Monday, 2020-08-17

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erbogood morning06:39
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mbulutmorning dude06:41
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mcfriskhi, is SRC_URI supposed to be complete in "bitbke -e" output? I'm wondering why I see SRC_URI="" for a recipe with 20 or so patches being applied correctly on zeus..07:14
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mckoangood morning07:26
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LetoThe2ndmostly, yes.07:29
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mcfriskI can't see SRC_URI properly set for clang from meta-clang. trying to add a bbappend to BSP layer to remove 0020-clang-Enable-SSP-and-PIE-by-default.patch08:18
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sh00pWe support two separate, but similar, hardware platforms. So therefor we have two separate machine builds in our distribution. But they are driver incompatible. If I flash one type of hardware with the wrong build it won't be reachable over wifi anymore for example.09:19
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sh00pIs there an idiomatic way of migrating the two builds into just _one_ and linux itself can figure out what drivers needs to be loaded depending on hardware it finds?09:20
sh00pFor PC this is the standard way for sure09:20
sh00pBut on arm?09:20
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snoRP: busybox init is already in OE-core09:28
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snoRP: so it's not the intension to introduce just one more init system, it's the intension to improve the usability of busybox-init09:29
RPsno: you were talking about lots of other init systems so its hard to know what you're intending09:31
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snoRP: I didn't want to add them into OE-core - there is another layer and Khem asked for improved busybox init support09:32
RPsno: ok, fair enough09:32
snoRP: so I take a look and detected, that e.g. volatile isn't provided when busybox provides init process - which causes issues in my default test environment etc. :)09:33
snoRP: and maybe busybox init or sysvinit would both have benefits from configuring what is desired on startup09:34
snoRP: can you answer to my mail with this in mind? Here is fine - I just want to get an idea of the direction to move09:35
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LetoThe2ndsh00p: device tree overlays, usually09:52
LetoThe2ndsh00p: start up with the common one, then detect at runtime which additions you need.09:52
LetoThe2ndsh00p: if you can already detect in the bootloader, then its a bit easier: ship a build with two device trees.09:53
sh00pLetoThe2nd, thanks for your input, we're using u-boot09:53
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sh00pLetoThe2nd, perhaps it has support for something like that09:54
marexU-Boot surely has support for DT, for at least two decades09:54
sh00pright, but for hardware detection marex ?09:54
marexeven for DTOs09:54
LetoThe2ndsh00p: it doesn't really depend on which bootloader you use, it depends on if you have some means to detect which kernel/devicetree you need. this often requires patching it a little to detect HW revisions, or such.09:54
marexsh00p: depends on the hardware and how you discern it09:55
LetoThe2ndmarex: we use resisors!09:55
fbreHi! Is "zeus" a stable yocto release of NXP? (see
marexfbre: its a release code name, NXP has their own set of OE layers on top, which are compatible with that release09:56
fbreAnd does "zeus" support the realtime kernel patch?09:57
LetoThe2ndfbre: it is "still" stable, but halfwas on the way out, and expected to drop into community support within two months time. so if you have the choice, go for dunfell.09:57
fbreLetoThe2nd: I cannot see dunfell mentioned here:
LetoThe2ndfbre: like i said: "if you have the choice"10:00
LetoThe2ndfbre: and preempt-rt is also not depending on the yocto version, only on what your BSP provides.10:01
fbreActually I was on NXP release "sumo". But as soon as I activate  INITRAMFS_IMAGE and  INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE the .sdcard image is not generated anymore, but I need such initramfs. So my hope is NXP fixed that in later versions.10:02
LetoThe2ndfbre: that ".sdcard" thing was a custom image type which was deprecated in favor of wic10:03
LetoThe2ndfbre: so no, that certainly will not be "fixed". you will have to work out how to use wic.10:03
fbreoh. I'm struggling with all that stuff for 2 weeks now, and I'm almost burned out X) . Since I've read the NXP PDFs I know how to bunzip an .sdcard file and how to dd that to sd card. Hmm... OK, so I should start to learn an alternative way.... '=(10:06
LetoThe2ndfbre: go blame nxp for handing you a BSP that is based on an outdated state.10:08
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LetoThe2ndfbre: by the way, this might be of interest to you:
mcfriskhow to remove a patch in meta-clang version of clang via bbappend in a BSP layer? a simple clang_%.bbappend with SRC_URI_remove = "file://0020-clang-Enable-SSP-and-PIE-by-default.patch" doesn't work?10:51
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mcfriskI can see the bbappend changing output of bitbake -e for clang-cross-aarch64 but the change is not taking effect. I could drop the patch from meta-clang directly but surely this should also work from a bbappend?10:53
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mcfriskI must conclude that modifying SRC_URI in a bbappend with _remove doesn't work on zeus. Or can a BSP layer bork that... and I have to modify meta-clang to drop that one patch. this is odd.11:05
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fbreLetoThe2nd: That sources/meta-openembedded/meta-initramfs contains just debug stuff and tools for that. But I saw sources/poky/meta/recipes-core/images/ which calls sources/poky/meta/recipes-core/initrdscripts/ which then calls11:24
fbresources/poky/meta/recipes-core/initrdscripts/files/  That does that overlayfs mount.11:24
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fbreLetoThe2nd: The plan is to bundle such core-image-tiny-initramfs to the kernel. Therefore I can define INITRAMFS_IMAGE = "core-image-tiny-initramfs" and INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE = "1" in my local.conf.11:26
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LetoThe2ndfbre: sounds pretty much like a generic usecase of an initramfs.11:27
fbreLetoThe2nd: I even managed to bitbake such configuration, but the question is how to get the image on sd card. Because: as soon as I add those INITRAMFS_IMAGE and INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE variables to my local.conf file, bitbake does not result in such typical NXP output files anymore. It seems to break the NXP way of building an .sdcard file. In11:30
fbresuch case I just get Image.....bin files. Somehow I need to find out how to put that in the right way on my sd card.11:30
LetoThe2ndfbre: like i said: learn how to use wic, or demand support from your trustworthy sales rep/FAE that provides your hardware.11:31
fbreLetoThe2nd: hmm yes... Usually you just have contact to FAEs which do not have a clue about such special topics. So you usually end up finding it out by yourself. I think I should learn to understand that wic thingy as next step.11:33
fbreLetoThe2nd: My hope was just today "zeus" can handle initramfs bundling better than my current version "sumo" because of a chance that NXP may have improved their layers in the meanwhile.11:38
LetoThe2ndfbre: your wording reversed to your expectations. they really improved in getting rid of their own, homebrewn .sdcard implementation and are using the common technique called "wic.11:39
LetoThe2ndfbre: the problem is that you know only the old, "wrong" way.11:39
LetoThe2ndso whatever you would have hoped for would be the exact opposite for all the rest of the world, because nobody wants to got back to the ages where each and every BSP vendor would ship custom magic for the image formats.11:40
LetoThe2ndfbre: see:
fbreLetoThe2nd: yes, that's useful information that you tell me they dropped .sdcard support in the meanwhile. This makes my decision to get on the wic track11:42
LetoThe2ndlooks good to me. all the partitioning etc. magic nicely canned up.11:42
LetoThe2ndso, just guessing, it might be even enough to copy one or two additional files to the boot partition.11:43
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fbreNow I hacked sources/poky/meta/recipes-core/images/ and added   aarch64. Hmm well, the bitbake build runs a bit further now but stopped with error: Failed to spawn fakeroot worker to run No such file or directory:12:11
fbreSeems "zeus" also does weird things with sdcard and does not support my aarch6412:12
fbreI go back to "sumo" and the wic...12:14
osullivan99hello everybody, i have a TQMa57xx and want to find out where I can find u-boot 2019.04 in yocto. can anybody help me please?12:17
osullivan99there must be somethin like a config file where it is decided which u-boot is used, but I dont know which one12:18
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LetoThe2ndosullivan99: somewhere in the bsp layer provided by the company that sells this "TQMa57xx"12:35
osullivan99yeah that's where I think it is. how would you try to find out?12:39
LetoThe2ndosullivan99: by looking at it?12:42
fbreLetoThe2nd: Thanx a lot! Bye Bye for today12:42
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LetoThe2ndosullivan99: i would guess: recipes-bsp/u-boot-xxx .....12:42
osullivan99LetoThe2nd: there are only recipes inside, 4 *.bb files12:45
LetoThe2ndosullivan99: i would expect that, yes.12:45
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LetoThe2ndosullivan99: the recipes define which version is used. which was your question, not?12:45
osullivan99i already know which u-boot is used as i can see in in the docu12:45
osullivan99but I want to know where to configure the correct version12:46
LetoThe2ndosullivan99: "config file where it is decided which u-boot is used" thats what you asked. the recipes are that file. you cannot choose freely at will.12:46
LetoThe2ndor, you can, if you provide alternate recipes for the version you want.12:47
osullivan99my boss wants me to port yocto on an other board, so first i wanted to find out where to configure which u boot version is used12:47
LetoThe2ndosullivan99: if there is more than one u-boot recipe, then the higher version is automatically picked. if you want to override that, based on machine compatibility, then you can do that in the machine config file. but there is no file where you would just write "xxx.yy.z", and then u-boot-xxx.yy.z will be used.12:48
osullivan99i see12:49
osullivan99that makes sense12:49
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osullivan99does anybody know how to port yocto target from one ARM processor to an other one?15:07
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LetoThe2ndosullivan99 make a bootloader work, make the kernel work, pour everything into a new bsp layer. use an existing bsp layer as blueprint.15:17
LetoThe2ndosullivan99: also see
osullivan99LetoThe2nd: i know that guide, but i want to know how to tell the compiler which CPU is used (e.g. ARM v8 vs ARM v15)15:20
osullivan99otherwise I could just put the same sd cards into differnt boards but i dont think different CPUs understand same binary files15:21
LetoThe2ndosullivan99: look at how the machine confs include stuff from here:
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osullivan99oops i'm wrong15:29
osullivan99this one is new target15:29
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marexosullivan99: if you compile stuff for CA8, it will run on pretty much anything newer15:33
marexit will not run in optimal way though15:33
osullivan99marex: i'm porting from A15 to A815:35
marexosullivan99: I presume thats some TI platform ?15:36
osullivan99yes it is, new board is based on am335x15:38
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osullivan99marex: porting am57xx -> am335x15:39
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marexthen yeah, you want to tweak the tunes15:40
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osullivan99marex: do you know how? i can only find qemu flag in local.conf15:43
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osullivan99how do i refer to .inc files?15:44
marex$ cat conf/machine/include/dh-stm32mp1-common.inc15:44
marexDEFAULTTUNE ?= "cortexa7thf-neon-vfpv4"15:44
marexrequire conf/machine/include/tune-cortexa7.inc15:44
marexthats for CA7 for example15:44
marexyou want something similar for CA815:44
marexah, wait15:44
marexDEFAULTTUNE ?= "cortexa8thf-neon"15:45
marexrequire conf/machine/include/tune-cortexa8.inc15:45
marexthat should work for CA8 , at least for iMX53 it does15:45
osullivan99marex i guess it is different here, i cant find those includes15:46
osullivan99all from the board manufacturer15:46
osullivan99but now i think i have an idea15:46
marexthey are in OE-core, no ?15:47
marexoe-core$ find . -name tune-cortexa8.inc15:47
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osullivan99yeah it was my fault, i've looked inside board specific layer15:49
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kergothRP: do we have a way to force a signature checksum to a particular/current value yet, in cases where we know our changes won't affect the output? I know we used to have the lock functionality, but iirc that just made it fatally error if there was a mismatch rather than forcing it to use an existing sstate archive15:51
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osullivan99marex: MACHINE=cortexa8thf-neon is invalid. Please set a valid MACHINE in your local.conf, environment or other configuration file.16:00
osullivan99on my configuration i have several layers, board specific layer might require MACHINE keyword instead of DEFAULTTUNE if I understand correctly16:02
kergothyou should never be setting DEFAULTTUNE directly except for specific and temporary testing16:04
kergoththe machine sets that16:04
osullivan99kergoth: so how do i set correct MACHINE?16:05
kergothif you're working with new unsupported hardware, you need to be creating the conf/machine/yourmachine.conf and setting MACHINE to that, and adjusting the tuning in the machine .conf to what you require16:06
osullivan99makes sense16:08
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osullivan99kergoth: seems to work now, at least compiling16:17
marexkergoth: which machine sets DEFAULTTUNE ?16:20
kergothmarex: I don't understand the question. Every machine sets it one way or another. Either they include the tune file and let that define it, or they define it themselves instead16:21
marex16:04 < kergoth> you should never be setting DEFAULTTUNE directly except for specific and temporary testing16:21
kergothevery tune has a DEFAULTTUNE ?= line16:21
marex16:04 < kergoth> the machine sets that16:21
marexthis ^16:21
kergothyes, every machine16:21
marexkergoth: I think osullivan99 is writing a machine config16:21
marexkergoth: so it should have that line, no?16:21
kergoththat's what a machine *is*, it defines what the target is, first by including the needed tune file16:23
kergoththe original question implied that they were setting DEFAULTTUNE *instead* of MACHINE16:23
kergothbut that doesn't make sense, if they're defining them in the same context (local.conf), it's wrong16:23
kergothit's not either/or, it's both16:23
marexall right, I think we're on the same page16:24
kergothagreed, wasn't entirely clear what was being done, but they seem to be making progress, so it's all good :)16:25
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osullivan99thank you guys, compiling finished, see you17:13
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khemRP: the -mfpu= failure seen in perf is seen with genericx86-64 and beaglebone edgerouter etc. seems to occur with meta-yocto-bsp kernels but qemu versions all work fine20:09
khemzeddii: whats the difference ?20:09
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zeddiithere's no difference, if you are using the updated SRCREVs, they are all building from the same branches.20:52
zeddiiRP mentioned his hacked up patch. That would have been bumping the SRCREVs20:52
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JaMapaulbarker: Hi, did you get the necessary permissions to install the PR closing app on openembedded github?21:35
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paulbarkerJaMa: Not yet, I need to ping Crofton|cloud again but I've been busy21:38
JaMapaulbarker: OK, thanks for update21:38
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JaMazeddii: talking about meta-virt compatibility, is every linux-yocto kernel supposed to have cfg/virtio.scc in kernel-meta?21:42
JaMazeddii: it's included in but seems like new 5.4 linux-raspberrypi kernel doesn't have this and fails because of it21:43
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RPkhem, zeddii: I don't understand why those were failing :(22:00
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