Saturday, 2020-10-10

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mcccHi, I would like to backport a patch to poky/meta/lib/oe/ from Dunfell to Warrior.  I know how to apply patches to recipes, can someone point me in a direction of how I would patch this?04:21
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manuel1985Once I saw LetoThe2nd entering something in his yocto-created image to display the distribution the image is of. It was not lsb_release -a. I believe he just `cat`ed some file.07:41
manuel1985Does anyone by chance know what this might have been?07:41
ad__hi, is a proper yocto way to add an entry to .Xauthority ?07:53
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mcccmanuel1985, cat /etc/lsb-release ?08:11
manuel1985mccc: Hmm have this file neither on my yoctoimage nor on my local system08:13
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mcccIt looks like /etc/lsb-release is written by the lsb-release recipe at
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manuel1985mccc: I see, thanks. I still have to equip my core-image-minimal with all these basics. :)08:59
idadevHey everyone, went through the bugzilla site and came across bug #12018 - Help output should be grouped. Will love to tackle this bug.Here's what I saw in the comments. - The output of bitbake --help should be grouped to make it easier to read.  For example showing first the options that a normal user would use (-C --runall etc), then debugging09:04
idadevoptions, then internal flags (or even hide those behind --help-internal?)09:04
idadevCan someone please hint me on more details about what I can do to fix this? I'm new to yocto and will really love to be part of the community09:05
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idadevI see no links to the repo I'm supposed to work on.09:11
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JaMaRP: looks like "qmake -install qinstall" can still very rarely trigger pseudo abort (which gets ignored by generated Makefile), but it's very rare, so I cannot just enable the debug in failing build, will try to enable it and build it many times :)11:27
RPJaMa: If you have the pseudo.log from a failed build with the abort, that may be worth sharing11:40
RPJaMa: you may be able to detect it with the pseudo -Z patch in master-next, run at the end of the problematic task11:40
RPmaybe adding in some task dependencies for debugging so that its the only pseudo running11:41
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JaMawill try, if I can reproduce it again, I guess it's failing in less than 1 build in 10K (and in regular builds it fails like this in different recipes when it happens)11:46
JaMaRP: the other pseudo abort in chromium we discussed before was related to D pointing to B subdirectory (because they were using GN to do the do_install and GN wants output dirs inside the build workspace)11:48
JaMaI've added more regular do_install and switched to more normal layout and now pseudo is happy :)
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JaMathe log without pseudo debug enabled I guess it's related to installing the same file twice (like the test in Makefile was trying to replicate)11:57
RPJaMa: if the makefile has a race, which is what that looks like, you need to fix the makefile :/11:59
JaMainterestingly this is the first time I've seen the qt_temp ending in the package, I guess it's because now pseudo abort stopped it from being renamed to the final filename while Makefile still ignored the error11:59
RPJaMa: previously on some systems it wasn't seeing the mktemp call11:59
JaMawill try to debug a bit more, now with the abort it's still easier to detect when something goes wrong compared to before when there were thousands of "path mismatch" entries in log even in successful builds12:01
JaMawould it make sense to restore my qa-pseudo-log in insane.bbclass to show QA error whenever there is "path mismatch" even when it gots ignored by do_install e.g. like in this case ?12:03
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RPJaMa: Just been thinking about this more and there may be a race issue in pseudo when files are being overwritten. I may have to look at the code a bit more :/12:08
RPJaMa: the patch doesn't quite make sense now since any path mismatch will throw the abort12:09
JaMayes, but the abort could be ignored like in my case and then the only symptom is host-user-contaminated (which might be triggered only in some of these cases)12:11
RPJaMa: the abort really shouldn't be ignored12:11
RPJaMa: maybe where the underlying build is broken that could be enabled but I'm not seeing the case for it in the general case12:12
JaMaok, will try to enable it for some builds to see what it finds12:13
JaMaI need "base/packagegroup: Add/enable pseudo database integrity checks" with pseudo -Z patch, right?12:16
RPJaMa: no, you can put your own specific pseudo -X call in12:25
RPer, -Z12:25
RPhmm, path mismatch [1 link]: ino 6295376 db '/tmp/oeqa-feed-sign-2mw7z81v/S.gpg-agent.yocto-native' req '/tmp/jwkivmu6'.12:29
JaMaRP: looks like newer Qt stopped ignoring failed install calls, but there still might be a lot of people using qtbase without
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RPJaMa: right, glad they did at least fix that!12:45
JaMalets see what skeletons it digs out when backported to 5.1212:46
RPJaMa: I did see your useradd-dep patch btw. I'm just too burnt out to try and take on another issue right now12:47
JaMaunderstood and I was sending it for other people to discuss, not just you :)12:50
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RPJaMa: it would be nice if someone else looked into it!12:54
manuel1985Hmm.. built an image for both RaspberryPi4 and qemux86-86. The RasbperryPi4 boots much quicker. Is there an easy way to improve qemu speed? the VM has got 256mib ram, but that should not be a bottleneck. (It's booting core-image-minimal.)13:27
JaMado you pass entropy from host on qemu? it boots faster than rpi here13:29
JaMaRP: kergoth: did you ever play with bitbake on pypy3?
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manuel1985JaMa: Hmmm no but that's not the reason I think. I can pinpoint it to specific things, it just generally seems to be a bit slower than the Rpi. The longest "hang" is at `starting eudev-3.2.9`, when it stops for 2.7sec13:39
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RPJaMa: no, I've not. Its something which would be interesting13:57
JaMapypy3 is really a beast to build though, he said 45 mins on modern ryzen, on 3970X threadripper still 25 mins14:01
JaMaunless they made the build slow intentinally to draw those asciiart fractals :)14:03
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aghasaad0480Hi everyone,14:10
aghasaad0480appreciate pointers on how to get started.14:10
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manuel1985aghasaad0494: Start with this:
aghasaad0494Thanks :)14:18
manuel1985Youre welcome!14:18
tlwoernerkhem: building an SDK doesn't incorporate SDKMACHINE anymore? i need to specify "--host=x86_64" when i ./configure with an SDK?14:20
manuel1985When I boot up an image, where is the "qemux86-64 login:" prompt coming from? Which process is this? How does it get started?14:27
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kergothRP: many many years ago, at the time it didn't give much benefit, but i've been planning on trying again actually14:38
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RPJaMa: ^^^15:42
JaMawith portage I'm seeing 50% time reduction on relatively small upgrade resolution (from 45s to 20s), but some people reported pypy3 even slower for them in that blog comments15:53
JaMaRP: first build with QINSTALL not ignoring errors lead to 5 from 8 failed builds (even without pseudo aborting) -> much easier to spot and fix generated race conditions now :)15:59
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RPJaMa: that sounds like progress. I'm still not sure if there is a pseudo issue lurking there or not. Certainly if the races don't happen, pseudo is probably fine. The question is what pseudo should be doing with the races16:07
JaMayes, time to run some world builds with it - I agree, pseudo probably cannot do much more to detect possible races, but it's great that now it will abort (and in most cases probably got caught doing that) instead of completely silent breakage for races16:30
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khemtlwoerner: I saw that recently too18:05
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oxxurI have a short question and hope one of you might be able to help me out here:Why are packages listed as RDEPENDS_${PN} not considered when using the packages native variant?I explicitly have to add DEPENDS_class-native do do the trick. Is that intentional?sorry if that is a stupid question. I just couldn't find an answere to it.21:50
oxxurI messed up to copy the greetings text. By bad. Hello everyone21:51
RPoxxur: native recipes don't generate packages at all. Since PACKAGES is empty, RDEPENDS of a PN package doesn't make sense22:02
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oxxurthank you very much for that.I'm not super familiar with all the terms, yet.So is my approach using DEPENDS_class-native the suggested way for this or is there a better way?22:24
RPoxxur: that is certainly one way to address it. We have open bugs about trying to improve things but its a big change to make and we've not gotten to it as yet22:32
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oxxurThanks again! Maybe one day I can contribute. At least that is a goal of mine.  Bye!22:33
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tlwoernerkhem: okay, i was just wondering if it was a new, expected behaviour23:18
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