Monday, 2020-04-20

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rokmHi, I'm trying to setup my yocto image recipe to achieve openssh keys generation at build time but still without luck07:46
rokmI enabled read-only-rootfs and also I added openssh-ssh/-sshd packages07:49
rokmbut still on startup these keys are generated07:49
rokmHow to change this ?07:49
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kroonrokm, sure you're putting your pre-generated keys in the right place at rootfs constructiontime ?07:51
rokmI thought that they will be generated on build time07:52
rokmlet's say automatically07:52
rokmSSHD_OPTS points to sshd_config_readonly07:55
rokmwhich seems to be OK07:55
rokmin this config at the end there is a path to /var/run/ssh07:57
rokmand these keys are generated to this path on first boot07:57
rokmI expect to have them already on rootfs during first boot07:57
erborokm: I don't think there's any support for that07:58
rokmso something is missing in recipes07:58
erboit's not meant to work like that07:58
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rokmdoes it mean that I should generate these keys on HOST and copy them to rootfs ?07:59
erborokm: I guess you could add a bbappend for openssh that 1) ship a pregenerated key and 2) modify the openssh conf to use that key08:01
rokmok thanks08:06
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to fix:- cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory <>10:00
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nacknickHey. Is there a way to get the binary file path (and maybe it's name) by giving the package name? For instance `bitbake -z openssh` will give `/usr/bin/ssh` (*for instance*, yeh? that command does not exist if you did not understand)10:14
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nacknicknameclash: Sorry. I didn't understand from your link how to do it10:51
nameclashnacknick: oe-pkgdata-util list-pkg-files openssh10:52
nameclashthat will give you the list of files that the recipe would populate10:53
nameclashof course, you would then have to find the binary within that list but that should be easy10:54
nameclashif you're looking for a bulletproof "this is one here is the main binary" solution, I don't think that's possible with yocto tools, since it would need to have knowledge of what the recipe in question's build project definition (e.g. CMakeLists.txt, Makefile, defines as its "main binary" to be11:02
nacknicknameclash: thanks!!11:03
rburtonright, 'main binary' makes no real sense, but for 'what is in this package' oe-pkgdata-util is the answer11:04
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elcfdHi, if i have a site.conf.example in my templateconf folder should it be pull into my build/conf folder when i source oe-init-build-env?13:21
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erboelcfd: I think that is only for local.conf and bblayers.conf13:36
elcfdok - so i can make a script which will do the source and then cp the site.conf in. thanks13:40
rburtonyou don't need to do that13:40
rburtonsite.conf is for site-wide settings. so why would the user edit them?13:41
rburtonjust put it in meta-mylayer/conf/13:41
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rburtonelcfd: ^13:42
nameclashfrom recipe-sysroot-native/usr/include/python3.5m/pyport.h:13:42
nameclash#if LONG_BIT != 8 * SIZEOF_LONG13:42
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nameclash#error "LONG_BIT definition appears wrong for platform (bad gcc/glibc config?)."13:42
elcfdrburotn: thanks - i didnt understand the scope of site.conf!13:43
nameclashanyone know how I managed to steer myself into this off my (mostly) vanilla poky/thud build?13:43
rburtonnameclash: can you replicate with actual vanilla poky?13:43
nameclashI can do that13:44
elcfdhow would you cope with having different site.conf requirements on different systems?13:46
rburtonnot having something in site.conf13:46
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rburtonits just another conf file that is loaded, if the use needs to pick then maybe just put it in local.conf and make the user pick13:47
elcfdok - is there an order of precedence or would the user need to edit the files if they wanted to change a setting?13:48
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elcfdunderstood thanks for the help ^rburton13:53
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PatrickEHi do you have suggestions for displays? I only have experience with 'baremetal' drivers...13:54
PatrickEI read that one could use framebuffer on displays but i think i would need a performant GUI Toolkit on top of this ...13:57
PatrickEMy idea was to render the menu and stuff from a markup language during device startup13:58
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PatrickEHm i just found microwindows / nano-x ...14:04
mckoanPatrickE: that is very old14:06
mckoanPatrickE: see Qt or wxWidgets14:06
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PatrickEmckoan thanks. I dont like the licensing model from Qt. But Qt Embedded looks great14:11
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Docker build fail on "OCI runtime create failed" <>14:31
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nacknickHello. I'm trying to create a simple recipe that download a file from my server and copy it to the `/lib` directory of the final image. What the structure of the recipe should be? (do_...{ wget }, do_...{copy to /lib})???15:14
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rburtonnacknick: SRC_URI to fetch15:22
rburtondo_install to install15:22
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qschulzrburton: usually when there is no compilation involved I suggest to inherit bin_package. Does this make sense?15:25
rburtonbin_package has defined semantics15:26
rburtonbut yeah if SRC_URI is a single tarball that contains the files then using bin_package is a convenient shortcut15:27
rburtoncontains the file *in the paths that you want them on the target*15:27
rburtontypically you don't want that as $libdir might be wrong15:27
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nacknickrburton: Thanks. But if I have to get the remote file using POST request (because I need to send a configuration settings for getting the correct file) - How should I do it?15:35
rburtonwrite a do_fetch yourself then15:35
nacknickrburton: OK. Is there a reason why Yocto does not recognize "curl" command? I wrote `do_fetch() {curl ...}` and get "curl: not found". curl is installed on the building machine15:43
rburtonwe filter the host commands to avoid host contaimination15:43
rburtonuse wget15:43
rburtonor depend on curl-native for the do_fetch task, or add curl to HOSTTOOLS if you really need curl15:43
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mabnhdevHi all.  I need in Yocto.  I've looked through the usual suspect recipes and have not found it.  Is there a recipe for this package available in Yocto?15:50
nacknickrburton: I'm not sure that it is possible to do the same with wget. I need to convert "curl -F config={...} -F data=@<binary_file>" (need to send POST of configuration and binary file content)15:50
rburtonwget can do post just fine15:51
nacknickAnyway, if I want to use python script instead, can I copy it to the recipe and run it somehow?15:51
rburtonyes exactly like you'd run a shell script15:52
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rburtoncurl still won't be on $path though15:53
nacknickBTW, I just remembered that I use curl inside do_install_append today and it worked... Why?15:53
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rburtonbecause you depended on curl-native maybe?15:57
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smurraymabnhdev: isn't that what python3-cryptography contains?15:59
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mabnhdevsmurray I only see a ptest script in there.  None of the pyca functionality.16:39
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smurraymabnhdev: in the meta-python recipe, you mean?  It's using the pypi bbclass, that does the heavy lifting16:44
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mabnhdevsmurray You've exceeded my understanding of how Yocto assembles python with that last question =$ .  I was looking at the python-cryptography recipe in layers/meta-openembedded/meta-python/recipes-devtools/python/python-cryptography.17:01
smurraymabnhdev: the recipe is meta-python/recipes-devtools/python/, that directory is just extra files like the ptest script you see17:02
smurraymabnhdev: try adding python3-cryptography to your image and building, I believe you'll get the module you're looking for17:03
mabnhdevAh.  I think I see.  It's pulling from  I was looking for something being pulled from pyca.  But I see that supplies the pyca/cryptopgraphy package.  Thanks.17:17
smurraymabnhdev: no problem, good luck17:17
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nameclashrburton: I reproduced the LONG_BIT build error using a small c++ application that does nothing but #include <Python.h>18:02
nameclashit builds fine when built for target, but as soon as I add:18:02
nameclashinherit cmake python3native18:02
nameclashBBCLASSEXTEND = " native nativesdk"18:03
nameclashit produces the mentioned build error...18:03
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nameclashhere's the do_compile log:
nameclashand here's the recipe:
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nameclashas said, it's vanilla thud, no custom config at all (apart from BB_NUMBER_THREADS and PARALLEL_MAKE)18:12
aggurioHi, wondering if anyone has experience using plymouth to display a splash screen. I have been struggling all day to see some text output in the splash, but all I can see are square boxes which seem to indicate some type of problem with the fonts in the tty1 terminal plymouth is using. I am using Poky warrior with systemd and I am wondering what could I be missing.18:12
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nameclashok, problem solved. I had to add -march=i686 to BUILD_FLAGS when building for native19:59
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FrazerClewshi, ive been looking at the bins in bitbake and noticed one called bitdoc, but it seems broken. i have been working on getting it working and up to date which i have done for the most part, is this something that is still used in previous versions, or desired for use now, or should it be removed?20:21
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champagneganyone has a tip on how to organize kernel builds with different configs for different images (kernel with/without initramfs depending on images). Is multiconfig the way to go?21:43
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vespasianQuestion: For a software developer with no experience with embedded systems, what's the best way to learn yocto?22:00
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JaMavespasian: "learn yocto" is very wide, I think (years) of experience is the best way to learn, so just start using it for whatever small projects you find useful and incrementally improve from there22:28
JaMae.g. building own custom images for e.g. rpi with some extra recipes for projects you like, is well documented, "easy" and inexpensive way to start22:30
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vespasianJaMa: thanks; I need to use it to build Automotive Grade Linux on a Qualcomm ADAS board and I'm under a bit of time pressure. The learning curve is a little steep for someone with no embedded experience, so I was hoping to find a way to flatten the learning curve a little.22:41
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