Thursday, 2020-09-17

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ada89How can I increase the memory size of an image?06:04
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cbsHi. Can I ask a licence related question, or should this be done in a seperate channel ?06:33
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mckoancbs: please ask06:48
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cbsmckoan Thanks. It concerns third party licenses. Specifically in meta-qt5, but not limited to that meta-layer. Licenses for third party components are not shown, and licenses for third party, for third party is also not shown in Yocto. E.g. qtlocation uses 5 third party components, and one of them uses more than 10 another third party components. None of these licenses in reflected in the recipe. Is this by choice ?. See
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cbsmckoan : Or to be more precise; One of the third party components for qtlocation (mapbox-gl-native) is providing its License file, but the rest are not06:53
cbsmckoan: Unsure if this is by choice, or not even needed. But if using QtLocation and looking into the generated rootfs license file, the fact that we are hit by the boost license (since that is used by Qtlocation as a third party component) is not shown06:54
cbsmckoan: I'm not a lawyer, so unsure of how third party licenses are handled.06:55
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mckoancbs: Qt licenses in particular are a weird and puzzling matter. I suspect you won't get much help here though06:55
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cbsmckoan: Okay. But I geuss this problem is not limited to meta-qt5. That is simply just were I saw the problem. But in general, all third party components should have their license listed within the recipe ? Both with LICENSE and LIC_FILES_CHKSUM ?06:59
mckoancbs: About Qt you can read some post from Burkhard here
mckoancbs: generally speking about recipes' licenses, every recupe have to declare its own LICENSE and LIC_FILES_CHKSUM07:00
cbsmckoan: Include third party components ?07:01
cbsmckoan: And thanks for the link!07:01
mckoancbs: I don't understand what do you mean with 'third party'. If the component has a recipe must have a license too07:03
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cbsmckoan: E.g. qtlocation has software within it, i.e. not a dependency but included within the source code, clip2tri (MIT license), clipper (Boost 1.0 license), geosimplify.js ( geosimplify.js License), poly2tri (Boost license), mapbox-gl-native ( BSD-2 Claus). Then mapbox-gl-native (which is within the source code of qtlocation) then itself has third party components (i.e. again within the source code. Precisely qtlocation/src/3rdparty/mapbox-gl-native): more tha07:07
cbsn 10 of these07:07
mcfriskcbs: everything that is in the source tree of the recipe needs to be declared in LICENSE07:07
cbsmcfrisk: Roger. Then someone, could be me, needs to add 150+ more licenses to LICENSE within meta-qt5. its all in
mcfrisk(or can be limited to what gets compiled but in that case I'd make sure problematic files are deleted in do_patch() or similar)07:08
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cbsmcfrisk: Yes.  I suppose the safest method is to include all the licenses. But; There are quite a lot :)07:09
mcfriskthere may be gray areas if licenses are 'compatible' and relicensing is allowed07:09
mcfriskyep, there is quite a lot07:09
mcfriskand there are problems with licenses can be chose. Hence users may need to either rewrite the LICENSE field if they use that for collecting license texts and for compliance, or introduce a new variable (which is what we've done)07:11
cbsmcfrisk Okay. I'll try to start a MR towards meta-qt5 and see what happens. Thanks for the responses mcfrisk mckoan!07:15
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mcfriskI often forget bitbake devshells open in one of my screen terminals and with dunfell they seem to hang like this for example if I wipe tmp in another terminal. Are there fixes in master already?
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qschulzndec: I sent a few docs patches in the middle of the night and I probably was in auto mode at that time, hopefully it's not completely garbage :) I don't care if you squash all of them together, it was more to explain a bit each of the changes and make them (hopefully) easier to review08:11
ndecqschulz: i am reviewing them right now ;)08:12
ndeci merge timo's patch first. i had a minor conflict with one of your patch, but i fixed it.08:12
qschulzndec: also... I'm wondering if the boilerplate isn't missing in many places?08:12
qschulze.g. has it but does not08:13
qschulzusually the "Manual" pages have it but not sections08:13
ndecwe have it once for each 'manual', as opposed to on each page.08:13
qschulzndec: ok, was wondering if it was on purpose or not :)08:14
ndeci actually wondered about that.. on the original doc, we have 1 html page for each manual, and the 'boilerplate' once.08:15
ndecbut with sphinx we have split into many html 'pages'..08:15
qschulzand last remark from last night wandering in the docs: am I the only one bothered by numbers for sections and subsections? (which gets used for the page title)08:15
ndecwhat do you mean here?08:16
qschulzI would at least put a dot or parenthesis or something to clearly mark it's the number of the items and not part of the title?08:16
ndecit is 'uncommon' i think to use numbered sections with sphinx.08:17
qschulzand since the sections and subsections are pretty well defined in the nav bar on the left, i'd say it's not really needed?08:17
qschulzsmall night = broken english and brain farts so bare with me :D08:17
qschulzs/bare/bear/... /me facepalms08:18
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ndechave you tried removing :numbered: attribute to see how it looks like?08:18
qschulzndec: haven't investigated yet but css would need some love on mobile. I can scroll horizontally but there is no text. Same for the navbar on mobile. Minor obviously :)08:20
qschulzndec: I didn't, I will try some day :) thx for the tip08:20
qschulzndec: I "reviewed" the "introduction and overview" manuals and "Overview and Concepts Manual". It's... very overwhelming how much doc there is :D08:21
ndeci think we might want to revisit how everything is split into .rst files.. i am not sure the current list of files makes sense..08:22
ndecright now, it's a one to one map with the docbook files.08:22
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qschulzndec: lgtm and then we can reorganize later? or would this modify the organization in the navbar?08:25
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ndeci don't expect it will change the nav bar. the nav bar 'design' comes from index.rst, then we recursively include all the other files.08:26
ndecso renaming/moving/merging files within each manual should have no impact on the output.08:26
qschulzthen I think it's fine to do it later/mid-release? i'm no RP though :D08:27
ndecrenaming is probably important, since the filenames are often used in the :ref:08:27
ndecit's definitly post 3.2!08:27
qschulzthe ref aren't an issue, it's more the URL modification that isn't great08:27
qschulzbecause you break links then08:27
qschulzI mean... external links pointing to the docs, refs are just internal so /me shrugs08:29
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ndecright. i see. though when 3.2 is released, it will be in, so if we change links for master/3.3 it will not impact what's published.08:32
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RPndec: having some kind of stable external links referencing is kind of desirable08:35
RPbut for now I'll be happy to have the basics of the conversion done08:36
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RPqschulz: thanks for the patches, I had a quick look this morning08:36
ndecRP: you ok with "sphinx: replace special quotes with single and double quotes"?08:37
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RPndec: the metadata fixes there are clearly correct, not sure about the text ones, that is a style issue. Its probably more consistent though?08:38
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ndecRP: i think the rendered output by sphinx will use the right character, no?08:40
qschulzRP: it makes it much easier to grep through the docs in the git repo08:41
qschulzndec: it seems ok for double quotes, I'll check for single08:41
qschulzndec: => choose "I" is one I changed08:41
qschulzndec: ah! a few lines lower, ` <&YOCTO_TOOLCHAIN_DL_URL;>`__  in the html :D08:42
ndecadt is deprecated..08:42
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ndecwe will no longer publish it. i am not even sure why it's there.08:42
qschulzndec: => `You also need the target root filesystem for your target machine’s architecture:` was using the "weird'08:44
qschulzsingle quote and ctrl+f in FF is doing just fine08:44
qschulzso cosmetic change only for the git repo :)08:44
qschulzndec: admittedly, was highlighted by vim spell plugin. Wouldn't be mad if it's not taken so no worries08:45
qschulz(it's a sed, a patch that took 3min :) )08:45
ndeci am ok with the patch, actually. i think it's better. and if the output is not impact we should be good.08:45
RPndec: I hadn't checked the output but it seems reasonable to be consistent in the text08:46
qschulzndec: to be clear, I checked (so before the patch) not with mine (though I'm pretty sure I did yesterday/today but can't guarantee :) )08:48
qschulzndec: and indeed... linkcheck is REALLY slow. Like mindblowingly slow.08:48
ndeci checked after your patch, and it looks ok.08:48
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ndecqschulz: i am going to squash this change in one of your patch, fyi..08:58
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qschulzndec: ahah! I was wondering how would one do it :) thx!09:12
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lxcdoes bitbake handle local paths with "@" character?09:21
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qschulzlxc: can you present your problem or thought process please? the question isn't very clear to me09:29
RPlxc: I suspect the sed expressions we use in places may conflict09:32
lxcRP okay, that may explain the errors. known issue, or plans to fix?09:33
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RPlxc: we should probably just report it to the user as unsupported. We need to use some character so we'd just move the problem09:33
lxc@rp I see, I believe Jenkins usually creates paths containing the @ character09:34
RPlxc: well, I'm only guessing, I don't know how widespread the problem is if I'm right. I do know people use jenkins for builds with YP just fine...09:37
lxcRP error message seems in place: Error, you have an invalid character (@) in your COREBASE directory path. Please move the installation to a directory which doesn't include any @ characters.09:49
RPlxc: ah, cool. I did remember that correctly then :)09:50
lxc@RP thanks, will solve by updating Jenkins path09:51
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toast963Hello is this the right place to ask questions on readonly-rootfs builds on yocto ?11:22
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dmationtoast963,I think so what do you need to know?11:29
RPtoast963: you can certainly ask!11:30
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shan1Hi all I have a python module where there is already a `systemd` service script in the repository:
shan1I am able to port the previous version of the repo with a recipe but I am trying to add the `inherit systemd` in the recipe but bitbake isn't catching the `gpsfluxlite.service`13:05
shan1Here is the recipe:13:05
shan1# Recipe created by recipetool# This is the basis of a recipe and may need further editing in order to be fully functional.# (Feel free to remove these comments when editing.)SUMMARY = "CLI to parse GPS RMC Co-ordinates and publish them via MQTT and store into InfluxDB"# WARNING: the following LICENSE and LIC_FILES_CHKSUM values are best guesses -13:05
shan1it is# your responsibility to verify that the values are complete and correct.LICENSE = "MIT"LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://LICENSE;md5=373144ff274075072c0386be40a7e9e1"SRC_URI = "${PV}.tar.gz"SRC_URI[md5sum] = "dbb1921a5ff1059c2f257c4c045ceefe"SRC_URI[sha256sum] =13:05
shan1"d4fee4469adefa99755c9f16ef194cc5b6c58bde0ff056e8bf0652bbeb2ad845"S = "${WORKDIR}/gpsfluxlite-${PV}"inherit systemdSYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN} = "gpsfluxlite.service"13:05
shan1# WARNING: the following rdepends are from setuptools install_requires. These# upstream names may not correspond exactly to bitbake package names.RDEPENDS_${PN} += "${PYTHON_PN}-paho-mqtt ${PYTHON_PN}-pynmea2 ${PYTHON_PN}-pyserial"13:05
shan1# WARNING: the following rdepends are determined through basic analysis of the# python sources, and might not be 100% accurate.RDEPENDS_${PN} += "${PYTHON_PN}-core ${PYTHON_PN}-modules"13:05
shan1woops! what should be given in the `SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN} = "..." ` variable in order for bitbake to pick up the systemd service script13:06
shan1AH! my bad had to use `do_install` in the recipe13:10
paulbarkershan1: I highly recommend using a pastebin to share any code fragments longer than 2 or 3 lines13:13
shan1Sorry for that paul.13:14
shan1Never mind I found out what the problem was, I am looking into create a tutorial for _not so dummies_ in Yocto using devtool for python apps. Thought people might find it useful.13:15
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d32Hi, I'm trying to get my head around implementing a custom device tree for a carrier board I'm working on. Digging through the manual and checking out coding session videos from Josef Holzmayr learned me a lot but i'm new to Yocto and in need for some step by step tutorial - does it exist? Thanks.13:26
*** hpsy <hpsy!~hpsy@> has quit IRC13:26
RPd32: you've seen ?13:29
*** yann <yann!~yann@> has joined #yocto13:30
*** sxiii <sxiii!~sw@2a02:20c8:5640::2> has quit IRC13:47
d32RP thanks for your suggestion. Yes I have seen that. I have created a custom layer and was checking out this:
d32I'm unsure how to define and include a custom dtb (or dts?) file for my board.13:48
RPd32: I'm sure there is information out there but I don't think the manual covers dtbs specifically unfortunately13:52
RPd32: sorry, I wish I knew something to point at for that specifically13:52
*** BobPungartnik <BobPungartnik!~BobPungar@> has joined #yocto13:56
*** sakoman <sakoman!> has joined #yocto14:02
*** TobSnyder <TobSnyder!> has joined #yocto14:06
RPsakoman: please note I updated the helper commit since there was a missing ":" in that patch we discussed14:08
sakomanRP: OK, will grab the update14:08
d32Before I post any more, how do I write multiline messages here?14:08
qschulzd32: you dont :D use a pastebin14:09
d32Right :) Some more background info. I have started from this: It builds and runs on the dev board; now I want to migrate it to my board. For example let's say I have created meta-mylayer and added it to bblayers.conf. MACHINE is defined as "imx7d-pico" in local.conf. I have checked meta-mylayer14:09
d32get's picked up by bitbake. Now I have added in meta-mylayer/conf a machine dir with imx7d-pico.conf. I have added an intentional non-existint definiton  KERNEL_DEVICETREE = "imx7d-pico-error.dtb" to see if it gets picked up but no errors occur.14:09
qschulzd32: am I correct in that you have two imx7d-pico.conf in your Yocto metadata but in different layers?14:10
*** ericch <ericch!> has joined #yocto14:13
d32Yes, assuming naively that my layer would override the setting in the other.14:13
qschulzd32: first bbclass and conf files to be found in layers (order of conf/bblayers.conf by default) are the ones taken14:14
qschulzso no14:14
qschulzand technically, using the same machine conf file for a different machine is wrong. Since you're saying imx7d-pico is the dev board, I assume your other board is at least a bit different than NXP devkit14:14
qschulzin that case, you want a different machine conf14:15
d32Ok I was confused then with this statement:Ordering and BBFILE_PRIORITY for the layers listed in BBLAYERS matter. For example, if multiple layers define a machine configuration, the OpenEmbedded build system uses the last layer searched given similar layer priorities. The build system works from the top-down through the layers listed in BBLAYERS.In14:17
*** armpit <armpit!~armpit@2601:202:4180:a5c0:2975:33fa:6fa4:1208> has quit IRC14:17
*** armpit <armpit!~armpit@2601:202:4180:a5c0:25fe:d3c5:6e2:e325> has joined #yocto14:19
d32Actually I am using the imx7d-pico module on a development board that is called imx7d-pico-pi. It's the development board that I want to replace with my own.14:19
qschulzd32: different machine then :)14:21
qschulzbut now you make me doubt on the conf file, I'll check14:21
d32Thanks for your replies btw! I'm probably making a lot of rookie mistakes.14:21
qschulzd32: don't worry, everyone starts from somewhere :)14:22
*** chbae <chbae!> has joined #yocto14:24
qschulzd32: so actually... the docs contradict itself for the order. Thx for highlighting this.14:25
*** jobroe_ <jobroe_!> has quit IRC14:26
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shan1so I added a password to the root user for my using a `.bbappend` file for the image. I am unable to login into the board via ssh e.g. `ssh -l root` and upon entering the password I get access denied. Do I have to add the root user to ssh config?14:31
shan1I seem to be locked out of the board14:31
d32qschulz: Glad I could contribute unexpectedly :)  I have now changed the machine definition in local.conf and renamed my machine.conf file accordingly. I could now succesfully break it so time to chew on the errors now. Thanks!14:36
*** chbae <chbae!> has quit IRC14:47
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toast963Hello, I am trying to build an read-only rfs with read-write overlayfs using yocto for Raspberry Pi. I included meta-readonly-rootfs-overlay layer[1] into my yocto build. And followed the instructions given in the Readme of the layer. When I tried to boot up the image the init gets stuck. I traced the error to the line 179 of the init script, But I15:14
toast963am unable to debug further. I think my approach to the problem might be wrong. Please can you guys point me to some documentation or a good read for read-only-rfs using yocto. [1] meta-readonly-rootfs-overlay layer -
*** dmation__ <dmation__!~dmation@> has joined #yocto15:20
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*** camus <camus!~Instantbi@> has joined #yocto15:30
RPJPEW, sgw: FWIW I successfully managed to take sshd out this list and no change. I think there is something deeper going on15:30
*** camus is now known as kaspter15:32
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kergothI'm thinking about writing a sed wrapper for use in oe that confirms that the input was modified by it, to catch cases where sed is used but didn't actually change anything.15:34
kergothSeem sane?15:34
RPkergoth: yes, very15:35
kergothi don't intend to check each pattern match, only if the input is changed at all. but better than nothing15:35
kergothcan just use cmp or so15:35
RPkergoth: I was actually thinking about one which returned the number of replacements15:35
kergothi like that idea, slightly harder to implement. for the common case of search/replace we could just not use sed at all, use our script instead, though15:36
kergothwrite it in python15:36
RPkergoth: right, I'd not gotten to implementation but the count would at least give us an idea that what we wanted was happening15:36
*** BobPungartnik <BobPungartnik!~BobPungar@> has quit IRC15:37
kergothit'd be nice if it was a standalone script.. downside to using python for that would be the interpreter overhead15:37
RPWe're nearly always doing a search/replace so our own util could be nice15:37
*** BobPungartnik <BobPungartnik!~BobPungar@> has joined #yocto15:37
RPI wonder what the sed performance is like15:37
RPI have noticed it a lot in iotop stats15:37
*** gsalazar <gsalazar!5e3dbd6b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has quit IRC15:38
RPmostly from the sstate manipulations, we should try and do less of those15:40
RPwell, rss too15:40
kergothhmm, agreed.15:41
kergothRP: interesting.15:41
RPkergoth: yes, very interesting15:42
*** gsalazar <gsalazar!5e3dbd6b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has joined #yocto15:43
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JPEWRP: Ya, I don't think it's SSH, just by looking at the systemd-analyze output15:53
JPEWRP: Can you run `systemd-analyze plot > plot.svg` and share it?15:54
JPEWThere appear to be two really long pauses in the boot that aren't showing up in the critical path analysis15:54
*** TobSnyder <TobSnyder!> has quit IRC15:56
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RPJPEW: I'm going to run out of time but yes, will try15:57
JPEWOk, If you can't thats fine, I'll keep trying to reproduce it15:57
RPJPEW: I'm trying to run the getty under strace -t, see if it is hanging15:57
RPJPEW: I just know I'm coming up to meetings and things15:58
RPmips is slow and sato-sdk, slow to build :(15:58
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RPsgw, JPEW: serial-getty is blocking on dbus16:15
JPEWRP: Uh, Weird16:29
RPrburton, JPEW, sgw: mailed you the logs16:31
RPplymouth support in agetty?16:39
* RP tries disabling that16:42
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:46
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tgamblinJPEW: what was the variable you mentioned to add to local.conf for extra info about the hashserver?17:20
*** toast963 <toast963!7bc92444@> has quit IRC17:22
srijan_rootFacing a weird issue with Openssh Server. The sshd service runs well, with systemd. Everything is OK and I am able to sshd in. It's just that the sshd service does not stay after a reboot. I have already done systemctl enable sshd.service. Enabled debug logging, but cant see any suspicious error  only thing that I see is as soon as the system boots17:26
srijan_rootup and if I do a journalctl -u sshd, I see the openssh server starting starts listening on the ip:port but then gets a Received signal 15 and then terminates it17:26
*** King_InuYasha is now known as Conan_Kudo17:28
*** Conan_Kudo is now known as King_InuYasha17:28
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srijan_rootIf I do a systemctl start sshd, everything works's just that after a reboot, the service cannot start17:35
*** mihai- <mihai-!~mihai@unaffiliated/mihai> has quit IRC17:38
JPEWRP: I don't think it'17:41
JPEWRP: I don't think it's plymouth. If you look, the delay is after getty exec()'s /bin/login, which I'm guessing is waiting on dbus inside of pam_system.so17:42
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*** Conan_Kudo is now known as King_InuYasha17:58
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JPEWtgamblin: BB_LOGCONFIG = "/projects/poky/bitbake/contrib/autobuilderlog.json"18:08
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JPEWRP, sgw, rburton: pam support seems to be the difference. The system boots much slower and serial login takes a lot longer when you have "pam" in DISTRO_FEATURES18:30
JPEWThis appears to be because at least partly because it enables the systemd-user-sessions service, which serial-getty@.service is "After="18:31
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tgamblinJPEW: thanks!19:15
paulgand here I thought pam meant no stick.19:16
*** aidanh_ <aidanh_!~aidanh@unaffiliated/aidanh> has joined #yocto19:18
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17WABSAHRHi, I'm currently dealing with an issue with shared sstate cache and kernel module signing. If I build two images that share the same sstate cache (different checkouts of the firmware yocto layer), the wrong keys will be used intermittently to sign the modules.19:50
*** 17WABSAHR is now known as moosnat19:51
moosnatHi, I'm currently dealing with an issue with shared sstate cache and kernel module signing. If I build two images that share the same sstate cache (different checkouts of the firmware yocto layer), the wrong keys will be used intermittently to sign the modules. Is there a way to exclude the signing keys from the sstate cache, or another possible workaround?19:53
RPJPEW: could definitely be pam19:53
moosnatsorry for double-posting, I don't use irc very often19:54
*** bsmerbeck <bsmerbeck!> has joined #yocto19:54
manuel1985Honest question: What does one need PAM for?  I once had an issue when only two ssh sessions could exist at the same time. It was because some PAM module was whitelisting pts0 and pts1 only. But I never really figured out if I actually need PAM or if I punch any security holes in my sshd config when disabling it. Can I disable it? I'm just a normal home user, no sysadmin managing accounts of dozens of people.19:58
bsmerbeckSpent two weeks trying to get this, so I'll call out into the void and hope someone else in the world has accomplished it. Have an image i'm designing for a Jetson Nano Dev Kit. What i'm trying to accomplish is installing a web app onto the image, and configuring such that a non-privileged account will run the app at startup. To do this, i'm trying20:00
bsmerbeckto use pm2 ( The process is basically running the daemon `pm2 status`, before entering `pm2 startup`. This responds with a command to run as sudo to set a startup script. Afterwards, you can run the node app using `pm2 start` and then save it to a dump file for the systemd service to resurrect on startup using `pm220:00
bsmerbecksave`. I have the app in the right location, and can run it using a blanket `node server....` and can run it using the pm2 command once the image is flashed to the device and i'm logged into the correct user. So, i'm trying to do get this all setup during the build. I have a recipe to install pm2 and add the binary to PATH for the non-privileged20:00
bsmerbeckuser. To run the commands, I was using a first-time only systemd service that called a script. It won't work for the life of me. If anyone's done something similar, would love a hand20:00
manuel1985moosnat: Sorry I got no idea. Interesting that the sstate cache seems to hold the actual signing keys. Wouldn't have expected this. Looks ugly and like a workaround, but you could programmatically call `bitbake -c cleanall <package>` to delete the sstate of the package in which the kernel signing is done.20:02
RPJPEW: looking at the code, it will be systemd's pam module :/. I guess the question becomes what is it looking for on dbus that is so slow :/20:03
bsmerbeckThe best part is that I can run the commands in order that are called by the script and it works. But god forbid I have it run using a script20:03
manuel1985I'm not sure if `cleanall` is the best option, with `bitbake -c listtasks <packagename>` you can list the tasks there are for your package. Perhaps there is a better one.20:03
manuel1985RP: Sorry if this is considered unfriendly, but I would like to draw your attention to my message above. Just in case you didnt see it.20:05
manuel1985Honest question: What does one need PAM for?  I once had an issue when only two ssh sessions could exist at the same time. It was because some PAM module was whitelisting pts0 and pts1 only. But I never really figured out if I actually need PAM or if I punch any security holes in my sshd config when disabling it. Can I disable it? I'm just a normal home user, no sysadmin managing accounts of dozens of people.20:05
moosnatThis build is currently stuck on an older Yocto branch (sumo at this time) -- is there official support for kernel module signing in an upstream version of Yocto? Perhaps our patches erroneously include the keys in sstate20:05
*** yann <yann!~yann@> has quit IRC20:06
RPmanuel1985: I'm far from an expert on pam. A lot depends on what you need/expect from user sessions, for example dbus setup, the environment setup, things like xdg directories, extra or restricted permissions and so on20:06
RPmanuel1985: if you just need a basic shell, I doubt you need it20:06
RPmanuel1985: systemd effectively expects it though20:07
JPEWLeft a comment on the bug20:16
RPmanuel1985: for info20:17
*** zkrx <zkrx!> has quit IRC20:21
RPJPEW: thanks, the plot is useful20:22
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RPJPEW: what puzzles me is how the getty can be started so early and show "login:" yet not be started according to systemd's boot info until logind is available20:26
*** bsmerbeck <bsmerbeck!> has quit IRC20:27
manuel1985RP: Thanks for the link! Reading it now.20:28
JPEWRP: I'm not sure I follow. The boot chart shows the getty starting @ ~51s which is about when I see the login: prompt20:30
*** zkrx <zkrx!> has joined #yocto20:36
RPJPEW: If I boot an image, then show journalctl, I see Sep 17 20:24:55 qemumips systemd[1]: Started Serial Getty on ttyS0.20:36
RPSep 17 20:25:30 qemumips systemd-logind[163]: New session c1 of user root.20:36
RPSep 17 20:27:11 qemumips systemd[1]: Started Session c1 of user root20:36
RPJPEW: i.e. a huge delay between the getty and the actual start of the session20:37
JPEWOh, ya. Part of that at least is that it's staring a systemd user session20:38
RPJPEW: right, but your plot seems to show the getty starting much later20:38
RPI wonder if this is simple cpu starvation20:41
RPJPEW: can we renice a process from a systemd unit?20:41
JPEWYes, I think it is when the ssh keys are generated20:41
RPJPEW: not that I can immediately spot in the units. I can try adding Nice=-1520:42
JPEWOh, sorry, I meant I think the starvation mostly occurs when the ssh keys are being generated20:43
RPJPEW: right, so if I renice that unit...20:44
JPEWRight. Probably want to go the other way though and do Nice=19 to make it really low priority?20:44
RPJPEW: sorry, yes. I get these numbers mixed up20:45
JPEWRP: I always have to look them up :)20:45
JPEWI suspect that will fix it most of the time; unless the AB is overloaded and the whole thing runs slow20:45
JPEWRP: With no key generation, I'm only seeing about 10s of slack and I have pretty beefy desktop.20:46
*** pohly <pohly!> has quit IRC20:47
RPJPEW: the autobuilder should give qemu cpu and io priority20:47
*** maudat <maudat!> has quit IRC20:48
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RPJPEW: I tried nice and got 40s login but its still very slow, feels like we're still missing something21:22
RPJPEW, sgw: starting to think we just increase the timeout on the serial login21:25
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*** woods <woods!~woods@> has joined #yocto21:34
JPEWRP: Ya, that's what I'm thinking21:34
JPEWI think MIPS + PAM + systemd + SSH Key Gen is just a worst case combination21:35
JPEWRP: At least we know why now21:35
RPJPEW: right, pam was the missing piece21:41
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ikkysleepyI am trying to see why php-fpm service is not being enabled. I have a php_%.bbappend file with SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE_${PN}-fpm = "enable"SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN}-fpm = "php-fpm.service" but looks like the symlink is not being generated. This is for the "warrior" branch for building a raspberrypi 4 .22:09
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paulgWell, that is *four* yocto kernel version maintenance releases in the books.23:29
paulgprobably should have said "four years of yocto kernel version maintenance..."23:32
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