Friday, 2020-03-13

armpithmm, its the latest. it should be on the yp sources00:02
armpitHunterZ, this one ?
armpitthe yp mirrors should be part of the poky* distros00:06
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HunterZwhen i try to bitbake from master it only tries to download that from, which is blocked by my firewall (apparently some old version had a keylogger vulnerability, so out goes the baby with the bathwater)00:20
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armpitto get past that, can you wget from YP archives and put that in your download dir?00:23
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HunterZarmpit: Thanks, I'll try that next week if I run into the issue again00:37
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khemoe sources mirror should also have things like this01:23
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anotherNewbhello world!!!03:56
anotherNewbcould any one point me in the right direction? my logs under systemD and supervisorD have symbols i assume it a lang mismatch but what is it that causes python(supervisorD) and systemD(assuming C and bash) both have symbols in logs04:00
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khemanotherNewb: what do you mean by symbols? do you mean special chars05:11
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bootargs to Mount Rootfs on SAMA5D27-SOM1-EK board using TFTP & QSPI <>07:00
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Restrict the size of Root Partition for hddimg <>07:30
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kroon"switching DISTRO_FEATURES on an existing build directory is not supported". Is that really true ?08:57
kroonRP, ^^^08:57
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: The postinstall intercept hook 'update_gio_module_cache' failed <> || Where yocto assign default kernel? <>09:01
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RPkroon: technically. It works much better than it ever used to and likely works most of the time now09:12
qschulzhi all, I've some client on Ubuntu 16.04 and building thud. They have some python function called in a variable assignment which fails because it's python2 valid but not python3. /usr/bin/python points to python2.7... Does someone have a clue why Yocto/bitbake is trying to run that python function with apparently python3?09:15
RPqschulz: wouldn't bitbake be running under py3?09:16
kroonRP, ok. I just got that long error message about a recipe trying to install files into a shared area when the files already exsists, in sstate.bbclass (error on my part). But I guess we keep it the way it is then ?09:17
qschulzRP: that what makes no sense to me! That puzzles me a lot. I'm pretty sure Yocto/bitbake wasn't ready for python3 until zeus right?09:19
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qschulzbut the error is pretty explicit, it's a python2 function which does not exist in python3 anymore... (range vs xrange and another string function). I don't see an explanation for that /o\09:22
LetoThe2ndqschulz: explicit? parental advisory?09:24
RPqschulz: no, our metadata was not. Bitbake switched ages ago09:25
RPkroon: that can probably be fixed or maybe was fixed in master. Which version?09:25
RPqschulz: - sumo has bitbake using python309:26
kroonRP, this is master. The message mentions as an example that switching from "systemd" to "udev" in DISTRO_FEATURES is not supported09:29
qschulzRP: I'm confused now.... since bitbake is running on python3, should all python task be executed with python3?09:33
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RPqschulz: yes09:38
RPkroon: its never been officially supported, it does actually mostly work now09:39
RPkroon: there are still some issues by the sounds of it. I would be interested in test case09:39
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qschulzRP: aha! krogoth was still executing bitbake with python2. That's code we didn't migrate!09:44
qschulzRP: everything's clear! thanks a bunch!09:44
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emriusGood morning everybody. I hope you have a great corona free day. So, I'm failing at injection my own wpa_supplicant.conf into my image :(  Do you have a hint on how to do that or which line of the mega manual I should reread?09:50
emriusI also phrased my question here.
emriusSo feel free to add your thoughts there09:50
qschulzemrius: _prepend not _append09:51
emriusah oh! yeah? hmm...09:51
qschulzemrius: check the paths given in $WORKDIR/temp/log.do_fetch, you see in which order they are traversed for files09:52
kroonRP, well.. dunno about test cases.. the fault I had was unrelated to DISTRO_FEATURES, I've never had any problems with switching distro features09:52
qschulzor, bitbake -e wpa-supplicant | grep -e "^FILESPATH"09:52
emriusOh great! thanks! debugging hints are always the most lasting! I'll dive right into it09:52
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Patch bitbake to use custom `wpa_supplicant.conf` <>10:01
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vermaeteHi,  Could somebody verify if I have followed the correct procedure to send a patch.10:11
vermaeteWill this be somewhere added to a pachwork website?10:11
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vermaeteAnd because it's a patch on a poky script I'm not 100% sure it's the correct mailinglist I have send it.10:12
qschulzemrius: also, wpa-supplicant and not wpa_supplicant in the path, but I'm gonna answer on SO10:13
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emriusOh, ok. Thanks. I basically copied the layout from underlying poky stencil. At least I thought I had ...10:14
meegoMmmh… is there a way to remove a "inherit" from a recipe with a .bbappend ?10:14
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meegoI'm trying to re-introduce a do_install task in a recipe which inherits nopackages.bbclass10:17
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rburtonmeego: why?10:19
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RPmeego: nopackages doesn't remove the install task?10:20
meegorburton: I want a copy of the BCM2835 bootfiles to be installed somewhere outside of the boot partition
qschulzmeego: state your problem clearly.. nopackages indeed does not remove the install task so your issue isn't very clear to us10:25
RPmeego: it looks like do_deploy already puts it in the deploy directory, can't you use it from there?10:26
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emriusqschulz: Thanks! `bitbake-layers show-appends wpa-supplicant` alone was super helpful!10:27
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meegoqschulz: i'll try. Please forgive me if I don't provide the most relevant context. I understand there's such thing as properly asking for help10:28
qschulzemrius: pleasure, let us know if it works10:28
emriusI will10:29
qschulzmeego: it's fine, we're listening :) Think, what's the original issue? What are you trying to do, what's the error (and forget all you've done so far, tinkering the recipe trying to fix the original problem). Honestly, it's hard to ask proper questions, don't worry10:30
emriusqschulz `bitbake-layers show-appends` indicates that the bbappend is respected. However, The image doesn't seem to be rebuilding. When I fire up the machine after a rebuild and check history it shows the previous couple of commands. I haven't included `wpa-suppplicant` as a dependency explicitly because it's getting installed anyway. Do I still10:37
emriushave to add this dependency explicitly in my image confiugration?10:37
emriusHang on10:38
qschulzemrius: I'10:39
emriusthe file that is acually used from the `poky` - `meta` is called `wpa_supplicant.conf-sane`
qschulz've put more info in your SO, there were more small mistakes than I saw in the first read, please check10:39
qschulzwait... those recipes are 9yo /o\10:40
emriusoh hmm...10:41
emriusno wait10:41
emriusthis is not from poky but some other repo10:41
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emriussorry got kicked out10:43
qschulzemrius: ok so, what's the version shown by `bitbake-layers show-appends wpa-supplicant`?10:44
emrius=== Matched appended recipes  /home/marius/mender-qemu/sources/meta-quakesaver/recipes-system/wpa-supplicant/wpa-supplicant_2.6.bbappend10:44
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emriusSo, actually it must be thud, not warrior.10:45
qschulzemrius: I'm confused, why did you send us the link for this very old poky version from congatec?10:45
emriuscause I'm a lazy googler, copy-pasteing the first hit I find O:310:46
emriussorry for the confusion10:46
emriusNot using that10:46
qschulzok :) so what's the issue now? have you done everything explained in my SO answer?10:47
emriusBut hang on. I just changed `wpa_supplicant.conf` to `wpa_supplicant.conf-sane` which is the nameing used for the file that is acually used here.10:48
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emriusI assume it's somewhere `mv`ed along the road. At least the image is clearly now rebuilding as wpa-supplicant just got rebuild... Hang tight10:49
qschulzemrius: is there any wpa_supplicant.conf-sane in the base recipe of wpa-supplicant?10:49
emriusThe wpa_supplicant.conf has tons of comments and documentation. Thus, I assumed they included the sane version to be actually used in the image (confirmed that already)10:50
qschulzyes, wpa_supplicant.conf-sane seems to be installed as wpa_supplicant.conf in the image according to the recipe I've in thud10:51
emriusHeureka! There it is!!! All in it's place10:51
qschulzand wpa_supplicant.conf is just put in the doc directory10:51
qschulzlet me update the answer10:52
emriusok great! I owe you a beer10:52
LetoThe2ndbeer? i hear beer?10:52
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: do you really have a trigger on the word beer :'D ?10:52
qschulzor better, a bot answering for you :'D?10:53
emriusqschulz was thinking exactly the same10:53
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emriusIf I have an urgent question for you, LetoThe2nd, I know now how to trigger your attention. Might become useful one day10:54
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* LetoThe2nd is mightily disappointed now.10:54
qschulzemrius: updated the SO answer10:55
qschulzso people can have the correct answer :)10:56
emriusAccepted! Thanks a lot!10:56
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qschulzemrius: nice discussion, learned something new as well :)10:57
emriusgreat to hear that!! Win-win :)10:57
kroonWith multiple .bbappends in different layers _append:ing patches to SRC_URI, is there a way to control the patch apply order, besides using BBFILE_PRIORITY_<layer> ? Because I guess filename doesn't matter ?11:01
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qschulzkroon: if all bbappends are using _append and you want to be before, SRC_URI += in your bbappend will work because _append are resolved after all = .= =. += =+ ?= ?==11:03
qschulzthat's what came to my mind, but hackish :/11:04
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meegoqschulz: thanks for the encouragement :)11:06
meegoThe high-level problem I'm trying to solve is improving the over-the-air update logic for Raspberry-Pi based devices. Right now I use Mender for OTA updates. It works well, with a 4-partition layout system (boot, active system, inactive system, persistent data) but there's a catch. It never updates the files located in the boot partition. Mender update artefacts only contain an image of the system partition. So I need to f11:06
meegoind a way to copy the bootfiles to the system partition, so they can be deployed later with a script to the boot partition.11:06
meegoMy idea up to now has been this: #1 figure out which recipes provide the files in the boot partition, #2 write a bbappend for each recipe that copies the bootfiles to a location where I'm sure they'll end up on the system partition during image/artefact building.11:06
meegoThe first obstacle I hit, and the reason for my last question, was with the bcm2835-bootfiles recipe linked above. It do_deploy's files in a path which is not picked up during Mender artefact building. So my objective at this point is to re-introduce a "regular" do_install/do_package/do_populate_sysroot flow to keep the files in the system partition.11:07
qschulzmeego: or, since this looks very image specific, maybe something to do from the image recipe? before it creates the partitions? apparently the files are available in the deploy_dir, so that's a way to get your file into the partition you want11:08
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meegoqschulz: sounds much saner, yes11:09
qschulzmeego: I don't know what Mender is using for creating the partitions, maybe wic? maybe you need to modify the .wks to have the files/directory you want in there. Hopefully I'm not giving you wrong hints11:11
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mabnhdevHi.  I just tried to update Zeus from 3.0.1 to 3.0.2.  I'm now unable to start the bitbake server.  It fails with an error about failure to expand AVAILABLE_LICENSES.  I took a quick look through the mailing list and found no mention.  Before I start diving in, I'm hoping someone can give me a quick fix.11:14
qschulzmabnhdev: give the full error :)11:18
meegoqschulz: that's useful, thanks ! Mender indeed uses wic. I'll follow that lead. I don't know much about wic & what happens during do_image TBH. I'll start w/ the manual…11:18
qschulzIMAGE_CMD_wic ;)11:19
qschulzin classes/image_types_wic.bbclass if you want to read code11:19
kroonHow come raising the layer priority causes a corresponding .bbappend to be applied *later* ?11:20
mabnhdev@qschulz Sorry - thought it may be an obvious one.
LetoThe2ndkroon: probably because *later* means it can override *more*. so it takes higher precedence, which corresponds to a higher priority.11:21
kroonLetoThe2nd, yeah.. makes sense now that you say it11:22
qschulzmabnhdev: where's the licenses dir in meta-exos?11:25
mabnhdev@qschulz I've never had one.11:27
qschulzmabnhdev: try to find if there's any incorrect LICENSE_PATH in some conf/layer.conf. The error is that it's looking for /data/mberger/exos-yocto-307-update/layers/meta-exos/licenses directory but couldn't find it11:27
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mabnhdev@qschulz Aha.  My layers.conf had LICENSE_PATH += "${LAYERDIR}/licenses" (since day 1).  I just commented it out and all is good.  I should probably put together a Licenses dir for my layer.11:31
qschulzmabnhdev: depends, is there a custom license for any of the recipes in your layer? no, no need. yes, please do so :) (you'll be reminded by a warning I think anyway)11:32
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mabnhdev@qschulz Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!  Cheers.11:33
qschulzmabnhdev: my pleasure, learned something as well :)11:33
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meegoqschulz: I think i get it now. The bootfiles are listed under IMAGE_BOOT_FILES. And I've found the image bbclass where they're added to the wks. But now I realize: this Mender logic is indeed image-specific, but what i'm trying to accomplish isn't. Since I'm aiming to have the files in the system partition, the do_install/do_package/do_populate_sysroot path seems relevant in retrospect11:46
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qschulzmeego: I fail to see why it's not image-specific?11:52
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Linus_SWEHi Guys! Ive a problem with a bbapend for my kernel. I have two different machine that uses the same kernel but I need different DTBs and kernel configs for them. How do I solve this in my linux-ti-staging_%.bbappend file? Or should I solve this elsewhere?12:07
LetoThe2ndLinus_SWE: put it into the machine.conf12:08
erboLinus_SWE: you can use machine specific overrides in bbappend too, if machine.conf comes from a third party12:08
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LetoThe2ndtahat another option12:09
Linus_SWELetoThe2nd, erbo Thanks! Im the creator for the machine.conf so no problem.12:09
LetoThe2ndbut usually you'd just stick this into the MACHINE: KERNEL_DEVICETREE = "mymachine.dtb"12:09
Linus_SWEYeah, sorry I wanst clear. I need to build my own DTBs12:10
Linus_SWEso in my bbappend i do SRC_URI += "file://am335x-xxxx.dts" today12:11
Linus_SWECan I do that from machine.conf?12:12
LetoThe2ndin that case you need a kernel recipe append.12:12
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Linus_SWEok, thats what I have today. But should I always build all DTBs and just select them in machine.conf?12:13
LetoThe2ndThats probably the easiest way, yes.12:16
Linus_SWEok, thanks!12:17
Linus_SWEHow about kernel configs? Today I add do like this:12:17
Linus_SWE#Enable RNDIS in kernelSRC_URI += "file://config-usb-net-rndis.cfg"KERNEL_CONFIG_FRAGMENTS_append = " ${WORKDIR}/config-usb-net-rndis.cfg"12:17
Linus_SWEin my bbappend12:17
Linus_SWEHow do I move this to machine.conf?12:17
Linus_SWEsorry about the bad format, there should be some new lines in there.. :)12:18
Linus_SWECan I just do the same and have the files in a folder where the machine.conf is?12:19
LetoThe2ndif you need to reference files then it has to go into a recipe12:20
*** gtristan <gtristan!6e0be3b1@> has quit IRC12:21
Linus_SWEok, thanks. Can I enable specific kernel configs without files?12:21
*** ebail <ebail!> has joined #yocto12:22
*** paulg <paulg!> has quit IRC12:24
LetoThe2ndif the kernel is yocto-ized, then i think so. but thats pretty much beyond my expertise.12:24
*** guerinoni <guerinoni!> has joined #yocto12:25
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Linus_SWELetoThe2nd, Ok. Thanks for your help. Ill do some research :).12:27
LetoThe2ndLinus_SWE: the kernel manual certainly knows more about it.12:28
*** vermaete <vermaete!> has joined #yocto12:31
*** LocutusOfBorg <LocutusOfBorg!~LocutusOf@ubuntu/member/locutusofborg> has joined #yocto12:31
vermaeteCould somebody check if I have followed the correct procdure to submit my first patch?12:31
vermaeteIs this the correct mailing list for a patch in poky?  And will it appear somewhere in a patchwork site?12:32
*** karrman7 <karrman7!> has joined #yocto12:34
karrman7Hi y'all!12:34
karrman7I'm working with a bbclass and I wonder if I can somehow add to FILES_${PN} from the install task?12:35
karrman7I tried but it didn't seem to work...12:35
LetoThe2ndthe variables are supposed to be static after recipe parsing/evaluation, and not to be dynamically tinkered with in functions.12:38
LetoThe2ndor bad recipe architecture, depends on the point of view :)12:39
karrman7I find out the names during compile of some config files so I guess I must parse from annonymus then?12:39
LetoThe2ndreason is, if they are static changes can be detected to trigger tasks and also find problems.12:40
dev1990hmm just wondering if FILES_${PN}_append may work or ${PN} is just unevaluted in class context ?12:40
*** LocutusOfBorg <LocutusOfBorg!~LocutusOf@ubuntu/member/locutusofborg> has quit IRC12:40
LetoThe2nddev1990: the append should work fine, IMHO12:40
karrman7I know the PN from before and I'm trying d.appendVar('FILES_' + pkg, ...)12:41
dev1990karrman7: ok then mayby try with _append12:41
karrman7But _append seems like something that IS handled during parsing...12:42
LetoThe2ndkarrman7: maybe just do the easy way out and add the directory that your unknown config files are ending up to files?12:44
LetoThe2nd(essentially globbing them without knowing the exact names)12:44
karrman7Hmm... there are a bunch of files there that should end up in different packages12:46
LetoThe2ndwas just an idea.12:46
karrman7I am thinking maybe I could add some restriction to the naming, like a prefix, but I rather not.12:47
*** sno <sno!~sno@> has quit IRC12:55
qschulzkarrman7: "I find out the names during compile of some config files"? I'm wondering if the filename matching logic you have in do_install couldn't be used in FILES_${PN} directly. I mean, what's the crazy thing about those files? Also, FILES_ can have more paths or glob without actually matching...12:55
karrman7The config file contain the names of the files I generate12:57
*** andycooper is now known as andycooper_home12:57
*** locutus_ <locutus_!> has joined #yocto12:58
karrman7OK, thanks for suggestions! It will be either naming restrictions or parsing in __anonymous(). Bye!13:03
*** karrman7 <karrman7!> has quit IRC13:04
kroonDoesn't wiping TMPDIR and rebuilding from sstate cache regenerate the task signature files ?13:11
qschulzfrom experience, not in thud at least13:14
JaMakroon: I would use bitbake -S none like scripts/ does13:15
*** m1ster_r0b0t <m1ster_r0b0t!> has joined #yocto13:19
*** sno <sno!> has joined #yocto13:21
kroonJaMa, thanks. seems to be just what I needed13:28
dev1990Are changes from openembedded-core are backporeted to poky overtime or patches should be created and submitted to both projects?13:29
RPdev1990: submit to openembedded-core, poky is a generated repo13:30
JaMathey are integrated with combo-layer tool13:30
kroonJaMa, so I can now: 1. wipe TMPDIR 2. bitbake <my-image> 3. bitbake -S none <my-image> 4. Update layers 5. bitbake <my-image> 6. finally enjoy a working bitbake-diffsigs ?13:30
dev1990RP: ok, thanks13:31
*** hamis_lt_u <hamis_lt_u!~irfan@> has quit IRC13:32
*** maudat <maudat!~moda@> has joined #yocto13:33
qschulzkroon: nice! learned something new. That's a good Friday so far :)13:34
qschulzJaMa: ^13:34
*** vermaete <vermaete!> has quit IRC13:35
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kroonJaMa, qschulz, yeah, that has been bugging me for quite a while13:44
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Is there a way for a custom aarhc64 cross compiler to search for headers and libraries when it is built --with-sysroot=/not/exist <>14:02
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seebsnot really yocto-specific, but I know a lot of people are suddenly WFH more than they used to be:15:09
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Ad0for u-boot do I have to explicitly enable i2c? I get Unknown command 'i2c' - try 'help'15:31
Ad0 in u-boot console15:31
*** yann <yann!> has joined #yocto15:31
qschulzI'm pretty sure it should be this one15:32
qschulzwhen typing help, if you don't see it in the list, it's not there, no magic15:32
Ad0thanks. it looks a lot like kernel config15:33
Ad0it's in 2019.01 too so I should be good15:34
*** Linus_SWE <Linus_SWE!> has quit IRC15:34
Ad0but it's simply not there15:34
Ad0is this a part of the kernel config?15:35
Ad0I was looking for recipe magic to set it15:37
qschulzAd0: kernel config is for the kernel, u-boot config is for u-boot. There are defconfigs for U-Boot yes15:37
qschulzThere's no magic process. Modify the defconfig used by U-Boot, put it in the recipe, build your image, flash u-boot15:38
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Ad0qschulz, thanks16:10
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qschulzmodify the defconfig using menuconfig  please. Then make savedefconfig, then take the defconfig in the root of U-Boot :)16:18
qschulzAd0: ^16:18
Ad0thanks :) well I use mender, and mender is patching and doing a lot of stuff with the config it seems, but there's no "defconfig" filename to be found16:20
Ad0really confusing16:20
*** yann <yann!> has quit IRC16:21
Ad0it's called .config it seems16:21
Ad0ah it runs kconfig with --defconfig16:23
*** LocutusOfBorg <LocutusOfBorg!~LocutusOf@ubuntu/member/locutusofborg> has joined #yocto16:23
qschulzwhen doing make defconfig, it creates a .config which is a list of all Kconfig options available and their value. Defconfig is just a stripped down version of .config. .config is the file used when compiling. That's he difference between both16:25
*** locutus_ <locutus_!> has joined #yocto16:25
Ad0when they do stuff like that16:27
Ad0I was hoping for a config fragment system :)16:27
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kriiveHi guys, do you know when does linux-intel-4.19 go EOL? I tried searching on the internet, but I couldn't find any info17:10
rburtoni *think* fairly soon, but you'll want to ask anuj, the maintainer of meta-intel17:13
qschulzkriive: official 4.19 EOL is end of this year so... more or less same?17:13
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kanavin_homeRP: nice reduction in master-next :)19:06
kanavin_homeI have root rights on my build box now, what's still missing is it's on the wrong network19:07
kanavin_homebig company stuff as usual, takes time19:07
kanavin_homebut it is a 2990 32-core AMD TR19:07
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xyzzy42Is there a way to set SRC_URI if it's not already set?  SRC_URI?= doesn't work, since it appear Poky always sets it to "".22:18
*** ssajal_ <ssajal_!> has quit IRC22:22
kroonxyzzy42, some anonymous python could probably do it22:24
*** roussinm <roussinm!> has quit IRC22:24
kroonxyzzy42, but I'd question why its even set in bitbake.conf to begin with, judging by the git history22:26
rburtonwhy would you want to set it only if its not already set?  curious what the use case is22:31
*** jrdn <jrdn!> has quit IRC22:31
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kroonwhy it is set to "" would be a even more interesting to know to me ..22:33
kroonbut apparently lots of python code assumes SRC_URI != None22:36
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RPkanavin_home: sounds like progress at least! :)23:01
RPkanavin_home: we're actually getting green master-next builds23:01
RPThe history of is "interesting"23:02
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kanavin_homeRP: right, but master-next will fail more often than not, more interesting would be to see a history of plain master builds :)23:10
*** kroon <kroon!> has quit IRC23:11
RPkanavin_home: those are master and master-next. We've not had green builds working for ages :(23:15
RPkanavin_home: is quick builds which are master or stable work and it doesn't look much better :/23:15
RPanyhow, builds have improved23:15
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kanavin_homeRP: right, hopefully there'll be less firefighting, this time it seemed particularly protracted23:18
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