Monday, 2020-04-27

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khemhalstead: patchwork seems to be missing patches04:47
khemdid something change with mailing lists that its now evading patchwork ?04:48
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halsteadVery likely. I'll check into it in the morning.05:10
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: COMPATIBLE_HOST vs COMPATIBLE_MACHINE in yocto <>06:02
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: replace Makefile to _Makefile in Makefile <>07:32
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shoragankhem, some oe/yocto lists got a new number prefix for their list id. no idea why someone would change that, though...07:51
PatrickEHi. Iam still working on my example tool which is using an example lib. I did one huge step... I messed up the argument order from CC07:56
PatrickE  But this is the new issue :) 07:56
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problameGood morning all! I was wondering: what is the state of PySide2 in Yocto?08:53
problameMy employer doesn't want to use PyQt5 and would be willing to spend some of my time on a port to Yocto.08:54
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kanavin_homeproblame: I guess you can direct this question to
nacknickHey. Is there a way to find automatically package name of a specific binary in the final image? For instance I have `/usr/sbin/chpasswd` - Which package build it?09:00
problamekanavin_home: very helpful, thx :P I also found
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milloninacknick: if you're on a live target and are using opkg, i would typically grep all *.list files for chpasswd09:55
millonithat's /opkg on my target although i think the standard location might be different09:55
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erbonacknick: oe-pkgdata-util can sort of do that using the 'oe-pkgdata-util find-path /path/to/file' way, but it lists which packages that provide that path and not which package in a certain image. So if there's multiple provider, but only one who end up in the image, it won't tell you which.10:23
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nacknickI have an pre-build library file inside /lib dir. I want to add a symlink to it.10:39
nacknickcan I do it with do_install_append()?10:40
nacknick`ln -s {D}{base_libdir} {D}{base_libdir}`10:42
nacknickthat's should work?10:42
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MarexRP: is it about 10 years since YP 1.0 release now ?10:57
MarexRP: nice :)10:57
RPMarex: 10 years since 0.9 in October10:58
MarexRP: heh10:58
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MarexRP: nice :)11:01
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nemgti-ogHi. I created a recipe that downloads a repository from github. I then used "devtool modify <recipe>" to make some changes - namely remove files (i.e. git rm <files>). Commited changes and "devtool update-recipe <recipe>". But everytime I try to bitbake my recipe, quit fails and complains that such patch is deteced ( Reverse or previously applied). But that is false. Did anybody faced this problem in the11:20
nemgti-og quilt* fil11:21
nemgti-ogquilt* fails*11:21
rburtonnacknick: no ${D} in link target11:35
rburtonbecause $D is the path to the staging directory on your build machine, and you don't want that on the target file system11:36
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nacknickrburton: So how should I do it?12:50
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kanavin_homeRP: thanks for the help :)13:00
kanavin_homebtw, I can ssh into centos7-1, but not into centos7-413:00
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rburtonnacknick: just don't put ${D} in the link target13:12
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RPkanavin_home: I had to retry as the first round had a different issue from the bzip2 change13:17
RPkanavin_home: the mingw failure on the last net build is from your patches13:17
RPinclude/X11/ ERROR: Problem encountered: Your fd_set is too weird.13:17
rburtonamazing error13:17
RPkanavin_home: you'd need to talk to halstead about the ssh issues13:18
rburtonNO YOU'RE WEIRD13:18
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paulgreminds me of the parallel port "printer on fire"  printk()13:18
RPkanavin_home: for context I reran -next with the bzip2 ptest and your series minus rpm and friends changes13:19
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nacknickI accidentally remove deploy/images/raspberrypi3 directory. How to rebuild?13:24
rburtonbitbake myimage -f?13:24
nacknickOK. I will try with -f13:25
halsteadkanavin_home, I've re-run your account provisioning. Please try now.13:25
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RPkanavin_home: the gplv3 build came from sstate so I've killed it, will run manually and force it13:29
RPhalstead: thanks, sorry if I woke you :(13:29
RPhalstead: neither of us can get into debian8 fwiw13:30
kanavin_homehalstead: thanks13:32
kanavin_homedebian 8 works now13:33
RPkanavin_home: non-gplv3 contains a successful rpm-native build13:33
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to enable logging of python script in yocto poky layer? <>13:33
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halsteadRP, I re-ran your account provisioning on and it shows no changes needed. Can you try again while I'm watching the logs?13:39
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nacknickrburton: does not work. it says ".../images/raspberrypi3/bcm2835-bootfiles/*: No such file or directory"13:40
RPhalstead: works...13:40
RPhalstead: not sure what happened, maybe I did something wrong :/13:41
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halsteadRP, How odd. I'm not sure. Maybe there was an unreported change? Glad it's sorted.13:42
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RPhalstead: yes, working now which is the main thing13:42
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Marexif I want to support multiple OE core releases with a single branch in a layer, but I need to handle new PACKAGECONFIG flags which are not defined (and thus generate a warning) in older releases, is checking for LAYERSERIES_COMPAT in a bbappand what I want to do?13:51
Marexor is there a better way ?13:51
JPEWMarex: We set those in distro.conf, e.g. PACKAGECONFIG_pn-foo = "bar baz"13:52
MarexJPEW: and how does that exactly handle the difference between different OE core versions ?13:53
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JPEWOur distro.conf ends with a line: "require conf/distro/include/${DISTRO}-${@d.getVar('LAYERSERIES_CORENAMES').split()[0]}"13:54
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kanavin_homeRP: that build is coming from sstate unfortunately :(13:55
kroonMarex, I use LAYERSERIES_CORENAMES in my layer.conf, and add subdirectories to BBFILES based on its value13:55
kanavin_homewe probably need to add a PR increase to the recipe13:55
JPEWMarex: So, we have version specific distro files (e.g. poky-zeus.conf, poky-dunfell.conf)13:56
MarexJPEW: well that already fails if you build distroless :)13:56
nacknickHELP??? I accidentally deleted deploy/images/raspberrypi3 directory. No `bitbake <image>` is getting stuck. How to fix it?13:56
Marexkroon: oh that's interesting, it's like dynamic layers, but for corenames13:56
Marexnacknick: restart the build13:57
kroonMarex, yes13:57
nacknickMarex: How?13:57
Marexnacknick: delete tmp and restart13:57
Marexnacknick: it will reassemble the rest of the stuff from sstate cache13:57
JPEWnacknick: Is your sstate in tmp?13:57
JPEWIf it is, deleting tmp will rebuild everything from scratch, which is unnecessary :)13:58
nacknickMarex jpew sstate-control?13:58
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Marexnacknick: sstate-cache/ , should be on the same level as tmp/13:58
JPEWnacknick: Whats SSTATE_DIR in local.conf?13:58
MarexRP: is what kroon said, about using LAYERSERIES_CORENAMES in layer.conf , something which is a good practice in your book ?13:59
nacknickMarex: no tmp dir13:59
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nacknickJPEW: sstate-cache13:59
nacknickshould I delete it?14:00
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Marexnacknick: delete tmp/ , keep sstate-cache/14:00
JPEWnacknick: Marex is correct, deleting tmp should be sufficent. I always forget where the default is because I never use the default14:00
Marexnacknick: then re-run bitbake <whatever>14:00
nacknickJPEW: I don't have tmp dir14:01
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Marexnacknick: you should have one14:01
Marexbuild-dh-stm32mp1-dhcor-avenger96$ ls14:01
Marexbitbake-cookerdaemon.log  cache  conf  sstate-cache  tmp14:01
Marexthis is how it looks for me , (example) ^14:01
Marexnotice that sstate-cache/ and tmp/ dir14:01
nacknickMarex: I have not. I searched tmp in whole bitbake folder14:03
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nacknickJPEW: Marex: Any other solution?14:04
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RPkanavin_home: I forced rpm-native14:07
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Marexnacknick: it's in your build directory14:11
nacknickit's not :|14:12
Marexnacknick: you said you deleted deploy/ , deploy/ is a subdir of tmp/14:12
Marexnacknick: so if you deleted deploy/ , cd ..14:12
nacknickI have a Yocto version that don't has tmp dir14:12
nacknickyou want me to delete the whole "tmp" dir. It's called "BUILD" here14:12
nacknickbut I will take years to rebuild it14:13
Marexnacknick: it will reassemble the whole thing from your sstate-cache14:14
Marexthe OE build usually takes an hour or a few14:15
nacknickyes but I configured to not stripped whole binaries, it takes a long time14:15
Marexthe sstate-cache contains most of the stuff you need to reassemble the content of tmp/ without compiling much14:15
nacknicknot strip14:15
Marexstriping binaries of debug symbols has nothing to do with this14:16
nacknickOK. I will try14:17
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kanavin_homeRP: so is there a build I could look at? let me know14:41
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emriusHey together, is there a way to define a `COMPATIBLE_KERNEL` or similar in a recipe?14:47
RPkanavin_home: yes, I said before, I hacked the non-gplv3 build and forced rpm-native to compile in it14:48
kanavin_homeRP: is that on centos7-4 ?14:49
RPkanavin_home: yes14:49
kanavin_homeRP: right, i can look now what happens14:52
kanavin_home-bash-4.2$ ls -l gcc14:53
kanavin_homelrwxrwxrwx. 1 pokybuild users 12 27.4. 13:13 gcc -> /usr/bin/gcc14:53
kanavin_home-bash-4.2$ pwd14:53
kanavin_homeas I suspected, hosttools contains a link to the wrong gcc :(14:53
RPkanavin_home: hmm14:55
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RPthat would be an autobuilder bug. And hence "my" problem :/14:56
kanavin_homeRP: if I can help, let me know. What I did notice is that the check for gcc version runs it against gcc in PATH, which isn't entirely correct - it should be run against gcc in hosttools/14:57
*** xtron <xtron!> has joined #yocto14:57
kanavin_homebecause if wrong gcc makes it into hostools/ somehow, it won't be caught or reported14:57
RPkanavin_home: PATH should always have hosttools first though14:58
kanavin_homethe way I got it there was by running bitbake before installing the tarball - it does report a wrong version but *also*, crucially, creates the symlinks to the wrong versions in hosttools/. If you install the tarball, that wont recreate the symlinks.14:58
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kanavin_homeI have no idea why this is non-deterministic though.15:00
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RPkanavin_home: I'm going to rerun this with a PR bump and extra debug in autobuilder-helper15:02
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Check kernel version in recipe <>15:04
RPkhem: sorry, had to stop that meta-oe build as we're trying to debug something on that worker15:06
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RPkhem: that master-next is bust anyway15:11
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RPkanavin_home: I don't understand. the stdio log says its using buildtools15:16
kanavin_homeRP: what could be happening is that hosttools/ somehow gets populated before the extended-tarball is set up and taken into use. I don;t know where or how though :-/15:17
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rburtonjust ran my prune sstate script to strip out sstate i haven't accessed for a few months15:23
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rburtoni think my disk is breathing a sigh of relief15:23
RPkanavin_home: right, but that shouldn't happen :/15:26
RPrburton: nice :)15:26
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khemRP: hmm ok, isnt there a way to bring nodes offline so scheduler does not see them when being worked on15:31
khemrburton: thats great but it never reduces so much for me. are you building similar arch most of time ?15:31
rburtonkhem: yes, and i haven't pruned for about two years15:32
kanavin_homeRP: or somehow the hosttools creation code doesn't see the tools from the tarball and falls through to the host ones :-/ Again, hard to say without adding lots of logging everywhere.15:32
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khemrburton: 1TB in 2 years, mine fills in a week15:35
rburtonkhem: i never build meta-oe :)15:35
khemyeah I guessed15:36
nacknickI have an archive file that contains a binary file and a symlink to the binary file. I extract them both to ${D}. In the final image I can find the binary file, but not the symlink. WHY?15:36
RPkhem: I needed to actually run builds :/15:37
RPkanavin_home: if I run this on the console it works. If run from the autobuilder it does not15:38
RPkanavin_home: I think I might understand15:40
rburtonnacknick: try 'oe-pkgdata-util list-pkg-files -p [recipename]' to see if the files are packaged where you expect15:41
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nacknickrburton: thanks15:41
rburtonnacknick: if you're using a new enough release, oe-pkgdata-browser is nicer15:41
RPah heck, to fix this I have to change parameters to one of the scripts15:41
RobertBerger@rburton: Is this prune sstate script  of yours somewhere lurking around to give it a try?15:41
nacknickAnother question please. If I want to add a line to a file that resides inside /etc. What is the correct way to do it?15:42
rburtonRobertBerger: mine is dumb, it's just a find script using -atime and -delete15:42
rburtonnacknick: find the recipe that writes that file, change it15:42
RobertBerger@rburton: so something like that? find ${sstate_dir} -name 'sstate*' -atime +3 -delete15:42
rburtonRobertBerger: find $SSTATE -type f -atime +$DAYS -delete15:43
nacknickit's a "general" file. Several packages could use it15:43
rburtonnacknick: but only one recipe wrote the file into the image15:43
RobertBerger@rburton thanks15:43
nacknickrburton: OK15:44
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RPkanavin_home: I understand what broke so you can look at how we fix buildtools...15:55
kanavin_homeRP: yeah, I think adding nativesdk-libgomp-dev to the tarball should be enough, but need to run tests on centos7 first15:56
kanavin_homeRP: then there's the question of what to do with ubuntu 16.04, as its compiler too produces binaries that segfault :-/15:57
kanavin_homeRP: btw, rpm 4.16 deprecates berkeley db in favor of something called 'ndb backend', or sqlite15:58
kanavin_homefray: ^^^15:59
nacknickrburton: Regrading my previous question. Is ".so.1" convention extension is applied to symlinks as well? I can't create symlink with ".so" extension?16:00
rburtonnacknick: you can name a symlink anything you want16:00
rburtonnacknick: but the default packaging rules put .so and .so.1 in different packages16:01
rburtonwe went through this last week and the tips and tricks article i posted - which i wrote - explains all this16:01
nacknickso If I want it to be inside "release" version and not "dev" I have to add version16:01
nacknicka version16:02
rburtonwell either 1) version the libraries or 2) change the FILES so the unversioned library goes where you want it.  the wiki page explains this.16:02
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riz82I am having trouble trying to do something that seems pretty basic. I am attempting to remove DISTRO_FEATURES such as bluetooth from Poky. After building, I get the following error:
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nacknickThere is a recipe that has 2 tasks: `pkg_postinst_${PNLIBSEGFAULT}` and `pkg_prerm_${PNLIBSEGFAULT}` - What does it mean?16:59
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rburtonthey're not tasks, they're package postinst and pre-remove hooks17:04
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riz82I am having trouble trying to do something that seems pretty basic. I am attempting to remove DISTRO_FEATURES such as bluetooth from Poky. After building, I get the following error:
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roussinmkhem: thanks for the merge, but I didn't have time to test with the `libedit` suggesetion.17:41
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RPkanavin_home: autobuilder buildtools issue is fixed18:04
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kanavin_homeRP: I am about to send the patch for omp.h issue as well :) tested on centos7 - seems to work (rpm-native builds, and 'bitbake rpm' succeeds in packaging everything, with multithreading working as expected)18:05
kanavin_homeRP: it does require producing a new tarball though18:05
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RPkanavin_home: thanks. We'll figure out the tarball18:13
RPkanavin_home: we can probably convince sakoman to take this for the next point release :)18:14
sakomankanavin_home: yes please tag the patch with [dunfell] so I don't miss it!18:15
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kanavin_homeRP: patch sent :)18:23
kanavin_homesakoman: too late, I sent it just before looking here :)18:23
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kanavin_homeRP: the next issue is most likely segfaults on ubuntu 16.04 - I guess we will have to bump minimum gcc to 6.x and install the tarball on ubuntu 16.04 as well. Maybe let's respin first to confirm the centos and debian are sorted at least.18:25
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RPkanavin_home: right, will take a while since I'll have to spin a new buildtools first18:31
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* RP also needs to eat, need to remember that18:31
sakomankanavin_home: no worries, I'll look for it18:33
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mischiefis there a way to generate a list of certain package variables and put that as a file into an image?21:34
neverpanicYou can write a bbclass, set it as INHERIT +=  in local.conf, have that bbclass write that variable to a file somewhere in a staging dir and append a task to the image recipe that collects the various values from the staging area21:35
khemthere already is image-buildinfo.bbclass take a look maybe thats a good starting point21:38
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RPkhem: autobuilder is ok to use now btw, found the problem earlier and now fixed22:33
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khemRP: ok thanks23:39
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