Thursday, 2020-08-06

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manojHi, I faced a issue during glibc libraries relocation because file size for interpreter in program header was 0x42. I fixed by updating interp.c in elf which will update size during linking.But I am curious where the size 0x42 is set06:47
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manojI am not finding where the p_filesz is set to it done individually at each library?🤔06:50
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cornelhow long will 3.1 be supported? Generally, is there a place where i can see this info for all releases?07:25
cornelsmurray, it is not written when the EOL is planned for each release07:28
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smurraycornel: ah, sorry, thought it was in that table07:29
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smurraycornel: AFAIK the answer for 3.1 is 2 years ATM, but could be longer if someone steps in to help support it07:31
smurraycornel: I believe this is the current explanation of the release strategy:
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LetoThe2ndyo dudes.07:40
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mckoanLetoThe2nd: good morning jester07:50
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cornelsmurray, thank you. unfortunately the info i'm looking for seems to be missing.08:12
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cornelit says though that the LTS are initially supported for two years08:27
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LetoThe2ndcornel: what is the exact question?08:32
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cornelLetoThe2nd,how long will 3.1 be supported? Generally, is there a place where i can see this info for all releases?08:35
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cornellike in having the estimated EOL in a table08:36
LetoThe2ndcornel: well there is no such reliable information as it very much depends on if somebody steps up to do the work.08:37
LetoThe2ndcornel: so unlike "bigger" projects, AFAIK we do not have a hard, guaranteed support scheme. usually it is "the last two releases", and LTS at least two years.08:38
LetoThe2ndcornel: warrior is out of support for example currently. however, there is sombody who is interested in maintining it at the moment. hence, it might see that state again. but then on the other hand, this "support" does not guarantee any specific response time or security levels.08:39
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cornelthank you LetoThe2nd08:42
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mckoancornel: The project aims to choose an LTS release every two years.08:55
cornelthank you mckoan08:58
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kriiveHi, has anyone enabled DNS over TLS / DNS over HTTPS in their Yocto builds? If so, which resolver did you use?09:43
kriiveI am reluctant to use systemd-resolved's DNS over TLS, because in warrior there is systemd241 only and DNS over TLS was implemented properly in 24609:44
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angelo__hello all. In zeus i am adding to a bsp image the "EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES += "read-only-rootfs"" but at first boot, systemd fails with errors as it try to remount "rw", and other errors as systemd thing system is rw. Any link to study is welcome11:08
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LetoThe2ndangelo__: my first bet would be looking at the bsp if it does something to systemd.11:50
angelo__LetoThe2nd, thanks, checking11:52
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fbreHi, my yocto Linux is on a SD card which is mounted as readwrite-directory /   (/dev/mmcblk1p2 on / type ext4). Do you know a documentation page which explains how to mount it just read-only as lower layer of an overlay filesystem (overlayfs) and to use a readwrite upper layer then?12:16
fbreAnd /etc/fstab here just contains an entry: "/dev/root            /                    auto       defaults              1  1". I don't know where the mounting of my /dev/mmcblk1p2 actually is configured.12:20
LetoThe2ndfbre: nothing out in public that i knew of.12:20
LetoThe2ndfbre: the assignment to /dev/root usually happens through the kernel commandline (see /proc/cmdline)12:20
fbreLetoThe2nd: ah OK. thanx12:21
rburtonzeddii: around?12:31
rburtonzeddii: the config analysis thing in master-next is breaking my kernel12:31
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zeddiihere. breaking, as in. it finds something and warns, or the tool won't even run ?12:43
zeddiiif you send me the config details, I can do a local build and debug.12:43
rburtonpython stacktrace12:44
rburtonone sec and i'll get back to you12:44
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zeddiiRP: can you drop my [kernel-yocto: enhance configuration queue analysis capabilities] from master-next ? I'll send a v2 later today once I've debugged Ross' issue.13:06
zeddiiI'll grab your fix for the bb.debug as well, and squash it into the v2.13:06
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RPzeddii: ok13:11
zeddiibut I have all the arches working for 5.8 headers and the kernel-dev tests. as you could see from my stream of patches yesterday.13:13
zeddiionly strace fixes to send today, and I'm just double checking it.13:13
RPzeddii: things ran through the autobuilder cleanly too13:13
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RPmeta-arm and meta-intel not withstanding13:14
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zeddiiyah. it's some sort of race on a file. or a task ordering I missed. I don't expect v2 will be much different, but at least I'll have tested them here to know.13:15
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snoI would like to create a disk using wic with 4 partitions (/boot, /, /recovery, /data) whereby /data should automatically grow to the remaining disk-space13:47
snobut it seems the built-in wic doesn't support `--grow` for part command13:47
snoand idea how to reach that goal?13:48
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mckoansno: reside the partition at first boot14:03
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snomckoan: let's call that Plan F :)14:17
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mckoansno: let me know if you find a plan B then ;-)14:19
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snomckoan: if no sane option exists, maybe sending patches would be suitable14:30
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snoRP: any point to the wic issue?14:36
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RPsno: no idea15:21
RPsno: outside my remit15:21
snoRP: would a patch to introduce such a --grow accepted?15:26
snoRP: did you had a chance to read my replies wrt. SDK?15:26
* sno has to run soon, so we cannot discuss it today15:27
RPsno: I did read them. I thought I'd proposed a solution so I didn't quite understand them15:27
snoRP:  Sure you did and I checked the same before I created them - in both cases your and mind poky/meta seems to behave differently :)15:28
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snoI do not understand why the paths are that weird15:29
RPsno: its relatively simple, buildtools just hardcodes what it needs and dates before the generic mechanism was added15:30
RPsno: could do with some cleanup15:30
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snoRP: I'd like to dig into that deeper than tomorrow morning, I don't get how I can do this with which cleanup15:32
snoI need some hints15:32
snoand I do not see the `rm -f` you talked about - in my SDK the still exists in buildtools/sysroots/*pokysdk*/environment-setup.d/15:33
RPsno: I meant it removes the standard enviornment file and replaces it with a custom verison15:34
RPthat custom version doesn't consider the environment-setup.d files15:35
RPso we could add the environment-setup.d bits to buildtools ?15:35
snobut it should, didn't it?15:35
* sno is fundametally confused15:35
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RPsno: To explain it I probably should just write the patch :/15:40
rburtonRP: so your perl Storage is in what directory?15:40
RPJPEW: have it handy for rburton?15:40
rburtonIf my machine wasn't doing a distro test build I'd make it build perl loads to see what happens15:41
snoRP: I'm sorry - I take a look then and check how it integrates and will do better next time15:41
RPsno: is what I think is approximately the right fix15:45
snoRP: thanks, I dig into it tomorrow morning as first task :)15:47
JPEWRP: I sent you an email, you can forward it to rburton15:47
JPEWActually I'll resend to both of you...15:48
RPJPEW: thanks, requested access15:50
JPEWRP: Oh, sorry, I thought if you had the link it would just work15:53
RPrburton: /usr/lib64/perl5/5.30.2/ vs /usr/lib64/perl5/5.30.2/x86_64-linux/Storable.pm15:53
JPEWRP: Ah, I had the wrong setting. It should work now so anyone with the link can download15:55
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RPJPEW: thanks, got the files15:55
RPJPEW: meetings but will look in a bit15:56
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rburtonRP: i wonder if its whether perl decides to make a .so alongside the .pm16:02
rburtoni get /aarch64/ and a .so too16:03
snoperl creates the .so for XS code, and the .pm is mostly the loader (if that was the question)16:04
snoand for Storable there is no pure-perl variant, if it doesn't create an .so, something went wrong16:04
rburtonso much for that theory then16:06
rburtoni'm having mad flashbacks in this16:07
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RPrburton: we always see a .so, its a question of the path16:35
rburtonbut surely the patch changing between builds wouldn;'t cause a problem in do_package_ipk16:36
RPrburton: it could as some data comes from do_package and some from do_packagedata16:37
RPrburton: I suspect that hashequiv combined to cause problems16:37
RPhashequiv works on the basis builds are reproducible16:38
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escalionhey guys, quick question - I'm trying to compile gstreamer1.0 with gstreamer1.0-gl but I'm having some issues - I've got DISTRO_FEATURES with opengl egl glx but when compiling plugins-bad I get gstreamer-gl-1.0 found NO. (Same error also in wpewebkit)17:14
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escalioncompiling with mesa and )hopefully( v3d driver on rpi417:15
*** nslu2-log_ is now known as nslu2-log17:15
escalionany ideas on what I've missed would be greatly appreciated :)17:17
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JebeeHi Everyone! Is anyone aware of an issue using SSTATE_MIRROR to build on a clean machine. I am currently trying to get all of my developers to point their SSTATE_MIRROR to a hosted location to greatly reduce their build time. When they do this a build error occurs: "Function failed: SYSTEMD_SERVICE_adsprpc value adsprpcd.service does not exist"20:39
JebeeThis does not happen on a clean build with no SSTATE_MIRROR.20:39
RPsno: updated version with a commit message
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Nooksso I have a distribution based on poky thud, but need systemd v245 installed instead of v239.  I have tried just bumping PV and SRCREV in a bbappend file, which fails because many of the 35 patches that Thud has need to be individually reviewed.20:52
Nooksmore recently I've tried grabbing the systemd recipes from when systemd 245 was added to Poky, and modifying them to remove new features not available in Thud to get the package built.  This has almost worked, but systemd-boot will not configure:20:54
NooksERROR: systemd-boot-245.5-r0 do_configure: meson failed [...] ERROR: Cross info file must have either host or a target machine.20:54
Nooksand that's fair, meson-sytemd-boot.cross has only these contents:20:55
Nooks[binaries] efi_cc = ['x86_64-poky-linux-gcc', '-m64', '-march=nehalem', '-mtune=generic', '-msse4.2', '-fstack-20:56
Nooksprotector-strong', '-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2', '-Wformat', '-Wformat-security', '-Werror=format-security'20:56
Nooks, '--sysroot=[...]systemd-boot/220:56
Nooksobjcopy = 'x86_64-poky-linux-objcopy'20:56
Nooksis there some better way to do what I want here?20:56
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RPNooks: not really, those are the right approaches, you're just mixing software from different eras so some incompatibility is unfortunate but has to be worked out somehow21:12
NooksRP: adding coreutils-native to DEPENDS (to get realpath) and removing the --cross-file argument from EXTRA_OEMESON seems to have done the trick, found by looking at the surprisingly small diff between and
NooksI do realize this is basically certifiable21:17
RPNooks: at least you realise that :)21:24
RPJPEW: strangely the in my build is now in the arch specific dir21:24
RPJPEW: I wonder if I inadvertently fixed this with the other change21:26
NooksRP: yeah, for Reasons I have to use the GCC in Thud, perhaps more effort should have gone into using an old gcc on a newer Poky release.21:27
RPNooks: oddly enough that might have been easier21:27
RPNooks: hard to tell though21:27
kergothRP: the comment no longer matches after uncommenting OECORE_NATIVE_SYSROOT, fyi21:45
kergoth(the above buildroot-tarball commit)21:46
RPkergoth: ah, yes, good point thanks21:48
kergothmight be good to adjust the toolchain-scripts to handle host-only or target-only sdks generally based on the existence of the corresponding sysroots21:50
RPkergoth: that would be the logical next step, I just didn't want to get too deeply into this21:50
* RP removes that comment block entirely21:51
RPkergoth: already gone from reviewing patch to fixing the problem :/21:51
RPJPEW: I think I have my comment in the bug backwards, sorry :(21:58
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