Monday, 2020-04-06

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dpIs there a nice tool for examining why BB thinks something should be rebuilt rather than pulled from sstate cache?01:45
dpe.g. telling which input to the signature changed since last build01:46
dpScratch that, found bitbake-diffsigs01:47
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mckoangood morning08:23
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didileis that possible to add an IMAGE_FEATURE as a RDEPEND of a recipe?09:26
didilelike `x11-base`09:26
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mckoandidile: maybe you can create your own distro09:30
didileI did, but I want to be able to upgrade my old one and I'd like OPKG to install all needed X11 dependencies09:31
qschulzdidile: the principle is that, recipe configuration is local to the recipe. Image recipe is a recipe. Package recipe is a recipe.09:31
qschulzdidile: IMAGE_FEATURES is for customizing the image recipe09:32
didileI tried x11-base and it didn't work09:32
didilepackagegroup-core-x11-base as a recipe dependency build09:32
qschulzdidile: packagegroup is only for runtime AFAIK09:33
qschulz(I mean, it's an empty package which is just pulling a bunch of packages at runtime, it does not make sense as a build dependency)09:34
qschulzwhat are you trying to achieve (the initial issue) and what is not working as you expected?09:34
didileas RDEPENDS09:34
didileI want to upgrade my package with `opkg upgrade` and I want the upgrade to pass well09:35
didilemy package need X11 but it isn't installed on the old image09:35
didileI use an .Xsession file to start my app with the system and I want all the X11 dependencies to be installed09:35
didilemy package uses Electronjs09:36
didilefor now my recipe contains only those dependencies:09:36
didileREQUIRED_DISTRO_FEATURES = "x11"inherit distro_features_checkRDEPENDS_${PN} += " \    nss \    gtk+3 \    cups \    alsa-lib \    libxscrnsaver \"09:36
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didileand i added x11-base to my image09:40
rburtonadding a dep to the image won't change already installed images09:40
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rburtoninstall the packagegroup explicitly on the target, or make a new packagegroup that installs both your app and everything else it needs in the system (such as a working x server)09:41
didileso how can I upgrade an old image to fit the new one09:41
rburton(ps use wayland)09:41
rburtonso you have a packagegroup which is 'my app, fully working' not just the hard dependencies (the client libs).09:42
rburtonand if you want feeds to work for upgrades, remember to turn on the PR service09:43
didileI see09:43
didilewhat's the "PR service"?09:44
rburtontop hit of googling 'yocto pr service' is a big wiki page explaining it all09:45
didileok sounds powerful09:48
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didileI add a .Xsession file manually to start to app with X1109:52
didileis there a better way to do it?09:52
didileI also add postinstall scripts to restart the xserver09:52
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didilewhen I install packagegroup-core-x11-base, I get an error:10:08
didileCollected errors: * pkg_run_script: package "adwaita-icon-theme-symbolic" postinst script returned status 127. * opkg_configure: adwaita-icon-theme-symbolic.postinst returned 127.10:09
rburtonthe error should have been above somewhere, i guess a missing dependency that is usually satisfied some other way10:20
didile//var/lib/opkg/info/adwaita-icon-theme-symbolic.postinst: line 14: gtk-update-icon-cache: command not found10:22
rburtonyeah missing dep10:23
rburtoneasily fixed in the recipe, you should fix and send a patch :)10:23
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didileI have no idea how to fix it11:09
qschulzdidile: find the package who provides gtk-update-icon-cache and add it to RDEPENDS of adwaita-icon-theme-symbolic package I'd say?11:12
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didilethe gtk-update-icon-cache is present11:54
didilebut it runs an update-alternative and do it after adwaita-icon-theme needs it11:55
didilegtk-update-icon-cache-3.0 -> gtk-update-icon-cache11:55
rburtonah, fun11:57
rburtonfile a bug please11:58
rburtonat least you can re-run the install and it will work now11:58
didileyes a re-run works11:58
didile//var/lib/opkg/info/adwaita-icon-theme-symbolic.postinst: line 14: gtk-update-icon-cache: command not found11:59
didileupdate-alternatives: Linking /usr/bin/gtk-update-icon-cache to /usr/bin/gtk-update-icon-cache-3.011:59
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake do_package_qa error: Wrong location <>12:27
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clementp[m]Hi Yocto members. Do you have good examples (well written and organised) of Yocto distro to share. Thanks!12:41
rburtonthough poky is a good example.  takes oe-core and adds a tiny customisation on top in meta-poky12:43
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guykhi guys !13:38
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guykI have a quick dnf question if you don't mind : I installed it for the first time and my image size doubled right away, from 300 to 600MB. I cannot find where this comes from, the new packages in the buildhistory's installed-package-sizes.txt take 40MB all together.13:48
guykOr does dnf install things which are not visible in this list maybe ?13:48
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clementp[m]rburton: Thank you !13:55
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problameI have two variants of local.conf, one for development builds ( and one for production builds ( Currently I have advise developers to move the to local.conf, and to make sure that they never commit that change. However, this practice seems fishy. Is there any clean way to accomplish having two slightly different local.confs?14:05
qschulzproblame: what do you have in your local.conf which warrants two different ones?14:06
problameqschulz: dev-vs-prod ssh authorized_keys entries, different packages installed, etc14:07
problameI found
problameIs that what I'm supposed to do? Create different distros?14:08
problamehm, the people on the thready seem to agree that this is bad practice14:13
problameI _could_ have two variants of my image recipe, one for dev and one for prod. However, that doesn't necessarily cover all the options I set in `local.conf`14:14
problame(like, e.g. DISTRO_FEATURES)14:14
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qschulzproblame: DISTRO_FEATURES changed? new distro :) Otherwise, you give a script which does the > local.conf and you add local.conf to .gitignore?14:23
problameqschulz: I want to do things right, so if creating a new distro is the way to go, that's what I'll do14:25
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rburtoncurious what distro features you're changing for dev vs prod14:29
rburtonbasically local.conf should only be *local* tweaks14:33
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problamerburton: yeah, i "inherited" that project from a code-drop from some other company14:39
problamegot deep into yocto over the past two weeks, still a lot to learn though, it seems to me that best practices are not really encouraged, even in many books about Yocto14:40
problame(and it seems like the devs I inherited the project from built the entire product based on `local.conf` /o\ )14:40
qschulzwe should have a hall of shame I think :D14:43
rburtona lot of the time the dev image is just the normal image included into the recipe but extra packages and ssh/password/etc changes14:43
rburtonall of which is image-wide14:43
rburtonmaybe switch packages to pull in different configurations14:43
rburtonif you really do need to change distro features for dev then have two distros and makes sure that the dev one simply includes the main one then adds what it needs, to ensure that they're mostly identical14:44
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problamerburton: the DISTRO_FEATURES question was more or less theoretical, although I don't really get why we have the concept of distros in addition to image recipes14:49
problameif you have the time to spare, I'd be interested in learning about that14:50
rburtondistro is a wider scope that images14:50
rburtonyou may well want more than one image14:50
rburtona production and a development one, for starters14:50
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rburtonor an initramfs and the full filesystem14:50
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problameand the relationship between distro and image is 1:many?14:53
problame(also one practical question: when creating my own distro in meta-mycompany/conf/distroy/mydistroy.conf, do I need to `require` or `inherit` from something? I basically want `poky` but with a few tweaks to `DISTRO_FEATURES`, encapsulated in the mycompany layer14:55
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qschulzproblame: i'm not sure you want to inherit poky, it can drastically change if the project want between two releases. The point of poky AFAIU is to provide a test distro for build servers and tests. So for example, one day it might change to systemd as init system14:56
qschulzproblame: with LetoThe2nd example IIRC, a distro is a "choice of materials": legos or mechanos? an image is what you create with it: boat? car? house?14:58
problameqschulz: as I said, I'm refactoring an existing project that was entirely in local.conf into a structure that follows yocto best practices15:00
problamesince the local.conf used poky as distroy, but changed some DISTRO_FEATURES, I want to make a lateral move (no changes, just code / config structure)15:00
problameso... under that premis, do I need to require or inherit something?15:01
qschulzproblame: well yes, poky distro file then :)15:04
qschulzproblame: (BTW, we use poky and local.conf here as well, I still haven't found the time to migrate all this to our own distro :) )15:05
qschulzproblame: if you're starting with Yocto, I highly recommend the tutorials on YP Youtube channel. Also, always try to find some info from the mega-manual, if there's one thing we cannot say about YP is that it has just basic documentation :)15:07
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problameqschulz: compared to other embedded linux distros, the docs are fairly good imho15:12
problamei usually avoid youtube due to signal/noise ration, but the channel seems worthwhile (maybe should be promoted more aggressively in the manuals?)15:13
problameanyways: so how do I inherit from poky?15:13
JPEWI like to think of a distro as the "policy" of a system (e.g. when separating "policy" vs "mechanism")15:14
JPEWrecipes are the mechainsm for doing things, but as a general rule shouldn't specify policy (other than a sane default), where as the distro should be describe policy, but avoid trying to implement mechansims15:15
problamei could just `require conf/distro/defaultsetup.conf` (the project is still on 2.5 /o\)15:16
kergothdefaultsetup.conf is included already by bitbake.conf, and isn't poky15:17
kergothpoky.conf defines poky15:17
kergothbut inheriting fro another distro isn't always just a matter of pulling in its config, if you're using recipes with any distro-specific conditionals, you also want to adjust DISTROOVERRIDES so both those and your own are applied15:17
kergothand you might be better off just copying than inheriting, otherwise future changes to the base distro could cause problems for you15:18
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*** NiksDev <NiksDev!~NiksDev@> has joined #yocto15:22
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rburtonwhat kergoth said.  start by copying poky.conf and then deleting the bits you don't need15:25
*** mlzy <mlzy!~martin@> has quit IRC15:26
*** armpit <armpit!~armpit@2601:202:4180:a5c0:3cba:c7aa:4649:f688> has joined #yocto15:26
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problamekergoth: huh, I can't find a poky.conf in my tree (2.5)15:29
kergothunless you have meta-poky/meta-yocto, you probably aren't using poky at all. what's DISTRO set to in local.conf?15:29
*** mlzy <mlzy!~martin@> has joined #yocto15:32
problamesry, found `poky.conf` after all, apparently `fdfind` is a bit too smart15:33
problame(DISTRO was defaulting to `poky`, so that matches)15:34
problameso, do I understand correctly that `defaultsetup.conf` is much less of a moving target than `poky.conf`?15:34
*** locutus_ <locutus_!~LocutusOf@> has joined #yocto15:40
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rburtonproblame: correct15:52
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away15:54
* RP triggers 3.1 rc1 build15:55
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kergothWhat's the easiest way to get detailed results of oe-selftest runs? detailed logs? specifically the .sum/.log files of the toolchain suites? Hmm, guess i'll grab ${B} and go frmo there16:10
*** fl0v0 <fl0v0!~fvo@2a01:c23:6472:3000:1892:79a0:2c06:c7c7> has joined #yocto16:14
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tgamblinRP: should I go ahead and revert those coreutils patches?16:18
RPtgamblin: no16:19
RPtgamblin: its a pain and we need to come up with better ways of dealing with this but if we were reverting we should have done it weeks ago16:19
tgamblinRP: alright16:20
RPkergoth: there is a testresults.json file with them all in?16:20
*** gtristan <gtristan!~tristanva@> has joined #yocto16:25
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problamecurious: an empty meta-mycompany/conf/distroy/mydistro.conf with IMAGE_FEATURES=ssh-server-openssh gives me a shell with _no prompt_ at all16:36
*** guyk <guyk!82b9bb0d@> has quit IRC16:37
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opellocan i write and call a python helper function for the do_compile task in a recipe?  not just for a variable assignment16:49
qschulzopello: you can even have a full python task if you want16:50
opellocan i mix and match?16:50
opellolike a nominal do_compile() with shell script and a `python do_compile_prepend()`?16:50
qschulzopello: I don't think so, the full task has to be16:51
*** Spock_ncc1701 <Spock_ncc1701!~Spock_ncc@> has quit IRC16:51
qschulzopello: but you can call python functions from shell tasks, let me get you the thing16:51
opellooh ok, nice, thanks!16:51
qschulzopello: ${@mypythonfunction()}16:52
opelloah yeah, it said that was for variable assignment, just ignoring the result is reasonable?16:52
qschulzbut beware, it is impossible to pass variables between tasks (if that was in your mind)16:52
opellohm, i hadn't thought of the need to do that, but i'll file that away too :)16:53
qschulzopello: we use it in shell but mainly check the returned value16:54
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto16:55
*** locutus_ <locutus_!~LocutusOf@> has joined #yocto16:57
*** yann <yann!> has quit IRC16:59
opellohm, seems like it needs to wait until after fetch but is happening at parse time16:59
*** locutus__ <locutus__!~LocutusOf@> has quit IRC17:00
qschulzopello: what do you want to do? what's the issue :)17:01
*** dreyna <dreyna!> has joined #yocto17:03
opelloheh sorry, i wrote a python function to manipulate some files in a silly, but required, way; they are in the SRC_URI; it's in essence a "compile" step from my perspective, so my do_compile() has the @{$helper(d.expand('${WORKDIR}/filename'), d.expand('${B}/filename')} and then calls gzip on the ${B} version; but the complaint is that the input doesn't exist (which i'm just testing my recipe with `bitbake-layers show-recipes` to trigger the ...17:04
opello... parse, so no fetch yet)17:04
opelloi flipped the $/@ in my written form, but it's correct in the recipe17:06
qschulzopello: but the complaint is that the input doesn't exist (which i'm just testing my recipe with `bitbake-layers show-recipes` to trigger the ...17:07
qschulzhow did you define your python function?17:07
qschulzthe exact "header" of the function is?17:07
opellodef remove_layers(base_file, target_file, output_file):17:08
*** kanavin_home <kanavin_home!~ak@2a02:2450:1011:56f:238d:84be:b349:9184> has quit IRC17:08
qschulzbut why would a bitbake-layers show-recipes trigger a file not found?17:10
qschulzit shouldn't be executed at parse time17:10
opellothat's what i thought :/17:10
*** rob_w <rob_w!~rob@unaffiliated/rob-w/x-1112029> has quit IRC17:11
*** yann <yann!~yann@> has joined #yocto17:11
qschulzopello: mmmm what's d.expand supposed to do?17:11
opelloExpansionError during parsing <recipe>: Failure expanding variable do_compile: ExpansionError: Failure expanding variable do_compile, expression was ${@remove_layers...}\n   gzip -9 ... (then says IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: <one of the files in ${WORKDIR}/...>17:12
opellopass variables from the recipe to the helper?  should i have to pass 'd' and use d.getVar or d.expand for that?17:12
qschulzopello: wait... what is the xact line you're writing?17:13
qschulzyou should have do_compile_prepend() { ${@mypythonfunction()} }17:13
qschulznot do_compile = ${@mypythonfunction()}17:13
opelloi just put it in the body of the do_compile; so my do_compile (shell version) is two lines, ${@...}\ngzip -9...17:14
opelloin essence the former from your examples17:14
*** kanavin_home <kanavin_home!~ak@2a02:2450:1011:56f:238d:84be:b349:9184> has joined #yocto17:21
qschulzopello: I think you're trying to do too many things in your compile17:21
qschulzjust pass d to your python function17:21
qschulzthen d.getVar()17:21
qschulzmight need an import os somewhere17:21
*** nerdboy <nerdboy!~sarnold@> has joined #yocto17:23
opelloi just made a shim that does that, changed the error a bit, but still fails with: which triggered exception IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: <path from workdir>17:23
opelloi was trying to avoid making a -native helper tool recipe that i'd ultimately depend on17:24
*** nerdboy <nerdboy!~sarnold@> has quit IRC17:25
*** nerdboy <nerdboy!~sarnold@gentoo/developer/nerdboy> has joined #yocto17:25
qschulzdo you really need to do your thing in python :)?17:25
qschulzopello: remove one parameter after the other and try to find the one which is messing up. But it's very confusing it's failing at parsing time17:26
opelloit's _a lot_ easier than doing it in a shell script :(17:27
opelloi think the failure is that ${@...} is evaluated at parse time, which does things that rely on files existing (like opening and reading them) but that can't happen because they aren't there yet (parse is way before fetch)?17:28
*** falk0n <falk0n!> has quit IRC17:28
opelloi was just thinking i could add a new, custom task, defined in python, that used my helper function, and chain to to happen before do_compile?17:28
*** locutus__ <locutus__!~LocutusOf@> has joined #yocto17:29
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto cross compile Qt5 'qtConfig' is not a recognized test function <>17:29
qschulzopello: you need to handle the sstate-cache somehow, I wouldn't really recommend17:29
*** falk0n <falk0n!> has joined #yocto17:30
qschulzopello: start small. def myfunc(d): return "test" do_compile_prepend() { ${@myfunc(d)} odes this work?17:30
*** locutus_ <locutus_!~LocutusOf@> has quit IRC17:31
qschulzopello: start small. def myfunc(d): return "test" do_compile_prepend() { ${@myfunc(d)} odes this work?17:31
qschulzoopsie :)17:31
opelloyeah, it works, i see my print('hello world') after parse17:32
opellowhich is a problem, i need to defer the python execution until the actual do_compile is run17:32
qschulzFOO="${@myfunc(d)" in do _compile?17:33
opellosure, so with that (i added a return after my print) i expect i'd see FOO="hello world" in the run.do_compile.sh17:35
qschulzmmm so now that I read my code, it seems that we have functions which aren't dependent of when they're run17:38
qschulzopello: so mmmm... No clue, I'd say it's expected behavior (to execute ${@func()} at parse time) but I wasn't aware of that, so either I forgot, didn't read it yet or it's not documented or I'm wrong :)17:39
qschulzopello: can you try with do_compile[prefuncs] += "remove_layers"? heopfully you have access to d in there17:40
*** JaMa <JaMa!~martin@> has joined #yocto17:40
qschulzyup, looks like it's possible :)17:41
opelloWARNING: Function call_remove_layers doesn't exist17:41
opello(that's the shim that takes d only and uses getVar)17:41
opelloisn't this just side-stepping the tasks sysetm though?17:42
qschulzno parameters to the function17:42
qschulzd will be available in the context of the function without passing it17:42
opellotesting :)17:42
qschulzbut I've to say, gzip only in a compile looks fishy :)17:43
opelloyeah :(  i'm not ready to defend what i'm actually trying to do ...17:43
opelloi keep getting WARNING: Function <my helper function> doesn't exist; whether it's a def foo(): or a python foo() {}17:44
*** warpme_ <warpme_!uid391875@gateway/web/> has quit IRC17:49
*** locutus__ <locutus__!~LocutusOf@> has quit IRC17:49
opellohuh, but i'm defining it just like rootfs_deb.bbclass does :/17:52
*** kspr <kspr!~kasper@> has quit IRC17:54
*** Net147 <Net147!> has quit IRC17:55
RPopello: it might also depend where you're trying to run that17:55
*** Net147 <Net147!> has joined #yocto17:56
opellobitbake -e shows the body in a comment block ($call\n_remove[layers] and a body of None later on for the actual function expansion17:58
opelloseems like that naming is special, because if i put gibberish in, it preserves it17:59
RPopello: do not use remove in the name18:00
RPits a bitbake operator18:00
opelloah yeah, heh, oops18:00
RP(append, prepend and remove are special)18:00
* RP wishes we could spot those and warn :/18:01
opello"this function looks suspiciously like a variable manipulation!"18:01
qschulzopello: wait.... so you could maybe actually call your python function from your shell without "remove" in it?18:01
opelloi don't envy the difficulty :)18:01
RPopello: I tried once before to add such warnings and failed :(18:02
opelloqschulz: i don't think it changes the time of execution issue though18:02
* RP needs to try harder, clearly :/18:02
qschulzopello: mmmm correct18:02
opelloRP: just would have saved a little time here, i'm trained to check -e too late for my own good a lot it seems18:02
armpitzeddii, sorry about the multiple kernel-cache submissions. I thought my email client was not set up properly18:02
qschulzRP: while you're here :) we went for postfuncs because calling ${@func()} would generate some errors *at parsing time*18:03
*** BobPungartnik <BobPungartnik!~BobPungar@> has joined #yocto18:03
qschulzRP: 19:12      opello| ExpansionError during parsing <recipe>: Failure expanding variable do_compile: ExpansionError: Failure expanding variable do_compile, expression was ${@remove_layers...}\n   gzip -9 ... (then says IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: <one of the files in ${WORKDIR}/...>18:03
*** curlybracket <curlybracket!> has joined #yocto18:04
qschulzRP: ${@remove_layers(d.expand('${WORKDIR}/${DOCKER_BASE_FILE}'), d.expand('${WORKDIR}/${DOCKER_IMAGE_FILE}'), os.path.splitext(d.expand('${B}/${DOCKER_IMAGE_FILE}'))[0])} in do_compile18:04
opelloin this instance the ${@pythonfunc()} was opening a file that didn't exist yet, because fetch hadn't happened18:04
opello(thus EIO)18:05
qschulzRP: I dont' remember reading in the docs that python functions called like this are executed at parsing time? Is this correct?18:06
qschulzthis = my understanding of how this works18:06
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*** ukembedded_ is now known as ukembedded18:08
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RPqschulz: bitbake has to expand variables/functions at parse time to compute their hashes18:12
RPqschulz: so yes, anon python will execute during parsing in many cases18:13
*** pbb_ <pbb_!~quassel@2a01:4f8:221:2b46::20> has quit IRC18:13
RPqschulz: The recent fix for SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH that went into bitbake a few hours ago is an example of a case where we defer it (not deferring it was leading to a similar FileNotFound bug)18:14
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ebailHi guys, I want to add ovs/dpdk to my Yocto image (zeus) with my own kernel recipe (4.19) but ovs of Zeus is compatible until Kernel 4.17 only. So I had to take ovs and dpdk from meta-{virtualization,dpdk} master branch18:58
*** nhartman <nhartman!> has joined #yocto18:58
ebailbut I have this weird failure: build/tmp/work/votp-poky-linux/openvswitch/2.13+AUTOINC+71d553b995-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/python3-native/python3, but no providers found in RDEPENDS_openvswitch? [file-rdeps]"18:59
ebailI see that python3 is already defined as RDEPENDS:
ebailDo I miss something obvious ? (all my cache was cleaned)19:00
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qschulzebail: weird that it's taking python3 from recipe-sysroot-native for file-rdeps19:10
qschulz(it seems like a wrong auto-RDEPENDS, it seems like one of your file has defined it's using recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/python3-native/python3 at runtime somehow, which isn't possible)19:15
ebailqschulz: Thanks I only copy the files from the master branch without modifying them:
ebailQA file-rdeps  complains about ovs-vtep file19:19
ebailIndeed I don't understand its first location:19:20
ebail$ find build/ -name ovs-vtep19:21
ebailand: cat build/tmp/sysroots-components/votp/openvswitch/usr/share/openvswitch/scripts/ovs-vtep | head19:22
ebail#! <cut here> yocto-bsp/build/tmp/work/votp-poky-linux/openvswitch/2.13+AUTOINC+71d553b995-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/python3-native/python319:22
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto cross compile Qt5 cstddef: No such file or directory <>19:29
ebailqschulz: I looks like the file use #! @PYTHON3@ (src:
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[Sno]otavio: wow19:42
*** timemaster <timemaster!> has joined #yocto19:44
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otavio[Sno]: ?19:52
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[Sno]otavio: merged PR in the second I submitted it :D19:58
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otavio[Sno]: the changes were simple20:17
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[Sno]otavio: linux-qoriq update to lsdk 20.04 I can do hopefully tomorrow20:27
[Sno]if there is something else required to be updated, drop me a line - as long I'm in update-mood ;)20:28
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