Friday, 2020-07-31

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robbawebbaHi, I have a question about preferred providers for certain packages. I have two recipes that provide initscripts-initramfs, but I don't set PREFERRED_PROVIDER_initscripts-initramfs (despite the clear warnings). bitbake seems to choose a provider despite this variable not being set, and it happens ot be the provider that I do not want. What is bitbake's behavior in this case? is it deterministic01:12
robbawebbawhich provider bitbake chooses to use for this package? How can I debug this, and are there any logs available to see how bitbake chooses a provider?01:12
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sathishHi. I am trying to build poky zeus release. Out of the box I am able to generate the extended SDK. But If I add SDK_EXT_TYPE = "minimal" and SDK_INCLUDE_PKGDATA = "1" as part of local.conf, I am getting following error: Exception: FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory:07:13
sathish'build/tmp/work/qemuarm-poky-linux-gnueabi/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/recipe-sysroot/world-pkgdata/' Can anyone help me what is error actually means. I tried morty But I am not getting this error in morty07:13
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khemsathish: what happens if you set SDK_EXT_TYPE = "full"07:30
khemrobbawebba: it will pick the one from high priority layer mostly07:31
sathishkhem: I am trying the build with the SDK_EXT_TYPE = "full" change. Will check and let you know07:34
khemright ok07:34
sathishkhem: With SDK_EXT_TYPE = "full" and SDK_INCLUDE_PKGDATA = "1" I am getting the same error07:37
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khemsee if you see same with master, it seems a bug07:51
sathishSure Khem. Right now I have a limited resource server for trying this. Will update on this. If I see the same behavior in master I will raise a bug07:56
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BCMMis there a way i can view a full list of the split packages created by building gstreamer recipes?13:17
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qschulzBCMM: don't know about the proper way but you can have all packages in ${WORKDIR}/packages-split/13:19
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BCMMqschulz: ah! thanks; looks like that should do that trick13:22
BCMMi've just been getting totally lost with what things have moved from ugly to good lately with mp3 patents expiring and stuff13:23
qschulzBCMM: if you're looking for a package with a specific file, use oe-pkgdata-util find-path13:23
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BCMMqschulz: thanks, i'll try to bear that in mind for future use13:27
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splatchhi, I am curious of one thing.. is there a way to debug bitbake fetcher somehow that it will print debug information? Reason why I am looking for that is to determine if my custom mirror settings are fine.14:28
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rburtonsplatch: bitbake -DDD makes it print all the bb.debug() calls to the console15:18
khemRP: I am seeing in perf since last couple of days any ideas ?15:20
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rburtonkhem: ask zeddii  ;)15:24
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kergothah, the load_tests protocol can be used to generate additional test classes in a oe-selftest test suite, i didn't think that worked15:32
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wertigonHi, quick question; trying to add a new user and set home directory using useradd15:34
wertigonGetting this15:34
wertigonWARNING: pg-system-conf-1.0-r1 do_package: QA Issue: pg-system-conf: Files/directories were installed but not shipped in any package:15:35
wertigon  /home15:35
wertigon  /home/app15:35
wertigonPlease set FILES such that these items are packaged.15:35
wertigon$FILES_${PN} += "${S}/home/app"15:35
qschulzwertigon: did you inherit the useradd class?15:35
wertigonTried without ${S} earlier too15:35
rburtonno leading $ in FILES, and no ${S} in the value15:35
rburtonFILES_${PN} += "/home/app"15:36
wertigonI tried that, no luch15:36
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wertigon <-- Current recipe file15:39
qschulzwertigon: why do you have $FILES_${PN}?15:39
qschulzit's FILES_${PN}15:39
rburtonsurprised that parsed to be honest15:40
wertigonYeah XD15:40
qschulzwertigon: yeah late Friday :D15:41
kergothrburton: heh, guessing we just blindly check if $ is a valid char in a variable name, and it is, due to ${PN}, and don't treat the first character as special15:43
kergothour parser is pretty .. not great :)15:43
wertigonYes that solved it, TY, knew it was something simple XD15:43
wertigonHave a nice weekend y'all!15:44
qschulzwertigon: o/15:47
PaowZ_Hi ! I added meta-clang to give a try, I added it to bblayers.conf, but I'em getting: ERROR: No recipes available for:15:48
PaowZ_  /home/vince/dev/poky2/meta-clang/recipes-core/busybox/busybox_1.32.%.bbappend15:48
PaowZ_What did I miss ? :)15:48
PaowZ_looks like I might not git clone everything, did I..15:49
kergothPaowZ_: mismatched branches or a bug in the layer. make sure alll your layers use the same branch15:50
PaowZ_kergoth: possibly, I have to update poky local clone..yup15:51
RPkhem: no idea :/16:15
RPkergoth: ah, interesting that sorts it. I guess that makes sense16:15
robbawebbakhem: thanks for the info! And what if the providers are in the same layer (my custom layer)?16:25
rburtonsakoman: finally got around to looking at the CVE list, already sent two mails to the CPE people to get a webp and busybox cve updated so they disappear from the list for master at least16:26
sakomanrburton: thanks!  I'll be sending out the cve list for master and dunfell once a week now16:26
rburtoncool, please do CC me if its not public anyway16:27
sakomanI'll be sending it to the oe-core list16:27
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sakomanSeems like that is the crowd that would be most interested16:28
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rburtonsakoman: four down17:05
rburtonfive down17:06
rburtonlots of :*: CPEs in stuff like gdk-pixbuf17:07
rburtonbut also good practises like bugs which refer to git commits :)17:07
rburtonseven, and done for the day17:11
rburtonhave a good weekend all17:11
rburtonthat was all CPE fixes, so give them a week to update and they'll definitely fall off master and hopefully dunfell too17:11
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rburtonthe qemu list though :O17:15
sakomanrburton: thanks!  I've been working on dunfell cve fixes this morning.  Three down17:33
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kergothHmm, anyone tried changing TARGET_VENDOR?20:17
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RPkergoth: struggles with extra dashes, I remember that much21:04
kergothah, found one issue, multilib_global unconditionally appends to TARGET_VENDOR, but if TARGET_VENDOR is empty, you get a vendor of 'mllib32' without the leading dash21:05
kergothminor bug. now to continue the build21:05
derRichardwhat is the yocto way to set values of /etc/default/ files per image?21:07
kergoththere are a number of options depending on your requirements. you can sed in a postprocess command, append the recipe that provides the default versions of the files, etc. recipetool appendfile would be of use for the latter21:13
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derRichardso far i'm using a postprocess command, but it feels hackish ;)21:16
kergothif you don't wantt o override the entire file, you could do the adjustment in do_install_append() in a bbappend. still not pretty, but probably cleaner than a rootfs postprocess. harder to enable/diable than adding/removing a function name from it though21:18
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