Monday, 2020-08-10

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polarishi, my recipe uses CVS to fetch code. Upon build I get "/usr/bin/env: ‘cvs’: No such file or directory". Via google I found out that I should add 'HOSTTOOLS_NONFATAL += " cvs"'. Where does that line belong? I'd prefer to have it closer to the recipe in the layer instead of local.conf.07:06
erbopolaris: but if you use cvs, you do want it to be an error if it's not present in the system.07:08
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polariserbo: yes of course ... CVS is on the system but I had to add 'HOSTTOOLS_NONFATAL += " cvs"' to make it work with bitbake07:12
erboThat's sound like a bug to me, do you know if it's reported?07:13
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polarisno, I don't know. I can check that and report it when it is not.07:15
erboTo answer your question though, that kind of setting belongs in the conf files so I don't see how it can be very close to the recipe.07:17
polarisyes ... I thought about layer.conf07:19
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erboThat should work07:21
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ykrons_Hi al11:58
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qschulzykrons_: o/12:02
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ykrons_I'm looking for a way to set SSTATE_DIR variable to different value according to the machine where the image is built. I initially plan to overwrite it with shell environment as it is possible for MACHINE, but I just discover life is not so simple! I have tried to play with BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE in local.conf but it doesn't seems to work, so I came to request good advices ... what is the standard/recommanded/simple way to customize bitbake variable from outs12:21
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rburtonnot sure why you'd want to set SSTATE_DIR per machine12:28
rburtonyou *could* just set it to use MACHINE in the local.conf or similar12:28
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ykrons_rburton, I was not clear. I mean "developer computer" by machine. I want the sstate to be shared on a computer so that any yocto builds can use it, but dev computer are differents and developer's have their own preferences, so I would like the developer was able to set location of his choice12:32
qschulzykrons_: if you want a shared sstate-cache: read-only (releases for example) => SSTATE_MIRRORS, if r/w, then use NFS? I think that's what's used in YP build servers?12:33
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qschulzykrons_: if you want to let people set the correct path on their machine, SSTATE_DIR can be set from conf files (local.conf is meant for that)12:33
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ykrons_qschulz, but we have several "rolling" yocto build folders. New are created for a dedicated test, some are erased etc. Customizing local.conf means we have to do it for each build folders and it is error prone, that is why I thing to an "environment" setting12:37
ykrons_qschulz, for the cache sharing, some machine are not very well connected together and I'm not sure to be able to properly setup a NFS sharing with good local cache, so the plan is currently to synchronize the cache between workstations(maybe 5 machines) once a week to avoid intensive network usage during a build12:39
rburtonyou can use HTTP as a sstate mirror12:41
qschulzyup, that's what I use. Then the sstate-cache is copied locally. which works fine if you remove things behind the SSTATE_MIRRORS since you'll just get a 404 which is nicely handled12:44
ykrons_rburton, qschulz : but that means if I do 3 builds in differents folders that I will download 3 times the SSTATE-CACHE. I have workstation in US, and other in europe, if I can just synchronize the cache when it is rebuilt (once a week for example), I'm happy12:47
rburtonykrons_: so tell people to use a shared sstate locally12:47
rburtoni have about 10 build folders, but one sstate12:47
rburtonlots of ~/Yocto/build-foo but they all point to ~/Yocto/sstate12:48
ykrons_rburton, that's is what I want to do exactly, but I just want the developer can customize the location12:49
rburtonthat's what local.conf is for12:49
rburtonlocal customisations12:49
ykrons_rburton, right, but it seems it requires regular manual editing each time your have a new build folder. On your side, you adjust your local.conf each time you have a new build folder?12:50
rburtonactually, i have a layer with a site.conf in which sets SSTATE_DIR12:51
qschulzykrons_: or just create your own init-script which uses some variable from another file or from the env /me shrugs12:51
rburtonand all my new build dirs add that layer12:51
rburtonykrons_: the entire point of local.conf is to be customised.  your layer can ship a template that works out of the box and can be customised12:52
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ykrons_qschulz, rburton : our yocto build is encapsulated in other scripts that checkouts sources and do other stuffs and I try to see how template/site.conf or local.conf can be integrated with it ...13:27
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JebeeHas anyone had an issue where the do_populate_sdk runs but there is no sdk folder generated, then on a second attempt the sdk folder is created and populated?13:30
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splatchhi :)13:34
splatchI have question about /etc/issue.. I see some people and some distros do it, some do not. What's standard/recommended/supported way for keeping builg/release information?13:34
Malraksplatch: afaik /etc/os-release is the most /standard/ way to do it, as /etc/issue is for what is printed before the login13:38
splatchMalrak: thanks for hint, that's what I was looking for!13:41
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splatchwith this in my hand I will source usage of file elsewhere: :)13:42
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Malrakhow can i overwrite files and config fragments that are located in the yocto-kernel-cache? It seems, using the same filename is not enough, do I need to do something special?13:45
ykrons_rburton, qschulz : thanks for your help, I have to leave but I'm trying to find a way to use template or site.conf. I just want to avoid that local local.conf and default provided by source diverged. The problem is probably that we have used default local.conf to share settings between developers, should probably have been put somewhere else13:46
qschulzykrons_: yup, probably in a distro or machine configuration file ;)13:47
qschulzykrons_: we do the same (bad) thing, we just have a local-config that is used to export variables which are then used by Yocto. Not clean but good enough for us right now13:48
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cengiz_iohello there! how can I dump the whole included file chain when trying to build a recipe? I'm getting a "machine not in COMPATIBLE_MACHINE" error but I don't know where to add my custom machine name14:32
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splatchis there a way to recognize during build time that tmpfiles.d/volatile dirs are is in use?14:37
rburtonif systemd is a DISTRO_FEATURE then there's a chance that they are14:38
rburtonwell, systemd present says maybe tmpfiles.d14:38
rburtonnot present means volatile is being used14:39
splatchok, I'm on systemd, my recipe is systemd service. I just realized that over half of my bb file is dealing with /var entries. Will try to move this to separate task/function.14:40
qschulzcengiz_io: COMPATIBLE_MACHINE variable to be set in the recipe14:41
cengiz_ioqschulz yeah but the recipe is a massive include chain so I couldn't see it all14:41
splatch according to this answer I can try to make use of VOLATILE_LOG_DIR too14:41
cengiz_ioqschulz fsl-image-mfgtool-initramfs is the exact name14:41
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rabbit9911I seem remember a way to specify the package or something lets it be used/cached across different machines with the same processor type....14:48
rabbit9911Anyone know where that reference is in the docs?14:48
qschulzrabbit9911: PACKAGE_ARCH14:48
qschulzcengiz_io: add your machine to the variable?14:49
cengiz_ioqschulz I can't find the variable definition for it. the original definition14:49
cengiz_iocan I just do something like this? COMPATIBLE_MACHINE_fsl-image-mfgtool-initramfs = " customname "14:50
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rabbit9911qschulz That sounds similar... I thought it had to something to do with how you specify what a package provides...15:05
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rabbit9911qschulz maybe this is it... Just had a slightly different memory of what this looked like..15:16
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qschulzcengiz_io: bitbake -e <recipe> | less and look for the line starting with COMPATIBLE_MACHINE16:51
qschulzthat'll tell you where it is set (and overridden)16:51
qschulzrabbit9911: what a package provides: RPROVIDES or FILES_${PN} depending on what you meant ;)16:52
qschulzrabbit9911: the mega-manual will be able to tell you a bit more about PACKAGE_ARCH I'm sure16:52
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PaowZhello there ! I'm trying to build a recipe from a git repo, I added gettext-native and libtool to dependencies in my recipe, but I'm getting the following: it cannot find autopoint and libtool ..16:53
qschulzcengiz_io: either fix where COMPATIBLE_MACHINE is set, or do COMPATIBLE_MACHINE += "|fsl-image-mfgtool-initramfs"16:53
cengiz_ioqschulz the weird thing is, AGL ships a default imx6qdlsabreauto machine, which overrides imx6: etc. but u-boot-imx and others have COMPATIBLE_MACHINE = "(mx6|mx7|mx8)"16:54
cengiz_ioso there's an "i" missing in front of them16:54
qschulzcengiz_io: nah, it's how NXP name their SoC families in Yocto (yeah... consistency....)16:55
cengiz_iobut.. they won't ever match.. do I have to bbappend to 4-5 recipes now? dang it16:56
qschulzcengiz_io: to know exactly which values can be used in COMPATIBLE_MACHINE (and in FOO_<machine>), bitbake -e <anyrecipe> | less and look for the line starting with MACHINEOVERRIDES16:56
qschulzmost important is right most16:56
qschulzcengiz_io: depending on how you created your own machine, either include the same base machine configuration file(s) or add mx6/7/8 to your MACHINEOVERRIDES16:57
cengiz_ioaccording to bitbake -e16:58
qschulzPaowZ: how did you setup your dependencies? are you sure the lookup paths are correct? (in the autotools configuration files, are they overridden etc...)16:58
qschulzcengiz_io: you're missing an mx6: I'd say16:58
cengiz_ioqschulz seems like it. and imx6qdlsabreauto is a default machine from AGL.. not something I've created.16:59
qschulzcengiz_io: can you share a git repo where this machine configuration file is? and which machine configuration file do you include in your own machine configuration file?16:59
cengiz_ioqschulz I have deleted my machine conf but I can gladly share that default machine template. just a sec17:00
PaowZqschulz: thanks for your reply: I have my dependencies set this way :
qschulzcengiz_io: mmmm I'm lost, so you're saying AGL's machine is broken right?17:01
cengiz_ionot broken but imcompatible with some of the recipes of meta-freescale layer17:02
cengiz_iowhich shouldn't be the case since they are using them as the sole source of IMX recipes17:02
qschulzcengiz_io: the machineoverrides is wrong already17:03
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qschulzwell... probably17:03
qschulzI don't know17:03
qschulzit's weird to define "use-mainline-bsp" as a MACHINEOVERRIDES17:04
qschulzmore so that it's the most important one17:04
qschulzso let's say it's arguable :)17:04
smurraythat's how it had to be done for meta-freescale up until warrior or zeus17:04
smurrayI'm the author of that line17:04
qschulzok so this inc file is useless to me :/17:04
smurraythat inc file is pulled into a local.conf, sits on top of meta-freescale17:04
cengiz_ioqschulz and this is their template
qschulzby useless I meant that it's standalone and there isn't much to it I can debug :)17:05
smurrayin AGL master I need to switch to the new BSP variable, keep meaning to push that17:05
cengiz_ioI'm on thud btw. can't go higher.17:05
qschulzsmurray: might have been too harsh but it was weird to me (I have used meta-freescale a few times already)17:06
smurraycengiz_io: if you want the NXP u-boot, etc, you need to not do the "use-mainline-bsp" stuff17:06
* cengiz_io scratches head with sheer confusion17:06
smurrayqschulz: the question is, have you ever tried configuring it for mainline?17:06
qschulzsmurray: I've only ever used mainline17:07
smurrayqschulz: that's what "use-mainline-bsp" controls in meta-freescale17:07
qschulzsmurray: I know17:07
qschulzI was arguing about whether this should be a MACHINEOVERRIDES (let alone the one with highest prio)17:08
cengiz_iosmurray btw I have to other boards that are 1) using nxp generated firmware upgrade bootloaders (upgraders so to speak) and nxp kernels 2) booting with u-boot-fslc and linux-fslc after flashing is done. I just wanted to get a firmware upgrader uboot.imx/kernel/initramfs. nothing more.17:08
smurrayqschulz: unless I've missed something, that's how it had to be enabled up until they added IMX_DEFAULT_BSP17:08
qschulzsmurray: anyway, let's help our fellow cengiz_io  ;)17:08
qschulzsmurray: didn't know about IMX_DEFAULT_BSP so thx for the heads up17:08
cengiz_ioyaay! I'm being helped!17:09
smurraycengiz_io: as I said the other day on #automotive, you really need to try getting a simple image built w/o AGL, then come back and add a machine template for it17:09
* cengiz_io calls that hitman to cancel his own suicide.17:09
smurraycengiz_io: sadly, I have to leave for a long delayed dentist apt I cannot be late for17:09
qschulzcengiz_io: what's the machine configuration file you're using, can you point to it?17:09
qschulzsmurray: o/ gl17:09
cengiz_iosmurray good luck and thanks17:09
smurrayI'll be back in a couple of hours, but I'm also on vacation this week and trying to avoid AGL work17:10
cengiz_ioqschulz I've already pasted it but it might have get lost somewhere17:10
qschulzcengiz_io: you sent an inc file not a final .conf file17:10
cengiz_iooh ok17:10
qschulzfind -name "imx6qdlsabreauto.conf" ?17:11
qschulz(provided it's really this machine you're building?)17:11
qschulzI also see smurray mentioning "templates". I've never used those before so maybe something for me to learn with you :)17:12
qschulz(if that's upstream Yocto mechanism and not AGL's or NXP's17:12
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cengiz_ioqschulz straight from meta-freescale thud branch:
cengiz_ioqschulz has mx6 which should be enought for u-boot-mfgtools and others. but it doesnt..17:15
qschulzso... mmmmmmmm17:15
qschulzcan you paste somewhere all lines impacting MACHINEOVERRIDES?17:16
qschulz(the ones disaplyed by bitbake -e)17:16
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jadelclemensHello all! I'm trying to figure out exactly how OVERRIDES work. I've looked at the list for a specific package - let's call it `foo` - using `bitbake -e foo`. But `foo` itself is not in the overrides list, instead it's `pn-foo`. So how do package-specific overrides (e.g. `RDEPENDS_foo`) actually work?18:10
jadelclemensIf you have an override on `foo` like `RDEPENDS_foo` does it match if `pn-foo` is in the `OVERRIDES` list?18:10
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qschulzjadelclemens: AFAIK, the pn-foo is for controlling the recipe outside of the recipe18:24
qschulze.g. PACKAGECONFIG_pn-foo in your local.conf or distro.conf which isn't very much recommended18:24
qschulzthe package specific stuff in recipes is not using OVERRIDES (saying that without conviction), RDEPENDS is resolved by the package manager IIRC.18:25
qschulzjadelclemens: do you have an issue or are you trying to understand the internals of Yocto/18:25
qschulzBecause I may be able to help with the issue, less so for the internals ;)18:26
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splatchI am trying to update my recipes and build to dunfell and I've ran into issue which I can't address myself:
splatchis package I am getting is not signed?21:50
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