtool, it's possible to devtool modify a recipe that is a tarball.15:02
roussinmit's *not*15:02
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roussinmMaybe that should be a feature request?15:02
qschulzwhat? really?15:02
roussinmqschulz: Yes, try to devtool modify a recipe which is a tarball i.e. lttng-ust.15:03
roussinmIt will error out saying that it can't find a git repo.15:03
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qschulzroussinm: I just did15:07
qschulzon thud15:07
JPEWRP: I think I solved YOCTO #13763. Bad interaction between SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH code and AUTOINC15:07
roussinmI'm on warrior?15:09
roussinmqschulz: no sry I'm on zeus.15:09
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Clone repository in post-process function in Yocto <> || Enabling systemd's libcryptsetup <>15:10
qschulzroussinm: try with vanilla poky on master. If it's broken, report. If not, try on zeus with vanilla poky. If broken, report. If not, investigate wtf your layers are doing :)15:11
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roussinmqschulz: it's interesting that our layers could side-effet devtool...15:13
qschulzDistros are very powerful for example. I had reicpe mismatches during parsing because of a vendor Yocto layer15:14
qschulzPlease reproduce and report, that feels like normal use case for devtool15:14
roussinmqschulz: it felt like a normal use case for us too. So I'll try to reproduce without any proprietary layers.15:16
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rburtonroussinm: i prefer tarballs: typically smaller and easier to mirror15:25
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roussinmrburton: yes I prefer them too for that reason, but sometimes isn't useful to have a git history to be able understand some part of the code that we are trying to patch throught devtool? Could devtool work with devupstream?15:30
rburtoni think kanavin fixed some bad devupstream/devtool interaction recently in master15:31
roussinmrburton: Oh nice!15:31
rburtonbut that's a good reason to just use git, if you're patching it15:31
zeddiicrap. history scrolled to far for me. RP: if you had a though on that mips32 kmod test failure, it scrolled away. sorry about that. if not, no worries either.15:34
zeddiiI was out checking the brexit countdown clock in brussels :D15:34
* rburton sobs15:36
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roussinmIf I want to remove python3 from sysroot/TARGET of the generated sdk (we don't need the target binaries), should it be as simple as TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK_remove += "python3" ?15:58
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roussinmMaybe we should hard assign TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK with the stuff we only need? I don't feel like that's the "yocto" way..16:01
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rob_griesqschulz, so I think that I'm getting closer and I am getting a different error from bitbake when including dev-pkgs in the IMAGE_FEATURES of the APQ8053 BSP -- I am now getting multilib duplicate files errors when building in glibc-dev and lib32-glibc-dev into the image.16:22
rob_griesqschulz, The error is the exact one reported by this person --
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roussinmohhhhh one thing that I just found out is that by default if the target is linux it's going to use populate_sdk_ext hmmm, we don't want that for us.16:29
rob_griesIs it possible blacklist or remove the 32-Bit multilib version of the glibc-dev package so as not to trigger the multilib check error: duplicate files issue for the headers?16:33
qschulzrob_gries: PACKAGE_EXCLUDE = "lib32-glibc-dev" maybe? in conf/local.conf. But this might trigger a build error16:34
rob_griesqschulz, I'll give it a try. I already have build errors at this point anyway, so what's one more? /jk16:35
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Can't run apt-get update on yocto linux [closed] <>16:41
rob_griesqschulz: I have unfortunately have reached the same multilib error. Thanks for your help though.16:42
JPEWRP: Ah, that explains the ca-certificates bug also; allarch.bbclass changes WORKDIR in anon python, so the tasks are looking for the epoch file in the wrong place!16:54
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dv|2my toaster can't get AUTOREV from git - gives an exception. the same user, toaster runs can get revision with the same copy-pasted command.17:05
dv|2where should I dig a problem?17:05
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dv|2I am using ~/.ssh/id_rsa key as the git key17:09
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: When a recipe is trying to install files into a shared area when those files already exist.? <> || Handle git submodules to make a "snapshot" of current state <>19:11
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JPEWtlwoerner: Did you see my 2 patches to meta-rockchip (minor fix to rock-pi-4 description and rename tinker-rk3288 -> tinker-board)?19:37
tgamblinJPEW: you and kanavin figured out YP bug 13755 before I even got to start working on it! :P19:39
yoctiBug normal, Medium+, 3.1 M3, trevor.gamblin, NEW , binutils-doc man pages have build timestamp encoded in them19:39
JPEWtgamblin: Ya, I'm not sure if we can use perl-native for pod2man; there's been some resistance to that when it's come up before19:40
JPEWAdds a big bottleneck to the build19:40
JPEWtlwoerner: Ah, actually you probably didn't because I sent it to the wrong mailing list :(19:42
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JPEWheh wrong chat :)20:00
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denixbig thanks to RP and Jefro for scottrif's memoriam!23:49
* armpit raises a glass of Bushmills whiskey in honor of Scott23:50
* armpit or 223:57
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