Monday, 2020-10-05

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khemthis is with master-next, I wonder if something in core is causing these failures03:28
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RPI-IMX6WARNING: Failed to fetch URL, attempting MIRRORS if availableDo I need to fix it? How to fix it ? Thanks!05:04
RPI-IMX6Do I need to fix it? How to fix it ? Thanks!05:05
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armpitRPI-IMX6, if wget of that url does not work, you may need to find a alt SRC_URI.05:25
armpitkhem, I think \05:27
armpitmiss fire.. it could be caused by the host os05:27
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khemarmpit: | abort()ing by server requestmake[1]: *** [Makefile:35: install] Aborted (core dumped)06:45
khemthose error look foreign to me06:45
khemabort()ing by server requestmake[1]: *** [GNUmakefile.ACE:531: install] Aborted (core dumped)06:46
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RPkhem: those aborts are the pseudo issues I've been asking for help with07:28
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LetoThe2ndhowdy dudes07:38
manuel1985Howdy Josef! How is it going? Ich bin der Manuel von Viewpointsystem :) Wir hatten Kontakt wegen private jestering07:44
mckoangood morning07:45
manuel1985Non-yocto-related question: Which tool do you guys use for timekeeping? I'm working on a private project, and it would be interesting to track how much time I'm investing in there. I don't need many features besides a fat start/stopp button. The moment I have to type the time into a field I won't use it anymore.07:48
LetoThe2ndmanuel1985: \m/07:49
LetoThe2ndi don't have time, hence no need to keep it :)07:50
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manuel1985LetoThe2nd: I see :D08:09
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qschulzpsycorama: o/08:46
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qschulzndec: do you we have anything planned to improve the search in the new docs website? It's horrendous :/ Caddy webserver is using, maybe there are alternatives (self-hosted evben?) that would greatly improve the search?09:08
LetoThe2ndqschulz: can i have less/vim regex support, pretty please?09:10
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ndecqschulz: i know it doesn't work quite well.. i am aware of docsearch, and even saw it integrated with sphinx (
ndecthis is probably the right thing to do.. though we need to understand how it will behave with how we integrated YP and Bitbake docs, and how we deal with multiple versions.09:14
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qschulzndec: yeah, guessed it wasn't a straightforward process :)09:15
LetoThe2ndstupid question. just added the YP thing to my ELCE registration. now do i need to sign up for YPDD additionally?09:16
ndecLetoThe2nd: nope.09:16
LetoThe2ndndec: k09:16
ndecyou will receive information about how to join, etc.. from LF.09:16
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LetoThe2ndhooray, more ways to annoy you all! :)09:17
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frwiHi! I'm unsure if this is the correct channel to ask, but I recently added Boost to my ARM zeus build, and seem to be unable to build an application using boost with the SDK I built. When I looked at the release notes for Boost_1.71, it states that it has been tested with gcc up to 8.0.1. But I'm having a hard time thinking this is a general problem, it must be me that does something wrong. Does someone here have expecience with boost using zeus for arm?09:22
frwiZeus comes with gcc 9.209:22
mcfriskfrwi: yes, boost works on zeus and also in SDK. used in several projects with different ARM SoC's and BSPs..09:24
mcfriskfrwi: but do check that BSP layers are not messing with boost via bbappends or .bb's09:25
frwimcfrisk: that is great news, started feeling a little demoralized. I'm using meta-ti, it's a TI Sitara am5718 I'm building for. I should investigate any boost messing in their layer...09:26
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psycoramaI've got a question about qemuboot, specifically QB_KERNEL_CMDLINE_APPEND. Currently I'm adding to it through local.conf, but at a later point it is overwritten by pokys meta/conf/machine/include/ so my changes will be thrown away. Is there a canonical place to append something to QB_KERNEL_CMDLINE_APPEND?09:54
LetoThe2ndpsycorama: usually this would go into your own machine conf09:58
psycoramasounds about right. let me dig a bit deeper into my setup here.    thanks :)10:03
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rburtonLetoThe2nd: in all your fun have you ever encountered anyone using docker to build a container *inside a recipe*11:22
LetoThe2ndrburton: not yet, are you volunteering?11:34
rburtonhaha no11:34
LetoThe2ndi am pretty sure that somebody somewhere does this already.11:36
rburtonbuilding an arm64 docker image inside a bitbake task on an x86-64 host11:37
rburtondoesn't sound like fun11:37
LetoThe2ndoh, why not?11:37
rburtontoo early to drink11:37
LetoThe2ndjust another form of hidden host dependencies.11:37
rburtonapparently docker-cross can do that by using the host qemu11:38
LetoThe2ndmy latest fun+scary thoughts actually are mostly around dotnet core and such11:40
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LetoThe2nd12yo is bad. make it at least 16yo. beer ftw.12:12
LetoThe2ndmeh. -ECHAN12:23
neverpaniccontext is everything12:28
u1106trying to use devtool, but I get an error ERROR: Command Error: 'git rev-parse --show-toplevel' exited with 0  Output:12:30
u1106Stopping at filesystem boundary (GIT_DISCOVERY_ACROSS_FILESYSTEM not set).12:30
u1106I guess the reason is that my build area is not on the same filesystem as my metadata12:31
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u1106that is by intention. the meta-data has backup, is too small for build. The build area has no backup12:31
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zeddiirburton: If I'm reading that correctly, this is something I'm covering in my ELCe talk in a few weeks! We've talked about it at past summits and normally just point out all the problems with even starting to try it :D12:32
LetoThe2ndneverpanic: yep. the original context was somebody saying "hey i'm still a 12yo, so i gotta make a poop joke"12:32
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rburtonzeddii: the goal was x86-64 build host, arm64 target, running on target a container that is built with a dockerfile from an alpine  image during the bitbake build12:33
rburtonsomething docker-cross something qemu something12:33
rburtondoesn't sound like the sort of thing I'd encourage12:33
u1106any idea how to avoid the problem? Just setting GIT_DISCOVERY_ACROSS_FILESYSTEM obviously doesn't work, because bitbake cleans the environment before doing anying12:34
zeddiirburton: yah. that's not a good idea. What's the goal of that running container ? is it the target image ?12:34
rburtona container to run on the target12:35
zeddiiI'm creating an angry slide for suggestions like that.12:35
zeddiiI think I'm presentation #1 for the yocto days, so I can set the tone.12:35
rburtonlooking forward to it12:35
zeddiibut I am working on an OCI container that is actually *built* by bitake that is installed and ready to run on the image, by docker/runc/whatever.12:36
zeddiithe craziness comes when people want to use docker or one of the other horribly complex tools as -native to compose the container.12:36
zeddii.. that's what bitbake/oe does, why would you circumvent that, if actually using OE.12:37
LetoThe2ndbecause "Dockerfiles are easy"12:38
* LetoThe2nd prepares for some epic trolling.12:38
rburtonif you *needed* to do that I was wondering if docker has a nice way to populate a sysroot, effectively12:38
rburtonhey docker-native, install foo:latest into /build/tmp/rootfs/...12:38
zeddiinow, I totally see outputs of OE, as in OE binary outputs, on dockerhub, etc, using *those* in a docker compose way is a good idea.12:38
zeddiirburton: I've actually been poking into something like that, but I'm more going through the plumbing of docker, versus trying to use docker. it has so many permissions ideas and location ideas, etc, that it is hard.12:39
zeddiiand it all falls apart when docker comes into play if you care about licensing, reproducibility, etc.12:39
zeddiiwhich is hopefully why someone is using OE anyway :D12:39
rburtonwell, yeah12:40
zeddiirun random root-loving tool, with whatever uid map it has, and yank down artifacts and install them into my image/build.12:41
zeddii"good idea".12:41
zeddiiShip that an let me know!12:41
zeddiibut for debug/prototyping, I see the argument.12:41
zeddiiI have my bugzilla features that would do that with OCI containers, but those are built with OE, not pulled down from an artifact rep.12:41
rburtonslightly better argument if you own the container registry12:42
zeddiiyep. and we've had demos where we actually populate and run one (a regeistry) on target.12:42
zeddiiand yank from it locally to start things up.12:42
zeddiibut I'm looking at the plumbing instead of doing that now.12:42
zeddiibut if your registry is local, surely it must be easier to compose the containers with OE, unless there's something super compelling about bitbake task scheduling and dependencies you just can't live without.12:44
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zeddiionly two oe-core messages in my queue this morning. Makes me wonder if I got unsubscribed!12:59
qschulzzeddii: subscribe to docs and you'll get messages from me :D13:02
zeddii:D I'm seeing those! i have no filter defined for them, so they land right in my inbox13:03
LetoThe2ndi seriously wonder if i should try and build a dotnet-core from source layer/recipe. everything i can see at the moment seems to use prebaked binaries.13:09
rburtonabsolutely worth a go13:14
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LetoThe2ndrburton: before, during, or after drinking?13:22
LetoThe2ndthanks for your input.13:23
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LetoThe2nddoes anybody here happen to have a pretty standard run of the mill x86_64 rootfs handy and could share? something like core-image-full-cmdline or such. just the rootfs, no kernel.14:46
LetoThe2nd(tarballed :) )14:47
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RPLetoThe2nd: you could use the last project release?15:33
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LetoThe2ndRP: is there a pre-build tarball?15:33
LetoThe2ndRP: ah nice, thanks.15:35
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tlwoernerit doesn't look like the MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS that are specified in conf/machine/raspberrypi3-64.conf are making it into the image when i build for raspberrypi3-64?15:55
tlwoerner(i'm on master, just meta-raspberrypi and openembedded-core, nodistro)15:56
tlwoernermaybe it's a poky thing?15:56
qschulztlwoerner: which image/distro are you using?15:59
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tlwoernercore-image-full-cmdline, nodistro (just openembedded-core)15:59
tlwoerner…and the BSP layer15:59
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tlwoerneri can add them RRECOMMENDS to CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL and they show up, but something is fishy that the conf/machine/…conf file is specifying them, but they're not ending up in the final image16:00
tlwoerner(unless i explicitly add them)16:02
qschulztlwoerner: MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS is added into RRECOMMENDS of packagegroup-basic and packagegroup-machine-base16:02
kergothtlwoerner: someone reported the other day that that image was missing packagegroup-base. not sure if that's true?16:02
tlwoernerhuh! looks that way!16:03
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qschulzkergoth: ok I'm super confused... why is there a packagegroup-basic recipe that does not seem to be used anywhere? (simple grep, didn't go far into searching)16:04
tlwoernercore-image-full-cmdline include packagegroup-core-boot and packagegroup-core-full-cmdline16:04
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tlwoernerokay, in any case it looks like i can figure it out from here, thanks!16:07
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tlwoernerbluelightning: ping?16:45
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bluelightningtlwoerner: hi17:13
tlwoernerbluelightning: hey. last night i was trying to get devtool to create a recipe for a python library, but the file wasn't in the top-level, it was was in the "library" subdirectory17:14
tlwoernerbluelightning: the externalsrc messed it up because it overwrites the S variable (understandable)17:15
bluelightninghmm, I thought there was an option to specify a subdir, one sec17:15
bluelightning --src-subdir yes17:16
tlwoernerperfect! thanks :-D17:16
bluelightninglet me know if it still doesn't behave properly17:16
tlwoernerve have vays to make zit work! (lol)17:16
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tlwoernerbluelightning: oh yea! much better :-)17:44
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lxchow can I add qemu runtime to an image? Tried IMAGE_INSTALL += qemu-native, but that does not work.17:49
JPEWlxc: You want to run the image under qemu, or run qemu on some target hardware?17:50
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lxcJPEW run the image in qemu. So maybe don't need qemu installed in rootfs, but need way to hold of qemu binaries,17:51
JPEWlxc: Assuming your MACHINE is set to a qemu machine (e.g. qemux86-64, qemuarm, etc), I think all you need to do is run `runqemu`17:53
lxc@JPEW correct. but want to add the rootfs and the qemu runtime to a docker.17:54
JPEWAh... in that case you might be better off building an SDK with qemu in it and installing that in the docker container (just a guess....)?17:55
lxcJPEW but SDK would include the toolchain. don't need that. only rootfs and qemu runtime needed.17:55
JPEWlxc: I *think* you could wrangle an SDK that only included qemu and it's dependencies. The problem with trying to use qemu-native is that it's not designed to be a standalone thing you can run or copy around like that (I think)17:57
JPEWlxc: For example, doesn't include the entire cross compiler17:58
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kergothlxc: buildtools-tarball is also an sdk that doesn't include a compiler. actually it also includes qemu, along with other host deps18:09
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tlwoernerbluelightning: oh interesting, --src-subdir doesn't play well with the -r option of "devtool reset"; it only removes the library subdirectory. that's understandable though18:29
rburtonlxc: you could just use whatever package manager is used in the docker, like apt, to install qemu18:30
*** Guest55769 is now known as mischief18:30
rburtonthere's nothing special about our qemu vs eg debian's qemu18:30
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lxcrburton don't have a package manager inside my docker. the docker is simply just the yocto rootfs w/o package manage.r18:36
rburtonjust install qemu then18:37
rburtonyou wouldn't install qemu-native as that's the native one18:38
rburtonyou want qemu, the target qemu18:38
rburtonIMAGE_INSTALL += qemu18:38
rburtonbit confused as to what is running in qemu though now18:38
rewittrburton: += works with IMAGE_INSTALL now? IMAGE_INSTALL_append is baked into my brain for some reason18:39
rburtonrewitt: most of the time it doesn't do what you want :)18:39
rewittrburton: A strong maybe, understood :)18:39
rburtonrewitt: i felt so devops on friday, i used gitlab CI to build and host a derivative of crops for my CI18:40
rburtonglorious future etc etc18:40
rewittrburton: The amount of things that are light years easier than they used to be is crazy18:42
rewittrburton: I setup a jenkins instance(never ran a jenkins instance before) in an afternoon in docker just to be able to reproduce something someone is doing in crops.18:43
lxcrburton tried that but ended up in "Nothing RPROVIDES 'qemu'".... incompatible with host i686-poky-linux-musl (not in COMPATIBLE_HOST)18:43
rburtonlxc: that would be because qemu fails to build against musl18:44
rburtonlxc: you can try removing the COMPATIBLE_HOST_libc-musl assignment and hope that its been fixed recently18:44
rburtonor, fixing qemu so it builds with musl18:44
rewittkhem probably already knows if it works with musl or not18:45
lxcrburton ok, will try. thanks!18:45
manuel1985I got the following error message: "ERROR: When reparsing /data/new/poky/build-bora-qemuarm/../meta/recipes-extended/bzip2/, the basehash value changed from <something> to <something-else>. The metadata is not deterministic and this needs to be fixed."18:45
manuel1985I used 'SSTATE_MIRRORS ?= "file://.*;downloadfilename=PATH', but that should be alright, because poky is pinned to that version as well. I used this tag:
manuel1985Does someone know what's going on here?18:45
rewittmanuel1985: Are you saying without having SSTATE_MIRRORS set you don't get that error?18:48
manuel1985rewitt: Don't think so. I'm just trying again to make sure.18:51
manuel1985I takes the build some time to reach that point... :/18:56
rewittmanuel1985: Hmm I would have expected it to fail relatively quickly since it says it's due to reparsing, which is the first thing bitbake does19:00
rewittdon't get your hopes up that I'll be able to help :-D19:01
JPEWmanuel1985: *usually* you get that error if you edit a file while building19:02
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manuel1985Just building again, no errors so far. We'll see. I don't think I edited something during the build, but who knows...19:11
manuel1985When I use SSTATE_MIRRORS, does it copy the stuff it found into my SSTATE_DIR? Or does it just populate my SSTATE_DIR with things it didn't find in one on the SSTATE_MIRRORS?19:15
kergothmanuel1985: it's either downloadd to SSTATE_DIR or symlinked there if it's from a local mirror19:24
manuel1985kergoth: I see, thank you19:28
khemrewitt: it does not compile with musl targets perhaps is fixable I never needed that19:32
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rburtonkhem: if i wanted to test a build that uses the mips16e override, what machine/tune fiddling would be easiest?20:30
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RPJPEW: if I forget, remind me to talk about crazy parsing speed improvement ideas tomorrow...22:48
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sealdogfishHello Yocto people! I have either a quick question or a tricky one depending on whether anyone has done this before. I have a project that is mostly complete for a custom third party SoM which requires custom bootstrap/bootloaders, currently I am building them in a meta-bsp layer recipe which works alright however they are build in the22:54
sealdogfishaarch64-poky-linux build directory. We have multiple SoM models from this manufacturer that each require different bootloader configs and I'd like them to be built in a machine specific non-linux directory if possible like aarch64-<machine>-none or something. Is this possible?22:54
sealdogfishUsing dunfell btw22:55
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tlwoernerbluelightning: a testament to your brilliant tool!!!!23:41
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