Friday, 2020-10-02

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guest021Hi, I've created a patch with git for the linux kernel. The patch changes defconfig, bitbake succeeds but it looks like the kernel is not picking up the changes, how can I debug this?07:22
guest021KBUILD_DEFCONFIG ?= "socfpga_defconfig"KCONFIG_MODE ?= "--alldefconfig" is used by the kernel recipe, maybe this overwrites the defconfig?07:26
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wertigonQuick question, if I want to do post-processing commands on regular image I can simply use ${sysroot}07:56
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wertigonWhat is the corresponding SDK host? SDK_HOST_ROOT?07:56
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wertigonIt can't be that difficult :P07:59
ptsneveswertigon do not know by heart but have a look at poky/meta/classes/populate_sdk.bbclass and its siblings08:04
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wertigonHmm, STAGING_DIR_HOST? Gonna try it atleast08:08
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wertigonOk, so my problem; trying to make the SDK for dunfell branch08:53
wertigonSDK generates qemu for all architectures (except arm64, which is the one I use)08:54
wertigonThis means I get around 1.5 GB of wasted qemu images08:54
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wertigonBest solution would be to never generate these at all - only takes a lot of time to generate for all these architectures08:55
wertigonBut what I'm implementing now is to simply remove these artifacts with a post-process command08:56
guest021Probably a dumb question, but when are patches applied, after or before do_compile?08:57
wertigonaka; why the fuck am I generating qemu-system-ppc.exe and qemu-system-aarch.exe?08:58
wertigonguest021: Should be before08:58
guest021wertigon: thank you08:59
qschulzguest021: right after unpack. You can check for yourself by using the -g argument to bitbake and then read the dot files, the task dependencies are explained, you'd have seen that indeed, do_compile depends on do_patch of the same recipe09:01
qschulzguest021: or bitbake my-recipe -g -u taskexp for a GUI09:01
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rburtonwertigon: better solution would be to change nativesdk-qemu09:13
rburtonthere's a variable for 'what machines to build'09:13
wertigonrburton: Sounds good, is that as a qemu recipe extension then? :)09:14
rburtonwell you can do it in your layer.conf09:14
rburtonor propose a patch to make it just build the right target qemu09:15
wertigonAh, just set QEMU_TARGETS09:16
wertigonAnd that I should be able to do from image file yes I see now09:16
rburtonno, not the image recipe09:17
rburtoni didn't mean layer.conf, but definitely not an image recipe09:17
wertigonok... Oh, read local.conf09:17
wertigonOtherwise, yeah, a recipes-devtool/qemu/qemu_%.bbappend should take care of it09:20
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wertigonThat bbappend did the trick09:57
wertigonHowever... the SDK package is still 2GB large09:58
rburtonis it debug symbols? static builds?  most likely worth comparing with a linux host SDK to see where the space goes10:06
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kanavin_homerpm 4.16: Deprecate the Berkeley DB backend (it is still the default however)11:47
kanavin_homerburton: facepalm of the month? :)11:47
rburtonawww i saved the release notes to pocket to read11:48
rburtonthe question is does f33 use bdb still, or sqlite11:48
rburtonthey also switched to libgcrypt from openssl, i sent a few patches upstream to fix bugs in it before they switched11:49
kanavin_homestill bdb,not ndb or sqlite11:53
kanavin_homeI guess we have to follow11:53
rburtonmaybe next release11:53
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wertigonOne long recompile later, the Linux SDK zipped size is also 2G12:18
wertigonThat seems excessive to me12:18
wertigonHmm, the thing that takes the most space is the board support12:24
wertigonSo, debug symbols only take up 200M, not that bad12:25
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wertigonWhat the...12:33
wertigonGrepping around in the board support SDK folder, it says the entire folder is 2.7G but using du -hs on every individual folder it adds up to 1G12:36
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rburtonwertigon: huge number of tiny files?  --apparently-size will tell you the real sizes, not disk usage.12:52
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wertigonrburton: probably that yeah12:52
wertigondare I do a tree | wc -l?12:53
guest021Hey, I'm using an out-of-tree defconfig file (pulled directly from my linux) to set the options for the kernel in yocto, but the resulting kernel differs, why?12:54
wertigonguest021: Most probably you turned off a setting that automatically turned on/off other settings.12:54
guest021I know that I'm doing something wrong, but I can't figure out what12:54
wertigonFor instance, if you turn off ipv6 support you will also turn off a lot of options below that12:55
guest021So, yocto might ignore parts of the defconfig file, if other settings are existent?12:56
qschulzguest021: check that it's using your defconfig first, is it in SRC_URI? is your defconfig taken and not another one (check in ${WORKDIR}/temp/log.do_fetch for the list of paths checked).12:56
guest021It is in SCR_URI, if I remove the corresponding line I get an error message that no defconfig file could be found12:56
qschulzguest021: yocto not, the kernel yes. But if the defconfig are identical and the sources too, if you build manually or with yocto you shouldn't have much of a difference12:56
qschulzguest021: how did you create your defconfig?12:57
qschulzguest021: how is your defconfig named in Yocto?12:57
guest021by hand12:59
wertigonguest021: For the record, you will have a really awful experience trying to manage the full kernel definition, better to just write fragment files.12:59
qschulzguest021: by hand => no. Use menuconfig, save with defconfig12:59
qschulz*save with savedefconfig12:59
guest021I did that initially, but I had the same problem13:00
qschulzguest021: keep using menuconfig/savedefconfig :)13:01
qschulzguest021: at least we know it's not that ;)13:01
qschulzguest021: can you check with bitbake virtual/kernel -c menuconfig that your options are here?13:02
wertigonrburton: apparent size is even smaller in all aspects13:03
rburtonwell, yes13:03
wertigonThan disk usage13:03
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rburtonunless you have a file system that compresses, that's always going to be true, it just makes it easier to see where the space is actually going13:03
guest021I get undefined references in In function `show_help':13:04
wertigonrburton: Yeah, true... Ooooooh13:04
rburtonthere are tools to analyse where space goes.  if you run gnome, baobob is one.13:04
wertigonI'm just looking at directories now13:04
wertigon... Wait are you frickin kidding me13:06
rburtoni think you found it13:06
qschulzguest021: uh?13:06
rburtona built kernel tree?13:06
rburtona swapfile!13:06
wertigon$ du -hs .git13:07
rburtonwhy is there a git tree inside the sdk13:07
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wertigonMy question exactly!13:07
rburtona kernel tree, i bet13:07
wertigonNow I just gotta know13:10
wertigonDo I file a bug report with TI or openembedded :D13:10
rburtonwell does it replicate with no TI layers and machine=qemuarm13:11
rburtonif so then OE13:11
rburtonotherwise, TI13:11
guest021sudo apt-get install libncurses5-dev fixed the error in menuconfig13:12
guest021So what's the next step qschulz13:13
qschulzguest021: well, you enabled/disabled some KConfig options in your defconfig right? check that it's actually there (won't be, but at least, we're sure and you've got a way faster way to check if your defconfig is used instead of booting the kernel :)13:16
guest021I'm currently looking for CONFIG_JFFS2_FS, but I haven't found the fitting submenu yet13:18
qschulzguest021: use '/' to search :)13:18
qschulzit'll tell you if it's enabled or not13:18
guest021thank you qschulz13:19
guest021It's disabled but it should be enabled13:19
xtronis it ok to modify a recipe's variable from the image recipe? if so, what will be the right way to do?13:19
wertigonOk so the "board-support" is simply the linux kernel tree that was used to compile the SDK target.13:23
wertigonIs there any reason whatsoever to have this source code here?13:23
guest021Since what menuconfig shows me is consistent with the behavior of the kernel image (missing options), I would conclude that the defconfig file is not properly used13:24
wertigonI will bring it up with TI when possible, but it seems to me the only things we need are kernel headers and the bzImage13:25
qschulzxtron: conf data is global. recipe data is local.13:27
rburtonwertigon: the whole source tree is a bit mad yeah13:27
qschulzxtron: you actually cnanot modify a variable from a recipe in another recipe13:28
qschulzguest021: yep, then you need to dig a bit deeper into the classes/tasks used by your kernel recipe13:29
qschulzI would try to debug kernel_do_kernel_configme task, do_configure as well and try to see what's happening (have a look at WORKDIR/temp/log.do_<task> for that13:29
xtronqschulz, yes, I did this in the recipe -> DEFAULT_ENFORCING_pn-image-recipe-name = "permissive"13:31
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qschulzxtron: this does either nothing or it can just be DEFAULT_ENFORCING?13:34
xtronqschulz, need to put it some *.conf, right?13:34
qschulzxtron: if it's for the image recipe and not package recipes, put it into the image recipe. If it's for package recipes and not image recipes, put it in each package recipe that needs it. If both image and package recipes, put in all of them.13:39
qschulzxtron: or/and use your machine conf files, or depending on what exactly you want to do, probably a new distro13:40
guest021qschulz That was interesting: it uses olddefconfig as target, instead of defconfig which was the expected behavior from from my side13:41
qschulzguest021: olddefconfig is run after a defconfig is loaded IIRC, it's just to make sure there are defaults for newly itnroduced variables without asking for users' input13:42
qschulzguest021: so that's **probably** okay13:43
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guest021  HOSTCC  scripts/basic/fixdep  GEN     ./Makefile  HOSTCC  scripts/kconfig/conf.o  HOSTCC  scripts/kconfig/  HOSTLD  scripts/kconfig/confscripts/kconfig/conf  --olddefconfig Kconfig.config:6168:warning: override: reassigning to symbol LOCALVERSION13:44
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guest021It looks to me a bit like Kconfig overwrites other settings, is this correct?13:45
qschulzother settings? KConfig is the only way to setup options in the kernel so I'm not sure to follow?13:47
guest021Sorry, I meant to say that Kconfig fills .config with the default values independent of the defconfig file. Can the machine settings influence the .config?13:50
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qschulzguest021: defconfig is basically a .config with all the "guess-able by Kconfig" options (dependency chains ("selects") and defaults)14:01
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qschulzexcept when you use a defconfig created with a slightly different kernel (different version for example), in which case it's encouraged to use olddefconfig to try to find some defaults for those non guess-able Kconfig options14:02
qschulz(from recollection, I've rarely used it)14:02
qschulzguest021: machine settings could influence if your kernel recipe supports config fragments (.cfg or .scc IIRC)14:02
guest021I've added KBUILD_DEFCONFIG ?= "defconfig" and removed the file://defconfig and the kernel remains unchanged14:05
guest021This tells us that the out-of-tree defconfig file is ignored14:06
guest021But why?14:06
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wertigonrburton: Simply by removing the kernel tree I managed to go from 2.0G in SDK size to 324M14:15
wertigonThat's 83.5% size reduction14:15
rburtonthats more like the size I expect a SDK to be14:15
wertigonYeah, me too14:15
wertigonAfter compression ofc14:15
rburtonfile a bug with TI :)14:15
wertigonWill do, I'll send it to the guy who has contact with TI and they need to solve it :)14:16
wertigonCould also be that we've done something wrong on our end14:17
wertigonLike removed a recipe that should be there14:17
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guest021I don't get this error message: A KBUILD_DEFCONFIG 'socfpga_defconfig' was specified, but not present in the source tree ; All I do is use the official meta-altera layer14:41
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guest021Is it possible that bitbake may end up in a corrupted state?14:43
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qschulzguest021: you need socfpga_defconfig file in arch/<MACHINE_ARCH>/boot/dts in your kernel, is that the case?14:45
guest021yes, it's the official layer by a silicon vendor14:45
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qschulzguest021: well, yocto disagrees with you :D14:46
gsalazarHi, is there a canonical way to add an html page to an image with the license information?14:47
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guest021Okay, the repo changed... It's always the dumbest thing14:51
qschulzguest021:  :)14:53
qschulzguest021: still your defconfig should have been used14:53
wertigon Ok, time to go off the clock, have a nice weekend y'all!14:54
wertigonAnd thanks for the help :)14:54
wertigonTake care14:54
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kergothfray: am i correct in thinking archiver's do_ar_original needs to use process_submodules() to ensure we get those included?15:08
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dusryRP kergoth regarding the issues I chatted about the other day regarding _sysconfigdata15:11
dusryI found that removing export _PYTHON_SYSCONFIGDATA_NAME="_sysconfigdata" in python3native.bbclass seemd to resolve the issue15:12
dusryI found that removing export _PYTHON_SYSCONFIGDATA_NAME="_sysconfigdata" in python3native.bbclass seems to resolve the issue15:12
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dusryI can't remember if one of you all sent me this link:
RPdusry: I suspect that will break something else :/15:15
dusryIt was enough for me to get devtool to put my recipe in workspace. I will try a clean build.15:15
rburtonException: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named '_sysconfigdata'15:18
rburtondusry: well I'm glad i was reading irc today15:18
rburtoni hate that bit of python15:19
dusryThe elusive error strikes again.15:19
dusrySo just for my own edification, OE doesn't use the python included in the host system?15:19
dusryI noticed it builds a lot of tools for the host that the host already has.15:20
rburtonwell, both15:21
rburtonit uses the host python3 where it can, for example bitbake is python so obviously that runs in the host py315:22
rburtonbut some recipes need to use modules that we need to build, so you need a python3-native15:22
rburtonthis looks a bit like its using the host py3 but variables are set up to use the py3-native15:22
rburtoni wonder if kanavin_home  can remember the quirks around this bit of python15:25
dusryThanks for the info. I'm really hoping to learn as much as I can about this so I can start contributing.15:25
rburtonso the trigger is the recipe inheriting py3native15:26
rburtonkergoth's patch doesn't look obviously wrong at least15:27
kergothiirc it fixed the common case but there were particular recipes that broke as a result15:28
kergothiirc they unset the variable, so the wrapper passing it becomes problematic, or so?15:29
dusryI'm trying a build for my evm board right now.15:29
dusryCurious to see what happens.15:29
rburtonkergoth: ah yes glib unsets it15:29
kergothwe'd have to use our own variable instead, most likely, so the wrapper can act conditionally?15:29
rburtonbut why does glib unset it15:29
kergothtahts a good question15:29
rburtonfor the same reason maybe15:29
rburtondusry: is there a bug for this?15:30
RPrburton: I did suggest adding a second name for this so we can control it properly15:30
dusryI haven't checked. I assume so because there was another thread on the mailing list about it where RP and kergoth chimed in.15:30
rburtoni can't even remember what this variable does15:31
kergothit's kind of annoying that we need python-native at all, is it only to allow access to the patched cross sysconfig/site that aligns with the target python?15:31
kergothrburton: sstate reuse. avoids the sysconfig being bound tot he host system15:31
kergothiirc anyway15:31
kergothsince its normally renamed by that15:31
rburtonkergoth: we need native py as some deps we need are C python modules15:32
rburtonI did have some patches to let pure native modules be added to the search path for the host python but the problem of C py modules remains15:32
RPkergoth: we need config from a version that matches the target version exactly iirc15:33
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dusryNo issues with build after removing that bit about _sysconfigdata. Guess I got lucky. :)16:13
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* armpit that is weird, a recipe can cause gnome not to start with devshell16:23
RPIf anyone wants nightmares, redir.c in bash, here_document_to_fd() is the thing tripping up the pseudo abort()16:42
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* mcfrisk grabs a beer, second zeus to dunfell update just got integrated with minor regressions. cheers!17:38
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armpitmcfrisk, congrats19:02
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lxchow can I get the qemu command line parameters that results in invoking runqemu? I would like to start qemu without runqemu script.20:18
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RPmcfrisk: nice! :)20:34
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