Monday, 2020-05-04

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mckoangood morning07:16
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RPkanavin_home: I ran more patches through the autobuilder. The selftests look like kernel and load issues, not sure what is causing the other testsdkext issues08:40
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kanavin_homeRP: thanks, if there are specific links I could look at, let me know09:15
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RPkanavin_home: - the qemuarm/qemux86*/qemumips ones09:46
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: need help in using bitbake INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE flag <>10:04
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kanavin_homeRP: could those failures be caused by git version update?10:40
kanavin_homebb.data_smart.ExpansionError: Failure expanding variable do_compile[file-checksums], expression was ${@srctree_hash_files(d)} which triggered exception CalledProcessError: Command '['git', 'add', '-A', '.']' returned non-zero exit status 1.10:40
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LetoThe2ndwhat would happen if one has multiple, long-running memory resident bitbakes on one host, for several build directories? is this problematic?11:30
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Configuring and Using Plymouth in Yocto-based Linux Distribution <>12:34
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rburtonLetoThe2nd: should be fine, the sockets and so on are all in the build directory12:55
LetoThe2ndrburton: ok, thanks12:56
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FrazerClewshi, im trying to submit patches to bitbake, but getting this error `Series does not apply on top of target branch` even thought the target branch is correct, i keep getting the error with 2 different patches. is this a known issue and can i continure to submite patches, or should i wait?13:16
kroonFrazerClews, u sure youre using the correct mailing list ?13:19
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kroonFrazerClews, bitbake is bitbake-devel@...13:20
FrazerClewskroon, thanks, didnt seem right at first13:20
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Multiple rootfs through .wks file fails in yocto <>13:34
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qschulzrburton: I don't understand your mail wrt CC presence in a makefile13:47
rburtonqschulz: make -p /dev/null shows that the default environment for make has CC = cc13:48
rburtonso really, a makefile doesn't need to set CC13:48
LetoThe2ndif you're writing makefiles, you're doing it wong anyways (TM)13:48
rburtonwell, yeah13:48
rburtonbut either use the default rules, or replicate them properly. its everyone doing replicate-but-badly that causes the problems with make :)13:49
qschulzrburton: oh! I'm learning new things :) what's cc?13:49
rburtonthe traditional unix name for the c compiler13:49
rburtone.g. on my mac /usr/bin/cc -> clang13:50
rburtontypical linux it points at gcc13:50
qschulzisn't that somehow risky? I mean I'd expect different flags for different compilers for example?13:51
LetoThe2ndits like a historical convention that you can get a compiler by invoking cc.13:51
qschulzLetoThe2nd: that i understand.. it's just, don't we want to say the default cross compiler for this piece of SW is gcc for example? to basically explicit that you should compile it with gcc or else you might wander on some unchecked paths?13:53
rburtonqschulz: in the specific example of OE, CC CFLAGS etc are all exported for you already13:53
qschulzrburton: but thanks, very interesting, I see many things define13:53
qschulzrburton: indeed, I was more talking manual compilation or with scripts13:54
LetoThe2ndqschulz: why and where would we want to set set besides in OE? and there its already done.13:54
qschulzLetoThe2nd: Not everybody is using Yocto to build a SW :) I sometimes build tools for my desktop from some github repo13:54
LetoThe2ndqschulz: if a build makes assumptions about its environments, it should honor the environment and stop/break/yell/explode if its need are not fulfilled, instead of hardcoding overrides that give everybody a headache. my $.0213:55
LetoThe2ndqschulz: for example, hardcoding arm-none-eabi-gcc in the Makefile. hooray.13:56
qschulzLetoThe2nd: I was talking about weakly setting CC to gcc, not "hardcoding" it :) It's like a "suggestion". But anyway, that's more philosophical than anything :)13:56
LetoThe2ndqschulz: people who actually know about weakly setting and such don't need the advice anyways. its one of the "if you have to ask, then don't do it" cases.13:57
qschulzLetoThe2nd: I didn't know about `make -p /dev/null` :) I remember all my university writing those rules and variables with most already defined. I hate that I missed that :)13:59
LetoThe2ndqschulz: makefiles were already uncool when i went to uni....13:59
rburtonkids these days eh14:00
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: I never saw anything else than Makefiles at uni... But I guess it was because my major was embedded systems? everyone knows, when it works, you don't touch it14:01
LetoThe2ndrburton: cue
qschulzautoconf, Cmake, never heard of it. Barely heard about Buildroot back then. Anyway :) Thanks for the knowledge sharing :)14:01
LetoThe2ndautotools and buildroot were already around 10yrs before you went to uni. i must know because i used them in my masters thesis and i'm 10 yrs older :)14:02
qschulzLetoThe2nd: I know. Sometimes I wonder what I've been taught at uni /me shrugs14:03
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LetoThe2ndanyways, good reason to crank up some offspring.14:04
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RobertBergersorry wrong chat ;)14:41
qschulzRobertBerger: not a bad recommendation though :)14:43
kanavin_homeRP: I confirm, the testsdkext failures are due to git upgrade14:44
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RPkanavin_home: thanks, I'd not gotten to looking at that yet!15:04
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Problem with IDE finding wrong python version during build system prep (install) <>15:05
* paulg still thinks PATA hard disk when seeing "IDE"15:10
RPpaulg: there is probably a generation who don't know what PATA is now :/15:11
paulgsad, but true.15:12
* qschulz cough cough15:12
kanavin_homequestion to the audience: who remembers how the predecessor to IDE was called?15:13
kanavin_homemy *very* first hard drive was that.15:13
kanavin_home(it had separate cables for data and control)15:14
RPkanavin_home: I knew it as MFM, I have drives like that somewhere15:15
kanavin_homeRP: yep, or ST50615:15
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qschulzthe oldest I felt was when I talked with a colleague 2 years younger who didn't know 5 1/2 floppy disks existed (never seen a 3" as well but at least knew about it)15:21
RPqschulz: you mean 3.5" right :)15:23
RPand 5.25" :)15:23
qschulzRP: but... but... I wanted to feel old too :((15:23
RPqschulz: it happens all too quickly, I'd enjoy the other side while you can!15:24
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sstillerCan I run psplash with thud and systemd? The systemd service is masked in psplash_git.bb15:28
RPsstiller: dunfell was the first release with psplash systemd support so you'd have to backport that15:28
sstillerRP: Thanks!15:32
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RPrburton, Saur: Since you're the listed maintainers for meta-gplv2, could you figure out how we should fix the glib dependency issue we have in master-next please? We have a few options such as disabling ptests, limiting its dependencies etc., just not sure which is best15:46
kanavin_homethe two options proposed by me were: drop ptests from DISTRO_FEATURES, or turn license restrictions into per-image ones (so they kick in only in do_rootfs)15:53
kanavin_homemy preference is for the latter15:53
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RPkanavin_home: that is a huge change in behaviour for the layer and tests15:59
kanavin_homeRP: yes, but if new glib requires a gpl3 item to be able to run tests, I'm not sure what else we can do. Patch it out from glib? No thanks :)16:02
rburtonmeta-gpl has a bbappend to turn off ptest?16:04
kanavin_homeas far as I know, no.16:06
kanavin_homebut those ptests aren't exercised in any way, and probably won't work due to older versions of various items.16:06
rburtoni mean, how about16:07
rburtonwhat tests in particular?16:07
kanavin_homerburton: what I mean is that the AB has a specific configuration to test the layer, and ptests aren't in it in any form16:07
rburtoni admit i haven't looked at the failure so have no idea what the problem is16:08
kanavin_homeso adding DISTRO_FEATURES_remove = "ptest" to the layer config is an option, just not my preferred one16:08
rburtonthats a very heavy hammer16:08
kanavin_homerburton: new glib tests require a gpl3 item (python3-dbusmock)16:08
rburtoni suspected you'd say that16:09
kanavin_homeso it's in RDEPENDS-ptest, which breaks meta-gplv216:09
rburtonrequire is a strong word16:09
rburtonone sec16:09
rburtonwould that help?16:09
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kanavin_homesure, but I'd want to keep the test enabled when meta-gplv2 is not16:12
rburtonthat patch allows another option: don't recommend on dbusmock16:12
kanavin_homedon't recommend?16:13
rburtonlet the tests skip16:13
rburtonthe portal one won't run anyway16:13
kanavin_homeoh, would RRECOMMENDS avoid the issue? (vs RDEPENDS)16:14
kanavin_homewith meta-gplv2 presumably would skip the recipe, and not  install it when making an image16:15
rburtonnot sure of the semantics for recommends and licenses16:17
rburtoni'd argue that recommends is a good idea anyway for stuff like that16:18
kanavin_homerunning a quick checl16:18
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kanavin_homeRRECOMMENDS did not work, but RSUGGESTS seems to do the trick16:33
kanavin_homeRP: I guess we can change the offending dependency to that?16:34
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nacknickHi. I'm trying to compile shared object in arm. `ARM_INSTRUCTION_SET = "arm"` has not affect for some reason. Any idea why?16:41
*** goliath <goliath!> has joined #yocto16:45
nacknickI added it in *local.conf*16:48
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RPkanavin_home: RSUGGESTS won't build it and may not even pull it in :(17:04
nacknickSomeone please? It's urgent17:05
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nacknickI'm trying to compile shared object in arm. `ARM_INSTRUCTION_SET = "arm"` has not affect for some reason. Any idea why?17:11
nacknickIn *local.conf*17:11
JPEWnacknick: Make sure it's taking effect: bitbake -e YOURRECIPE17:11
nacknickJPEW it's affecting the bina17:13
nacknickAffecting the executable, but not the shared objects17:13
kanavin_homerburton: so what do we do? just drop the dependency and backport a patch that skips the tests? I'm not comfortable with that, it's side-stepping the issue.17:14
kanavin_homemeaning, it's a coincidence that we can do that17:14
rburtonits easy though, and isn't horrible17:14
kanavin_homewhat if it was a hard dependency?17:14
rburtonthen meta-gpl can have a glib.bbappend that turns off ptest forcibly17:14
rburtonfor that recipe17:15
kanavin_homemaybe that's the best option then?17:15
RPkanavin_home: I'm thinking meta-gplv2 just has to force ptest off17:15
JPEWnacknick: Is the so in the same recipe as the executable?17:15
kanavin_homeRP: so you're ok with DISTRO_FEATURES_remove = "ptest" in that layer then?17:15
kanavin_homeor just for glib?17:16
rburtonRP: i don't like the layer turning off ptest for the entire distro17:16
RPkanavin_home: for that recipe17:16
nacknickJPEW how should I find .so recipes?17:16
kanavin_homerburton: could you make a patch then? :)17:16
rburtonkanavin_home: give me a few days, haven't done a build for ~weeks17:17
kanavin_homeright, maybe I can cook up smth quicker17:17
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RPkanavin_home: the challenge is keeping that layer YP compatible too :/17:21
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RPkanavin_home: wondering if we should create a .inc inside meta-gplv2 which users would use to enable the layer. The autobuilder could then just include that rather than its current settings?17:24
RPkanavin_home: more complex as an approach but easier to fix other things in future?17:24
kanavin_homeRP: I placed PTEST_ENABLED_pn-glib-2.0 = "0" into layer.conf, which seems to work17:24
RPkanavin_home: that breaks YP Compat as inclusion of the layer changes behaviour :/17:27
kanavin_homeRP: will that be reported by yocto-check-layer?17:31
RPkanavin_home: yes17:31
kanavin_homebah, I should really get my employer to join the project, and then vote the layer out :)17:32
RPkanavin_home: I can sort the include thing later on17:33
kanavin_homeRP: somehow I am getting test_signature failures even when testing master meta-gplv2 with that script17:35
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kanavin_homeRP: so what to do then?17:36
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RPkanavin_home: something must be wrong with the setup as it passes on the AB17:45
kanavin_homeRP: maybe, I have a ton of settings in local.conf17:46
RPzeddii: FWIW its the later two kernel updates that cause the reproducibile failure as current master-next passes17:49
RPzeddii: so 5.4.32 onwards17:49
zeddiicool. that helps. ran out of space on my builder, so had to do a rm on tmp.17:57
zeddiijust starting builds locally now.17:57
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sailanjHi anybody her???18:51
sailanjYes, I see that18:52
LetoThe2ndwe just play virtual hide and seek. pretty neat, don't you agree? :P18:52
sailanjNice, let me play too please18:53
sailanjI agree18:53
LetoThe2ndall is well, then.18:54
sailanjPlease Leto while you are hear let me ask you a question18:54
LetoThe2ndunless you have a personal question, just ask the channel. if somebody knows, you will get an answer.18:55
derRichardhey! i ran into the problem this patch tries to fix:
derRichard(on zeus)18:57
derRichardlooks like the patch did not make it upstream :(18:58
sailanjThanks sure not personal :) . Could you let me where can i find good documentation or training for how to customized embedded Linux for a certain target board?18:58
sailanjof course using Yocto18:58
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LetoThe2ndsailanj: other than that, it depends quite a bit on your knowledge and if you have coin to spend, basically.19:00
sailanjReally! thank you Leto looks like the videos titles are so interested and close to what am looking for. I can spend if it's good.19:02
LetoThe2ndenjoy, then :)19:03
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lpapphi, upgrading init-ifupdown via opkg means rerunning init/networking, yeah?19:04
paulgkanavin_home, you discussion earlier about MFM/RLL reminded me of writing this gem...19:08
erbolpapp: I would expect that yes, but safest is probably to extract the ipk and look at the pre/post install scripts19:08
kanavin_homepaulg: you knew linux before it was famous :)19:09
lpappthanks, so I can see it working from ssh running opkg manually19:09
lpappbut when I run it through my C program with fork and execvp, it seems that the interface stays down19:09
lpappit does not come up until I manually bring it up by starting19:09
lpapphow is this possible?19:10
lpappsomehow, the environmeny different from the C program as opposed to the manual ssh run?19:10
LetoThe2ndpaulg: its the era we roughly call "lathe based data processing" here :)19:10
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derRichardhmm, when i want a FILES_${PN} to trigger only for a specific machine, isn't FILES_${PN}_mymachine += ... the way to go?19:31
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Moh3NHI , when I want to build my image by yocto, I got an error that said unable to fetch URL....20:03
Moh3Nthe URL is for gstreamer, how I can disable it ?? I  wont to have error! I dont need gstreamer20:05
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto poky build fails on function do_rootfs <>20:06
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Moh3Nmy error is : fetcher failure:...<URL>20:10
Moh3Nin which recipe I can disable downloading gstreamer package ?? (my Error URL)20:14
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alejandrohsMoh3N: you need to run bitbake -g <mage> to check what is pulling gstreamer as a dependency20:16
alejandrohsMoh3N: but its likely that its easier to fix the URL where gstreamer is coming from20:17
Moh3Nthe url is correct, thanks :)20:17
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lpapperbo: it looks like the postinst should start it20:23
lpapperbo: or at least, it has a line like this, update-rc.d $OPT networking start 01 2 3 4 5 . stop 80 0 6 1 .20:24
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Moh3Nalejandrohs excuse me, I have another question, I have an script that I want to runs at linux startup, How I can do this in yocto for my Image ??20:40
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alejandrohsMoh3N: there are many ways to achieve that depending on what you want specifically, which init system you are using, etc, but you can look at the update-rc class as a starting point20:49
alejandrohsMoh3N: it seems that rng-tools has a simple working example, it might help to look at that one too20:50
Moh3Nthanks a lot20:51
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paulgkanavin_home, the original linux hard disk driver "hd.c" lived out its final years as a ST-506 MFM/RLL driver - which amusingly enough got a brief 2nd wind with CF-IDE crap21:02
paulgline 17,18 of
paulgback when IDE drives were "new and shiny".21:03
paulgand here is another retro computing flashback -- the PC-XT linux disk driver...21:04
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paulgGood times.21:05
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