Monday, 2020-08-31

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mckoangood morning06:40
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mckoanGood morning06:40
erbogood morning!06:41
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LetoThe2ndmostly, yes!06:51
mckoanLetoThe2nd: Good! I wish you a nice week ahead06:53
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LetoThe2ndheh, last weke before a month of paternal leave, actually!06:54
erboLetoThe2nd: nice! hanging with mini-me's can be welcome change from the tech world :)06:57
LetoThe2nderbo: sure. yet in this case its more like a welcome way to ease some important steps in the family: eldest one starts school, second one starts kindergarten06:59
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erboAh I see. Just did the school start here as well with my oldest a few week ago. First they are so small, and then one day they're off for school. Crazy.07:03
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LetoThe2ndi've got a small one for direct comparison :)07:07
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mckoanLetoThe2nd: best wishes ;-)07:26
mckoanerbo: good luck with school start. Hopefully without Covid-19 restart07:27
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LetoThe2ndhopefully, yes.07:30
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erbomckoan: thanks. So far I don't think the school starts have caused that much a bump in cases here in Sweden at least, let's hope it stays that way.07:52
PaowZhow is Covid handled, by your side, for school ??07:53
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erboPaowZ: I can only speak for pre-school and lower classes (basically age 6-9). Here they don't allow parents inside the buildings, and kids need to wash hands when they arrive + regularly during the day. Here they have a "school restaurant" where they eat everyday, and there they made some changes to that the kids don't serve themselves as much to avoid everyone touching the same spoons etc.08:01
erboI think that the measures taken increase with age, I know that big universities still try to keep as much as possible online now even though they are allowed to be on premise.08:03
erboSwedens strategy is based on that young children are not a significant driver of the pandemic08:04
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emriusHey, on warrior I used to ship a systemd service file from a git cloned repository. then `install`ed that into `${D}${systemd_unitdir}/system` and set the `SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN}` variable accordingly. On dunfell that doesn't work anymare. The do_package task complaits that: ` do_package: SYSTEMD_SERVICE_ringnes value ringnes.service does not exist`13:58
emriusand I don't have a clue why it doesn't find that systemd service  file anymore. Anybody else has a clue?13:58
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qschulzemrius: probably ringnes.service isn't part of the ringnes package anymore?13:59
emriusIt's still in the clone repo. I checked that in the devshell14:00
emriusIt's still in the cloned repo. I checked that in the devshell14:00
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qschulzthat is not what I meant14:01
qschulzin the WORKDIR of your recipe, where is ringnes.service? (specifically, package-split/)14:02
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emriusHang on14:03
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emriusThe problem just miraculously vanished after renaming the file, calling bitbake, and renaming it again to it's original name. Surprising! What black magic is there to blame for that wondrous acting in the real of yocto? We will never know.14:08
emriusanyhow, qschulz thanks for that hint!14:10
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JPEWDoes a "virtual/" RPROVIDER make sense (e.g. "virtual/libegl") ?14:24
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RPJPEW: no14:30
JPEWRP: Ok, I thought so. Thanks14:31
RPJPEW: its something users would love to work but it simply doesn;t14:31
JPEWYa, a comment in the manual would be helpful since it's not clear that it *doesn't* work for RDEPENDS14:32
RPJPEW: patches or bug welcome14:32
RPits a good poin14:33
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JPEWRP: Ya, I'll send a patch... can I send it to the old docs? I don't was to mess up the sphinx conversion (or have it get lost)14:38
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havok101Hey, I started a new project using dunfell. Pulled in meta-raspberrypi, meta-browser and required layers. Got it built and running. Chromium launches and runs fine but doesn't seem to have any hardware acceleration14:57
havok101Is there something specific I need to enable or run?14:58
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havok101IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " chromium-x11"14:59
RPJPEW: can you change old and new on the sphinx branch? If not I'll sort it14:59
havok101DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " x11 opengl systemd"14:59
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JPEWRP: Sent both. The sphinx is certainly much easier to write :)17:26
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khemfray: I was trying to add u-a for glibc-utils but then I see that it will add cyclic deps due to DEPENDS added in update-alternatives bbclass long time ago by your commit , we also added a dependency on native version via20:41
fraylet me look.. sec20:41
khemfray: do we still need to add virtual/update-alternatives as build time dep ? I have forgotten about the context why this was needed20:42
fraynot sure.. looking20:42
frayin the past update-alternatives could be provided by either the update-alternatives package, busybox or dpkg?20:42
fraythere were three providers at the time20:43
khemthis bug might add some context
frayahh must have been 'opkg' not dpkg20:43
khemyes now dpkg and opkg do provide virtual/update-alternatives20:43
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khemquestion is do we need them during build time20:44
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khemor is virtual/update-alternatives-native enough20:44
frayso 3691 is SDK needs bash.. there is an SDK package that is supposed to provide all of the SDK dependencies (nativesdk) to allow this to work20:44
frayMy memory is virtual/update-alaternatives was needed for the run-time (on-target) package install.. while the virtual/update-laternatives-native was for the cross-install20:48
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bantuHello. I use bmaptool to deploy/install images. Is there a framework for assigning an identity to a device after image installation?20:48
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khemfray: then it should be rdep and not dep right ?21:19
khembantu: you might want to set it up perhaps with /etc/os-release21:19
bantukhem: Oh, I was for example talking about generating and collecting ssh host keys, and generating TLS key material and getting it signed by a CA.21:20
khembantu: there is no single point to do it, perhaps AFAIK21:22
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