Monday, 2020-07-06

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mckoangood morning06:46
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Letothe2ndgood morning new age dudes!07:19
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mckoanLetothe2nd: LOL07:35
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Letothe2ndmckoan: bascially it refers to
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kroonWould it be possible to tell google not to provide as first hit a link to an old outdated bitbake manual when searching for "bitbake manual" ?08:08
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Letothe2ndkroon: if you find a way, please do so.08:23
kroonLetothe2nd, one solution would be to remove it08:23
kroonI think08:23
kroonor at least move it08:24
Letothe2ndwhich breaks all the links, and at the same time just re-loads the problem. disagreed.08:25
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RobertBerger@koon,@Lethothe2nd how about a redirect?08:37
qschulzRobertBerger: nope08:37
qschulzThe issue is if you're looking for documentation that disappeared08:37
qschulzif Google finds you the correct page, you want to go on that page08:38
qschulzand not be redirected to master branch which does not have this information anymore (maybe for good reasons)08:38
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Letothe2ndI guess the most sensible strategy would be to add a banner at the head like "This is not the current version, click here if you want to see it" like boost and cmake are doing it.08:38
qschulzRobertBerger: also, some anchors change their names08:38
qschulzLetothe2nd: yes that would have been my suggestion as well..08:39
Letothe2ndqschulz: hi508:41
RobertBergerI am not a web person, but just did a redirect to the latest and greatest bitbake manual:
RobertBergerCan you please tell me what I just broke?08:43
Letothe2ndRobertBerger: nothing, but google wont index it.08:44
Letothe2ndRobertBerger: and if we change the existing, indexed links to redirects, then those who specifally link to anchors of older manuals are borken.08:44
Letothe2ndRobertBerger: plus, we already have such a redirect, namely the current one.08:45
qschulzRobertBerger: and technically, that means the old pages aren't accessible anymore08:45
qschulzbecause I don't think there's a "redirect only if coming from Google" HTTP code :)?08:45
Letothe2ndit would already be enough of G would pick the current version. and what i'm witnessing is that this even is based on personal history...08:46
RobertBergerOK I see the problem. We need a new link which goes on top of Google which points to the latest and does not replace the exiting one.08:46
Letothe2ndthe link is:
qschulzLetothe2nd: what's the difference between current and latest?08:47
Letothe2ndits just not on top of google, and unless we pay for SEO etc, i don't see it will end up there.08:47
RobertBergeror that?
Letothe2ndqschulz: latest is master, current is released AFAIK08:48
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sara8Hi, I have a quick question! I am using Yocto Project 2.6 Thud, and I am wondering if there is a specific Docker version that suits this version? Can I use it with Docker 18.09.9?10:42
Letothe2ndsara8: use with docker as in?10:44
mckoansara8: Thud uses 18.09.010:45
mckoansara8: and is provided by meta-virtualization10:45
Letothe2ndmckoan: that implies we're talking about docker being installed *into* the built system, which is not so clear for me. hence the question10:46
sara8I want to use docker to run my container built with yocto, sorry for being unclear10:47
mckoanLetothe2nd: I thought that if it were related to the Host shouldn't be a matter of YP version10:47
Letothe2ndsara8: so you want to run docker on the host, and build something with yocto that runs inside docker, right?10:48
sara8Correct :)10:48
Letothe2ndsara8: docker version really doesn't matter, then.10:49
Letothe2ndsara8: and see for some good inspiration10:49
Letothe2ndsara8: plus
Letothe2ndmckoan: /me shouts BINGO!10:50
sara8Alright, thanks Letothe2nd and mckoan ! I will use 18.09.9 :)10:50
sara8And thanks for the links Letothe2nd!10:51
Letothe2ndhave fun10:51
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pberginIs it possible to use INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE and have it per image recipe? Use case is that I'm building one production image that shall be GPLv3 free and one test image with same config. Wondering if INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE_pn-<production-image> can do it.11:56
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qschulzpbergin: supported only starting from dunfell IIRC11:59
pberginok. I'm on thud in this proj. Have to look if it is simple to backport. Do you have a feeling?12:02
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yannI have changing siginfo for rm_work with diffsig saying just: Variable RM_WORK_EXCLUDE value changed from '' to 'None' - in one case local.conf has RM_WORK_EXCLUDE = "", in the other RM_WORK_EXCLUDE is never defined13:36
yannshouldn't those be equivalent and generate the same siginfo ?13:36
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fbreHi, what is a good documentation link to read about how to setup disk partitions during yocto build of a yocto distro image?13:39
qschulzfbre: you might want to have a look at wic tool?13:40
yannalso, it seems strange that touching RM_WORK_EXCLUDE for unrelated recipes would change the siginfo for all recipes' do_rm_work, isn't it ?13:41
fbreqschulz: good hint. I googled with "yocto wic tool" and got a link to documentation which contains this chapter:    Do you mean this one?13:42
qschulzfbre: probably, yes. Might want to change 2.3 with your Yocto release number13:45
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fbreok, thanx. I wasn't aware of the magic buzzword 'wic tool' to look for such things13:46
LetoThe2ndRP: today at the office: upgrading to "dunhill"13:47
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yannLetoThe2nd: fell from the hill ?13:48
LetoThe2ndplus my brain always replaces "gatesgarth" with "glenfarclas"13:49
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yannthat's understandable, cheers :)13:49
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RPLetoThe2nd: they're at least unique enough names people still know what you mean :)13:50
RPLetoThe2nd: although "glen" would put you on the other side of the border13:51
RPrburton: someday we might have to do trailcentres :)13:51
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paulbarkerIf you really want to confuse people name a release or two after Welsh towns13:54
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: ++13:55
yannisn't that what gatesgarth stands for already ?  *now* I'm confused :D13:55
paulbarkerGatesgarth is in England.13:56
yannWales, England... who makes the difference form this side of the Channel :)13:57
* yann hides13:57
paulbarkerLlanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch (the longest single word place name in Europe) is a small town in Wales. Perfect name for a release branch13:58
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RPpaulbarker: I suspect I would be banned from choosing release names after that :)14:04
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RPzeddii: did something get messed up with the linux-yocto repo?14:15
zeddiinot that I know of. or were you looking at my broken autobuilder run ? :D14:19
RPzeddii: somehow it impacted mine14:21
zeddiiunless AUTOREV is involved .. you shouldn't have seen anything. @jonmason was looking for v5.4.50 so I was doing a release build of it, and forgot to push the tags and SRCREVs before starting it, my new run with the push is chugging along fine now.14:23
RPzeddii: right, so how did that make revs go missing in my build? :(14:24
zeddiithat, I can't say. is it continuing to do that ? or is it happier now ? the push was fastforward (of course), so nothing should have been lost.14:25
RPzeddii: it seems to be running now14:25
zeddiithat is very strange indeed. I was just double checking the revs and yah, the old ones are still there. how on earth did it pollute like that. hmm.14:25
RPzeddii: I wonder if the mirror tarball is stale and it fetched and unpacked that as it couldn't find the revs your build wanted?14:29
zeddiithat does sound plausible. I can't think of any other way the bad revs could have crossed like that.14:30
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jonmason@zeddii all my fault  ;-)15:53
zeddiiheheh. it's all green now, so I'll send SRCREVs later today.15:56
jonmasonI just know what's going to happen.  I'm going to fix meta-kernel to work with our BSPs, they'll say "why bother changing to tat when we can use yocto-linux" and then we'll switch to that.  But I know the way my luck is, if I don't do meta-kernel then they'll want that one instead.15:58
zeddiiI shall not express any comments/opinions on that subject.15:58
jonmasonbecause we all know it16:00
zeddiiI'm almost ready to alpha release my "config-blame" for the .config though. so that's good, I hacked on it during ELC.16:01
jonmasonah, that is cool16:02
jonmasonand explains why you weren't paying attention to the sessions ;-)16:02
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zeddiiI was listening :D16:03
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RPjonmason: I'm not happy about this orange on the autobuilder from meta-arm. rburton is aware too ;-)16:12
zeddiiah crap. the git hook has me again on git.yoctoproject.org16:13
zeddiihalstead: the fix you did for linux-yocto, is needed on linux-yocto-dev as well.16:13
zeddiiI of course realize this *after* I deleted the old branches16:14
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halsteadzeddii: I'll make that change for a bit.16:14
halsteadJust a few minutes.16:14
zeddiino worries. it isn't super urgent. the people who let me know of CI/CD failures need a patch from me anyway, so they have to wait.16:15
RPhalstead: any idea why is sitting on "waiting for worker" for many of its sub-builds despite being on a idle system before sakoman started his?16:17
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halsteadzeddii, linux-yocto-dev is all set now.16:21
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zeddiiconfirmed it works. thanks!16:23
halsteadRP, No. I'm not sure how the order is determined. It doesn't seem to be fifo.16:27
halsteadzeddii, Do you need me to leave it this way or can I switch it back to the default hook?16:28
RPhalstead: I worry its our allocator code change :/16:28
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zeddiiin theory, now that those blobs are pushed, they'll never need to be pushed again, so the hook won't fire.16:28
halsteadzeddii, I'll go back to the default. We ca always disable if needed in the future.16:29
RPhalstead: I guess I abort that build and try again...16:29
halsteadRP, Will it queue eventually or has it been like that for way too long?16:29
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RPhalstead: I don't know16:31
RPhalstead: I think it would have run if it was going to by now16:31
*** sgw1 <sgw1!> has quit IRC16:31
*** berton <berton!~berton@> has quit IRC16:32
halsteadRP, I agree. I tried restarting a worker to see if that would prompt anything but it did not.16:33
*** sgw1 <sgw1!> has joined #yocto16:34
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*** sgw2 <sgw2!sgw@nat/intel/x-faayshfajvvegaqf> has joined #yocto16:37
RPhalstead: I've queued a new build. I'll leave the other running just to see what happens16:39
* halstead nods. Might prove interesting.16:46
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Piratyadelcast: `opkg --offline-root /tmp/foo some/*ipk` makes use of /tmp/foo/etc/opkg.opkg.conf onces that is installed, breaking some path handling. is that considered a bug?16:57
Piraty(given that *ipk is a bunch of packages including opkg.ipk which contains the conf file)16:58
Piratyi worked around it by speciying --tmp-dir by now, but that one took me a short while to bisect17:00
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adelcastPiraty: yes, its expected behavior....-o is akin to a chroot17:35
adelcastits used on OE to build the image, whatever opkg.conf you have on the opkg.ipk it is placed on the offline root and used on subsequent operations17:36
*** goliath <goliath!> has quit IRC17:37
paulbarkerrburton: Looks like I didn't have notifications set for new issues on meta-kernel *facepalm*17:39
*** madisox <madisox!uid453692@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto17:51
zeddiiclearly it is monday. I'm not able to get devupstream to do what I want. shouldn't I just be setting my preferred version to the devupstream variant ? that's what I glean from the docs.17:57
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mcfriskhas anyone had to deal with non-ancient clang versions and edk2 on msm platforms? pulling hairs with crappy build system mixing host and native compilers, gcc, clang and no sane way to set CFLAGS etc18:17
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pbbHi there, I'm trying to build a yocto image on a NixOS host. I've gotten this to work in varying degrees multiple times, but yocto changes added new breakages (which is fine, NixOS is not a supported build environment). Right now my build is failing during the configure script of m4-native, when it tries to test the compiler. I noticed that the configure script does not get the environment variables I set, even those I added to BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE. Is there some18:48
pbb way to prevent the environment variables being cleared for builds?18:48
*** matthewzmd <matthewzmd!> has left #yocto18:53
mcfrisksigh, msm edk2 I have is a old, hacked fork of with no fixes ever applied... <insert BSP bashing here>18:59
Guest47888does bbmulticonfig invalidate my sstate cache?19:08
JPEWGuest47888: I don't think it should19:09
JPEWGuest47888: If you think it is, try diffing the signatures to see why19:10
LetoThe2ndpbb: why not just use CROPS or pyrex?19:10
pbbLetoThe2nd: I didn't know about Pyrex, I'll have a look. Thanks.19:14
armpitI use Tuperware19:14
LetoThe2ndarmpit: too little metal.19:17
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Piratyadelcast: 'akin to a chroot' well yeah, that's what i expected. in fact, my expectation is that is uses the path as found in opkg.conf relative to / in offline-root, not in host.19:29
Piratythe experienced case is: the conf file specicies a special tmp_dir which exist in offline-root but not on host. installation of ipk fails exactle one package after opkg because that dir doesn't exist on the host19:29
Piratywhen you say 'akin to chroot' i expect it to use an offline-root prefix at least19:30
Piratyno uchroot or sth involved i guess? (didn't look it up too much yet)19:30
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Guest47888JPEW: ok. i am trying to fix our slow ass build system19:50
Guest47888i'm hoping that using multiconfig with one multiconfig per machine will make it much faster than doing each machine serially...19:51
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LetoThe2ndGuest47888: not suer about that.19:54
JPEWGuest47888: It might to some extent.19:54
LetoThe2ndi don't see where you expect the gains to come from, unless you are not using shared sstate cache at the moment.19:55
JPEW^^ Oh, right, thats correct19:55
*** bobo <bobo!~bobo@> has joined #yocto19:55
LetoThe2ndit does about the same amount of parsing, it does the same amount of reuse...19:56
Guest47888our build system is dumb because the build dir is thrown away20:02
Guest47888some genius thought it was a great idea to use containers20:02
Guest47888i am in the process of trying to make optimizations but there's layers of crap20:03
JPEWGuest47888: I use a container.... but it bind mounts in the build directory20:03
Guest47888jenkins, docker, aws20:03
*** electronixid <electronixid!> has joined #yocto20:04
LetoThe2ndah i remember. you're the guy that was like "we cannot wipe tmp and reuse sstate because $swguy said so", right?20:05
LetoThe2ndJPEW: i'd rather call you mister container when it comes to this :)20:06
*** vmeson <vmeson!> has joined #yocto20:08
Guest47888LetoThe2nd: no20:09
Guest47888i didn't have any involvement in the original setup of this stuff on jenkins.. but that guy just left :)20:09
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LetoThe2ndGuest47888: then there is at least one person with a similarly whacked setup on the planet, who was around here about two weeks ago.20:10
JPEWDrop the aws and that sadly describes our CI20:11
JPEWAlthough.... We just build each product (machine) in parallel20:12
LetoThe2ndi don't remember the exact details, i just remember that somebody around here sounded awfully familiar, but basically self-inflicted pain.20:12
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JPEWGuest47888: I was emboldened just a few days ago and decided to figure out how I would build a aws + Jenkins CI system from the ground up.... I actually really like what I came up with. Kinda wish our local CI was in AWS20:15
*** jrdn <jrdn!> has joined #yocto20:17
JPEWLetoThe2nd: I need to figure out if I can use pyrex as the container engine for kas.... I think it would be an unstoppable force :)20:18
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LetoThe2ndJPEW: certainly doable. but not anymore today, for me :P20:30
*** Sandrita <Sandrita!18ca2637@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has quit IRC20:33
Guest47888JPEW: have any learnings to share?20:35
Guest47888JPEW: are you using jenkins parallel blocks? or multiconfig?20:35
Guest47888you say that you are mounting in the build dir to reuse tmp and parse cache, how do you ensure that parallel builds dont trample each others tmp dir?20:36
Guest47888we have 8 machines currently, so i'm interested to hear about methods of making it faster to build20:37
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JPEWGuest47888: In think in general, you will get the best performance by running builds in parallel20:45
JPEWGuest47888: It's somewhat orthagonal to using multiconfig20:45
JPEWGuest47888: I don't have multiple builds sharing a tmp dir. Even when I use multiconfig to build multiple products at once, each one has a unique tmp dir20:46
JPEWBut they all use the same sstate and dl cache20:47
JPEWGuest47888: I would start with just building the 8 in parallel. After that, figure out a way to get them to share sstate / dl dir20:47
*** barman63 <barman63!5b5deac2@> has joined #yocto20:51
Guest47888JPEW: you mean using parallelism outside of bitbake?20:52
Guest47888e.g. jenkins-based parallelism?20:52
Guest47888we already do share sstate/dwnloads to some degree, also by bind-mounting into containers20:53
khemjonmason: yt ?20:53
barman63i have set the docker environment crops - but can not run sudo command as it asks for a password when i follow the instructions, do you know the password or how to overcome the password issue?20:54
jonmasonkhem: yes?20:54
JPEWGuest47888: Yes, having jenkins launch multiple builds in parallel20:55
khemjonmason: patch for using dynamic layers is still pending are you guys considering to fix this issue20:55
JPEWGuest47888: Matix, parallel pipeline, separate jobs, choose your poison :)20:55
*** pohly <pohly!> has quit IRC20:56
Guest47888JPEW: my poisin is 'no', preferrably. i detest jenkins and would prefer to avoid any logic in it20:56
sgw1Hi Folks, I have a fetcher question.  I have 2 different git repos in SRC_URI and they require different SRCREV hashes.  If I set SRCREV for the primary and then use rev= in the URL for the secondary git, the primary seems to be fetched OK, but the secondary fails due to a check in the fetcher that validates SRCREV == rev as a sanity check (which makes sense), but now I am not sure how to reconcile it20:57
JPEWGuest47888: Ah, fair enough :) Jenkins is all I really know.... but having used a few different methods I'm partial to Pipelines and describing all the config in a Jenkinsfile in the repo20:58
khemsgw1: use SRCREV_foo = "SHA1" SRCREV_bar = "SHA2"20:58
Guest47888sure, we have that too20:58
armpitsgw1, I think you can name them20:58
armpitwhat khem said20:58
JPEWGuest47888: Gives you pretty much the same thing as most other ci (gitlab-ci, travis, whatever) where the job description lives with the code20:59
Guest47888JPEW: but our previous build system had so much logic encoded into jenkins it was not feasible to even try to make a build locally20:59
Guest47888and groovy/jenkins groovy bindings are total crap20:59
sgw1Ok, let me give that a try, it's been a while, I need to reload my bitbake cache ;-)!20:59
JPEWGuest47888: Ya, being able to build locally what Jenkins does remotely is always a problem.... containers help there21:00
JPEWAlthough it sounds like you've had trouble with those also21:00
Guest47888i also hate containers. :-)21:00
JPEWGuest47888: Any reason why?21:01
Guest47888in my previous job i worked on an OS meant for server container deployments using docker.. so i got a bad taste for it21:01
khemsgw1: you need to use subpath and name keywords on src_uri for this to work and also ensure to define SRCREV_FORMAT = "foo_bar" to make sure bitbake can include them in signatures21:01
Guest47888now i work on embedded routers (now with yocto of course) but can't escape containers in the build system21:02
jonmasonkhem: I'll discuss it with rburton tomorrow, as he's gone for the day21:06
*** pbergin <pbergin!> has quit IRC21:09
khemjonmason: k, thanks let me know what you guys decide, I would like to unbreak yoe distro based on whateever you guys decide21:13
jonmasonkhem: we're arguing semantics of implementation, but agree that it needs to happen21:14
sgw1khem: armpit: thanks that was the trick.21:14
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JPEWGuest47888: Well, FWIW, the project doesn't mandate that you use containers, it tests on a lot of different hosts for that reason. If you really want to avoid the contianers, look at the recent work with the buildtools tarball21:30
Guest47888i know, it's only in jenkins we do that21:39
Guest47888i and most other people just use a plain ubuntu host.21:39
Guest47888JPEW: how do you ensure your containers get unique workdirs while also reusing them?21:40
electronixidHello! I have recently started trying out eSDK builds in an enterprise setting (read old yocto - thud, almost). I have been getting a warning such as21:44
electronixidERROR: When reparsing .../, the basehash value changed from 5fbdca49002cb10d09e7bea964f17fcc to e9acb0cf002fb8249e57aed6b7f1fdbd. The metadata is not deterministic and this needs to be fixed.21:44
electronixidI do not see any DATETIME or such variables from the build environment, is there a reason I am missing that I should be looking for? and what is this hash value of and at what stages does it get reparsed?21:45
JPEWGuest47888: I bind in my local workspace to the container, so it's operating on my "local" filesystem21:48
JPEWMuch like if I wasn't using a container, I can't run multiple builds simultaneously out of the same workspace21:48
Guest47888hmm.. yeah, not going to work for automated builds.21:53
JPEWGuest47888: Why? We do it for our automated builds?21:54
Guest47888JPEW: i am confused by what you mean by 'I bind in my local workspace to the container' then21:56
JPEWGuest47888: I'm not executing the git fetch command and such in the container, those all happen on my host. Our container just wraps the bitbake commands so that they run in the container:
JPEWBut it does that by bind mounting your local existing workspace and build directory into the container22:01
JPEWFor the most part, our users (and CI scripts) can't really tell it's running in a container over just running bitbake locally22:01
JPEWThe advantage here is that our users are using the same container as our CI, so it's easier to reproduce the setup22:02
JPEWGuest47888: Any, it's supper time, so I have to go. Good luck!22:04
adelcastPiraty: ah, I see, you are talking about the tmp_dir setting....yeah, its not using offline root and it probably should, could you open a bugzilla ticket?22:08
Guest47888JPEW: thanks22:10
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