Saturday, 2020-08-22

armpitzeddii, tell'em to send a patch ; )00:05
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zeddiikhem. as I mentioned .. when I cloned your distro, it doesn't even have the 5.8 bits active on master. so I need the instructions on how to reproduce it.01:25
zeddiioe-core itself, doesn't have the warning01:25
zeddiibuild2 [~/yoe]> git branch01:27
zeddii* master01:27
zeddiibuild2 [~/yoe]> find . -name '*linux-yocto*5.8*'01:27
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khemzeddii: git clone --recurse-submodules -j8 -b yoe/mut02:09
khemmaster-next changes are in yoe/mut branch02:09
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zeddiiaha. doing that now. Will fix it over the weekend. thanks!02:18
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RPzeddii: think 5.8 for qemu threw a couple of errors. Trying to confirm in the current build08:57
RPzeddii: - missing fs type? and - gl/drm config missing?08:57
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kanavin_homeRP: "AssertionError: 'virgl 3d acceleration enabled' not found in '[    1.073737] [drm] features: +virgl +edid'"10:35
kanavin_homeRP: to me looks like 5.8 changed the printout format for virgl support, and the assert in the test needs to be adjusted?10:35
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RPkanavin_home: that could be it!11:05
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RPkanavin_home: if you have a few minutes for a patch that would be really useful. I'm going to try and stay more away from the computer now I have the immediate backlog of stuff that was bothering me sorted out14:52
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zeddiiRP: I'll have a look!16:14
zeddiiRP: did that same error throw for all 5.8 builds, or16:18
zeddiigrr. too early enter16:18
zeddiiI meant to say, did that NFS error only trigger for x86-32 or was it all the 5.8 builds ? I wasn't able to see it locally.16:19
zeddiilooking at the build, I see only the x86-32. I wonder what they busted with NFS. I'll have a closer look later.16:23
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kanavin_homeRP: yes, sure17:00
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kanavin_homeRP: done17:58
RPzeddii: it was qemux86 and qemux86-64, its during the toolchain tests which makes me suspect something NFS like18:06
RPkanavin_home: thanks, much appreciated!18:06
RPzeddii: it doesn't look bust, more just missing18:07
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