Monday, 2020-06-08

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mckoangood morning06:47
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Letothe2ndmckoan: howdy06:49
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ilkmc2rI am trying to build an image for rpi3. It builds successfully but even I wrote IMAGE_FSTYPE += "squashfs" to conf/local.conf poky doesn't generate squashfs rootfs. Any idea why ?08:00
ilkmc2rusing sumo branch btw08:00
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Letothe2ndilkmc2r: a) without a proper error, message, not really b) the variable is calles IMAGE_FSTYPES c) sumo is beyond end of life, time to update.08:05
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ilkmc2rLetothe2nd, ty very much08:06
ilkmc2rsuch a foolish mistake08:07
Letothe2ndbitbake -e is your friend08:07
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Guest330hello, I am using local machine where it exists my SDK toolchain in order to cross compile applications for ARM target platform. I need to use Mono framework to cross compile C# .NET core code08:17
Guest330can I add Mono framework to the SDK ?08:17
Letothe2ndGuest330: yes you can, and no, it will not integrate as nicely as you maybe expect.08:18
Guest330Letothe2nd what do you mean ?08:18
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Letothe2ndGuest330: I mean that you can add the mono toolchain to the SDK, and that it will not "magically" crosscompile like the C/C++ toolchain does, if your build system is properly set up.08:19
Guest330Letothe2nd it's not maintained or what ?08:22
Guest330and what is the other solution to run .NET core on ARM using yocto ?08:23
Letothe2ndGuest330: no, its just that mono does not follow the generic build procedures as far as I know. i assume you can make it work, but its not a "hey include and be done" probably.08:23
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Letothe2ndGuest330: well isn't the sales promise of .net to be platform independent so you can "compile" anywhere?08:24
Guest330Letothe2nd than I will not find a problem when I run my code on ARM if I compile it on intel08:26
Guest330without the need to have .NET core on ARM or add it to my linux image08:27
Letothe2ndthat doesn't make sense to me.08:27
Letothe2ndi always thought, the promise to .net/mono is that you can run it regardless of the platform, as long as the runtime is there. or am i mistaken?08:28
Guest330well I heard about " self contained " and " runtime dependent " ..08:29
Letothe2ndisnt that just what i said?08:30
Letothe2ndwhat i'm trying to say is this: the SDK is focused on classic cross-compilation development. hence, if used correctly, you can easily compile your packages just by sourcing the setup script that comes with it.08:31
Letothe2ndas mono almost certainly does not care for things like CC, i just *GUESS* that it will not be that easy. but - technically you should be able to include a mono toolchain in the sdk and use it.08:32
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Guest330Letothe2nd do you have an idea how to include mono toolchain in the sdk ?08:34
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Letothe2ndGuest330: and
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Letothe2ndGuest330: and
Guest330Letothe2nd thanks08:37
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ponziLooking for some help please with a failing recipe.09:32
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Letothe2ndponzi: do you really expect helpful advice given that request?09:35
ponzior rather with a specific package that is failing to build. Specifically libassuan-native. Even though the libgpg-error-native recipe succeeds, the config script continually fails to libgpg-error09:35
Letothe2ndponzi: has it ever worked? is this upstream, hopefully current?09:36
acyt2Hi guys, I am a complete newbie and was wondering about the difference between using yocto to create an image for developing a QT5 application and using raspbian. This is for a raspberry pi. Any pointers, resources or clarification would be very well received. Thanks!09:36
ponzihey man when I'm looking for help the first thing I'm interested in is whether people are willing to help or just sass... Then we can explain the problem. Moving on...09:38
ponziNo it hasn't worked. I'm using sumo which is the distribution recommended by NXP for their imx8mm board support package.09:38
Letothe2ndacyt2: 1) is the "open way" where you do not depend on a highly specific build. 2) is the qt-specific way 3) is the tinkerer-way where you gain interactive development, but lose reproductibiliy.09:39
ponziIf you think the question is better posed to NXP i''ll go there.09:39
ponzithe config script fails to find* libgpg-error09:40
acyt2Letothe2nd, I've been following your tutorials on Youtube to get started! They are awesome, thank you!!09:41
Letothe2ndponzi: so, "hey man." i take that you are not used to the IRC customs - hence a short explanation. it works like this: one shows up, and asks a question that is as concise as possible. the one by acyt2 is actually a pretty good example. then, if somebody knows, he/she can answer. people do *NOT* sit around here, waiting for somebody to first sayhello, then pull each and every bit out of the nose, until09:42
Letothe2ndfinally finding that its just not ...09:42
Letothe2nd... seomthing they can help with. So having said that, i will kick off a build of libassiun on master for you to check. if it does fail, i will tell you and you can file a bug. if it builds, its your job to either backport or upgrade. is that ok?09:42
Letothe2ndacyt2: glad you like them.09:42
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ponzisounds good.09:43
Letothe2ndponzi: will report back, then.09:44
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rburtonponzi, Letothe2nd : we rip out gpg-config because it's fundamentally broken.  the recipe that calls it needs to be changed to use pkg-config instead.10:02
rburtonbut as assuan is in core already, it has already had this done10:03
acyt2Continuing on the clarifications, is there any link between yocto and bare metal programming for raspberry pi? Furthermore, is there such thing as bare metal + qt5 using either yocto or something else?10:03
qschulzponzi: also if I can chime in. Depending on what you need from NXP's BSP layer, it might actually be worth starting your project on the latest release of Yocto and take the kernel, u-boot, etc... recipes from the NXP layer into yours. This is perfectly okay from Yocto PoV.10:04
Letothe2ndacyt2: you could theoretically set up a bare metal build for the rpi using yocto, but other than for academic or very special industrial cases i do not see a use case.10:04
rburtonacyt2: define bare metal10:05
rburtonbecause qt needs a good C library and a kernel10:05
Letothe2ndrburton: nope
rburtoni stand corrected10:06
Letothe2ndfirst time in my life!10:06
* Letothe2nd starts headbanging10:06
rburtoni'm guessing thats commercial only?10:07
acyt2doing away with a full blown os and just running the application directly on the hardware. rburton, I had doubts because of what Letothe2nd just pointed at... But looking into that, I am very confused as to whether there's any way of doing it without a commercial license from QT10:07
Letothe2ndrburton: "very special industrial usecases"10:07
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mous16Hello everyone10:07
rburtonacyt2: the question you have to ask is why do i want to do bare metal.  the kernel and C library provides a lot of very useful functionality :)10:07
Letothe2ndacyt2: if you were one of those cases, you would know. seriously, just stick to linux :)10:07
ponzithanks, rburton. I was hesitant to upgrade from sumo. I didn't want to deviate from the instructions unless I needed to. But if it's okay to use a newer version of poky I'll do that. Cheers.10:08
qschulzacyt2: might get killed for syaing that, but if all you need is one app to run... Maybe buildroot would suit you better? Even if it's baremetal, I guess you'd still need to build your own buildsystem... and that's the beginning of the nightmares :)10:08
Letothe2ndponzi: libassuan-native builds fine on dunfell master, just verified. so its up to you to do the backports if you want to stick to sumo.10:08
rburtonbut it should work in sumo too. sounds like nxp broke something?10:08
Letothe2ndqschulz: nah, if it fits the usecase its a perfectly fine advice :)10:09
ponziPossibly, There's additional BSPs for the SOM I'm working with to potentially break even more things.10:09
acyt2Letothe2nd, rburton that's probably the best way, but I was curious about the alternative specially if it means I can buy cheaper hardware for the device... Atm I have a horrible prototype mixing a python daemon running the controls and a web based gui interface it's a bit too clunky and was trying to do away with as many things as I could to keep10:12
acyt2it simple, but maybe baremetal is over doing it. Thanks both!10:12
qschulzacyt2:mmmm... what I really wanted to say is that I doubt that you really need baremetal anyway since the cost of doing it the baremetal way (IMO) usually induces "harder" development, a handmade buildsystem for high size and/or performance constraints. I guess a very simple system with the bare minimum would be better. Something like core-image-minimal in yocto, or a buildroot image could be ok.  I'm10:12
qschulzdigressing from the original question (the difference between the two) but I've shared today's opinion :)10:12
rburtonponzi: easy way to tesT: grab  a fresh poky , don't use the nxp bsp, just build assum for qemuarm10:12
ilkmc2rWhen I add IMAGE_FSTYPES += " squashfs" to my local conf build is not generating /core-image-minimal-raspberrypi3.rpi-sdimg anymore. Before I add it was generating. What should be the reason ?10:12
Letothe2ndilkmc2r: bitbake -e is your friend......10:13
qschulzilkmc2r: you'll see that you're overriding the IMAGE_FSTYPES from your machine conf file from bitbake -e :) (`bitbake -e <image_recipe> | less` and then look for the line starting with IMAGE_FSTYPES, above that line are all the "instructions" that make up the variable10:14
ilkmc2rLetothe2nd, qschulz thank you10:15
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acyt2qschulz, it all adds, thanks for sharing the advice10:17
qschulzacyt2: also, raspbian (well now called Raspberry Pi OS) is still using 32b userspace even for 64b-able RPi IIRC10:18
Letothe2ndqschulz: 640kB ought to be enough for everybody!10:19
acyt2Also, How do you guys manage host disk space usage? I'm at 100GB on just a qemu and rpi build!10:20
Letothe2ndacyt2: i do not manage, just slap in a couple of TB harddrives.10:20
acyt2Right, I thought I was doing something wrong. If you don't mind me saying this, but maybe for all the complete newbies like me out there watching your videos a heads up would be appreciated ;)10:22
Letothe2nda heads up?10:23
qschulzacyt2: have a look at INHERIT += "rm_work"10:23
acyt2As in... Building all these images will take X amount of disk space, it's some kind of indication you're in the right direction10:23
Letothe2ndacyt2: hm. i do not necessarily agree, to be honest.10:24
acyt2Letothe2nd fair enough10:24
Letothe2ndacyt2: but thanks for the suggestion! i love all kinds of feedback, even if its just tellign me waht i'm doing wrong. :)10:25
acyt2Letothe2nd no, not wrong at all! Just that in my case I am running all of this on a mac on Docker and there was no indication whatsoever of how much space to give for the volume where I am writing everything... I guess it's kind of normal to have this trial an error interaction when learning, but I only mention it as something that would make it10:28
acyt2easier for complete beginners to set up their environments10:28
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acyt2qschulz, thanks, will have a look!10:29
Letothe2ndacyt2: hehe, i think i mentioned pretty early in the first session "do this on a native linux only if you don't want to lose your sanity" or something close enough, so here's your "heads up" then :)10:29
qschulzacyt2: Also... I think you could also benefit from the SSTATE_MIRRORS provided by Yocto point 210:29
acyt2Letothe2nd '=D  fair enough I did hear that advice and did not heed it so I deserve all I get10:30
Letothe2ndacyt2: nah the point is more that its just a side effect. like "if you want to drive a car, then you need to learn ...". nobodys gonna mention that you'll need parking space. people tend to assume some side effects as jsut given.10:31
Letothe2ndacyt2: and i gloss over many things that would have to be mentioned in a proper training - which is not what i do. for those who really want to learn stuff properly from the ground up, there are courses available.10:33
Letothe2ndanyways. L√úNCH!10:35
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mckoanykrons_: hello12:57
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ykrons_I'm facing weird bugs and it seems to be linked to two changes. 1. I have moved my yocto folder (layers, build, sstate etc) in a new drive (using btrfs) and in a folder that includes a dot in it and used a symboliclink to point from the old to new location. In that case, I get an opkg-make-index error at the end of SDK. 2: I have use the SDK without going through the symbolic links and I get some build errors complaining after SDK and going away after so12:59
ykrons_me retries ... my questions are: Is btrfs a bad idea? Are symbolic links a bad idea? and the last is using a SDK through symlink (or moving a SDK I guess) is a very bad idea?12:59
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ykrons_mckoan: Hello, as you can see, I still learn a lot every day (in the case I learn from my mistakes ..)13:02
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mckoanykrons_: AFAIK Yocto/OE doesn't like symbolic links, SDK should be reinstalled13:03
mckoanykrons_: however, just to be sure,  what do you mean as SDK ?13:03
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ykrons_the build error in SDK is at the end of bitbake xxx -c populate_sdk13:05
mckoanykrons_: and above all Yocto can't work if you copy the build tree in a dfferent directory. You have to reconfigure bblayers.conf and delete tmps13:05
ykrons_In that case, I have moved the layers, removed build, deploy and rebuild from scratch (except download) the image and SDK13:05
ykrons_annd bblayers.conf has relative in it13:06
mckoanykrons_: it makes sense13:07
mckoanykrons_: pastebin error log and the content of your build directory13:08
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ykrons_If everything is build from scratch there is normally no issue with using a symlink to access the yocto folder and launch the build?13:17
mckoanykrons_: I don't know I never use symlink to access the yocto folder, and IIRC Yocto doesn't like symlinks13:20
qschulzykrons_: if you build everything from scratch, why don't you just use the correct location and not the symlink?13:20
*** stephano <stephano!> has joined #yocto13:23
ykrons_it is in fact a test on a build server to move the build location to a new disk with more space13:25
*** maudat <maudat!> has joined #yocto13:25
ykrons_to do a test, the home has been copied to the new disk and a redirection is done with a symlink13:26
ykrons_a rollback can be easily done with symlink13:26
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yannwhat's the recommended course, when a package wants to use LD=$CROSS-ld and LDFLAGS which has all those -Wl inside ?14:01
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qschulzyann: the package should get it from yocto and not redefine it (e.g. use $(LD) directly in Makefiles and not have any LD=something or LD:=something). But I'mnot sure this was your question, so could you elaborate a bit more?14:10
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yannI'm trying to cross-build systemtap probes, and stap itself launches a kernel-module build.  The build fails with - if I override TARGET_LDFLAGS to set a value without -Wl, the build wents fine14:13
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*** tolszak <tolszak!~tolszak@> has joined #yocto14:54
tolszakHello, can't google if it is possible to revert inheritance in bbappend file?14:54
tolszakE.g. I want to remove gtk-icon-cache from intial recipe14:55
qschulzI don't think you can but someone might correct me. An alternative is to take the whole bb file and modify it in your layer and make sure your version is taken14:56
Letothe2ndtolszak: in a nutshell: no.14:56
tolszakqschulz: That's the rough way14:57
tolszakLetothe2nd: Thanks!14:57
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yann|workqschulz: anything additional I should detail ?15:05
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qschulzyann|work: I'm not entirely sure but are you certain that it's not the host LD that is being used?15:18
qschulzyann|work: I'm surprised by aarch64-shadow-linux-ld call without a path in front of it15:18
qschulzso maybe check that your code use the LD provided by Yocto and not some hardcoded one (can be hardcoded in some fucked up ways and not obvious)15:19
yann|workat least it can't be the host ld on an x86_64 build host15:19
qschulzyann|work: you can have a cross-compiler on the host distribution :)15:20
qschulzbut I admit I didn't write my sentence correctly :)15:21
yann|workthere is none in this chroot15:21
yann|workmy "env" call in do_compile says LD has this "aarch64-shadow-linux-ld --sysroot=..." value, no absolute path15:22
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yann|workand "bitbake -e" says it comes from bitbake.conf : "${HOST_PREFIX}ld${TOOLCHAIN_OPTIONS} ${HOST_LD_ARCH}"15:24
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rburtonld is found in $PATH as the sysroots are in $PATH15:37
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smurrayyann|work: I did make cross-build work with stap back on pyro, but it was for a customer whose tree I don't have access to anymore.  So it is possible, but iirc it took working out a lot of arguments to pass stap.15:48
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JPEWRP: Before I squash it into my signature mcdepend  commits and resubmit, does this look OK:
JPEWRP: erg, has a small bug, but you get the general idea :)15:52
yann|worksmurray: yes I think I have all of them, I'll submit patches when I have something good enough16:02
smurrayyann|work: it probably would work as a bbclass, I was toying with that idea back at the time16:04
yann|workmakes sense16:10
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kriiveHi guys, I am in this very unhappy situation: my employer said that I must install an old version of TeamViewer Host Preview 12 (!!!) in my beautiful Yocto build17:36
kriiveSo, first thing I created a new recipe, that DEPENDs on "dpkg-netive" and does a really nasty dpkg-deb -xv teamviewer-host_12.1.83885_amd64.deb ${D}17:38
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JPEWkriive: You could try starting with `inherit bin_package`17:47
JPEWIt won't handle the dependencies for you, but it should properly extract the deb and "repackage" it in Yocto for you17:48
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kriiveUh, thank you JPEW ! Does inherit bin_package also auto execute postinst scripts?18:13
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JPEWkriive: I don't think so18:19
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JPEWkriive: The source fetcher "handles" deb files by simply extracting their contents (maybe it puts metadata somewhere?). bin_packages.bbclass is just a small wrapper around that to make the recipe do sane things when you specify one.18:23
bryanvfigured I'd ask here. I'm trying to build a piece of software with bitbake (yocto project) it's makefile is using 'curl' to get from an https:// server. curl-native is failing to verify the ssl context. It's pointing the cacerts info at the empty dir from the curl-native sysroot. I've figured out a way to massage the dir locations by writing out a ~/.curlrc before invoking `oe_runmake`.18:23
bryanvBut I don't know where to point those to, or how to resolve the actual sysroot location to point to.18:23
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RPbryanv: would adding a depends on ca-certificates-native help?18:48
rburtonno because the path is still wrong18:49
rburtonthere's a bug for this18:49
rburtondepend on ca-certs-native, and then set the path to RECIPE_SYSROOT_NATIVE/sysconfdir/...18:49
RPbryanv: things shouldn't be fetching outside of do_fetch btw as that breaks auditing of the builds, mirroring, license handling and so on18:49
bryanvSo I just hit the parts about the changes to sysroots with things from the staging class.18:50
bryanvI think i'm pretty close to figuring it out by adding dependent tasks, and not having to massage the curlrc.18:50
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bryanvSo I did have to use the ~/.curlrc (where ~ is of course the working dir for the recipe).18:57
bryanvI added do_compile[depends] += "ca-certificates-native:do_prepare_recipe_sysroot"18:57
bryanvand setup the curlrc with:18:57
bryanvecho "cacert=${STAGING_ETCDIR_NATIVE}/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt" > ~/.curlrc18:57
bryanvecho "capath=${STAGING_ETCDIR_NATIVE}/ssl/certs" >> ~/.curlrc18:57
bryanvI wonder what my next roadblock will be.18:58
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Chaser /buffer 119:29
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RPJPEW: can you send any changes to that bitbake series as an incremental patch which I can squash pleasE?20:34
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JPEWRP: Sure, I'll just rebase on master-next quick20:42
JPEWAh, you missed the new files20:44
JPEWRight, this has happened before because I sent the patches against poky, not bitbake and combo-layer didn't handle it20:45
*** kriive <kriive!~kriive@> has quit IRC20:47
RPJPEW: its ok, I should know how to deal with it by now :/20:47
JPEWI'll send a patch you can apply against bitbake quick20:48
JPEWRP: Oh, right the files are in bitbake, they just got missed by combo-layer20:50
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RPJPEW: I just updated things20:55
RPJPEW: that patch I mean is the centos7 issue I sent email about20:56
JPEWRP: Patch sent21:03
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RPJPEW: thanks!21:21
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edenhi. what's the right way to access BB_ORIGENV in a recipe?21:46
edenif i do 'FOO = "${@d.getVar("BB_ORIGENV").getVar("FOO")}' and 'export FOO', i get a bunch of non-deterministic metadata errors and i don't understand why.21:47
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