Saturday, 2020-02-15

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RobertBerger@Saur: This seems to fix the problem:
RobertBerger@Saur: if you think there is a cleaner solution please let me know.14:32
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Adam57Good morning. I remember seeing a warning with a list of sw components under LGPL during the boot. I can't seem to enable that featuer again. Can someone point me to the doc?14:54
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Showing a list of software with LGPL during boot <>14:56
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Adam57Found my answer - it's from arago-gpl-notice from meta-arago. It only displays GPLv3 also.15:06
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khemRP: could it be related to sysrooting problem you are working on ?15:44
khemI have also sent a minor upgrade to webkitgtk which fixes the problem15:44
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Marexzeddii: hey, any plans to update linux-yocto 4.19.y to latest 4.19 ?15:51
Marexzeddii: also, kernel/sched/fair.c doesn't even build, probably due to outdated RT patch15:53
RPkhem: don't think so15:54
khemRP: this minor upgrade helped this was clang compiler btw15:55
khemI saw this error on few builds15:55
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RPkhem: thanks, I've pulled it in to test16:20
Ad0hm does VOLATILE_BINDS create any kind of systemd bindmount service files so I can do After= in a systemd service?16:22
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khemAd0: yes it does16:38
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Ad0cool thanks16:38
Ad0I need to figure out the naming convention16:38
khemlook at meta/recipes-core/volatile-binds/volatile-binds.bb16:38
Ad0yeah reading it now thanks :D16:38
Ad0        services.append("%s.service" % what[1:].replace("/", "-"))16:39
khemusually its name of binds / is replaced wit -16:39
Ad0that's not enough I'm afraid16:39
Ad0system-connection has a dash in it's name, it needs to be escaped16:39
Ad0so the correct name is for instance etc-NetworkManager-system\\x2dconnections.mount16:42
Ad0 if the path is /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections16:42
Ad0should that recipe have a) "home made" systemd-escape stuff or call the systemd-escape binary?16:59
Ad0the escape string is just a hex ascii representation tho17:00
Ad0I will improve on it and maybe submit a patch to have better compat17:03
Ad0the unit name needs to match the path 100%17:03
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Ad0can a bbappend overwrite a python function to "patch" it ?17:59
khemperhaps not18:00
Ad0yeah I want to test it in practice without modifying the original volatile-binds.bb18:00
Ad0hm just saw that it ends with .service so it may be other ruels18:10
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Ad0maybe denix knows if this is dangerous or not to not have the systemd compatible names18:30
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Ad0what's the best strategy to install some files on one machine but not for another?, having it in a custom dir that does NOT match the machine name under the recipe and do_install_append_MACHINE ?19:01
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Ad0SRC_URI_machine += ?19:13
Ad0of course, it was even there from before *smack* I better take some time off lol19:15
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JaMaAd0: "SRC_URI_machine +=" is almost always wrong, SRC_URI_append_machine = " foo"20:20
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Ad0I see either/or all over the place20:30
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Ad0is there a clear-cut += vs _append rule? :)20:31
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JaMaAd0: SRC_URI_machine will override whatever was set in SRC_URI before21:03
JaMaAd0: so it won't _add_ anything extra to existing SRC_URI even when combined with +=21:04
JaMaAd0: _append_machine will keep what was set there and just append extra items to it21:04
khemRP: it seems meson bbclass changes are not doing good. my builds are breaking in parsing21:29
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RPkhem: ok, I'll put those on hold22:39
RPkhem: we should probably start to think about making at least meta-oe parsing part of our incoming patch tests22:46
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khemthis time it is meta-gnome, but yes I agree wider testing would be good as long as it is quick23:13
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