Sunday, 2020-06-14

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Moh3Nhi . I add tzdata to my Image, in tmp/work/....../tzdata it is complete and have all of country! but in my rootfs its not complete!!! why ??? I dont understand it09:07
Moh3Nfor example in /usr/share/zoneInfo there isnt any Iran or Tehran in Asia09:08
paulbarkerMoh3N: I seem to remember something like that. Which Yocto Project version are you using?09:20
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PaowZhello there ! I'm trying to build a piece of software that relies upon usb.h.. I then created a recipe for such, but the build fails because of missing include usb.h.. I glanced at /recipe-sysroot and indeed, I could not see usb.h anywhere. Prior to this, I've had added "libusb1" to DEPENDS var recipe.. with no luck..10:07
PaowZany clue ? :)10:07
nameclashPaowZ: did you look here?
paulbarkerPaowZ: You could check what provides usb.h on your host distro, may give some clue as to the Yocto package you need10:11
nameclashhave you tried oe-pkgdata-util find-path /usr/include/usb.h10:14
PaowZhi nameclash, tks for your reply, are they dependencies to append ?10:15
nameclashno that's a utility you could use to find out what package populates a given file in the sysroot10:16
PaowZaahh.. coool..10:16
PaowZI'm giving a try right away !10:17
PaowZnameclash: ERROR: Unable to find any package producing path /usr/include/usb.h10:22
nameclashyeah I just tried that myself and got the same result...10:22
nameclashdid you follow paulbarker's advice?10:22
nameclashhow did you get usb.h on your host system and what is its location there?10:23
nameclashis it at /usr/include/usb.h at all?10:23
PaowZ./recipe-sysroot/usr/include/libusb-1.0/libusb.h is the only header I saw..10:23
nameclashyeah but you're looking for usb.h particularly, so where is it on your host system and how did you get it there?10:24
PaowZpaulbarker: thks for suggesting. Actually, usb.h is delivered as part of libusb-1.0-0-dev debian package..10:25
PaowZ..and I wrongly thought libusb1 was the yocto recipe equivalent.10:26
PaowZnameclash: yep ! that header is in /usr/include..10:27
PaowZ-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 8574 mai    4  2018 /usr/include/usb.h10:27
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Moh3N@paulbarker excuse me, I became disconnected, How I can find yocto version?10:29
Moh3Ndo you mean poky version ?10:29
Moh3Nin <yocto folder>/<build folder>/tmp/work/all-poky-linux/tzdata/2013d-r0/image/usr/share/zoneinfo dirctory the zoneinfo of all country are available, but in my Image (my rootfs) only there are some country!!!10:31
Moh3N= 2013d-r010:31
paulbarkerMoh3N: Poky version would be fine. Or what branch did you download?10:32
paulbarkerMoh3N: I remember fixing this last year in this commit:
Moh3Nits an SDK that NXP give us10:33
paulbarkerI wonder if you're on an older version10:33
paulbarkerIf your tzdata version is 2013d then you've got a very old Yocto Project branch. tzdata releases multiple times per year to keep up with timezone changes10:34
paulbarkerI recommend upgrading to a newer Yocto Project version if possible. If not then maybe backport oe-core commits 2af4d6eb2526d60b26bc5128068541ff3350fb58 and 3d2d31fed64169f08c0ecfce4c07b8c7ebd052d2 and see if it fixes your issue10:35
nameclashPaowZ: you sure the debian package provides that file? it appears neither in nor
Moh3Nthanks a lot, but my question is why all the fetch tzdata isnt in my rootfs?!!!10:37
mihai-Moh3N, you need to install it10:39
Moh3N@paulbarker when I run bitbake -c compile tzdata and then bitbake -c install tzdata Ican see all of timezone in <yocto folder>/<build folder>/tmp/work/all-poky-linux/tzdata/2013d-r0/image/usr/share/zoneinfo10:40
paulbarkerMoh3N: In older versions `tzdata` was just the 'core' timezone data. You need to look at the packages defined in the tzdata and install the ones you need10:40
Moh3Nbut in my rootfs there are some of them! for example there are 4 country in Asia10:40
PaowZnameclash: let me see that.. this is not something I wrote for sure.. I keep you posted !10:40
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Moh3N@paulbarker thank you :)10:41
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paulbarkerMoh3N: It's split into packages like tzdata-americas, tzdata-asia, etc10:41
paulbarkerPick the ones you need and add those to your image10:41
paulbarkerIn recent Yocto Project versions `tzdata` gives you everything and the old 'core' package is renamed `tzdata-core` as you're not the first one to be tripped up by this10:42
paulbarkerUpdate your Yocto Project version and you'll see a lot of improvements :)10:42
PaowZyup, you damn right, nameclash ! libusb-compat added a wrapper around that.. I'm wondering how I ended up with /usr/include/usb.h10:45
nameclashwell there's a package for it
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PaowZnameclash: Indeed, I just clone the repo.. xD10:46
PaowZmy /poky folder has begin to weight a lot, on my disk..10:47
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nameclashPaowZ: yeah it took me also a while to understand that yocto/poky actually provides both the development and runtime environment and thus should not be reduced to be just a OS distro. It completely replaced our homegrown SDK generation toolchain as it causes much less pain in the long run..10:53
PaowZnameclash: libusb-dev is responsible for shipping /usr/include/usb.h.. below some details:
nameclashyeah you're right..11:00
PaowZthere is something like a clash name (no pun intended.. well, yes, after all ;-) between some usb libs that are misleading, imh..11:01
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nameclashPaowZ: looks like libusb-compat-dev is your friend:
nameclashwhich is built by the recipe libusb-compat11:19
nameclashbitbake -e libusb-compat | grep ^PACKAGES=11:20
nameclashPACKAGES="libusb-compat-dbg libusb-compat-staticdev libusb-compat-dev libusb-compat-doc libusb-compat-locale libusb-compat-bin libusb-compat"11:20
PaowZnameclash: yep, that's right ! As stated
PaowZthis is a little step towards dependencies completeness :)11:24
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deargodDear GOD/GODS and/or anyone else who can HELP ME (e.g. MEMBERS OF SUPER-INTELLIGENT ALIEN CIVILIZATIONS):  The next time I wake up, please change my physical form to that of FINN MCMILLAN of SOUTH NEW BRIGHTON at 8 YEARS OLD and keep it that way FOREVER.  I am so sick of this chubby Asian man body!  Thank you!  - CHAUL JHIN KIM (a.k.a. A DESPERATE12:33
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PaowZwhat would be the reason why an env variable could not be seen ? I'm having issues with CMAKE_BUILD_PARALLEL_LEVEL which I set from within a recipe but is never seen (bitbake -e CMAKE_BUILD_PARALLEL_LEVEL giving nothing..)17:28
seebsIsn't there some kind of allow/block list of variables, where if you don't explicitly state that you want a thing to leak in from the environment, it won't?17:43
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akbergHi! Is it normal for bitbake to be "checking for sstate mirror object availability" repeatedly? Just following a tutorial, and this msg started filling my terminal when I switched to systemd.18:00
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