Thursday, 2020-03-26

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armpitsj634, I think that is via the kernel00:09
armpitI believe the device tree needs to be defined in the machine file or in your kernel recipe00:10
armpitfor example see:
sj634where is the recipe to convert dtc to dtb for e.g. - /opt/poky/2.7.3/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/usr/bin/dtc -o dtb -o phyDriver.dtbo -@ ./phyDriver.dts /opt/poky/2.7.3/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/usr/bin/dtc -o dtb -o phyDriver.dtbo -@ ./phyDriver.dts00:40
sj634The problem is that my yocto project isn't generating the symbols file and I believe it is missing -@00:40
sj634So, I have to search in yocto to find where the dtb rule and add -@00:41
sj634Thus, I am unable to use my dtbo since there is no __symbols__ generated by the device tree blob.00:41
sj634One more question is dtb platform independent ?00:42
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sj634Like where are the entire logs of yocto to know from where it is reading the dts file and what command it is running to generate a dtb file00:49
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sj634I can see the output file - ls -l ./tmp/deploy/images/microzed-zynq7/zynq-microzed-microzed-zynq7.dtb01:19
sj634but I don't know how it is getting generated where is the microzed dts file?01:19
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armpitsj634, its part of the kernel build. look at kernel.bbclass or one of the other kernel bbclasses02:19
armpitthe file is generated during kernel build.  the base files could be in a BSP layer that then patches the kernel02:20
zeddiialso peek at kernel-devicetree.bbclass02:20
zeddiibitbake -e <your image> | grep KERNEL_DEVICETREE, might also give you a thread to pull on02:21
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sj634thanks armpit, I can see that my dtb is coming from meta-xilinix kate ./meta-xilinx-bsp/conf/machine/microzed-zynq7.conf but now I am still struggling to find how dts is compiled to dtb here?05:31
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sj634I don't think it is using meta-class since I get the following error messages - $bitbake virtual/dtb -c compile -f05:41
sj634core layer names it is compatible with.05:41
sj634|######################################################################################################################################################################| Time: 0:00:0005:41
sj634virtual/dtb but was skipped: incompatible with machine microzed-zynq7 (not in COMPATIBLE_MACHINE)05:41
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sj634I don't have so I am not sure what rule is it using to generated dtb05:50
sj634Found this file -  ./meta/classes/kernel-devicetree.bbclass but I don't know how to amend this file so that it generates the __symbol__  so that overlay can work.05:53
sj634Is there any bitbake command to just generate the dtb file?05:53
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mcfrisksigh, list server change. googling no longer works. -> 404 page not found07:43
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qschulzsj634: most likely the kernel is building it for you. You have to patch both dtc and the makefile used by the kernel or write a yocto recipe for building a dtb with a dts on your own.08:42
qschulzsj634: I remember doing that for Atmel: and
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Ninic0c0Hello guys! What is the best way to set a variable from a python function (in a bbclass) with an other varibale value in order to use this variable in other function inside the same bbclass file ? explain just with string10:07
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qschulzd.setVar("MYVAR", d.getVar("MYOTHERVAR"))?10:11
qschulzbut variables aren't shared between tasks10:11
qschulzNinic0c0: your question is actually hard to understand. What exactly do you want to do?10:12
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mabnhdevHi all.  I'm working in Zeus.  I want to downgrade lvm2/libdevmapper back to the versions used in Sumo.  I copied sumo's recipes-support/lvm2 to my custom layer.  Added PREFERRED_VERSION_lvm2 and PREFERRED_VERSION_libdevmapper to my conf file.  When bitbake parses, it complains "preferred version 2.02.171 of lvm2 not available (for item10:22
mabnhdevlibdevmapper) versions of lvm2 available: 2.03.02".  After the parsing, I get an error that multiple versions of lvm2 are due to be built.  It seems to be ignoring my PREFERRED_VERSION_lvm2 = "2.02.171" directive.  I can't figure out where I'm going wrong.  versions of lvm2 available: 2.03.0210:22
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto device-tree interrupt on certain pin <>10:29
Ninic0c0qschulz hello :)  In fact should be really simple I have added 2 custom functions, and I want to share a simple variable.10:32
qschulzNinic0c0: can't, variables set in a task are set for the task only10:35
qschulzNinic0c0: but variables set in python __anonymous (which is executed at parsing time IIRC), are recipe-wide10:36
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Ninic0c0qschulz workaround possible ? create empty "global var" outside of function and call d.setVar/d.getVar from both functions ?10:38
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Ninic0c0qschulz ok :(  do you know it's not possible (just to understand) because looks a simple thing no ?10:41
qschulz11:35     qschulz| Ninic0c0: can't, variables set in a task are set for the task only10:42
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copycat_88Hi there10:52
copycat_88Question regarding the Siemens kas. How can I use env variables inside kas yaml files? I need to specify the path to directory with repo, based on the kas workdir10:52
copycat_88  meta-my-own-meta:10:53
copycat_88    path: "$KAS_WORK_DIR/meta-my-own-meta"10:53
copycat_88Aww, sorry for multi-messaging, still can't handle this IRC feature with newlines10:53
mabnhdevMore details about my lvm2 backport problem here -
copycat_88BTW,  path: "${TOPDIR}/../meta-my-own-meta" is working solution, but it looks, well, ugly10:54
LetoThe2ndcopycat_88: kas can directly reference a layer in its own repository.10:55
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LetoThe2ndcopycat_88: like this:
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copycat_88LetoThe2nd: yeah, this works when layer is places directly in kas repo, but in my case layer is insise sub-directory under kas repo. Like this:10:59
copycat_88I can remove 'path' in case of structure like this: kas_repo/conf/layer.conf, but still can't get any clue how to use sub-directory11:00
LetoThe2ndi just checked, our own setup is a little bit different so i can't give any good advice, sorry.11:01
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milloniis there a date for dunfell release yet (more specific than "April")?11:25
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to create a patch or recipe to change kernel config <>11:30
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LetoThe2ndmilloni: "when its done".. or "when no showstopping bugs exist anymore"... or "once people start submitting"... or...11:34
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milloniis there a tracker i can look at?11:36
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LetoThe2ndand there is
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milloniLetoThe2nd: thanks12:07
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dv|2can't prevent generating -src.rpm packet for my private recipe. How can I avoid it for one closed-source recipe?12:28
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mihaidv|2, FILES_${PN}-src = ""12:35
dv|2mihai, perfect! it works12:42
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dv|2mihai, oh, no. doesn't work... :(12:57
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millonioh, dunfell will be an lts, nice13:03
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LetoThe2ndmilloni: be sure to carefully read the LTS menaing, please.13:04
mihaidv|2, src pkg still generated?13:04
milloniLetoThe2nd: 2 years?13:04
dv|2I even did FILES_${PN}-closed += "/usr/src/debug/${PN}/*" and PACKAGES = "${PN}-closed ${PN}-dbg ${PN}" in my recipe13:05
dv|2and PACKAGE_DEBUG_SPLIT_STYLE = "debug-without-src"13:05
dv|2- doesn't work13:05
qschulzdv|2: isn't the package just empty?13:06
dv|2it is not empty13:06
qschulzdv|2:  15:15     rburton| dv|2: -dbg and -src packages are automatically generated without any input from the recipe, so if you want them to not be, set that13:07
LetoThe2ndmilloni: no, what the S in "LTS" actually includes, and what it does not include. specifically, just because something is declared LTS it doesn't mean it magically receives all bug-/security fixes.13:07
LetoThe2ndmilloni: so if you or your company actually care about LTS, consider contributing please.13:08
milloniLetoThe2nd: ack13:08
millonithat's true for pretty much everything13:08
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dv|2qschulz, oh, seems I found why. had to do cleanall for the recipe13:09
milloniLetoThe2nd: who are you looking for for the lts maintainer? i would consider applying but i need to know more13:09
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*** ericch <ericch!> has joined #yocto13:10
LetoThe2ndmilloni: monitoring upstream recipes and fixes, contributing patches... you don't have go 0 to maintainer!13:11
milloniLetoThe2nd: sure, i only said i would consider this - i work with yocto quite a lot13:13
milloniwhat kind of time commitment would you require from the mainainter?13:13
LetoThe2ndmilloni: if you are seriously thinking about getting involved, talk to RP or armpit13:14
LetoThe2ndmilloni: like i said, there's no need to jump directly to maintainer. producing patches and monitoring things is also a great aid.13:15
millonithanks - RP, armpit - if you can answer the question above i'd appreciate it, or i'd catch you later13:15
milloniLetoThe2nd: i've only sent patches to agl - the yocto build that we work with is so old that we usually don't encounter issues that are still relevant to upstream13:16
*** robert_yang <robert_yang!~robert@> has quit IRC13:16
*** robert_yang <robert_yang!~robert@> has joined #yocto13:17
millonibut i will definitely try to contribute more in the future13:17
milloniLetoThe2nd: how would i go about finding issues to send patches for? bugzilla again? how do i filter for ones that would be the most useful13:17
*** zz_ka6sox is now known as ka6sox13:17
LetoThe2ndmilloni: bugzilla, or talking to RP. he knows best where he needs assistance13:19
milloniok, thanks for the tips, i'll try to see how i can help later13:23
*** nhartman <nhartman!> has joined #yocto13:30
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Need to use git in yocto OS <>13:30
*** timemaster <timemaster!> has joined #yocto13:32
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JPEWmilloni: If your are looking for some "easier" bugs to get started, there is:
*** timemaster <timemaster!> has quit IRC13:40
milloniJPEW: thanks13:40
JPEWmilloni: There is also a call-in meeting to triage bugs every thursday:
millonioh interesting13:43
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*** pdemier <pdemier!> has joined #yocto13:44
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RPmilloni: hi! With the LTS maintainer we're trying to find someone who can put dedicated time to the job. Its a tricky one as we know the work will have spikes as issues arise.13:50
RPmilloni: Its hard to know which bugs make sense to which people as a lot depends on your background13:51
*** Sandrita <Sandrita!18ca2637@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has joined #yocto13:51
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*** timemaster <timemaster!> has joined #yocto13:54
milloniRP: i guess what i'm asking for is whether you're looking for someone to be involved in it as a full-time job or a side hobby13:55
RPmilloni: it needs to be more than a hobby13:55
*** Sandrita <Sandrita!18ca2637@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has quit IRC13:56
milloniRP: well - yeah - not the best word for it, but hopefully you see what i mean13:56
milloniwould someone holding a full time job still have time to do it?13:56
*** LocutusOfBorg <LocutusOfBorg!~LocutusOf@ubuntu/member/locutusofborg> has quit IRC13:59
RPmilloni: we're guessing its a half time job for someone. The project does have some funding and we're exploring what options we might have in that context13:59
*** LocutusOfBorg <LocutusOfBorg!~LocutusOf@ubuntu/member/locutusofborg> has joined #yocto13:59
milloniRP: ok, thanks, probably too much for me but i'll look around see if i know any people who might be interested14:05
sstillerin poky-zeus, glibc-locale creates /usr/lib/locale/. This is an empty directory that leads to an error because it does not belong to any package. Any idea why this happens?14:13
*** dreyna <dreyna!> has joined #yocto14:13
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khemRP: you can take binutils patch as well, It came out on my world builds overnight16:04
*** jobroe <jobroe!~manjaro-u@> has quit IRC16:09
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RPkhem: I have concerns about dropping reautoconf, its a step backwards in som ways16:24
*** frodo128 <frodo128!> has joined #yocto16:24
RPkhem: also, the glibc patch changing configure and is risky, we've had problems with this before16:24
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mauz555hello what is the difference between and ?17:05
mauz555using yocto to build my system should I stick with linux-yocto ?17:06
*** pdemier <pdemier!> has joined #yocto17:08
rburtonmauz555: linux-yocto just has some fixes on top of linus's tree17:12
rburtonyou can see it at git.yoctoproject.org17:12
*** rubdos <rubdos!~rubdos@2a02:578:859d:700:8b44:5716:382d:a7da> has quit IRC17:15
*** lfa <lfa!> has joined #yocto17:17
mauz555rburton: sorry how do you see that ?17:25
*** paulg_ <paulg_!> has joined #yocto17:27
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*** rubdos <rubdos!~rubdos@2a02:578:859d:700:dddd::1> has joined #yocto17:32
khemRP: I am cherry-picking patches from upstream, so why can't we handle thaat17:36
khemits seems a bit less intuitive do drop valid changes from upstream patches17:36
RPkhem: Its all about file timestamps and the potential for autoconf not to want to change a newer file17:36
*** lucaceresoli <lucaceresoli!> has quit IRC17:36
RPkhem: its also a real pain as it depends on the accuracy of the timestamps on the filesystems people build on17:37
*** lucaceresoli <lucaceresoli!> has joined #yocto17:37
khemnot patching configure is then a workaround to trick the system to treat it as old file ?17:38
khemthat seems wrong as well17:38
RPkhem: its all less than ideal :(17:38
RPkhem: but we do have real problems with this :(17:38
khemperhaps add a touch cmd in autotools class to after patching might be better IMOP17:39
RPkhem: you just broke your binutils change and gcc ;-)17:39
RP(yes, I agree but its not quite so simple)17:39
*** maudat <maudat!> has joined #yocto17:40
RPkhem: I think autotools configure deletes the confiure scripts so we're probably ok from that issue in this case17:42
khemhow did I break binutils change ?17:43
kanavin_homerburton: RP: so what do we do with gdk-pixbuf? just drop the bad fuzzing stuff?17:43
RPkanavin_home: sorry, been meaning to reply. I did talk to Ross and upstream.17:44
rburtonkanavin_home: i'd say disable that test.  does gnome-desktop-testing-runner let you skip a test?17:44
khemRP: autotools based packages usually patch both and configure together in same patch, so it will be another quirk to teach people to not patch configure part17:45
RPkanavin_home: they commented "meson test --no-suite=slow" would be better but I'm not sure we can translate that to the test runner we use17:45
rburtonkhem: i'd say patching configure *and* is bad form17:45
rburtonkhem: just patch .ac17:45
RPkanavin_home: The suggestion was to just disable it17:45
RPkhem: This has been the case all along, we ask people not to patch configure17:46
*** dv|2 <dv|2!~dv@> has quit IRC17:47
RPkanavin_home: I'm still worried there is some subtle underlying bug here17:47
rburtonRP: the memory usage thing isn't an underlying bug its a stupid test17:48
*** palate <palate!> has quit IRC17:48
rburtonassuming its always the randomly modified test case17:48
*** palate <palate!> has joined #yocto17:48
RPrburton: should the mem usage spike and the app crash with a corrupted image though?17:48
RPrburton: and why is it doing that with a loader we don't even build?17:49
khemRP: I see that but did we look at more abstract solution instead ?17:49
RPkhem: I don't think we ever found something which worked17:50
*** mauz555 <mauz555!~mauz555@2a01:e0a:56d:9090:ed93:1afc:1e0c:84c9> has quit IRC17:51
khemRP: as such the patches trees are unbuildable outside OE so my motivation was to make the trees work17:56
RPkhem: that is a noble aim but my bigger worry is intermittently failing builds. Introducing bugs like that close to release :/17:58
*** bobo <bobo!> has joined #yocto18:00
Yatekiihey folks, how do I access the devtool again? :/18:01
qschulzYatekii: if you have access to bitbake, you havea ccess to devtool18:03
khemRP: perhaps lets drop bintutils one, and I will resend glibc one without configure fragment18:07
Yatekiiqschulz: I basically want to run this: "devtool build raichu-core" but I need to have the proper devshell somehow :/18:07
khemRP: and 0017-yes-within-the-path-sets-wrong-config-variables.patch also patch configure in glibc should that be removed as well then ?18:10
*** mabnhdev <mabnhdev!6b0d4e3b@> has quit IRC18:13
qschulzYatekii: ? devtool modify raichu-core; devtool build raichu-core?18:16
RPkhem: yes18:19
khemRP: so let me send a patch on top of current patchset instead of rebasing18:19
*** sj634 <sj634!> has quit IRC18:19
RPkhem: I think we avoid the issue since in many cases we delete configure but I do also know its bitten us before18:19
RPkhem: also, patching generated files will mean "bitbake glibc -c patch -f" will fail18:20
khemIf we do that for glibc then I would like to keep the patches as such since it makes life easy18:20
RPkhem: that is fine18:20
Yatekiiqschulz: yep found it thx18:23
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Nodejs node binary core dumped(Ilegal Insatruction) <>18:31
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*** nhartman is now known as yoctoer19:06
*** yoctoer is now known as builderbob19:07
builderbobI'm trying to build a very simple recipe that downloads a binary and adds it to the image. However when building I'm running into 500+ errors about `ERROR: k3s-1.17.0+k3s.1-r0 do_package: k3s: Multiple shlib providers for k3s, k3s (used by files: /home/nhartman/build/tmp-glibc/work/core2-64-linux/k3s/1.17.0+k3s.1-r0/packages-split/k3s/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/libexec/x86_64-linux/gcc/x86_64-linux/9.2.0/cc1plus)`19:09
qschulzbuilderbob: multiple packages provide the same lib. That is not allowed AFAIK19:12
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto19:13
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Yatekiihmm does any1 of you know how I best add openSSL to my yocto19:20
*** lucaceresoli <lucaceresoli!> has quit IRC19:23
Yatekiiah nice19:26
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Yatekiihow can I figure what packages are available on yocoto? oO21:48
*** fl0v0 <fl0v0!~fvo@2a01:c22:a482:7900:98fb:b8ab:191f:eb73> has quit IRC21:50
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bluelightningYatekii: to have a package you must have a recipe - and all community recipes (and the layers that contain them) can be found via
*** rburton_ <rburton_!~rburton@> has quit IRC21:54
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Yatekiiyeah hmm21:58
*** vineela <vineela!~vtummala@> has joined #yocto21:58
Yatekiiproblem is that I don't really know whether it installed openssl or not :/21:58
bluelightningYatekii: openssl is packaged into libcrypto and libssl IIRC22:02
bluelightningYatekii: the question is though why do you actually need to add openssl explicitly? it's a library - if you build your app that uses it from a recipe, the resulting package(s) will automatically pull in the openssl packages already when you add your app package(s) to the image22:03
bluelightningassuming of course you're not looking for the openssl command line tool, that is22:03
Yatekiimy own receipe needs it22:04
bluelightningright, then you should only need to add openssl to DEPENDS in the recipe22:05
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has quit IRC22:05
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto22:05
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Yatekiiquality I'd say: "can't edit the recipe because the recipe cannot be loaded" "NO SHIT SHERLOCK I WANNA FIX IT"22:08
Yatekiibluelightning: the problem is that my rust crate wants libssl and cannot find it.22:09
Yatekii is what I get22:09
bluelightninghmm, I don't know much about rust unfortunately (no doubt others do), but it's almost certainly not looking in the right place i.e. the sysroot22:12
*** timemaster <timemaster!> has quit IRC22:12
bluelightningyeah apologies about the annoying error from devtool edit-recipe in that scenario, it should probably be a bit smarter22:12
Yatekiibluelightning: well it should not fail to open the receipe.22:14
*** palate <palate!> has quit IRC22:14
YatekiiI mean the error is ok. it also prints the path of the receipe so I can fix it which is better than for many other errors22:14
bluelightningI agree... the reason it tries to is in the general case it can't find out which recipe provides the name you ask of it until it has parsed the recipe22:15
bluelightning(sometimes PN i.e. the name is not directly derived from the file name, although that is usually the case)22:15
bluelightningdetails of course22:16
Yatekiiwell I mean I am still learning but it's a classical linux toolchain and I don't like that much. and I prefer linux over all other OSes ^^22:16
Yatekiibluelightning: according to that it should know the proper pkgconfi locations22:16
*** leonanavi <leonanavi!~Leon@> has joined #yocto22:16
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bluelightningright, even outside of rust we do set PKG_CONFIG_PATH to point into the appropriate dir in the sysroot22:16
Yatekiiso idk what's wrong. is there a way to maybe print environment variables during build of the receipes? maybe I can echo them22:16
Yatekiithe weird part is that it can find all the other rust binaries through the other set variables so I am really confused :/22:17
bluelightningyou can examine the run file for the task (under temp under the workdir for the recipe)22:17
*** palate <palate!> has joined #yocto22:17
bluelightningworkdir can be found with bitbake -e recipename | grep ^WORKDIR=22:17
bluelightningrun file is run.do_taskname under temp/22:18
Yatekiiah yeah I had a look there already once upon a time, lemme check22:18
bluelightningyou can of course modify/prepend the task function contents and echo stuff as well, depends on the situation and how you want to do things22:19
bluelightning(you'd do that from the recipe)22:19
Yatekiihmm this is all very weird & non-intuitive to me ^^22:20
bluelightningit seems odd at first but there's a reason for about 90% of it22:20
bluelightningI'm happy to explain things if I can22:21
Yatekiiyeah but for example pulling in my own receipe via git is still a mystery to me ...22:21
YatekiiI made it work somehow but it is 100% wrong22:21
bluelightningdo you mean pulling the recipe itself or the source for what you're building ?22:21
Yatekiiand the megaguide is not helpful at all. qschulz kindly pointed me to all the right places but it's just odd to me ...22:21
Yatekiipulling the source itself22:22
Yatekiisomehow it is not meant to ever use bleeding master22:22
Yatekiiat least not in obvious ways22:22
bluelightningonce you know how it's fairly easy to do that, but the way to is not intuitive I'd have to agree22:22
bluelightningalso depends on whether you want to work on the source locally at the same time or just pull and build from the repo only22:23
Yatekiiyeah, atm I use the devtool to open a shell into the receipe then I alter the source from there22:23
YatekiiI don't like that but heh, that's how it is ;)22:23
bluelightningyep, that's the right way for that scenario22:23
YatekiiI mean for deployment I want a fixed version22:23
Yatekiibut for iterating I need bleading master ofc22:23
bluelightningwell when you're ready to put things back you do devtool finish... I can't recall if it automatically fixes the SRCREV or if you ahve to do it, but that part is straightforward22:24
Yatekiiuhm so I am browsing the logs atm, but I don'0t seem to get any wiser ... anything specifiy I am looking for?22:24
bluelightningwell the runfile should show the exported value of PKG_CONFIG_PATH22:25
Yatekiiyap, just found it22:26
Yatekiiseems to be correct from the looks22:26
Yatekiineed to check the contents at that path22:26
Yatekiialso need to figure how pkg_config works :D22:27
Yatekiino clue at all22:27
bluelightningbasically just looks at that file and prints out stuff that the calling program requests from it22:27
bluelightningnot a lot to it really22:27
bluelightningwell.. *that file* being the .pc file that has been installed alongside each library in that path22:28
Yatekiiokkk, so here we go: the two dirs in the path do not contain anything22:29
Yatekiiexport PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/home/yatekii/repos/raichu/build-openstlinuxtkrt-stm32mp1-raichu-cubemx/tmp-glibc/work/cortexa7t2hf-neon-vfpv4-openstlinux_tkrt-linux-gnueabi/raichu-core/999-r0/recipe-sysroot/usr/lib/pkgconfig:/home/yatekii/repos/raichu/build-openstlinuxtkrt-stm32mp1-raichu-cubemx/tmp-glibc/work/cortexa7t2hf-neon-vfpv4-openstlinux_tkrt-linux-gnueabi/raichu-core/999-r0/recipe-sysroot/usr/share/pkgconfig"22:29
Yatekiiis what's in22:29
Yatekiiand both pkgconfig dirs are nonexistant22:29
*** mauz555 <mauz555!~mauz555@2a01:e0a:56d:9090:ed93:1afc:1e0c:84c9> has quit IRC22:30
Yatekiiok so you say I add a DEPENDS += openssl?22:30
*** meego <meego!~meego@2a01:e0a:1ec:b0e0:8cdf:561a:65a3:6c88> has quit IRC22:30
bluelightningDEPENDS += "openssl" yes22:30
Yatekiilemme try22:31
bluelightningin the recipe22:31
Yatekiiyes :)22:31
Yatekiiok it smells better now22:31
Yatekiialready 15s in :D22:31
Yatekiibefore it would explode at 522:31
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YatekiiI guess yo da G :D22:32
Yatekiiyeah, I tried to add it to the binary packages22:32
Yatekiiwhich ofc wont reach it through properly22:32
bluelightningbinary packages?22:32
Yatekiiah, sec22:32
YatekiiI did this: IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " openplcutils openssh-sftp-server openssl raichu-core"22:33
bluelightningright, yeah, that would be too late22:33
Yatekiiproblem is:22:34
bluelightningif it only needed it at runtime that would have worked, although even that's not ideal22:34
YatekiiI am using an ST "framework" for their stm32mp1. and that is a huge mess like all ST stuff that's not silicon itself. and thus I never know if sth is really the yocto way or more like the st way or completely wrong (like the ST way :))22:34
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Yatekiibluelightning: yeah I see my mistake now, thanks!22:35
bluelightningyeah it is sometimes an issue with vendor-provided things, can't say I have any experience with ST stuff myself22:35
Yatekiiwell I use ST for many years.22:35
Yatekiiok, noob's gonna noob:
Yatekiisomething is really off :/22:36
YatekiiI haven't seen such a bad error in a while :D22:37
YatekiiI have an idea:22:37
YatekiiI altered a receipe whilst it was building22:37
bluelightningusually when you get "taskhash mismatch" it's because something changed between the first time it parsed a file and the next time22:37
Yatekiidoes it maybe compare hashes from the start and the end?22:37
bluelightningah right, that will do it22:37
bluelightningdon't do that :)22:37
bluelightningit'll be fine on the next run22:37
Yatekiiok so Imma go on and blame the tool =D22:38
bluelightningI wonder if we document that somewhere, possibly not22:38
bluelightningI probably should at least add taskhash mismatch to the FAQ if it's not there22:38
Yatekiiyeah, but the thing with docs is: you have thousands of docpages. nobody is gonna find anything like ever. it is great if you are pointed to it but that's about it. at least that's my opinion about extensive docs. that's why I prefer examples and guides =)22:39
Yatekiibut adding it to the FAQ might be a good thing, yep!22:39
Yatekiiwhooo it built \o/22:40
Yatekiithanks so much!22:40
*** meego <meego!~meego@2a01:e0a:1ec:b0e0:d11f:2c6a:729a:b6b4> has quit IRC22:40
Yatekiiok, so can I maybe show you my receipe? :/22:40
YatekiiI tried this a while ago with some other folks in here and I must say this channel is really kinda and helful, but I didn't get how it's done22:41
Yatekii so this is it.22:41
Yatekiifile is called: raichu-core_git.bb22:41
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Yatekiioptimally I would always pull a certain release tag, say v1.0.0 but when I dev I wanna do this bleeding22:42
Yatekiiso would I add tag=xyz and then just use the devtool to edit my sources?22:42
Yatekiiare those two lines:22:43
YatekiiSRCREV = "${AUTOREV}"22:43
YatekiiPV = "${SRCPV}"22:43
Yatekiieven needed? the mega gude told me something about setting the PV variable so I did, but I don't have the slightest clue if this is right22:43
bluelightningso with devtool while you're developing you can just pull, checkout branches, do whatever in the local source tree and build from there22:43
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bluelightningit's only when you want others to build it that you need to worry about SRC_URI / SRCREV / etc. in the recipe22:44
Yatekii(and for CI ofc)22:44
bluelightningright, yes22:44
bluelightningso the recipe itself looks fine22:44
bluelightningand yes you can put tag= but typically you'd set SRCREV to the actual hash and then bitbake won't try to query the repo every time it's run22:45
Yatekiilast time they told me to put my version in the receipe name and use some variable in the receipe. but I wasn't sure what's right22:45
bluelightningwell, that is a convention if you are building a fixed version22:46
bluelightningbut when building from a git repo typically the recipe is just and then if there is a version you set it by PV = "x.y+git${SRCPV}"22:46
bluelightningso you get the version and the hash in the resulting final package version22:46
bluelightningthat can be useful if you have to increment a few commits beyond the tagged version in the repo22:47
Yatekiiok, I sse22:48
Yatekiiwhat I do not understand at all is how SRCREV and PC play together at all22:48
Yatekiiand thet magic SRCPV :DF22:48
YatekiiI read about those in the mega manual, again, but not sure I understood correctly. I think there is also P and V variables with the package name and the version respectively22:49
bluelightningSRCREV for a recipe being fetched from git is the actual revision that will be fetched... for best practice it should either be a full hash of a commit or "${AUTOREV}"22:50
Yatekiithat makes sense.22:51
bluelightningSRCPV is a bit magic - it performs two functions (1) get the hash into the version and (2) act as a way to ensure that we fetch the latest version when "${AUTOREV}" is being used, i.e. it will happen the first time PV is expanded which is pretty early on22:51
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bluelightningthere is an additional feature of the value itself  - it starts out as AUTOINC and then that gets replaced when the final package is built with a proper number22:53
bluelightningthe idea being to ensure that the version number always increments when the hash changes rather than jumping around depending on the actual value of the hash22:54
Yatekiiok, but if I add a fixed version it will dump the hash or the other way around? I mean it can't please both in most cases I guess and only either one is needed22:54
Yatekiiok so basically SRCPV just increments whenever the hash or the version change?22:55
bluelightningwell, the first part of SRCPV (the number part represented by AUTOINC), and just based on the hash, but yes22:56
bluelightningif you move to a fixed version you would set PV = "theversionnumber+git${SRCPV}" and SRCREV = "thehashofthecommit"22:56
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Yatekiihmm I guess I am too dumb for this lol22:58
bluelightningyou can always experiment :)22:58
bluelightningso let's say you have a tag v1.2.3 and that's the version you want to build22:58
bluelightningand that tag points to commit with the hash c2b67f880f047904dd7b0ef9f1ae3d9077a0958522:59
bluelightningto set up the recipe to use that (not using devtool) you would use PV = "v1.2.3+git${SRCPV}" and SRCREV = "c2b67f880f047904dd7b0ef9f1ae3d9077a09585"23:00
bluelightningmake sense?23:01
bluelightningI'm going to grab lunch, back later23:01
*** mauz555 <mauz555!~mauz555@2a01:e0a:56d:9090:ed93:1afc:1e0c:84c9> has quit IRC23:01
Yatekiiok, yes sofar so good, but why do I have to put the tag AND the rev? and why does it need that autoincrement now? I mean it's a fixed version now, so why not just PV = "v1.2.3(+git maybe)"23:01
Yatekiibon appetit!23:01
Yatekiino idea how this is spellt in english lol, so french has to do (I am not a french native but in swissgerman we can say this :D)23:02
bluelightningit doesn't actually *need* ${SRCPV} in this case, it's just useful if at some point you need to change the hash but that's still the most recent version number applicable23:02
bluelightningactually in english we may also say bon appetit :)23:03
bluelightningenglish loves to steal things from other languages and then destroy the pronunciation (and sometimes spelling) :)23:03
bluelightningparticularly french23:03
Yatekiiah, I see23:07
Yatekiihahaha yeah xD23:08
Yatekiiand french love to invent stupid words just for the sake of being french native23:08
Yatekiiok so now it cannot find libssl so during runtime ... weeeell :D23:08
Yatekiithat makes sense because I did not flash the image :/23:09
Yatekiican I just install that lib somehow?23:09
bluelightningyour app package *should* now have a runtime dependency on the libssl package, if it doesn't that's a bit odd23:09
bluelightningrebuild the image and you can check the manifest file to see if it got added alongside23:10
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Yatekiibluelightning: well how do I deploy my package? I mean I use "devtool deploy-target raichu-core root@$1"23:13
YatekiiI am not sure if that really deploys all deps23:14
Yatekiihmm kk imma see if I can find the manifest :D23:14
Yatekiiopenssl cortexa7t2hf-neon-vfpv4 1.1.1b-r0.0$23:25
YatekiiI am sure it's just not deploayed :/23:25
khemRP: actually the suppliment patch to drop configure patches in glibc is wrong, we do not autoreconf glibc so lets drop that23:25
khemwe forcibly touch configure files23:26
khemso they dont regenerate23:26
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RPkhem: I'm a bit puzzled how the current build is running then? :/23:40
RPkhem: just out of date configure I guess?23:40
RPkhem: I'll abort that build23:42
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