Wednesday, 2020-03-11

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edrexhi. it's been a long time since i messed around with openembedded (sharp zaurus sl-5600 days)01:03
edrextrying to gauge feasibility of building a modern kernel with dri graphics for kindle paperwhite 3 (i.mx6s)01:03
edrexi'm not much of a low level dev but I'm pretty handy/adventurous.01:03
khemedrex: welcome back01:04
edrexreading up but figured I'd seek guidance in channel too01:04
edrexthanks khem01:04
khemyou can definitely do what you want perhaps its better now a days than it was back then01:05
khemall imx stuff is in meta-freescale01:05
khemit no more a monolithic tree01:05
khemso you have layers01:06
khemwhich pile on core layer01:06
edrexi think i was paying a little attention when the layer thing was starting to happen. can't recall what hardware I had then01:07
edrexmaybe I should target some more common hardware first, to get to used to yocto. I have an rpi3 handy.01:12
khemyeah now perhaps you need to look into oe-core+bitbake+meta-freescale for what you want01:12
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Can't add dmidecode into yocto <> || bitbake-layers add-layer meta-python meta-raspberrypi failed <>03:20
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: What is the use of symbolic links in Yocto deploy folder <>03:50
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sj52I have build python 2.7.15 using yocto. However, I get the following error - a = "\\x3cdiv\\x3e" b = a.decode("ascii") Traceback (most recent call last):04:29
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sj52The encoding folder is empty04:42
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Can't find encoding in python - ascii? <>04:50
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Marexhey uh, is setting IMAGE_FSTYPES in an image recipe (not local.conf or so) valid ?05:12
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khemMarex: yeah05:18
khemyou can do for initramfs images e.g.05:19
Marexkhem: ah ok, for some reason I was under the impression IMAGE_FSTYPES should only be set in local.conf / machine.conf05:21
khemMarex: as a DISTRO maintainer thats what I want05:24
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Marexkhem: errr, what is it that you want, per-image-recipe IMAGE_FSTYPES ?05:33
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khemI want to be able to generare same fstype for all machines as a distro person e.g.05:43
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Marexkhem: but then you set the IMAGE_FSTYPE in your local.conf , right05:46
Marexkhem: but my question is the other way around -- is it valid for image recipe, e.g. , to set IMAGE_FSTYPES to e.g. ubifs , and generate only ubifs if I bitbake foo-image ?05:47
Marexkhem: no matter what IMAGE_FSTYPES is set in e.g. machine-bar.conf ?05:47
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake fails at do_rootfs : none of the providers can be installed <> || meta-virtualization rocko branch unable to locate docker package <>05:50
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xtronhi all, is there any key comparison mechanism to pop a warning message when user use default keys for signing etc.. other way around is comparing the md5sum with default key's md5sum06:53
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hopsergood morning. with the tipps of yesterday 'bitbake core-image-minimale' ends with "ERROR: Task (/workdir/poky/meta/recipes-devtools/qemu/ failed with exit code '1'".07:24
hopserI'm on yocto-3.0.1 in a docker container. (
erbohopser: you need to put the actual error in a pastebin somewhere so we can look at it07:25
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hopsererbo: ok, haven't done this before. I'll figure it out. Thank you07:26
erboIt's usually a bit further up from what you gave us, and usually bitbake also gives you a log file name where you can find the error.07:28
ben24Hello yocto users,I'm trying to build multiple kernels with yocto and I have a question about out-of-tree modules (kernel-module-xxx recipes): how can I handle them?They are not included in the module.tgz and they are not built as rpm or ipk.07:29
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hopsererbo: this is the error message ->
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erbohopser: "/workdir/build/tmp/hosttools/ld.bfd: final link failed: Input/output error", that doesn't really look like a yocto error to me. Any chance something went wrong before which could have left some generated file in a weird state?07:36
erbohopser: are you using some network filesystem or so that could cause IO issues?07:38
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hopsererbo: i'm on a laptop with arch linux. bitbake is run inside docker07:38
hopsererbo: my partitions are ext407:39
erbook, and you bind the directory where output it stored into the docker container?07:39
erboIf yes, that's how I always do and it's a quite common way.07:40
hopsererbo: i'm working under /home07:40
hopsererbo: this is how I run docker: "docker run --rm -it -v /home/hopser/projekte/spielwiese/yocto/01-quick-build:/workdir crops/poky --workdir=/workdir"07:41
erbohopser: then that shouldn't be the problem07:42
hopsererbo: good07:42
hopsererbo: what should i look after next?07:43
erboTo me it looks like errors I mostly see when a generated binary ended up being truncated or so for some reason, but the build system thinks it's completed so it's not rebuilt.07:44
erboSo I'd try to "bitbake -c cleansstate qemu-system-native" and then try the build again.07:44
hopsererbo: thank you. i'll try that07:44
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hopsererbo: ERROR: Task do_cleanstate does not exist for target qemu-system-native07:46
hopsererbo: next step would be to remove all folders and start over again?07:47
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erboit's two "s"07:48
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hopsererbo: :)  thanks07:49
hopsererbo: wow, that additional 's' is magic07:50
hopsererbo: i'm looking forward to use some additional 's' for my coding07:51
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erbowhens in doubtsss add somes ss07:52
hopserlol, yeah07:52
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hopsererbo: thank you! 'bitbake -c cleansstate qemu-system-native' lead to a clean base. no the image was build08:04
hopsererbo: /s/no/now/g08:05
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erbohopser: ok, so then problably some file ended up corrupted for some reason. I usually only see that then the OOM killer have stepped in, or I have killed a build process in a not so nice way.08:10
erboBut good that it works now08:11
hopsererbo: thank you. i've learned how to handle this in the future :)08:11
LetoThe2ndnote please, -c clean should also work and is the recommended way.08:16
hopserLetoThe2nd: alright, i'll use them both ;)08:17
erboYeah I guess any truncated binary would have been generated by the failing task, so clean should work. Using cleansstate means that the other tasks run before, like configure etc, would also be re-run which probably wasn't neccessary here.08:19
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* LetoThe2nd declares this to be the new YP anthem
LetoThe2nd(until i declare something else)08:24
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RPwow, a green full build. Makes a nice chance to wake to that08:28
RPalbeit with two warnings which JPEW knows about :)08:28
LetoThe2ndRP: click link, crank up to 11 and add that to the builg green feeling - awesome!08:29
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hopserLetoThe2nd: how do run runqemu? on my host i use 'qemu-system-x86_64 -kernel bzImage -hda core-image-minimal-qemux86-64.ext4 -append "console=ttyS0 root=/dev/hda"'09:29
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hopserLetoThe2nd: when using docker container for bitbake, i can't use runqemu. and on my host the env-settings are missing09:30
LetoThe2ndhopser: you totally can, with a few minor restrictions.09:31
LetoThe2ndhopser: i'm not a huge qemu user anyways, but "runqemu qemux86-64 nographic slirp" should suffice for simple tests inside a docker container.09:32
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hopserLetoThe2nd: ah, i see, thanks. inside the container 'runqemu qemux86' fails. i haven't seen your parameters so far.09:35
LetoThe2ndhopser: hint "fails" is one of the most useless error descriptions ever. if you really care about getting help, make sure to include at least the most obvious error messages.09:36
LetoThe2nda.k.a. "it doesn't work!" - "what does that mean? does it sit at home all day and watch tv?"09:36
erboThat's what my kid told the daycare personell, "My dad is at home all day watched TV".09:38
hopserLetoThe2nd: that's right. you solved the problem with running qemu inside docker. so i didn't want to spam the chat09:38
LetoThe2ndhopser: for the next time :)09:40
hopserLetoThe2nd: for completeness: in docker, 'runqemu qemux86' leads to 'runqemu - ERROR - /workdir/build/tmp/deploy/images/qemux86 not a directory valid DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE'09:41
hopserLetoThe2nd: ...and 'runqemu - ERROR - Command 'ls -t /workdir/build/tmp/deploy/images/qemux86/*.qemuboot.conf' returned non-zero exit status 2.'09:41
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LetoThe2ndhopser: probably because you build for qemux86-64 :) but thats totally not docker related.09:41
hopserLetoThe2nd: we had the story about slow working brains, yesterday... ;)09:43
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LetoThe2ndhopser: anyways, this was good information anyways because it removes any doubt about problems in containers, and concludes to a simple user error. so however annoying it might be for you, it is helpful for us to know what actually went wrong, and that (in this case) we do not have to care further.09:45
hopserLetoThe2nd: good :)09:45
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hopserLetoThe2nd: and thank you. :)09:45
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LetoThe2ndbetween Ceyboard and Khair? ;-)09:47
nextPEBCAKLetoThe2nd: for me it's Chair and Keyboard :-P09:48
nextPEBCAKLetoThe2nd: is there a copyright on your version?09:48
LetoThe2ndrule #1) leto is always right.09:50
LetoThe2ndrule #2) if leto is not right, rule #1 applies.09:50
LetoThe2ndrule #3) RP, kergoth and rburton can override #1 and #2 :)09:50
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nextPEBCAKLetoThe2nd: if put that into my readme09:55
RPLetoThe2nd: :)09:56
nextPEBCAKwow, congrats to tha AO09:57
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LetoThe2ndRP: i just noticed that i basically delivered a prime impostor example. claiming "we break" as somebody who doesn't have a single patch in YP/OE is... funny!10:00
RPLetoThe2nd: you could send a patch? :)10:01
qschulzLetoThe2nd: well at least, you didn't break a dot release of thud with your first patch :)10:02
LetoThe2ndRP: i will, once i figure out my build failures with freebeer_1.0.bb10:02
LetoThe2ndqschulz: want some PR for that?10:03
qschulzLetoThe2nd: lots of beer to forget10:05
LetoThe2ndqschulz: ++10:07
* LetoThe2nd will have beer and loud music tonight.10:07
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Ninic0c0Hello, I'm trying to add a do_rootfs function, all seems ok but i get an error about timestamp ( it's probably because i have created a sub dir inside deploy dir ? Thx!12:20
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zinohi, I can't see the service file in the resulting image: I got this from another working recipe. any hints?
LetoThe2ndzino: FILES_${PN} need the path in D, not the filename12:51
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zinoLetoThe2nd: sorry (i'm quite new to this), I don't really get it12:54
zinoI have gcom.service sitting in "files" folder12:54
rburtondoesnt the systemd class do that for you anyway?12:55
zinoand gcom.service ends up in the rpm12:55
rburtonand your do_install should use ${includedir} instead of making up incdir12:55
LetoThe2ndrburton: yeah, i think so too. still the line is buggy :)12:55
LetoThe2ndzino: it ends up in the rpm, but doesn't get isntalled, but the whole rest of the rpm does?12:56
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zinogood question: I get gcom-package-1.0-r0.corei7_64.rpm, gcom-package-dbg-1.0-r0.corei7_64.rpm, gcom-package-dev-1.0-r0.corei7_64.rpm, gcom-package-staticdev-1.0-r0.corei7_64.rpm13:01
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zinothe service file is only in the first rpm and I don't think it gets installed13:02
LetoThe2ndzino: don't think?13:02
zinoif i "bitbake -c devshell gcom-package" I can see the service file in sysroot-destdir13:03
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LetoThe2ndzino: how about any other contents of the rpm? and, maybe it just doesn't get installed to where you thing?13:03
LetoThe2ndzino: thats not the way to check, you really have to look at the rpm file itself.13:03
zinoLetoThe2nd: "don't think" since it contains two files that I don't see int the image, so it's actualli "no"13:03
rburtonso the problem is that your image doesn't contain the package13:04
rburtondo you add the package to the image?13:04
LetoThe2ndzino: have you just done bitbake gcom, or have you actually added it to your image recipe and rebuilt it?13:05
ben24hello everybody,i'm trying to use yocto multiple kernel capability but i don't understand how to manage out-of-tree modulesis there a way to build them for alternative kernels or add them to alternative kernels module.tgz?13:05
zinoLetoThe2nd: gcom declared as dependency of another package. I've tried "bitbake -c cleanall gcom-package; bitbake core-image-minimal"13:09
LetoThe2ndzino: DEPENDS meant that it has to be around during build time of the other package, not exactly at run time. so if that other package actually relies on gcom to be installed and running, you need to add to to RDEPENDS_${PN} of the other on.13:10
zinoLetoThe2nd: thank you, I'm adding that. could this be the reason for the missing service file?13:12
LetoThe2ndzino: "missing" in the sense of "nobody knew you wanted it to be installed"? yes, probably.13:12
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qschulzI don't remember exactly, does Yocto enforce the python version for task? or does it take /usr/bin/python and it takes whatever the host distro linked it to?13:20
LetoThe2ndqschulz: for task?13:21
LetoThe2ndqschulz: AFAIK it uses the host one, but checks the minmal version/requirements.13:21
qschulzLetoThe2nd: could you elaborate on what's after the coma in your sentence?13:22
LetoThe2ndqschulz: bitbake itself runs on the one that the host provides. it checks the host provided one for the needed minimal version.13:22
LetoThe2nde.g. 3.5 currently, if my brain works.13:23
*** stephano <stephano!> has joined #yocto13:23
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: where is this "needed minimal version" set?13:24
zinoLetoThe2nd: I've added RDEPENDS_${PN} = " gateway" and rebuilt but I still can't see the service file13:26
qschulzLetoThe2nd: I'm asking because we're apparently using some python2 code and some clients have python3 as default in their host system which breaks the code.13:26
LetoThe2ndzino: the one that depends ON gcom has to have gcom in its RDEPENDS.13:27
LetoThe2ndzino: if that is given, then the next step is to look at the manifest13:27
LetoThe2ndqschulz: :)13:27
zinoLetoThe2nd: thank you for your patience13:28
LetoThe2ndzino: i am highly impatient!13:28
* LetoThe2nd cranks up Hammerfalls "Patient Zero".13:29
LetoThe2ndqschulz: you could maybe use meta-python2, depend on python2-native and do some nasty hacks to (ab)use that?13:29
Ninic0c0Stupid Q: I have set  MYVAR="avalue" inside do_rootfs_append (inside bbclass) and added do_cust_function() inside the same class. do_cust_function is not able to get the value of VAR. In yocto variables are not always expanded in bash ? Thx13:30
*** ebail <ebail!> has quit IRC13:30
qschulzLetoThe2nd: no, definitely no. It's just a hack we have in place so clients only have to set one variable to set the root password.13:31
LetoThe2ndNinic0c0: they do not leak outside of functions, AFAIK.13:31
LetoThe2ndqschulz: very good. hi513:31
qschulzI'm puzzled, would this mean it's using python3?13:32
qschulz(we're using thud, so bitbake 1.40 apparently)13:32
Ninic0c0LetoThe2nd so what is the tricks to share a variable between 2 function in bbclass ? o.013:32
qschulzNinic0c0: set it outside :) ?13:32
zinoLetoThe2nd: that did the trick: thank you very much13:34
Ninic0c0qschulz Thx to replyy too, in fact the variable is based on a time stamp, the do_rootfs_append save the value and do_cust_function need this variable latter in the build process :S I'm stupid ? o.013:34
*** emrius <emrius!2e72276b@> has joined #yocto13:35
qschulzis the do_cust_function only called from your do_rootfs task?13:36
LetoThe2ndzino: listening to metal in general and hammerfall in particular often does the trick, i agree.13:36
qschulzI mean, does it have to be a task or can it be part of do_rootfs? In which case, just make it a normal shell function and call it from do_rootfs and send whatever variable you want as argument to the function?13:36
qschulzNinic0c0: ^13:36
emriusHey, I'm trying to write a recipe to fetch a resource from github which I think should be absolute standard. Still I'm failing here and I have no fuc*** clue why. I have this `SRC_URI = "git://;protocol=git;branch=2.x"``13:36
*** Ninic0c0 <Ninic0c0!51ff1123@> has quit IRC13:36
emriusand `SRCREV = "67f0bee9e3b3e55be94e3b34944203270fac4677"`13:37
emriuswhich I is the commit I want to checkout. Anything wrong so far?13:37
qschulzemrius: why git@?13:37
qschulzSRC_URI = "git://;branch=2.x"?13:38
emriusstupid copy-paste from github.com13:38
LetoThe2ndemrius: SRC_URI = "git://;protocol=https;branch=1.x-maint something13:38
LetoThe2ndemrius: straight out of just grepping poky/meta13:38
emriusthanks. I should really have another coffee13:39
tgamblinLetoThe2nd: or Bailey's in the coffee13:41
* LetoThe2nd gives tgamblin the creepy looks.13:42
LetoThe2ndtgamblin: i do some speaking now and then for a specifc conf organizer, and they have the habit of setting up a speaker dinner the evening before. every time i'm with them, after the dinner i order an espresso, pour some scotch from my flask in and declare the conference officially open :)13:49
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emriusHmm... It's downloadin something but there is no license file...13:55
emriusAm I missing something here:
*** stacktrust <stacktrust!> has quit IRC13:56
emriusI mean neglecting the checksums13:56
emriusHang on, let me add the checksums13:57
emriusprobably it just looked as if something was pulled13:57
LetoThe2ndemrius: license TODO and a non-set checksum won't work13:57
*** stacktrust <stacktrust!> has joined #yocto13:57
tgamblinLetoThe2nd: an excellent choice13:58
emriusWhy doesn't it raise an exception complaining about that then but instead says `LIC_FILES_CHKSUM points to an invalid file: /home/marius/mender-qemu/build/tmp/work/core2-64-poky-linux/libmseed/1.0-r0/libmseed-1.0/LICENSE [license-checksum]``13:58
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LetoThe2ndemrius: bevore i do so, have you actually looked at poky for examples?13:59
LetoThe2ndtgamblin: they keep booking me for unknown reasons :)13:59
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emriusSame result also with checksums:
emriusBTW: checksums are not correct, I know. I waited for bb to check them before when writin a new recipe from scratch and corrected them then according to the verification. That worked before. However, it seems like bb doesn't even reach the point of verification.14:09
qschulzemrius: S = "${WORKDIR}/git" is missing14:11
*** bittin- <bittin-!~luna@unaffiliated/bittin> has joined #yocto14:12
emriusThanks! shouldn't that be default?14:12
bittin-Listening to talk about Yocto at WSLConf #1 Day 2 now :)14:12
LetoThe2ndbittin-: WSLConf?14:12
*** ben24 <ben24!a5e14d26@> has quit IRC14:12
emriusok, I will (y)14:12
emriusah no14:12
emriussorry thought that was where I would find why it's not default.14:13
bittin-LetoThe2nd: Microsoft and Canonicals conference about Windows 10 and Ubuntu, was supposed to be at Microsofts offices in Seattle but its now online over Bluejeans Canonicals instance video conference due to Coronavirus14:13
LetoThe2ndbittin-: ah interesting.14:13
emrius@qschulz: alright, but if the fetcher is git, data will be cloned into `git`. So can't the git fetcher simply set S = ...14:14
emriuswouldn't that make sens?14:14
qschulzemrius: patches welcome :)14:14
emriusIf this image will finally be working one day, I will dive into the actual code of bitbake14:15
qschulzThe thing is, you can have multiple git repo which aren't the main source (where make should be run for example, etc.) in SRC_URI14:15
qschulzand that would fuck up S14:15
emriusI see14:16
rburtonbittin-: 'unleash your iot development tools' i presume?14:17
bittin-rburton: yep14:17
bittin-still for another 13 minutes, and if you don't watch it live it will be on Youtube on Tuesday next week14:18
LetoThe2ndbittin-: whats the executive summary?14:19
rburtonpresumably that iot azure sphere is awesome and yocto powered14:19
rburtonMS would say the first bit obviously :)14:20
bittin-rburton: actually they haven't said anything about Azure Sphere yet14:21
*** hpsy <hpsy!~hpsy@> has quit IRC14:21
bittin-they are mostly talking about that you can use Yocto to setup an own Linux for your smart device and connect to it via Visual Studio/Visual Studio code to program it14:22
bittin-talk just ended 8 minutes for questions now14:22
LetoThe2ndbittin-: so that brought you to use?14:23
bittin-LetoThe2nd: yeah don't really work with embedded much however, but tough i would notice you14:25
LetoThe2ndbittin-: ah. thanks, it is much appreciated.14:26
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JPEWRP: Thoughts on the latest comment on
yoctiBug 13813: normal, High, 3.1 M4, JPEWhacker, IN PROGRESS REVIEW , bitbake hashequiv messages in the console are too verbose14:37
*** hpsy <hpsy!~hpsy@> has joined #yocto14:37
*** bittin- <bittin-!~luna@unaffiliated/bittin> has left #yocto14:38
JPEWNot sure if we should leave it, make it only print once, remove it completely, or make it only print if any setscene tasks actually ran (e.g. "NOTE: 5 setscene tasks completed")14:38
RPJPEW: we need to hide that one somehow14:38
RPJPEW: A summary of the number of tasks completed might be best?14:38
RPJPEW: that way the user sees progress? Hiding may be easiest. Not sure :/14:39
RPJPEW: we had warnings in last nights build again. My current plan is to wait for the fixes for this, then build M314:39
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fullstopI have a systemd bbappend just for a config file.. If I change this file, which has nothing to do with the compilation of systemd, a considerable amount of things will be rebuilt.  Is there a way to avoid this?15:16
LetoThe2ndfullstop: make it a standalone recipe that just RDEPENDS on systemd, if the config file is freestanding.15:18
qschulzfullstop: no I don't think so. Since a file from SRC_URI has changed, do_fetch is run again, and since it's been re-run, the tasks depending on it will be re-run as well15:19
fullstopI think that it will conflict with the systemd package itself.15:19
LetoThe2ndfullstop: then its more complicated (TM)15:19
fullstopI want to modify journal.conf15:19
LetoThe2ndon the other hand, how often are you gonna do that?15:20
fullstopAccording to my statistics, twice.15:20
LetoThe2ndif my problems consist of caring about building systemd twice, i'll consider myself a happy man.15:21
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto install a script along with a kernel module <>15:22
fullstopIt's the other stuff which depends on systemd that I care about.15:22
fullstopaha, I can put the stuff in /etc/systemd/journald.conf.d/*.conf15:24
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fullstopAh, that's much better.  :-)15:40
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JPEWRP: Ok, I think I have it sorted out. I'll work on getting the patches sent today17:10
RPJPEW: thanks! Think we're nearly there with M3 :)17:10
JPEWRP: Good17:11
RPJPEW: FWIW "bitbake-selftest -r tinfoil" seems to reproduce those warnings17:11
JPEWRP: Ok, I'll run that locally to make sure I fixed them17:12
*** dreyna <dreyna!> has quit IRC17:12
RPJPEW: I was starting to think about looking but it sounds like you have it in hand17:13
JPEWRP: Weird. I didn't see them locally. Is it on a specific AB node? I wonder if it's specific to a version of Python17:15
JPEWRP: Oh, nevermind. I see it when I add -j117:16
RPJPEW: I didn't have -j locally. Seen on centos7, ubuntu1804 and ubuntu1904 but not on some other workers17:17
RPJPEW: Its intermittent somehow17:17
RPwhich is never a good sign :/17:17
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rpi_poky_newbieim tring to expand the rootfs at boot like the raspbian distro but it seems to fail..... with raspbian it adds a init script to cmdline.txt to repartition then systemd  calls resize2fs.... with poky after boot i cant access cmdline.txt so using raspbian scripts result in a bootloop... any ideas?17:24
jrdnhave you tried setting IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXTRA_SPACE_append in your
jrdnthat will just append some empty space to your image.  do you need it to happen at boot?17:26
*** yacar_ <yacar_!> has quit IRC17:26
rpi_poky_newbiewanting to happen at boot17:27
*** yacar_ <yacar_!> has joined #yocto17:27
rpi_poky_newbiebut cmdline.txt is missing form /boot after image is running so the way raspbian does it fails17:28
rpi_poky_newbiecreates a bootloop because it cant remove itself from the off of the cmdline.txt17:29
rpi_poky_newbieusing the fs-init recipe in the yocto index just says the "partition is at x already, nothing to do" it seems to want the partition to be resized with fdisk before running resize2fs to expand17:33
JPEWRP: Did you ever write up that howto on tracemalloc? Looks like it tracks resource warnings also :)17:34
RPJPEW: I don't remember if I did :/17:37
RPJPEW: 18th Feb, bitbake-devel, "bitbake memory usage debugging using tracemalloc"17:38
JPEWRP: Got it. Thanks17:39
rpi_poky_newbieso any ideas? would it be better off to create a 3rd data partition and expand it?17:44
rpi_poky_newbieanyone know where cmdline.txt goes while running?17:48
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rpi_poky_newbieso many peeps and no one talks is this thing loaded with bots?18:44
*** florian_kc <florian_kc!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has joined #yocto18:47
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khemrpi_poky_newbie: there is a package called 96boards-tools in meta-96boards if you add it to recipe it will autoexpand the paritions, default is to expand the default rootfs partition18:48
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rpi_poky_newbiethx i will check now18:52
*** stephano <stephano!> has joined #yocto18:52
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rpi_poky_newbieheres a stupid one? whats the right way to include a package thats been split and not installed? bbappend, RDEPENDS_pn what has been working but is that right?18:54
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rpi_poky_newbiekhem : thx i found it will try it now18:59
*** stephano <stephano!> has joined #yocto19:00
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dbroHas anyone had success using the meta-openembedded gRPC recipe and CMake's find_package when cross compiling? The oe gRPC recipe installs gRPCConfig.cmake only into the recipe-sysroot-native dir, and when CMake finds that file it is capable of finding only the corresponding recipe-sysroot-native libs, though is installed in19:23
dbroI can make it work by manually copying the missing cmake artifacts (and grpc binaries which a target would never need but gRPC's cmake files require) in do_compile_prepend, but that's wrong19:26
*** yacar_ <yacar_!> has quit IRC19:28
rpi_poky_newbiedid you see that?19:28
dbroI hadn't, and don't have the patch. Thank you! My issue is specific to target recipe so not sure it's related but trying now....19:34
dbroe.g: I think the cmake dir was "shipped" to sysroot-native fine (don't fully grok the "shipped" terminology though)19:34
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mauz555is there a way to override HOST_SYS for a specific layer ?19:48
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dbro:rpi_poky_newbie That patch fixes the cmake files not installed, but not the grpc binaries (e.g: grpc_cpp_plugin). A start! Thank you again20:09
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rburtonmauz555: why would you do that?20:19
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mauz555i have troubles building a rust app for aarch64 using `meta-rust` layer ( anyone could help ?22:18
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JPEWRP: Just pushed the next set of bitbake logging patches23:29
JPEWErr, send them to the mailing list that is23:30
khemJPEW: does this address some of logging issues I see with docker23:31
JPEWkhem: Depends; what are you seeing?23:31
kheme.g. when output is piped to a file then it has tonne of junk in it23:31
JPEWkhem: Like when you do 'bitbake > log.txt' ?23:32
khemI have to disable -t and then it works23:32
khem-t to launch docker23:32
JPEWkhem: No it won't fix that. Basically, it's because bitbake thinks its running with a tty and doesn't know it's being redirected23:33
khemand bitbake a wrapper to launch bitbake under docker23:33
khemyeah ok23:33
khemnot a big issue but it is annoying23:33
JPEWYa, FWIW, we do this:
JPEWIt's not perfect, i.e. it breaks down if you try to do stdout/stderr seperately23:34
khemright yeah I know23:35
JPEWkhem: But, the patches I have pending will allow you to explicitly log certain domains to a separate file more easily23:37
JPEWBasically, you can do anything that Python's structured logging will allow :)23:37
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kergothkhem: wehn i wrap bitbake under docker i check if stdout is a tty, and if not, add "| cat" to the end of the in-docker bitbake command ;)23:44
khemkergoth: yeah that works too23:44
khembut I was hoping it to be seemless23:44
RPJPEW: will that new code fix tinfoil log warnings?23:46
JPEWRP: It did in my testing23:47
RPJPEW: ok, thanks. I didn't think knotty was active in that case :/23:47
JPEWRP: Huh, weird. There was some previous code in that spot that closed the loggers that I removed b/c I thought it was unnecessary23:48
JPEWApparently not23:48
khemkergoth: can you share the logic ?23:48
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rpi_poky_newbiehey anyone made a bsp package for "Orange pi 4g-iot"  yet?23:56
*** khem <khem!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto23:56

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