Thursday, 2020-09-24

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kiwi_29is the --with-libtool-sysroot to configure script understood by all the configure scripts... ie what are the autotools version requirements for this option to be understood02:27
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Ninic0c0Hi humans, someone here has already try to automate Yocto build process ? I would like to make CI/CD with python script but I'm stuck with subshell during source yocto (source setup-env build ...) any tips ? Cheers !06:49
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mcfriskNinic0c0: setup-env and bitbake need run in same shell process07:23
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Ninic0c0mcfrisk ok so subprocess python is needed. Too bad. Thx07:25
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ilkappehello guys, I've created a dts (that rapresents an overlay of the main dt). In this dts I have something like08:20
ilkappe    fragment@100{08:20
ilkappe        target-path="/";08:20
ilkappe        __overlay__{08:20
ilkappefpga_axi: fpga-axi@0 {08:20
ilkappeinterrupt-parent = <&gic>;08:20
ilkappecompatible = "simple-bus";08:20
ilkappewhen I look to its compiled version I get08:21
ilkappe    fragment@100 {08:21
ilkappe         target-path = "/";08:21
ilkappe         __overlay__ {08:21
ilkappe             fpga-axi@0 {08:21
ilkappe                 interrupt-parent = <0xffffffff>;08:21
ilkappewhy interrupt-parent = <&gic>; is compiled as   interrupt-parent = <0xffffffff>;08:21
qschulzilkappe: probably more a question for a kernel chan?08:24
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mcfriskany hints on webdav client and server SW in yocto layers? does lighttpd come with webdav module by default? what about client libraries?08:45
fbreHi! I'm in bitbake ... -c menuconfig. As soon as I disable Bluetooth by unchecking "Networking support"-->"Bluetooth subsystem support" the newly bitbaked kernel hangs on booting right after u-boot with "Starting kernel ...". Do you know how to fix that?08:46
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RPfbre: I'd check the defconfig before and after and ensure that is the only change09:21
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qschulzmaybe even the .config since this file is what is used, without hidden stuff09:26
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T_UNIXregarding my patch for backslashes: I'm sorry. I'm not very handy with the ML and do not have the time for a proper setup. Just to let you know. It was a missing backslash in the test filename's `touch`. Happened by copy/pasta :-/09:43
T_UNIXI've got a new patch revision ready, but the company's mailserver is in the way -.-'09:45
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RPT_UNIX: Hi, I appreciate these things aren't always easy. Its good to get the tests added so we'll get there! :)09:46
fbreRP + qschulz: Probably a problem in my u-boot version as I found this one:  Look at the second answer09:46
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T_UNIXRP: glad to help a tiny bit. Btw. feel free to replace the double backslahes in the test commands with simpler r'' strings.10:10
T_UNIXI just saw that I didn't sign-off the second commit. Do you need me to provide another patch revision?10:11
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RPT_UNIX: please, those are important10:13
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* RP wonders if anyone knows something about SIGPIPE error handling and python10:14
ptsneves@RP related to process termination?10:14
RP failed with a SIGPIPE afaict. Yet python should have a default of ignoring it :/10:14
RPptsneves: yes10:15
RPah, bin/bitbake-layers:    signal.signal(signal.SIGPIPE, signal.SIG_DFL)10:16
RPI wonder why it does that10:16
RPThat fits since its bitbake-layers erroring10:16
* RP just spent a hour without seeing that until I ask here :)10:16 does not make much sense. Had some issues with zombie bitbake workers but never on bitbake-layers10:16
ptsneveseven so from the log i see nothing about SIGPIPE...10:18
RPptsneves: exit code 141 is SIGPIPE10:18
ptsnevesah ok :)10:18
ptsneveshmm does bitbake-layers have workers?10:19
RPptsneves: no10:20
ptsnevesRP so to what does it communicate with?10:20
* RP is going to revert that patch. The error described doesn't happen even when I do what the commit says10:20
RPptsneves: it starts a bitbake server10:20
RPbut the server never starts workers10:20
RPUI <---> Cooker <---> Workers10:21
RPbitbake-layers is a UI and starts a cooker (server)10:21
ptsnevesRP but if you revert the commit will you not have possibly a zombie bitbake-layers? What is the cause of the cooker closing unexpectedly?10:21
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RPptsneves: the server knows how to look after itself. I think its just races between the client and server and it would have gotten over the issues if the SIGPIPE killer hadn't taken out one of the processes10:24
ptsnevesRP sorry if my question is stupid, but wouldnt there be a problem to the bitbake-layers if the server closed the pipe and bitbake-layers did not react? Or this is taken care?10:30
ptsnevesI know very little of the bitbake-layers code so sorry if it makes no sense10:30
RPptsneves: The broken pipe will raise a python exception rather than just killing the process10:30
ptsnevesah ok, so yeah then i do not understand the goal of that commit10:31
RPThe original commit was to avoid some error when piping the output to less. That doesn't seem to happen and we've evidence its breaking things I care a lot more about so we'll revert :)10:32
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ptsnevesbut then it may mean that the commit wanted to let the called know there was a broken pipe and hide the possibly unhandled exception10:32
RPptsneves: well, I can't reproduce the error the commit mentions10:33
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ptsnevesRP well it was reproduced in the test. Is the pipe error supposed to happen in that test?10:34
RPptsneves: no, I mean in the commit above "bitbake-layers show-recipe | less" was meant to show an error. It doesn't. Something changed in the three years which makes that no longer an issue10:35
ptsnevesRP: *thumbs up*10:35
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T_UNIXRP: I hope it's fine now. I eventually wrote a cover letter to describe the patch series' revisions, but it was somehow scrapped or whatever -.-'11:18
T_UNIXlet me know if I need to provide something else.11:18
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RPT_UNIX: Just looking at the patch again, the globbing raises some questions. Does the fact you needed to change the globbing mean we're missing more test cases? I thought we didn't support globing any more?11:26
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T_UNIXRP: quoting the string wold break the globbing test. So I've introduced `glob.glob` to expand the filenames and put them into quotes.11:43
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T_UNIXIt's funny that you're suggesting that bitbake would not support globbing anymore. My first thought, when read the code, was: "Is there a reason it is done like this in the first place?". Because it was such a simple fix to just put quotes.11:44
sh00pin meta-poky there is this rngd.service (rng-tools/rngd.service), it contains this line 'ExecStart=@SBINDIR@/rngd -f $EXTRA_ARGS'11:45
sh00phow do i override EXTRA_ARGS from my own layer?11:45
sh00pi've tried adding a 'default' file in <root>/recipes-support/rng-tools/rng-tools/defaults11:46
sh00pis that correct? it didn't seem to work for me11:47
ad__hi, can i see on target board the yocto version someway ?11:48
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RPT_UNIX: there isn't a globbing test any more and globbing support was removed?11:49
RPT_UNIX: modified to error if the user uses a wildcard?11:51
T_UNIXgrr.. you're right :-D11:52
T_UNIXI'm running an older revision. So I keep copy/pasting between the bitbake repository and my yocto instance -.-'11:53
RPT_UNIX: your patch is probably appropriate for dunfell but not for master in that form!11:54
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RPsakoman: ^^^11:54
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T_UNIXRP: does anybody care for such a bugfix for older revisions then?11:55
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T_UNIXI'll change the code back to the initial, simple quotes fix.11:56
RPT_UNIX: well, there is still the quoting problem on master and we do have a stable series which people are using11:56
RPT_UNIX: hence my note to sakoman to suggest he may want to think about this11:56
T_UNIXso update the patch series for master  to use quotes (since globbing is explicitly *not* supported)?12:00
T_UNIXIs it possible to run bitbake selftest standalone? Or does it depend on poky/oe stuff to execute?12:00
T_UNIXso I donot mixup stuff anymore -.-'12:01
RPT_UNIX: bitbake-selftest just needs the bitbake repo, its standalone12:01
RPT_UNIX: and yes, for master lets use the quotes12:01
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lxcIf I want a subset of the files from make install, what is the recommended way there in the bb recipe?12:37
qschulzlxc: put the files you don't want in another package?12:44
zeddiiI've done that (the other package), or rm'd them in the do-install, there's a few options.12:45
qschulzthis package needs to be declared in PACKAGE_BEFORE_PN (or **prepended** to PACKAGES) and then you set the correct FILES_${PN}-newpackage to match the files you don't want12:45
T_UNIXRP: just to be precise on this: You do not want any expansion? So it'll use `'`' instead of `"`?12:50
RPT_UNIX: I don't mind expansion, we just don't need/want the globbing code.12:51
RPsorry for being unclear :)12:51
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lxcqschulz thanks, I'll try that.12:55
T_UNIXRP: Does the URI parser support variables?12:56
ptsnevesT_UNIX it does12:57
ptsnevesT_UNIX bitbake ones12:57
T_UNIXallright :)12:59
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T_UNIXRP: I hope I didn't miss anything in v5 :-D I ran `bitbake-selftest -v bb.tests.fetch.FetcherLocalTest` on master + patches and everything looked fine.13:09
T_UNIXjust for the record: I've inserted double quotes (to eventually expand variables) and used python raw strings in the test's strings.13:10
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RPT_UNIX: looks good, thanks. I'll queue and double check all is well :)13:14
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T_UNIXthank you for your patience and for dealing  with my insufficient `git send-email` "skills" ;-)13:21
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ptsnevesRP what is the reason the project does not use gitlab or something similar? Has it been considered?13:29
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manuel1985I would like to include a docker image in a yocto-built image. Any ideas?13:30
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manuel1985One attempt would be to fetch the tarballed docker-image from the recipe, and simply install it somewhere on the image. Then on the first boot I could `docker load` it.13:30
manuel1985Any ideas of how to include the image directly? Either by `docker pull`ing it from the recipe, or fetching a tarball?13:30
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RPptsneves: history and now switching would be a huge disruption. We are trying to evaluate it but its not something anyone has the time to try and drive13:34
ptsnevesthanks for the explanation13:35
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RPptsneves: - comes under Code Submission process13:38
zeddiimanuel1985: we've talked about this a few times at some of the summits and on the meta-virt mailing list. In fact, I'm doinga bit of container storage enhancements to the OCI images for the next release, but they will only be for yocto built images.13:39
zeddiianything that is 'pulled' is a licensing and support nightmare.13:39
manuel1985I see13:39
zeddiiso the approaches you are thinking of will work, but they'll be up to you to implement13:39
zeddiisince we can't really do support like that in the main layers. a bbclass could be created to allow it, kind of like the binary bbclass. but that has the same licensing and support issues, etc13:40
manuel1985Didn't know about the binary bbclass, will take a look in there. Perheaps I can steal some ideas from there. thank you :)13:42
RPNumber of full builds that passed in the last week: 2 failed: 14 :/13:43
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RP5/7 quick passed I suppose (which surprises me)13:43
manuel1985How can I call docker from within a recipe? Until I have server to pull binary artifacts (like tarballed docker images) from, I would like to call `docker pull` from within the recipe.13:44
zeddiithat's not easy to do.13:44
zeddiihence why it isn't a great idea.13:44
ptsnevesRP are the full builds failing in opposition to the normal state cache ones?13:44
zeddiiyou need docker as a host tool.13:44
zeddiiand docker is kinda evil.13:44
zeddiimost of the tools that deal with OCI images have a huge set of dependencies, hence why none of them are easy to make into host tools.13:45
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zeddiiyou could escape from the OE/Yocto env and call it, by making it a host dependency for your build though.13:46
zeddiiand then could interact with it.13:46
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zeddiibut you'd have to have it configured to put its container storage into your build, so you could then build it into the image.13:46
zeddiiand have it there, so some on target docker could load and run it at boot.13:46
zeddiiwe've also used pre-populated local registries, so a local docker can pull and run on the target.13:47
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zeddiibut none of the solutions are particularly 'robust', hence why we don't have something fully in meta-virt yet.13:47
RPptsneves: the full builds were more heavily loaded and probably exposed more race issues or were test builds13:48
manuel1985zeddi: Thank you, still digesting your words...13:48
zeddiithis is a long thought on topic :D13:49
manuel1985Silly question, I'm not an ultimate beginner but do not yet consider myself advanced: What does OCI stand for?13:50
zeddiiif the videos from the Lyon yocto summit are available, we discussed it in person then, I can't recall if we went into it in the spring ELC13:50
zeddiiopen containers initiative13:50
zeddiiit underpins docker (having been donated and derived from docker "the companies" work).13:51
zeddiiwe have multiple runtimes in meta-virt capable of launching OCI containers, and meta-virt can build them directly.13:51
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lxcDo I need to explicitly list all files in the FILES variable? Or can I give directory? I know wild card seems to work, e.g. *.so13:54
ptsneveslxc  need to be explicit as far as i know13:55
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qschulzlxc: directory is fine14:00
qschulzlxc: you can see the defaults here14:00
qschulzand weirdly enough... we both have directory and directory/* for some reasons /me :thinking:14:02
lxcqschulz thanks for the link. If there is sub-directories in the path, do I need to list parent directory only? yeah, also noticed the combo dir and dir/*14:03
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qschulzlxc: honestly? try and you'll see for yourself. It takes a minute or two to test :)14:03
qschulzlxc: oe-pkgdata-util find-path </path/on/target> to see in which package it ends up14:04
qschulzlxc: gut feeling says it includes subdirs14:04
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qschulzlxc: ooooooh! maybe that's the difference!14:06
qschulzdirectory/* only files? directory => everything?14:06
qschulzno idea :D14:06
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eduardashello, does anyone here have experience using open-plc-utils to connect devices using the qca7000 driver? I know this is off-topic, but I don't know where else I could ask for help.14:20
*** cslcm <cslcm!~cslcm@2a00:b900:117b::795> has quit IRC14:21
ptsneveseduardas i think the kernel people would be able to help you faster14:23
ptsnevesthere are patches in the kernel from devs for that driver. Maybe trying cold contact would get you expert help14:23
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rburtonanyone seen sgdisk hang and block during wic image creation?14:36
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ecdheI'm getting this error: do_kernel_metadata: A KBUILD_DEFCONFIG 'my_defconfig' was specified, but not present in the source tree16:51
ecdhedo_kernel_metadata: A KBUILD_DEFCONFIG 'my_defconfig' was specified, but not present in the source tree16:51
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ecdhebut when I find -type f -name my_defconfig, I can see that the file is in my source tree16:52
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ecdheis it possible the build system isn't looking in arm/configs/ because it's not looking for the arm architecture?16:53
ecdheThe log file was less helpful, it says "not present in the source tree" but it doesn't actually indicate where it's looking16:54
zeddiibut that runs before do_patch16:54
zeddiiso how is that defconfig appearing in the tree ?16:54
zeddiiif you are carrying such a defconfig, just carry it in the SRC_URI, the KBUILD_DEFCONFIG is a bolt on for supporting mainline defconfigs.16:54
ecdhezeddii: I can see the defconfig file when, outside of yocto, I clone the kernel repo; it exists in /arch/arm/configs/16:57
ecdheSo it's not something I'm brining along with my recipe16:57
zeddiithe code only looks in one place, so whatever reason, it isn't there. without your recipe, I can't say more.16:58
zeddiibut I've already tweaked the bbfatal to me more explicit, so will send that patch.16:58
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RPwow, a green master-next18:30
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* armpit green with envy 18:51
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zeddiigreen like the hulk18:57
RPsomeone finally tweaked the css? :)19:00
ecdheI mean it's really discourteous of the build system to tell me the file isn't found but not to tell me where it looked19:07
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RPecdhe: bitabke or something we're running underneath? We might be able to improve the former, the latter, not so much19:10
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ecdheRP: the error is ERROR: linux-custom-dev-4.14.0-r0  do_kernel_metadata: A KBUILD_DEFCONFIG 'my_defconfig' was specified, but not present in the source tree19:27
ecdheI'm not sure what tool spits that out19:28
* zeddii already mentioned that I have a patch to clarify that.19:28
* RP was about to look at zeddii :)19:28
zeddii<zeddii> but I've already tweaked the bbfatal to me more explicit, so will send that patch.19:28
zeddiithat being said, it's three years old, so only so terrible a message ;)19:29
ecdhezeddii: I think I found my immediate issue19:29
* zeddii calls it a day. Just did two presentations in the last hour. I'm baked.19:29
ecdheI had a working build for one board; I'm adapting it to a new board, so I swapped out the linux source tree, source rev, and defconfig options to make the layer build for the new board.19:30
* RP has late meetings so is playing with pseudo19:30
ecdheTurns out the defconfig for the old board was in arch/arm64/configs, but the new config was in arch/arm/configs (without the 64)19:30
ecdheI'm trying to figure out how to change the arch from arm64 to arm19:31
zeddiiRP: fired off the one-liner patch. now I'll flee for a bit.19:31
zeddiiecdhe: that arch value comes from the kernel bbclasses (not the same one I just patched), and maps the bitbake arch you are building for, to a kernel one.19:32
zeddiisee meta/kernel-arch.bbclass19:32
zeddiithe input arch comes from however your BSP is including tune files, etc.19:33
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khemkergoth: is there a way to ask bitbake to dump SRC_URI for all recipes going into an image ?20:28
* RP has a path filtering pseudo which doesn't segfault :)20:31
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khemRP: cool.20:37
JPEWRP: Excellent!20:44
RPIts now undergoing some wider local testing. It feels faster20:46
frayRP woo!20:47
RPfray: not sure I dare show you or seebs what I did ;-)20:49
kergothkhem: unless it's in the metadata in the resulting binary package, which may be the case, probably not easily20:53
RPAh well, it blew up in JPEW's hashequiv code :)20:56
khemkergoth: I was hoping if we could dump it21:03
khemduring parse or something21:03
RPand its actually misconfiguration for recipes where WORKDIR == S21:03
RPkhem: the trouble is bitbake has no idea which recipes would go into an image, it just knows what the image's dependencies are which is different21:04
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RPkhem: once you have the list of recipes in an image you could ask bitbake via tinfoil api for example21:04
JPEWRP: Ya... not surprising21:05
RPJPEW: our old friend Exception: KeyError: 'getpwuid(): uid not found: 1000'21:06
JPEWRP: Hmm.... ya21:06
kergothyou can use the oe python modules to get a list of installed packages, then use pkgdata to map that to recipes, then look up the recipe data with tinfoil..21:06
JPEWRP: I'm not sure what to do there.... just continue with the numeric ID (instead of the name) and let it fail later?21:07
JPEWI remember I orginally was using the numeric ID and that cause some consternation21:07
RPJPEW: we should just make it print a human readable error21:07
RPJPEW: I did 'improve' it to print WARNING: base-files-3.0.14-r89 do_package: KeyError in .21:08
RPI now locally have an abspath() in there which is much nicer21:08
kergothkhem: you could always add a task to the recipes to emit their SRC_URI to a common path, then use an image postprocess to map package to recipe and then grab that and write it where you need it, presumably?21:09
RPJPEW: using the names is definitely correct there and its a bug that my code was breaking the lookup in this case21:10
RPJPEW: I'm slightly bemused as that code has errored multiple times during testing of this, its quite the canary21:11
RPand the build is now progressing again21:11
JPEWRP: Ya. I think it bascially fails whenever one of the QA checks would have failed later21:12
RPJPEW:right, and in some cases where it wouldn't too21:12
JPEWI have a prototype for making your local hashequiv server pull hashes from an upstream server, but it's minimum Python 3.5. Is that going to be a problem?21:12
RPJPEW: I think we have 3.5 as a minimum now?21:12
JPEWLooks like sanity.bbclass still says 3.421:13
RPJPEW:     raise RuntimeError("Sorry, python 3.5.0 or later is required for this version of bitbake") from lib/bb/__init__.py21:14
JPEWAh. OK, cool21:14
RPsounds like sanity needs fixing21:14
JPEWRP: Does it even need to check at all?21:14
RPJPEW: good point21:15
RPJPEW: I suspect it was for old bitbake with new core?21:15
JPEWhehe, although it looks like the check was a little off since it would have allow 3.4 Alpha 1 to be used, which I don't think was the intention :)21:16
RPJPEW: anyone using alpha 1 of 3.4 knew what they were doing21:17
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khemkergoth: good idea21:51
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RPIf anyone wants to play, is the pseudo path filtering as it stands21:53
RP is how to enable it (and the metadata tweaks needed)21:53
RPfray: I'm interested on your thoughts on the first patch, I know I need to avoid the copy and paste of a block of the code in there. Right now I just wanted to check if that was all I needed.21:54
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bsmerbeckHey guys, got a question regarding a software recipe I'm building. Target hardware, Jetson Nano Dev Kit.  Software is a cmake project that utilizes libpq, basically does some communication with an energy metering IC and then inserts the data into a postgresql database table. psql is installed on the server that has yocto/bitbake. I've installed the22:00
bsmerbeckcorrect version of devtools to match the psql version (12.2). When I try to run the build I get the typical cmake error `Could NOT find PostgreSQL (missing: PostgreSQL_LIBRARY22:00
bsmerbeckthe compilation to and just use an archive in the install. Anyone run inot this issue and could lend a hand?22:00
*** Jackiehjm <Jackiehjm!~quassel@> has joined #yocto22:00
bsmerbeckIf it's easier to just offload the compilation to the dedicated nano, I'll just go that route. BUT obviously i'd like to keep as much of it in the yocto build as possible22:02
bsmerbeckAlso, open invite if anyone wants to assist with this image build I'm working on I'd be happy to send some beer money your way, haha22:03
bsmerbeckpandemic#0001 on discord or find me by a google search of my username '=D22:05
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RPLooks like I broke chroot support in pseudo but otherwise the build wasn't so bad23:05
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