Monday, 2020-07-20

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mckoangood morning07:23
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mckoanLetoThe2nd: don't always worry me :-D07:48
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LetoThe2ndheh not worrying anybody, just having a grumpy monday morning!07:49
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clementp[m]Hi, I would like to build yocto from Gitlab-CI.08:59
clementp[m]As I have some private repos I normally use SSH protocol but for the CI I need to use https protocol with user+password for my company repos.  I would like to know if specifying a mirror like this is the correct way to do it ?08:59
clementp[m]echo "MIRRORS_append = \"git://* git://;protocol=https;user=gitlab-ci-token:${CI_JOB_TOKEN}\"" >> conf/local.conf08:59
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Ninic0c0Hello all, one off recipe call python3-core but i don't wich :S how can I search the gulty ?13:01
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yoctonNinic0c0: Do you know about the "-g" option of bitbake?13:03
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Ninic0c0@yocto Now Yes :)  Thx!13:09
Ninic0c0yocton Now Yes :)  Thx!13:10
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ninjasrockHow can I enable eglfs inside Available platform plugins are: minimal, offscreen, vnc, xcb ? I use DISTRO_FEATURES_remove " x11 wayland" and it should automatically enable eglfs according to resources on internet but it doesn't because after I do "ls /usr/share there is still X11 present13:44
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LetoThe2ndninjasrock: which resource states that and where?13:46
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ninjasrockLetoThe2nd You know what to do?13:49
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LetoThe2ndninjasrock: not exactly, i just wondered what you could be referring to as eglfs seems to become a recurring topic. i doubt that it gets "automagically" enabled, but i am not competent to actually answer authoratively.13:52
LetoThe2ndwhat i can say though is that jethro/2016 is massively outdated, and such information should only be used with utmost care.13:52
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ninjasrockLetoThe2nd What are you babbling about?? No offense but both of your sentences do not make any sense...13:55
LetoThe2ndi think they do.13:55
ninjasrockAgain, seriously no offense13:55
qschulzLetoThe2nd: I'm wondering if I didn;t answer a similar question last week?13:56
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LetoThe2ndqschulz: multiple, indeed.13:56
qschulzninjasrock: probably opengl missing in DISTRO_FEATURES and missing egl/eglfs/opengl/whatever in some recipes' PACKAGECONFIG13:56
ninjasrocknow that is an answer13:56
qschulzninjasrock: jethro is a name of a Yocto release that dates back to 201613:56
LetoThe2ndninjasrock: its hard to first call someone "babbling" and then claiming "no offense". and the post you linked refers to the jetrho release, being from 2016.13:56
* LetoThe2nd is out then.13:57
ninjasrockWell that explains it if you explain it like that13:57
ninjasrockI didn't mean anything offensive by it13:57
qschulzninjasrock: IRC is bad at conveying one's emotions/"voice" tone. Usually when you have to say "no offense", you'd be better off rephrasing :)13:58
qschulzninjasrock: anyway, look up what I said above and start debugging with that information13:59
ninjasrockperhaps indeed I rushed a bit writing that sentence...13:59
ninjasrockgreat, thank you13:59
LetoThe2ndaccepted. have fun.14:00
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mcfriskwith dunfell, should I set SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH in local.conf as fallback? I have git repos from where I get a nice reproducible value for it.14:23
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Ninic0c0Hi all, someone here could tell me how to remove uImage and Zimge from /boot in rootfs please ? :)  Ths!14:34
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LetoThe2ndNinic0c0: simple, make sure "kernel" is not being installed.14:45
qschulzNinic0c0: when removing virtual/kernel (or the exact name of your kernel recipe) from the installed packages, don't forget to add it back to EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDS (probably in your machine configuration file)14:48
Ninic0c0LetoThe2nd and qschulz thanks guys ! :)14:49
LetoThe2ndhave fun14:50
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RPmcfrisk: if you have repos giving reproducible values why would you need to set it?15:06
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kergothdamn, pathlib is nice, i should start using this in some of my layers16:33
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qschulzyup very nice :) super concise to concatenate paths16:45
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* RP was just trying to fix cooker code and wants to cry, its horrible17:03
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kergothRP: :( been there17:21
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kergothfiles = [Path(f).relative_to(dest) for f in oe.path.find(dest)] <3 pathlib18:34
kergothqschulz: yeah. i was skeptical at first, but experimentation has shown its value18:34
kergoth(Path(out_dir) / d.getVar('PN')).with_suffix('.files')18:34
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* moto-timo definitely likes pathlib ;)20:04
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